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KZK updates for the week 27-31 March

ronitfan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 March 2006 at 11:21am | IP Logged
KZK update for 27 March (in short)

Sharad threatens Prerna that she will NOT tell anybody about the truth otherwise Sneha's life would be ruined. He tells her that Sneha is pregnant and if he leaves her at such a time, her whole life will go waste and she should not take such a big risk for a driver's daughter. Sharad tells her that Sneha is very weak at the heart and she might ending up doing something drastic like comitting suicide and then she willl not be able to do anything. Sharad points out that everyone is happy and she has no need to invite trouble onto herself and should keep her mouth shut. Prerna is in a dillema and does not tell the news to anybody.

On the other hand,
Mukti and Jeevan are optimistic about getting justice and Mukti tells him that everything will be alright because Prerna is with them.

Prerna is in a dillema and leaves the Basu house celebrations without telling anyone where she's going. She starts walking on a road  and then she imagines that she is cornered by Mukti and Sneha who are forcing them to choose between the two of them. Finally Prerna's conscience comes and tells her that she should support Mukti because there are lots of people to take care of Sneha but nobody with Mukti.

Sharad sends a driver to Mukti's place and tells him to introduce himself as Prerna's new driver. Mukti falls into the trap and Sharad nabs her into the car and takes her away.Prerna who comes just minutes later, witnesses the scene and follows the car.

Rishabh is worried as Prerna has not come home.
That's it!
KZK update for 28 March by Saadia-

1) jeevan is sad aboutt all what happend with mukti. (actullay he was telling all this to other nokars)

2) prena goes to mukti... mutki is sleeping and see what happend with her .she gets up and start balmaing herself for all thing... prena sasy remember who did this alll???mukti says she cant remeber anything.

3 )perna cries in another room and bajaj comes and tell to control her slef and we will hepl out mukti...

4 )mutki is sad and is standing near window....prem in his own room comes near window and sad version is palyed behimd muktii... mukti remebers the party scense and closes the window...prem is sad...

5) sharad mumy dady are sad about what happend are saying this mukti thing should not come (newz) shard says what ever will happen me and snhea will be always with mukti...

6) anurag callls prem and sharad in the morning.. they come and anu ask them did thay had any fight with u guyzz or mukti ..they say no... sampita comes and brings the lsit of people who visited the party some from bajaj side aand some prem frndsss..

7) sneha calls shard and tell him that mukti is not seen since morning and he tells everyone and they are shockes... episode ends on PREM<<<<<



Short Update for 29th march....

me so sorry for late update... wel today episode was good in my point of view..

bajaj disagrees with prena and says thay u r worng sharad cannot do that may be u have galat fehmee prena thats she has full yakken that sharad raped mukti.. then they show a bakwas scena that sneha tells why he is not interseted in work . hey says that the day when mukti blamed him he always tensed. bajaj calls sharad mumy dady ,sharad and sneha. then they show pren tells jeevan that mukti has slpet now and u have to be with her what ever happened today with her she got reall scared due to that than a voice comes that bajaj sahab inta bara inzalam prena see sharads car and goes inside. and sharads mumy dady tell that sharad cannot do this .ur wifw is beliving on drivers beti and all bakwas bajaj says that my wife has full yakeen. sharad tels enuf he cannot handle this anymore if everyone think that i did this so call the police. acctullay it was my miustake that i helped mukti and i never knewd that she will do this to me. prena says" stop this nonsense and stop doing drama and all" i know ur shaitans face and i will brng that face out.sneha asuauall cries that why are u doing this mama ? u r beliving someone else why u r doing this? prena says i am doing rite .sharad is a bad boy . he is bigra howa becuz of his dad rajnithi . he thinks he can do anything becuz is dad is in rajnithii.but i will put him behind the bars.shards mummy says stop it prena dont say anything about my son. he can necer do this(sumthing like that) and sharads dady says lets go they are about to leave with sneha when prean catches snehas hand say that i can not let u live with a rapist i will not let u go with this kind of a man who has raped someone."sneha shouts and tells her to leave her and tells dont interfare in my life" episode ends on prena

precap---- sneha says that sharad meri zindagi barbad nahene abad kar raha hay uss nay mujhay sarree khusian daee hain jo ek aurat kay pass honee chayee. barbad to app kar rahee hain mama.



By Saadia-

Short Update for 30th march...

well that episode start with sneha .she tells to prena that sharad abad my life and u r trying to make my life barbad.he has givien me all the happiness which a girl need and say why dont u understand this? bajaj sneha tammez say baat karoo kya asay baat karthya hain apnii maa say. sneha tells papa ap smajhya na inahy kay yeh mery zindagi koin barabad karnay pay tele howi hain. ek driver ki beti aky liya prena intupts and say yeh ky driver ki beti laga rakhii hai woh bhi kisi ki beti hai.aur main usay insaaf dila kar rahoon gi. sneha says agar app ko mukti ko insaaf dilwana hai tu ap dilya kisi bhi had tak jayee liken plz mere aur sharad ki zindagi barabad maat kijiyee.sharad says if ur mom doesnt want you to come with me then dont come stay over here prena says dont do acting infront of me i will not let u destroy my daughters life she is going to slap shrad when sneha catches her hand and stops it and saya where my husbands izaar is not done i would not like live in that house and i will never come back to this home agian and they all leave.prena is sad and song is played . prena goes to bajaj and tells him that why he dint he took her side it is her farz to save snehas life i will break snehas and sharad realtionship bajaj tum asa kuch nahene karoo gi. tumhay andaza hai kay tum kya karnay ja rahee ho.kasa farz hay yeh tumhrara jis say tumhrare apni he beti ki zindagi barbad horahee ho. prena shouts and say " what ever i do with my daughter life is not ur probelm she is my daughter ans stops" bajaj says yeh jo sach tumnay kaha woh sach anheen hai main snhea ko apni beti mantha ho aur manoon ga aur yeh sach man kay hi is dunya say jaon ga prena is sad and sad version is played.prena falls down and suddenly anurag gets up and calls prena and ask is she okay or not i saw a bad dream that u got hurt are u oaky? she is i am trying to be okay.he says bye to her. SAM comes and anu ask her why she dint sleep ? she ask him the same. he answer that he got bad dream and sam tells u called prena .and start joking with him that u consider me as ur friend not love and u still remeber prena and anu says i dint mean that . and she fooled him and anu gets relaxed she only joked.bajaj coems to sneha and takes her to a car outside Chevelort Aveo . and he says this is a gift for u as u gave me the gift of becoming nana and he takes her to drive the car.prena sleepiing on ground and sharad calls " ay prena" ans she gets up and sees him episdoe ends

precap---- sharad if he wanted he can throw sneha out. aur woh asi halat main kahan jayee gi and prena looks at him angrily.


Update for 31st March By Khizer

The episode begins with Sharad telling Prerna if Bajaj leaves Prerna then "tuhj jaisiii saat bacho ki maa ko tho tera purana ashiq Anurag Basu bhi nahi apnayega." ( basically no one would be willing to give Perna a home if Baja kicks her out) Sharad tells her that she told him that everyone would kick him out of the house and the whole parivaar would be with her but forget the family, not even your husband listened to you Sharad tells her. Sharad then starts to compare females to several thins such as horses and says that they should always be under the control of the male but then says "Bajaj ke paas toh lagami hai" He says that a man who gives his wife equality between him and her makes the wife think that the man appreciates and admires what the wife can do. Sharad then tells her that men only do it to keep their wives busy so they can do whatever they want behind their backs He keeps going on about how to control women and how to control women. He then tells her how Mukti felt when he was raping her and tells her that he heard her cry a lot. He then compares himself to bagwan and says Perna should look down when she talks to him. He tells her he can kick Sneha out anytime if he wants. He just keep blabbing and become repetitive. He tells Prerna that he can control Sneha any way he wants and she will obey. Sharad challenges Prerna that he will get Mukti, her dad, and Prerna kicked out of the house. He also promises that he will make Bajaj slap her as well. Prerna in return promises him that someday he will beg Mukti for foregiveness and neal down against her.


Bajaj is sitting in the lounge and thinks about what Prerna said and says that she is Sneha's mother and knows what is best for her and would never put her daughter in danger. Bajaj says he should give her one more chance.


The next scene starts at the Police Station with Saawan talking to his assistant and suddenly sees Mukti and her father come in. He tells her "tu phir aa gayii, tuhje yaad nahi ayaa ke meine tere baap ke saath kya kiya tha?" then suddenly Prerna walks in with them and Saawan is shocked. He tells Prerna not to listen to Mukti as she is just a girl who wants to ruin men of rich family and wealth. Prerna tells him that they are here to report an FIR and tells him to file one. He thinks their has been a robbery and tells her not to worry. Prerna tells him she is worried because of them. Prerna tells him that they are here to file an FIR for Mukti's rape case that he had once burned. Saawan starts making fun of Mukti and tells Prerna that she is just a playgirl. Prerna tells him if he says one more thing about her daughter[Mukti] then she won't stay quite and will take action. He tells Perna there is no evidence so how can they file the case> Prerna tells him that it is not his business to ask if there is any evidence or not. And tells him that is it the job of lawyers. Saawam tells Prerna to get out of  his office and then calls Mr. Gupta.


Next scene Bajaj house. Prem comes downstairs and starts talking tou Bajaj. Prem then tells her that Prerna and Mukti went somewhere in the morning and he did not dare to ask where ever since that slap he got from her. A while later Sharad's father comes in and tells Bajaj that Prerna went to file an FIR against Sharad. He tells him to control Prerna. Sharad's father then starts telling Bajaj today is the first day of the elections and they must not let this affect it. Everyone but Prem and Sharad leave and Prem congratulations Sharad and praises his acting.


The assistant of Saawan tells Saawan that he has lost a bet they placed on whether Prerna would return to the police station to write up an FIR or not. He tells Saawan you have lost and that she has brought an immensge amount of people with her. Saawan takes a look through the window and is shocked.


The episode ends.


Hope you all liked it !





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psawyer IF-Stunnerz

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thanks sukhi
ronitfan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 March 2006 at 11:25am | IP Logged
My pleasure Vas:)
bunnyboo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 March 2006 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot!! Big smile
Gracella IF-Stunnerz

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thx a lot sukhi!
---Samaira--- IF-Rockerz

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thanks for the update Wink
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thanx so much sukhi Smile
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Thanks for the update!

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