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Hi guys, I thought that I should share some of scenes in Tumhari Disha, which I thought are the best ones, which are the romantic ones and mostly DK-Disha moments in Tumhari Disha. I have loads to say and in detail so sorry for the lecture:

1.     When DK and Disha got married and on their first night when DK just wanted to scare her, I thought it was quite a romantic scene well if Disha looked less petrified. Okay guys it all started when Disha was told to go to her bedroom as know it was ready, she was deep in though and was taken into a large room. Disha walks in the room and goes to lie down on the bed when she realizes that the room is actually DK's and the bed has been decorated with flowers (well if Dev did not know what sort of a marriage they had then she should have expected to be sleeping in HIS room!!!) Anyway seeing the bed decorated she was well shocked and we all know that in her mind she was saying how can I sleep with HIM!!! She then runs towards the door and then she is completely frightened when she sees sexy DK at the door coming close to her looking even hotter and sexier wearing a green polo neck which really suited him. Disha moved backwards towards the end of the room in complete horror and stumbled upon the bed in front of her and then she noticed the door is shut and she gets more horrified. DK walks in front of her with complete naughtiness in his eyes (you know what I mean guys when his eyes go big and flirty they are usually like that when he is with Disha if you have noticed). He then wants to make her scared stiff and so he puts his finger on her face and he asks her why is she so afraid of him know, when it was her who wanted to get married to him. So he says know that they are married what is stopping them from enjoying their conjugal rights!!!! DK says he has every right over her as her husband and he can do whatever he likes with her but still Disha is a silent mutant.   She stands up and attempts to run out of the room when she realizes that he has held her hand and he then comes out with this is the happiest night of his life!!!!!! WOW what a hot scene and that's the first time I got that so impressed by DK's acting skills.          ;           ;           ;           ;           ;           ;           ;           ; 
2.     When Disha is sitting alone in her room really upset and thinking about her past with Inder, she turns around and finds DK standing very close to her, out of fright she jumps and tries to get away from him because she knows what he can get up toooo!!! He holds her hand and Disha is frozen on the spot. Then DK pulls Disha towards him and holds her by her waist extremely close (I wish I was that interested in this drama the way I am know and so I could have really enjoyed these wicked DK-Disha moments!!! Well I think I have really started to get interested in this drama because of DK and he has completely grown on me!!!). Disha is clearly petrified and tries to escape from DK but he does not release her, well come guys the man's got will power. Then Disha gathered confidence and said to DK what the hell are you up to? Leave me, you have no right to touch me!!! Then DK smiles and says, you are telling me about my right on you, you end up meeting your lover in my house, right under my nose and then you are telling me I cant touch you. Ohhhh know everything is steaming up DK brings Disha like soooooooooooooo close to himself and it was such a wicked scene!!!! Those who have missed it have missed a load of romance and I personally think that this episode had too many juicy and romantic episodes init like the wedding night one, this one and when he enters her bedroom which will be number3, but it is okay because they are so good!!!! When he brings her really close to him then she turns her head the other way and is clearly disgusted at him. Know these are the best dialogues in the scene said which such love and passion it was clearly WOW!!! DK says to disha that the sindoor that you have applied in you forehead is for me and the manglasutra that you have put round your neck is also for me, and I am legally and lawfully your husband and that gives me every right to touch you anytime, anywhere I feel. Disha looks too shocked not only in the scene but also in the whole episode. DK then pins her down on the bed (oohhhh!!!) and attempts to kiss her!!!! She tried to escape but could not, he then says that if I wanted to force myself on you I did not need to marry you for that, I could have done that without marrying you if and when I had wished. DK the lets Disha free from his hold and gives her and intense and passionate look. Disha who is scared and stunned just pushed DK out of the way with force and ran out of the room. That was such a cool scene one of the best, a really strong scene with a lot of power.
3.     This was a good scene it made DK realize that he is developing a soft corner in his heart for Disha, as usual DK was drinking in his house, not in his complete senses but not acting like a complete bozo like Inder!!!! He had control over what he was doing and he had a strange expression on his face. In the last scene, which I had explained as number 2 where he held Disha really close to, him kept flashing in front of his eyes and he gets very restless and agitated. He gets up and walks across to Disha room very silently and shuts the door!!! (I was swept off my feet). Disha is sleeping very peacefully in a beautiful and wedding night kind of gown. DK goes and sits on Disha's bed and stares at her with flirty and fun-filled eyes with that weird cheeky smile that makes his eyes go big and gives his face a bright light. He then is going to put his hand on Disha's face when she wakes up in a fright and keeps sliding backwards on the bed (CLEVER!!!, and it helped that she was wearing a night gown which was attractive to DK!!!) She came off the bed and stood up and was walking backwards and DK was following her with cheeky smirk on his face and flirtiness in his eyes. She finally approached the wall the she said something that DK stopped and took that mischievous grin off his face. Disha then said to DK if you force yourself on me I will not stop you but I promise you will only get my body not my mind or soul (but it was blatantly clear that Disha was so petrified). DK is completely gob smacked and mesmerized by her words, he keeps looking at Disha with a straight face but with obsession and passion in his eyes. Then Sanya the kebab mein haddi comes and says DK what are you doing in Disha's room at this time. I didn't think that DK knew Sanya was there as he was impressed with Disha words!!! He cannot take his eyes off Disha but still Sanya takes him and Disha looks relieved but still breaks into tears (WOW that was a really good scene but I have scene better but the truth is that every scene which has DK init is better that the other, WHAT DO YOU THINK!!)
4.     Do you guys remember this scene it is not very romantic or famous but looking at DK give that wicked smirk of his makes a chill run down your spine. Okay I think that Disha was walking downstairs in the main hall and her paloo got stuck on a piece of furniture, DK the stud is watching from above smirking at her, well I thought he was mingin then so!!!!!!! She did not see him but was trying to get her paloo out of there she managed to the DK came down, she still did not see him but he came down and sat next to her I think!!!!!!! Anyway he said something to her cant remember what that was because this was like when they just got married like 4-5 months ago and like I was saying I wasn't too interested in this serial as much as I am know, but whatever he said it doesn't matter all I can remember is that he kept coming closer to her on the sofa but she kept moving further (how could she not see all the good looks he has, is she BLIND OR WHAT I would move close!!!) Anyway if anyone can remember what he said to her please tell me!!!
5.     This scene was fabulous but not many people remember it, this was when Gargi had come to Kanaka house for the first time, Disha went to Bhosale house because Rano was going to Inder's house after she got married. Disha went and returned late but before she returned do you remember when DK was sitting on the sofa waiting for her after Gargi had pumped him up and she said that look at the time and the Seghal Kaandaan's bahu is not here. It was so cool because it was the first scene in Tumhari Disha where they properly showed DK's love for Disha. Okay so here it goes the stud was sitting on the sofa looking gorgeous as usual then the music started 'Man se man ka ect' and he was dreaming the he was still sitting on that sofa but Disha was going round the sofa slowly smiling at him and her hair was getting waved by the wind, he then looked at Disha and smiled. He snapped out of the dream he saw Disha walked in and she also saw him but she ignored him and tried to avoid him she was approaching the stairs that he stood in front of her and said have you seen the time? Where were you? Disha then replies in our contract there was no such rule that we have to tell each other where we have been then she tries to go up the stairs he then blocks her way again but on the stairs and says you went to meet your lover didn't you and he had pure jealousy in his eyes but kind of tried to hide it with a cheeky smile. She then says to him yes I did have you got a problem? She moves him out the way and walks on the next step when he puts his crutch there so she could not get past he then said something to frustrate her and then she got really angry and got her hand and put it on his crutch and like gave it a 180 turn if you know what I mean, she like twisted it completely and then he was going to slip off the stairs when she held him from his underarm and saved him, and there faces were very close and he had complete love in his eyes for her. Then she walked down the stairs he followed her and then I think he asked her something like why did you save me and then she just walked away and he held her arm really romantically and wow!!!! Then sorry guys but I can't remember what happened!!!
6.     I thought this scene was really powerful even though I have missed half of it, when Disha was charging DK for killing her father Dev Baba as well as Vijendra. When they were in court fighting the case DK and Disha were out side of court arguing and then DK comes really close to Disha, even though they are still angry with each other and DK in a low toned voice quite angrily says "Jo bhi ho Disha, ek baat yaad rakhna tum mujhe pashi ke pandhe tak poonchana chahati ho toh phir agar Disha agar mein mar bhi gaya na toh duniya tumhe meri hi widwa kehloagi". Disha then goes home and thinks about everything and thinks about when she was talking to Dev Baba and she said this is not a real marriage and he said these rituals and customs are not done like that, watch you will change DK saab and you will always be his wife and one day he will fall in love with you and you two will live happily ever after. She then takes out her manglasutra and looks at it for those of you who have seen that picture, if not post a reply and I will post it on!!
7.     This scene was one of the emotional ones, which was so sweet. Okay here it goes, when Disha found out about Sumitra maata and went to jail to meet DK and ask him about it he said "Mein tumhe batata hoon Sehgal Kaandaan ki karwhi sachaye", DK and Disha sit and talk for llllllloooooooooonnnnnnnggggg in jail and he tells her the whole Sehgal Kaandaan's history, he tells her that the cause for all the sadness in his life is Gargi and then DK starts to gently cry AHHH BLESSS!!! Here is the part where we all got emotional and started to cry because his tears are soooo sweeeet!!! Anyway he was really upset and then Disha felt really bad for reminding him of the past, she gave him a glass of water (and helped him drink it!!) and was going to put her hand on his shoulder but then she stopped, then she escorted him to the cell he did not face her and just turned the other way as he did not want her to see his tears. She then went and the way he turned around and was remembering Disha, it was AMAZING!!! It was wicked then she went home and was sitting on the sofa thinking about DK and in her mind was saying "Mein patanahin, guse mein DK se kya kya keh bethi maine toh use poora villain banadiya, magar mujhe pata chalgaya hai woh itna bora nahin hai uske bhi apne dukh dard hai", she then carries on thinking and I think she had started to also develop a soft corner for DK!!!
8.     I love this scene it shows how much trust DK has in Disha and it shows Gargi ugly face looking even worse he he he!!!! She finds out he has put the entire Power of Attorney in Disha's name and then she goes to meet him in jail she asks him why and he said you are the only person at this present moment who I can trust and so please look after my Kanaka empire. She says "DK agar mein chahon toh mein tumhe barbaad bhi karsakti hoon" DK smiles in such a sexy way and says in mind "tumhare haathon barbaad hona mujhe manzoor hai Disha" he then replies to her "I can risk it" (I was amazing and Disha was well shocked!!)
9.     How could I leave this scene out its like the best an funniest one I know that has come out of DK's mouth. Do you guys remember when Disha came to visit DK in jail and she said something him probably not something pleasant anyway, she then walked away and all along DK had that cheeky grin on his face when she was going and DK said very lovingly and cutely "waise tum is sari mein bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho" and then Disha turning around and looking at DK so passionately with such a surprised and shocked look on her pretty face!!!!!
10.     OKAY GUYS!!! This is a good scene but not as good as other this is quite romantic and simply WWOOOWWW!!! Okay when DK was out of jail and came back home I am skipping to the scene when he was arguing about the Ad campaign with Taj, then he through the paperweight at the door and Disha just happened to walk in that moment!!! The paperweight hit Disha and DK got up with such caringness (dunno whether that's a word but who cares right know) and love in his eyes. He then especially took out his handkerchief with his name DK on it (that was sooo hilarious and amusing). Then DK tied it himself PERSONALLY WOOOWWW!! I thought I was going to collapse the way this episode was going, one side of his handkerchief in hand the other in his MOUTH!!! Then after he closed his eyes and was just leaning on Disha's hair I think Disha saw that Taj was watching or something and just changes the subject the he talked to her very politely!!!!!!
11.     Okay this is a scene from the same episode and I found it TOOOOOOOO STEAMYYYY!!! This scene is even better than the other one because I dunno it just was, and Disha should at least know trust that DK just give plain threats and he will not force her to do anything she doesn't want him to do but!!!! Neway Disha had had her presentation thing and then gave her the Power of Attorney paper to Disha. He was looking very pleased and believed that she can handle his company and so he screwed up the Power of Attorney papers, but I don't understand if she still had the Power of Attorney papers how could DK give the company to Gargi its not possible unless she really did give it back and he accepted it but anyway, he very swiftly took her in the corner of the presentation room (I was like come on DK do this business in your bedroom and for goodness sake shut the presentation room door). He took her in the corner and he was smiling and she looked completely out of place. He came really close to her and had that really cheeky and mischievous look on his face. He said to her so passionately "itni asani se tumhe azaadi nahin milegi Disha yeh jo tumhne ad banai hai contract ke hisaab se who galat hai contract ke hisab se tum meri model ho Disha TUM!!" He then touches her face and face and she close her eyes WOW I could believe it but she looked shit petrifies I swear!!! She then said please DK, I guess he cannot see his pyari patni in pain and all petrified and so he let her go he backed off still with the smirk on his face and said "jao" she was shocked he let her go but she took the chance and ran off!!! (WOW what a hot scene reading this is making me get a shiver down my spine the chemistry between the two was just amazing like who would have thought a person like DK would let her go, this clearly shows how clean his heart is AHH BLESS HIM!!!)    
12.      This was a cool scene, it all started with remember when DK came home after kneeling in front of Gargi (that's got to be my worst scene in the history of Tumhari Disha), Disha came in front of him and said something sweet and like whatever you have done in front of Gargi has made me start to respect you, he is obviously very emotionally disturbed and so he starts to walk off she then tries to stop him and so she puts HER HAND on DK'S CHEST!!!! WOW that was not expected she then got all shy and coy and blushed like mad. She then said "DK tum meri naazron mein bahut oonche ho gaye ho jo tumne Gargi ke samne kiya who tumhara badapan tha". DK still is emotionless and says in his mind "Thanks Disha thanks for understanding me" I wish he really said it, that would have been great!! Bless Disha for saying that she is so sweet from then I think she started to like him and I think that know she loves him, but is not admitting it even to herself, so forget telling DK. I think that DK will not say like I love you to her again I think next time she will definitely say something because it makes more sense all the time DK starts off all the romantic scenes lets hope that we get one from Disha at least.
13.     This was a sweet short scene when DK was holding a diamond ring in his hand, which his grandma gave his mom and said that this ring will be given to DK's wife and the person he loves and marries. DK has a lot of pain in his eyes and is thinking of Disha and all what happened between them and when she touched his chest. I think he should have gave it to her it would have been fantastic and she would have again got impressed by him and the two could have got closer.
14.     When Sumitra Maata came home and DK was completely upset with Disha not in an angry way, but he was happy and you could tell on the terrace all those words and hands going on top of other hands WOW it was great. When she was gently crying because she thought he was really upset and she is the cause of his sorrow she could not see him like this then when she was going as he was not responding he held her hand so romantically with water in his eyes and said to Disha so sweetly "Disha, kuch der ke liye mere saath bhi bhetjao, ab toh lagta hai zindagi mein tanhayon ke siva ab kuch bacha nahin hai" the when Disha saw the sot side of him she looked so touched and so admiring him. All of the dialogues were so sweet and also the hands holding were so cool!!! (That was a good scene brilliantly performed especially by DK as usual anyway I wanted to say why has Vedant come he has only increased the differences between the both and its not fair I cant take it anymore, I have also noticed that there is not that many romantic scenes anymore WWWHHHHYYYY!!!!!!!
15.     I'm not joking this is a really short and sweet scene do you remember when DK said to Disha you can go and leave the house whenever you want to I will not stop you, then Disha found out Sumitra Maaji held her hand and called her name and so she stayed. Disha was in her room standing up and unpacking clothes from her suitcase which was on her bed and then DK walked past and he was looking at her, and you could tell he was happy she also looked at him and they both didn't smile but looked really relieved and relaxed so it was cool. Then DK said in his mind to Disha "mein nahin jaanta agar maa ne sach mein tumhara naam liya tha magar mujhe is baat ki khushi hai ke tum is ghar ko chod ke nahin ja rahi ho aur mujhe chod kar nahin ja rahi ho"!! Ahh they were sweet dialogues bless him!!
16.     When Aai came to visit Disha and said I need to talk to you in private about something and then she says why are you staying here humiliating yourself you don't get no respect here so come home with me then Disha says no Aai you are thinking wrong I'm staying her for Maaji and so she can be normal again. Then Aai says to Disha I will ask you one question and that's it why are you really staying here because it's not because of Maaji but you are using Maaji as an excuse. Aai then says if you want to stay here then stay her and be a good wife and obey all of the responsibilities of a wife and also accept DK s your husband. Disha is really confused she is sitting on her bed and the door id open her and Aai are back to back to each. Then DK comes by the door and her and DK look at each other so passionately its just sooo romantic and Disha is still thinking why am I staying here and DK sees that the two ladies are talking and so he goes away.
17.     This is the same episode and the next scene when Disha comes in DK's room and sees that he is drinking. She is smiling at him for a change and so is he, they both seemed very happy Disha then made herself at home and sat down (it was funny). Anyway DK then says to Disha did you want to say something, and then Disha goes you came by room and I thought you might have wanted to say something. DK smiles, looking tooooo sexy and says No I didn't then Disha says DK can I say something he says of course (when he said that it sounding like a dream because he like never talks that positively especially with Disha, but I guess he was happy because he knows that Disha is telling the truth about his mom saying her name and holding her hand). She says something about him drinking too much she goes near him and he stands up opposite her and then DK says to her "you know what Disha you are actually sounding like my wife today". Disha is completely gob smacked and so was I!!!         &n bsp;    
18.     This was the best scene in Tumhari Disha's history I'm cure that's the same with every other TD and DK fan!!! I heard about it but I definitely wasn't expecting it so soon. The scene was shot so beautifully with the extra effects like the wind blowing which made it so OOOHHHHH!!! Anyway this is when Disha goes to DK's room after Aai left and is still pretty confused over what happened and when she said why are you staying her. She goes to his room and is blatantly admiring him for a while and then she goes near him and switches the light off, I think that her bangles woke him up, oh yeah and did I mention how fabulous she looked in a very bright and light green sari and how sexy he looked in a red vest top. She saw he was sleeping rather peacefully and so she decided to switch the light off and she did she was on her way back and then the light was back on she was shocked and so she didn't turn around immediately but after a while she did she looked on the bed and there was no body there she had no sense over what was happening and was a bit lost. Someone then held her hand and obviously it was DK!!! DK then wrapped her in his arms so passionately and romantically it was great!!! He then said something and she said something then after a while he let go and swung her still holding her hand and said I love you Disha and I MEAN IT!!! (WOW I thought I would so collapse if this didn't stop!!!)
19.     This scene is really short and sweet. Remember when Disha went with Vedant to the restaurant and Kaki saw them and went to tell DK. Then Disha said to her why are you after my happiness, DK and me are very happy together why are you trying to create problems in my life. Then DK turns around and puts that serious face on but we know how happy he is really he must have been thrilled. Kaki then says to her I'm sure you don't have a husband wife relationship, and then DK should have listened to that and then felt bad and slept with Disha and so she can finally get PREGNANT!!!
20.     This was a nice scene and quite emotional as well as quite dreamy. Remember when Gargi said To DK sunny you don't need to go to office have you forgot you put all of the company in my name. Disha then felt really bad for him, DK was really very upset sitting on a chair thinking about Disha as usual now days that all he does and has his head up. Disha walked past and did not notice him and I think she had some plate in her hand or something, she looked so elegant in a navy blue sari looking so pretty. She walked past DK and her palo went over DK's upset face and then he lifted his head and she realized someone has pulled her palo so she stops. DK is still holding her palo and Disha is looking at him and they look so cute!!!!!! (OKAY Wrong word) he then thinks about when Disha lied to him and went with Vedant and so he looked the other way and let go and then just went, but I think he has a right to look at her if her palo is down like come on guys he is her husband, but he showed he is a gentleman and didnt. She then pulls her palo back up and looks upset because she knows he is still very upset with her,
21.     This is the latest scene and the coolest, the holi scene which I haven't seen yet but should be good I seen the promo though and it was so good. They show people playing holi and they then show Disha in a white Salwar kammez (sleeveless) and DK in a white shirt, Disha is happy and offers DK some colour in her hand there is yellow and red colour. DK refuses the colour but is looking very pleased with a smirk on his face. Disha is let down then DK is about to go and so is Disha (looking very upset), then DK turns her around gently and takes some red colour from her hand and puts it on her forehead to look like sindoor, Disha is tooooo shocked and still has a sad expression on her face, then DK gets his hand and puts it under her other hand and puts some yellow colour on his face. AAHHH it was so sweet, hope its not a dream, just think positive then DK goes and the camera goes close on Disha's face and she just looks upset and looks down and goes all shy and coy. (That was simply AMAZING)

Thanks for putting up with me for so long from Mad!!!


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Brilliant yes i love all the scenes with DK and Disha becuase the chemistry they share just ignites the screen and especially our hero's facial expressions and those intense expressive eyes just blow you away..

Good pick though..


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Thanks for the nice, long trip down memory lane- I gotta go take a cold shower now! Wink


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hm...Awesome and thanks for doing the review...Its like the highlights of a thriller one day match....I just looooved reading it....

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its KP

Thanks for reminding us of the old and happy memmories

Love KPWink

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wow .... really was pretty cool... i cud imagine all those scenes .. wonderful
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