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Updates-EMAET episodes-only for reading (Page 5)

Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 June 2006 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
Updates as on 22nd June

hi everyone Smile

There are only 2 days left for the SRGMP - EMET to get over.. The finals are on 24th- Saturday at 8 PM (IST)

And today is 22nd.. Thursday - Performance in Delhi

Group Performances - Starting Round

UA - They Sing Raat Baki Baat Baki and Ishq Khudaai.. They sing really well.. Ujjaini was very good in alap.. Ash was very good in singing.. On whole very good performance...

BS - Ya ali from gangster and bin tere sanam.. In ya ali, banjotsna didnot even sing.. But Sharib was fabolous... And 2nd song was very good..

Group - meri umar ke naujawano... All the 4 participants sing very well...


Ishitaa is hosting the show in the beginning.. She calls Hariharanji.. Hariji says: "Mere jodi dar bhi nahin aur aapke bhi nahin" So, Lets host the show together.. But Ishitaa says: "Maine apne co-hosts already chunliya hain.. " They are Vinit and Debojit.. Debojith and Vinit are wearning formals.. They are looking very good... Debojith is hosting the show very well..


There are 5 people who are the winners of Suggest the song contest in EMET website.. They are: Sumit chadda, Anamika, Kumar iyer, Bhavana Malhotra, Moneta chaturvedi... They will give their choice after every performance



Ujjaini and Aishwarya:

They sing oye oye ki khudiyaan from arjun pandith.. Ash was very good.. The performance was superb.. If less lewis would have been there, he would have given 7 stars.. Ujjaini's leg fracture has been cured.. So, she is jumping around in the stage Tongue


Today its not Stars.. But card system.. Hariji first picks 2 no. card.. then slowly increases to 6..

Points: 6

Banjotsna And Sharib:

They sing All day All night from phir hera pheri..  Sharib needs a real huge round of applause.. He was really good.. Banjotsna surprised me by singing very well... ClapClapClap

Points: 5

PANCHON: UA - 2 BS - 3

My Choice: Neutral.. both were very good...

ROUND 2 - hosted by debo and ishitaa

Ujjaini and Aishwarya:

An AV is shown.. Where the public gives their choice of favourites.. UA get 68% and BS get 32%.. UA sing tera rang balle balle from soldier.. It was not very impressive.. Ujjaini was bad in high notes.. Only performance was good...

Points: 5

Banjotsna And Sharib:

They sing ek look ek look.. All BS fans, please dont miss this episode.. BS were very good today... ClapClapClap Very impressive.. Banjotsna and Sharib both were fabolous in this song...

Points: 7

PANCHON: UA - 1 BS - 4

My Choice: BS and only BS.. They were very good... Fabolous.. Please dont miss this episode.. You have lot to view and hear

ROUND 3 - hosted by vinit and ishitaa

Ujjaini and Aishwarya:

They sing gustaakhiyaan hain, betabiyaan hain.. Both were good.. some where, Ujjaini was falling short... Debo's wife is shown for a moment.. What is she doing there ConfusedLOL

Points: 6

Banjotsna And Sharib:

They sing Chori chori dil le gaya from garam masala.. Wow! It was amazing performance and singing.. Banjotsna has surprised me with all her performance.. Not to mention Sharib was very very good...

Points: 7

PANCHON: UA - 2 BS - 3

My Choice: BS and only BS.. They were very good... Fabolous..


Ujjaini and Aishwarya:

They sing Duniya mein logon from apna log.. Aishwarya was very good in this.. They have already performed this song before.. But this being the live show in fron of so many audience, they were very good.. Ash took pancham da lines very well..

Points: 7

Banjotsna And Sharib:

They sing Bindaas from Krishna Cottage.. They were very good again... Very well sung...

Points: 7

PANCHON: UA - 3 BS - 2

My Choice: UA and BS.. But aishwarya was very good in this...


South Zone - BS
North Zone - UA
Central Zone - BS
West Zone - BS

Things not to miss in this episode:

1. Performance by all the contestants. Especially sharib and banjotsna and Aishwarya's duniya mein logon ko

2. Anchoring.. It had flaws and also some good points

3. Hariji's enthusiastic expressions..

4. Live Audience.. The auditorium is huge and all people are seated.. Its not like the one shown always

Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 October 2005
Posts: 16330

Posted: 23 June 2006 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
update as on 23rd june

hi all Smile

I am back with the updates of today.. I am really excited to do the updates today.. Today is the pre-finals in the wonderful musical city - KOLKATTA..

Kolkatta has its own history of producing talents for musical industry - may it be classical, folk or filmi.. We all music lovers owe to this state a lot...


The show begins with the Kolkatta fever AV.. As usual the poll is taken to know who is the favourite...

North Kolkatta - 65% UA and 32% BS
South Kolkatta - 80% UA and 20% BS
Overall - 75% UA and 25% BS

Rohit Roy and Ishitaa together host the show today... The stage is all set today for the blast.. The stage is designed very well with laser lights and colourful lights... Very well designed stage..

Only Less Lewis is here among the Gruvee Gurus... He greets the audience and calls it as surila city..


They all sing bheegi bheegi hain raatein, aankhein bheegi.. They all have worn green colour dress.. Rohit says - unke sur mein sawarswati maa ka ashirwad hain


As in delhi,  here too, there are 5 people who have been selected through the Give The Song contest in EMET website.. They are Madhusree Ghosh, KK Banerjee, Nandini Agarwal, Sagar Khushalni and all are from kolkatta..

Special Guest - Usha Utup

Usha Utupji is the special guest tonight in kolkatta... She sings Kaho naa kaho and says, she loves kolkatta..



Banjotsna and Sharib:

An AV is shown.. Banjotsna and Sharib go to Gwahati.. Sharib sings Ya Ali in the AV.. They get blessings from all of them...

The jodi sing, Soniye from Aksar.. They have a real good EMET.. They both sing very well...

Usha - Amazing.. They are so composed..
Less - Amazing improvement by the jodi..

Stars - 6 stars

In the mean while, Rohit Roy says - Ishitaa was partial in Delhi supporting BS along with Debo and not supporting UA.. but she defends him..

Ujjaini and Aishwarya:

An AV is shown.. As they all have come to Kolkatta which is Ujjaini's home town, they  get all supporters to praise them...

The jodi sing, Its time to disco from Kal ho naa ho.. Performance was very good.. Ujjaini was bad in high notes...

Usha - Very Well sung
Less - Asks audience how many stars to give.. They all say 10..

Stars - 7 stars

Panchon - 3 BS and 2 UA

Vinit's Entry and Performance

My cutie pie Vinit has come again to the show... Embarrassed He sings aashiqui mein teri from 36 China Town.. He is fabolous.. Vinit rocks... ClapClapClap He appeals the audience to vote for UA.. he says, main har gaya, koi baat nahin lekin UA ko jitaiye...

Second ROUND

Ujjaini and Aishwarya:

The jodi sing, aaja mahi lets do balle from Fida.. They sang well.. But could have been better...

Usha - Rocking performance and singing..
Less - Very nice singing and performance.. But focus nahin hain.. The level they had set is not there.. Must improve..

Stars - 6 stars

Debojit's Entry and Performance

So, this is a show for all debo and vinit fans.. Debo sings Dumma Dumma from his album... He is fabolous.. ClapClapClap He appeals the audience to vote for BS.. he says something in bengali Confused Sorry i dnt know bengali.. but upto my knowledge, he appealed to audience to vote for BS.. Ishitaa announced that Debo's album is in 3rd position ClapClapClap

Banjotsna and Sharib:

The jodi sing, tu hi meri shab hain jawaan hain from gangster.. They sing really well.. Fabolous.. Sharib was very good... Less is very excited..

Usha - Very well sung..
Less - Is jodi ko humne Veto diya tha.. They rock.. He asks audience how much to give for them..

Ishitaa and Rohit fight with each other over the jodi's.. They say yeh haal hain india ka..

Stars - 7 stars

THIRD ROUND: Aamne Samne

UA sing 2 songs and BS sing 2 songs..

BS: Pyaar bina chain kahaan re and Naam hain tera..
UA: Disco 82 and Humko Deewana kar gaye..

Atlast they both sing mohobbat ki ghuzarish ho rahi hain..


UA: Aishwarya says, He will give 50 lacs to his mom and dad and there is a guy called Ashutosh who cannot see but then too he prays for UA to win.. So, he will do something for him.. Ujjaini also said she will help the children in homes.. Ash says, he will keep  1 lac for mishti dohi Tongue

BS: Sharib says, "he will do everything that he can for his parents and also he will take them to hudge.. Banjo says,"She will help street children"..

Thus, the show ends where everyone sings ek main aur ek tu song of pancham da...

My opinions:

BS were really good today.. Ujjaini was bad in the high pitch... But was good.. Banjo has improved a lot... So, today it was BS..


I take this opportunity to thank all of them who have always constantly supported me and helped in my updates... I am really over wehlmed by the responses that i have got for the updates.. I thank one and all again for the extending the support to me and appreciating me for all the work..

I promise you people that i will do the updates for the forth coming KIDS SPECIAL of SRGMP..

Thank you all once again
Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 October 2005
Posts: 16330

Posted: 24 June 2006 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
hi people

Final Update: 24th June - Dubai Smile

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

Show Starts:

An Av on Dubai is shown along with the journey of the jodi's in EMET.. Hariharan sings Aai dil itna bata de.. The stage is very well set.. Its very colourful and looking really pleasant.. The crowd is also good.. Though its not as much as C2005, The crowd is pretty good..

Guests - Bipasha, Madhur bhandarkar and Sameer:

The guests talk about their film Corporate.. Its gonna release on july 7th and madhur asks everyone to watch the movie... Rohit is also flirting with bipasha...

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

Performance by 3 jodi's - SI, JS and TV

SI - SI sing humne tumko dekha, tumne humko dekha... Irfan has sung very well.. As mentioned before its all only lipsynchinging.. Irfan was pretty good in the performance..

JS - JS sing, tumhe jo maine dekha from Main hoon na.. Saptak is very good.. fabolous.. Joyeetha is not that good in singing..

TV - They sing humma humma from bombay.. Viswas was fabolous again but not Twinkle..

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

Performance by the jodi's - UA and BS:

BS - Sharib and banjo come in bike.. They sing ek main aur ek tu, dono mile is tarah.. Wow! they sing really well..  Fabolous.. Sharib is fabolous.. Sorry sharib.. but we all love you.. please dont worry, you will come up one day and become a star... Banjotsna was also very good..

UA - UA come in car.. They sing come to me (ek main aur ek tu) from bluffmaster.. I am speechless after listening to this performance.. I am reminded of Himani and Hemachandra's performance in C2005.. They are the clear winners.. Aishwarya was very good today.. No air is coming out.. may be because of lipsynchinging.. but it was fabolous..

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------

Second Round:

UA - They sing two songs.. Dil na liya from krissh and aa aashiqui mein teri from 36 China Town.. Both songs they sang were really good.. Aishwarya was really good than ujjaini in both the songs.. as usual ujjaini was very good in alap and bad at high pitch during aa aashiqui mein teri.. they were sounding very good..

BS - They sing ya ali from gangster and Fanaa form humko deewana kar gaye.. They sing really well again.. Banjotsna was very good in both the songs.. Sharib as usual was fabolous.. Banjotsna has improved a lot.. She has improved a lot from the first episode...

They atlast sing Zara Jhoom Jhoom from tom dick and harry.. All the audience and the guests and hariji are all enjoying the performance so am I enjoying the show...
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

Interview with Parents

An interview is conducted by ishitaa and rohit with  BS and UA parents..  Ujjaini's mom , Banjo's mom and Aishwarya's mom and dad wish them good luck and say they will win for sure.. Sharib's mom and dad praises him..
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

Performance by 3 jodi's - SI, JS and TV

SI - They sing kehta hain dil and yeh kaisa ladka hain from K2H2.. Sinchan is very good in the 2nd song.. Irfan too sings very well...

TV - They sing aaja aaja main hoon pyaar tera and tumhare bina from 36 china town.. Twinkle is sounding like Dead Viswas is good...

JS - They sing  gaata rahe mera dil and dhol baaje...  I will say this for Saptak.. Saptak sings very well.. He is rocking today.. If he could have got a better jodi, he would have gone really far...

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------

Performance with Ishitaa and Rohit:

UA - They sing oyela-oyela from Mehbooba.. Rohit roy performs for them.. They sing really well.. Very good..

BS - They sing Ishq khudaai.. Ishitaa performs for them.. Sharib was electrifying.. He was fabolous ClapClapClap

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------

Performance by jodi : UA - Old songs and BS - new songs

UA - They sing Shayadh meri shaady ka khyaal, chunri sambal gori, Barsaat mein and piya gaye rangoon.. Piya gaye rangoon was the best..

BS - They sing mujhse shaadi karoge, chunari chunar, on the roof in the rain, whats the mobile number.. Chunari chunar was the best..

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------

UA - 18,40,668 votes
BS - 21,27,945 votes

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------
Memonto Distribution for hariji:

Hariji says, sabhi ke jodidhar hain lekin less lewis is not there and we all are missing him.. Punita Goenkaji - head of Zee TV gave a memonto to hariji.. Ishitaa says - we are missing less lewis comments of - superb.. bahut accha gaaya

------------------------------------------------------------ -----
Gruvee Guru Special jodi Award:

There are totally 3 nominations for the award category.. SI, SR and TV.. TV got the award.. Congratulations to TV...

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------

UA - missed it.. rohit was too fast
BS - 12,04,358 votes

BS are leading now..

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

Performance: Dedication Round:

UA - They sing chup gaye saare, log pyaar kyun karte hain..
BS - They sing Jaane Jaan and bolo na tum zaara

Together they sing jeene ke hain char din
------------------------------------------------------------ -------

UA - 18,60,404
BS - 18,93,561 votes

BS are leading now.. but the difference is reduced a lot
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------
Album composed by Shantesh Shandiliya:

An album is composed by shantesh for both the jodi's.. but only that jodi's album is released, who wins the competition


Bipasha announced whats the surprise.. UA and BS sing oh sikander of kailash kher in corporate.. Sameer says - asha tai has sung a song also in the film.. they 2 songs will be mixed and a medley will be created... and the winner jodi will sing this song and perform and this album will be released on july 6th



BS Runners-up Clap

Huge round of applause to all of them..


UA get lenevo laptop and

UA get 10,000 Dhs
BS get 5000 Dhs

Let me end up with this


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