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Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2006 at 12:34am | IP Logged

Hello all – it's not new anymore, but need to highlight this.

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Retro Cafe #4 (Kishore Kumar - Part 1)

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Retro ke geeto ka guldasta hai bahut khushbudaar....

Yeh laya hai dil ke har chaman me bahaar.....

Aaj basaa le agar aap sab isko apni saason me....

To Retro ka naam yuhi goonjta rahe hawaaon me...

Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2006 at 6:20am | IP Logged
hi everyone Smile

So, hows the day going for you all?? hope all's well..

Veto Power used for Sharib and Banjotsna

Veto power is used for them.. The GG's do not first announce it.. They are very reluctant to announce.. Some general public, Vinit, and himani are asked if they should use the veto.. All of them say the Veto should be used.. Vinit says: "This is the last veto and it cant be used later.. So, Veto should be used and also that BS are performing well... Himani says: "They have improved a lot from before and they deserve to be used the veto..." Less says there were many jodi's for whom it was not used, and so they will also feel for it.. He also mentioned Sharib's father requesting for the veto and also said, his father is not un-lucky for him.. But at last Hariji announces that the Veto is used for them as there is talent and power in the jodi and not because of anything else...

Group Performance

They sing there is a passion in my heart from the movie alag.. BS and SR perform with bikes but as ujjaini cant perform, they both just sing...

Today's Guest - Aadesh Srivastav, Akshayye Kapoor and Dia Mirza

All these guests have come for promotion of the movie of Alag... Aadesh says, Ujjaini, Nihira and hemachandra have sung songs in this movie...

First Round:

Jodi number 1 - Ujjaini and Aishwarya
Ujjaini and aishwarya are supported by the team of Kasamh Se.. For all those who dnt know wat Kasamh Se is - Kasamh Se is a serial in Zee TV.. They sing sajaan ke pyaar mein.. I am not sure of the song what they sang, but their singing was really good.. Ujjaini sang very well..

Stars and Comments

Aadesh - Ujjaini sang very well.. But Aishwarya was not so good as he sang the song in a sad mood and not in a romantic mood...

Akshaye - He said he was speechless and they sang well

Dia - They sang very well but Aishwarya was not so good as for his singing is concerned

Hari - sang very well.. but asks, Aishwarya to give more expressions in the song.. Stars - 6 stars

Less- Sang well but didnot perform.. Hari and Less have an argument here.. Hari supports UA regarding this.. He says, ujjaini cant perform so they cant perform.. But less says, they can use the stage.. I dnt know how come they can use the stage if ujjaini cant perform because of fracture.. Stars - 5 stars

Jodi number 2 - Sanchali and Rajeev

Sanchali and Rajeev are supported by the team of Jab Luv hua.. For all those who dnt know wat Jab luv hua is - It is a serial in Zee TV.. They sing Waada karle sajna tere bin main na rahun.. Sanchali sang the song very well... Rajeev's sur was not good at many times..

Stars and Comments

Aadesh - Rajeev's voice is good.. usko khudrat ka ek vardaan hain yeh voice.. The singing was good...

Akshaye - They sang well and performance was very good.. They had real good expressions in the song

Dia - Both complemented well.. They had good performance

Hari - Sanchali sang very well.. But Rajeev's sur was not good at many times.. The alap that he had taken was very good Stars - 4 stars

Less- They used the stage.. But one was in one part of the stage and the other in other part of the stage.. They got influenced by the stars given to UA and used the stage but not together Stars - 5 stars

Jodi number 3 - Sharib and Banjotsna

Sharib and Banjotsna are supported by the team of Saat Phere.. For all those who dnt know wat Saat Phere is - It is a serial in Zee TV.. They sing humko tumse pyaar kitna.. Sharib sang really well.. But banjotsna did not sing well..

Stars and Comments

Aadesh - bahut kami hain banjotsna mein..

Akshaye - Sharib sang very well.. He asks sharib to do stage shows in US..

Dia - Sharib sang well.. She liked their jodi a lot...

Hari - Sharib was good, banjo trying to sing well, she didnot sing at all.. The stars are only for sharib Stars - 4 stars

Less- EMET was very good.. but singing was not Stars - 6 stars

Second Round:

Jodi number 1 - Ujjaini and Aishwarya

Ujjaini and Aishwarya go to Fansuii and Astrology readers.. They say, Ujjaini has a very bright future.. and lot of things for them.. They sing oh jaana na jaana from Jab pyaar kisi se hota hain... Ujjaini though she was not able to walk, she performed jus because less complained that they didnot do good performance.. All the guests and GG's enjoyed the performance a lot...

Stars and Comments

Aadesh - Aishwarya improved a lot.. Ujjaini was very good and amazing..

Akshaye - They sang really well and amazing performance

Dia - Ujjaini was amazing and Aishwarya sang very well...

Hari - Aishwarya improved and sang with lot of feeling.. Stars - 7 stars

Less- Sang well and performed very well.. Stars - 7 stars

Jodi number 2 - Sanchali and Rajeev

They also go to the fanscuii and astrology reader.. Sanchali and Rajeev sing dil hai ki manta nahin from the same movie name.. Sanchali was far better than Rajeev.. There was no romantic feel in the song.. The energy was very low..

Stars and Comments

Aadesh - Asks dia "kya yeh gaana dil ko chua".. She first said a little, then might to say, she said haan bahut chua..

Akshaye - Nice singing

Dia - Its her fav song and she always sings this song in the cloak room.. LOLLOL And it was nice hearing to them

Hari - Was 10% better than the first performance, but Rajeev has to improve a lot  Stars - 5 stars

Less- Good performance Stars - 6 stars

Jodi number 3 - Sharib and Banjotsna

They sing pehla nasha pehla ghumar from jo jeeta wahi sikander.. Sharib sang really well.. Banjo was not good... They also go to the fansuii and astrology reader

Stars and Comments

Aadesh - Sharib sang very well.. Banjo has improved..

Akshaye - Amasing performance

Dia - She asks Banjo to sing a line.. But she is not happy and so, hariji sings a line for banjo... But dia is not happy still..

Hari - Sharib sang well.. Banjo has some fear or some thing which is stopping her from singing well.. Stars - 5 stars

Less- EMET was good.. Sharib was good but banjotsna has to improve a lot by leaving the fear Stars - 5 stars

Performance by Nihira and Hemachandra
Hemu and nihira are being called by Aadesh to sing the title song of Alag.. Wow! really liked their voice and singing.. What a voice quality these people have.. Even these are singers produced by SRGMP... And now the total voice quality is lost in the singers.. There are very few, ujjaini, sharib and Aishwarya who sing really well.. But then too are a bit short of the top 5 singers of SRGMP C2005..

So, thats it from me for this week..

Tab tak ke liye - Shukriyaar - bye and  take very good care of ur self.. phir milte hain agle hafte...
Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2006 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
Update as on: June 1st 2006

hi everyone Smile

I am back with updates..

The last week performances are shown in the AV..

Ishitaa and Rohit say, BS are special to GG's as they used the veto and that SR are not so special as they are not giving much stars..

GG's Comments:
GG's say they are not showing any partiality on the contestants and that they are giving stars only based on the stars and the SMS and Land line votes are true and its not false.. Hariharan said, some are asking if the contest is true and if the votes and stars are true.. So, they gave this answer..

Group Performance:

The group performance is done seperately by the jodi's.. I think this time it was live performance and not pre recorded.. UA sing kyaa khoob lagti ho, tum sundar lagti ho.. SR sing Hari OM hari from disco Station.. BS sing Mohobbat hain Mirchi from chura liya hai tumne.. UA again sing Hare rama hare krishna.. Ujjaini and Aishwarya were very good in the singing and performance.. Sharib was good too.. Sanchali also.. but cant say the same for Rajeev and Banjo.. At last all of them sing yaad sataye teri from phir hera pheri

Total Votes from SMS:

UA - 3,73,407

SR - 2,62,254

BS - 3,35,664

Jodi no.1 according to GG's : Ujjaini - Aishwarya

They sing koi mil gaya from Kuch kuch hota hain.. It was good.. The performance was really good.. But hariji said there was bit little low energy and sur was not OK at some times.. As GG's have kept them in number 1, they need to keep that place by performing and singing very well.. But this time it wasn good.. When asked the GG's if UA deserve to be in Number 1 position, then they say "Yes they Deserve".. UA request that they want to see the 2nd round of votes later after everyone performs together.. And GG's agree to this too.. An AV is shown on the positions they were in all these weeks since the start of EMET

Jodi no.2 : According to GG's its BS but they call Sanchali and Rajeev to make a difference

They sing bardaasht from Humraaz.. They sang really well.. And Rajeev was too good in it.. Less climbed up the stage and gave them a hug and gave them aashirvaad too and said "They sang really well today".. Rohit said, "Less liked them because, SR used the full stage today" LOLLOL Wen askd the GG's if they deserve to be in final 2, "They say after this performance they shld stay.."

Jodi no.3 : Banjotsna and Sharib

They sing chalta jaaye ishq musafir.. They sing really well.. Banjo has improved her self a lot.. Sharib was Rocking today.. GG's praise them and say they have used the Veto to prove that they deserve to be in finals an AV is shown on the positions they were in all these weeks since the start of EMET.. Another AV is shown of the Street child who got his parents because of sharib.. A standing ovation is given for sharib

Total Votes:

UA - 7,74,972
BS - 7,66,977
SR - 6,00,762

So, SR are out

Really, telling u ppl who are reading this update, tears have not stopped rolling frm my eyes after seeing Rajeev's AV and hearing to his singing.. At last  Less askd, "Kya aise singer ko out hona hain"? i felt then the answer is no.. He sang frm his heart and the AV shown was really emotional.. U cant experience it while reading the update.. So, im not mentioning it.. Watch the show then u will know what i really mean.. At last GG's said wat ever they can, they will do for Rajeev

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Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 June 2006 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Update as on 2nd June 2006

hi everyone Smile

back with the updates.. Today is the "Sur Ka Thakkar between the 2 final jodi's.. " toh aap sabhi dil tham ke baithiye.. You cant hear to the songs they sing, but as far as i can, i will try to make u feel that ur watching the show.. The Stage is so beautifully set today.. There are dhols which are giving the feel to the jung.. And Less not, agar GG's ka saath aur Ishitaa aur Rohit ka saath na ho toh, kya finals?? The jodi's are looking good.. There is a cheer on Ujjaini's face.. All are set with black and white.. Stage with magenta lights.. Wow! what else do u need for the thakkar?? toh all ready??

Today's Guest: the man with magical voice: kunal ganjawala

In the meantime, if u have the guest like Kunal Ganjawala, who sings dil na liya, dil na diya from Krissh, u will have the real fun.. It was really nice hearing to him..

------------------------------------------------------------ --

Rohit asks GG's "Kyaa yeh doo jodi wahi jodi hain jo aap dekhna chahte thee Finals mein??" then Hariji asks: "agar nahin hain toh kya badlenge"
and rohit answers: "maine kya badalne ka theka le rakha hain"

Selecting Jodi: Through Coin Tossing

Rohit asks GG's "Which jodi should sing first".. For this hariji answers: "agar hum kahenge toh you will say they are our favourite jodi.. So, toss a coin".. A coin is tossed and UA win the toss as they were given heads.. They choose to sing first

First Round: Songs of Kunal

Jodi number 1: Ujjaini and Aishwarya

An AV of the mood in their respective houses are shown.. A competitive and Celebrating atmosphere is on air.. They sing khwaishon se hain yeh sama.. They were good.. But not at high notes..

Comments and Stars:

Kunal: Very nice choice of song.. 10/10 for song selection and 7/10 for singing.. Sur mein gadbhad tha

Hari: Energy was not there.. Higher notes mein sur nahin thee..
Stars: 4 stars

Less: No chemistry at all.. May be because they didnt use the stage
Stars: 4 stars

Jodi number 2: Banjotsna and Sharib

An AV of the mood in their respective houses are shown.. A competitive and Celebrating atmosphere is on air.. They sing banjaiyeh is dil ka mehmaan... Sharib was very good..

Comments and Stars:

Kunal: Feel was lovely.. Sharib sang the alap very well.. It was good in the beginning.. lekin sur mein gadbhad tha..

Hari: Theek laga, mazaa nahin aaya..
Stars: 4 stars

Less: They brought 2 chairs with them for performance.. Used it in begiinning but later they forgot.. aisa gaoge toh u can never become no. 1
Stars: 4 stars

Second Round: Viewers choice

Jodi number 1: Ujjaini and Aishwarya

They sing jadoo hain nasha hain from jism... They were good..

Comments and Stars:

Kunal: Ujjaini ko pehle bi suna hain.. she is really good.. Ash ko pehli baar sun raha hoon.. and really good and original voice..

Hari: He scolds Aishwarya.. Because again air was reflecting in the mic.. And he asks him to express the song through singing
Stars: 5 stars

Less: Better than the first performance.. Kunal praised them a lot.. But i take 50% from that away..
Stars: 5 stars

Jodi number 2: Shairb and Banjotsna

They sing Fiza from fiza.. oh.. i remember  my pyaara vinit singing this song.. He was really awesome..  and these ppl were good.. Banjo was nice today.. Less said they both are not feeling well..

Comments and Stars:

Kunal: Accha tha, lekin isse better ho sakta hain..

Hari: Sharib was not good in high notes.. Otherwise it was good..
Stars: 6 stars

Less: Far better than the first.. Lekin aur chemistry chahiye.. Though ur not well, u must try to perform better
Stars: 6 stars

Third Round: Studio Recording

I will first explain what this round is.. Songs are recorded in the studio and its played while the jodi's here jus perform and do lipping.. A song is given to them before one hour.. They had to memorize the lyrics and record it in the studio.. Its only one hour time for practicing also

Jodi number 1: Ujjaini and Aishwarya

They sing the song Humko deewana kar gaye.. Not himeshji's.. its the sonu's version.. The melody one.. Wow! hats off to them.. Really mind blowing singing.. ClapClapClap Really appreciate them for this song.. Ash and ujaini were very good..

Comments and Stars:

Kunal: First Appreciation for SRGMP for such round.. Very nice round and the singing was also good... Very nice singing

Hari: If u have really recorded it in one hour.. Then its really very good.. very nice..
Stars: 7 stars

Less: Very nice singing
Stars: 6 stars

Jodi number 2: Banjotsna and Sharib

They sing the song Chori-chori chupke se aankhon mein duniya basaja from Lucky.. Wow! hats off to them.. Really mind blowing singing..
 ClapClapClap Really appreciate them for this song.. First it was shown that Sharib and bajo came late to the studio.. and they were not able to sing as sharib was not well.. But then they were given 15 minutes etc.. Banjo was really good today..

Comments and Stars:

Kunal: He says, he is hearing banjo's original voice now.. Its really good.. Sharib was too good too..

Hari: Praises banjo a lot.. Sharib should take some time to between the notes
Stars: 6 stars

Less: Very nice singing.. nothing to say.. very good
Stars: 7 stars

At last Kunal sings a song.. And Rohit announces that UA and BS will be performing in Kolkatta and delhi very soon..

thats it for today.. bye.. take care
Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2006 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Updates as on June 8th

hi everyone Smile

Total number of votes has crossed 32 Lacks till now..

Group Performance:

The 2 jodi's sing various songs starting from Ghustak dil tere liye to yaad saataye teri of phir hera pheri.. they sing various songs old and new.. sorry couldn note down all.. The performance was really good.. their singing as a group was really good..

Today's Guest - Sunil Shetty:

Today's guest is sunil shetty for the promotion of the film phir hera pheri

First Jodi to Sing Choice - Toss

As in last episode, a coin is tossed to find who should sing first.. This time its Sunil who is tossing the coin as Rohit says "GG's will comment that he wants his favourite jodi to win".. So, Sunil tosses the coin and UA call for the heads and they win it.. They give the chance for BS to sing first..

Today's Theme: Debut Jodi Film songs like hrithick and amisha in KPH

Jodi number 1 - Banjotsna and Sharib

A small AV is shown on them.. Some previous AV's are shown together.. They both sing dil deewana bin sajnake from Maine Pyar Kiya.. They sing pretty well.. Their performance is also good today..

Stars and Comments:

Sunil - I am not an expert.. But as an audience I enjoyed the song.. At the end of the performance they were more into the song..

Hari - Very good.. accha gaaya.. Lekin Saath lines gaate samay they have to sing more finely.. Stars - 6 stars

Less - Not used the stage very well.. (as usual comment) Wink You must perform much better.. Stars - 5 stars

Jodi number 2 - Ujjaini and Aishwarya

A small AV is shown on them.. Some previous AV's are shown together.. They both sing humtum ek kamre mein bandh ho from Bobby(Dimple and Rishi Kapoor) They sing well.. I personally felt BS were better in singing..

Stars and Comments:

Sunil - They rock.. They are UA.. they were really good..

Hari - Sur was not there some times.. but that was only 5% They were good 90% of the times.. Stars - 6 stars

Less - Very good.. the performance was good.. They used a key for performance.. that was good Stars - 6 stars

Second Round - Same Theme

A small AV is shown.. The 2 jodi's perform in bhopal.. Their overall performance is taken through a poll.. The trend is - UA - 65% and BS 35%

Jodi number 1 - Banjotsna and Sharib

They both sing pyaar ki kashti mein from kaho naa pyaar hain.. They sing pretty well.. Very nice performance too.. Less says - "For the first time Banjo comes to the front for performance..." LOLLOL

Stars and Comments:

Sunil - They have sung very well.. Better performance and better than the first..

Hari - Accha gaaya.. The same comments told in the first round is applicable here too.. Stars - 6 stars

Less - They perform better this time.. Banjo saved Sharib this time... Stars - 6 stars

The jodi's have gone to Banglore.. There both get the equal favouritism

Jodi number 2 - Ujjaini and Aishwarya

They sing mere humsafar - mere humsafar from Refugee.. They sing really well.. I also remember Raktima singing this song in the first round.. She was good.. Both were equal..

Stars and Comments:

Sunil - They have sung very well.. Very nice performance.. They were mindblowing.. These deserve doublt UA..

Hari - Very nice.. Ujjaini has to control in upper notes..
Stars - 6 stars

Less - What should i say?? Ujjaini sang for aishwarya and aishwarya sang for ujjaini.. Stars - 7 stars

Voting Trends - number of votes not given:

South Zone - BS leads
West Zone - BS leads
Central Zone - UA leads
North Zone - BS leads
East Zone - BS leads

Sunil Shetty Favourite Jodi - UA

They sing along with hariharan - chanda chanda re from the movie sapnay.. Rohit is with UA and Ishitaa is with BS.. They are supporting the jodi's..

Thats it for today.. Bye.. Take care..

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Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 June 2006 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Update as on - June 9th 2006

hi everyone Smile

back again with the update..

Rohit and Ishitaa host the show as always.. Ishitaa is looking pretty today they both are rocking.. Ishitaa supports BS and Rohit supports UA.. Rohit says its the "Sabse Badi Agnipariksha"..

TOSS to select the first jodi to sing:

UA call for heads and the win it.. Everytime only this happens.. They call heads and they win Wink anyway, they select to sing first..

Guests - Alka Yagnik and Abhijeet

Alka and abhijeet da are the guests today.. They both sing Aankhon mein base ho tum.. Wow! Abhijeet da was really good.. They have planned something special for the third round... But dnt reveal it..

Today's Theme - Songs of Abhijeet and Alka

First Round - Songs of Alka Yagnik

Jodi Number 1 - Ujjaini and Aishwarya

An AV is shown where they get tips from the music directors of the show as to where they can improve.. UA sing Bahon ki darmiyan, do pyaar mil rahe hain.. Its a song sung by Alka Yagnik and Hariharan.. They sung very well..

Stars and Comments:

Abhijeet - They sing very well.. He says - "Its U and points towards him and say A".. Very well sung..

Alka - This song need passion.. And they brought that into the song.. Very great job..

Hari - Very well sung.. Stars - 5 stars

Less - Though u sang well, the performance was dheema.. Stars - 6 stars

Jodi Number 2 - Banjotsna and Sharib

An AV is shown where they get tips from the music directors of the show as to where they can improve.. BS sing hai mera dil churake le gaya from josh.. Its a song sung by Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan..

Stars and Comments:

Abhijeet - They had good performance.. But singing pehle wali jodi ki acchi thi... He says Sharib is lambe race ka ghoda.. He comes into the stage acting like he is having a Guitar.. Abhijeet da liked it

Alka - This song needs a lot of soul into it.. They had all that in the song.. But some soul was missing in the song...

Hari - Starting mein accha gaya.. He asks Sharib to sing the mukhda again.. And corrects some mistakes made by him Stars - 4 stars

Less - Came inside the stage with charm.. But later on it was missing.. Stars - 5 stars

Second Round - Songs of Abhijeet

Jodi Number 1 - Ujjaini and Aishwarya

An AV is shown where UA are donating blood.. They appeal to the public to donate blood.. They sing tum aaye toh hawaon mein ek fiza hain from phir bhi dil hain hindustani.. They sing really well..

Stars and Comments:

Abhijeet - Good Chemistry.. aap log bahut accha gaate hain.. If in scale of 20 you have sung upto 19..

Alka - She takes a small alap and points out the mistake.. Otherwise she says, it was very good..

Hari - Today UA means "Unanimous Acknowledgement" Stars - 6 stars

Less - Ash has improved a lot.. For the past many episodes, he has sung very well.. Stars - 6 stars

Jodi Number 2 - Sharib and Banjotsna

An AV is shown where they are standing on a top of a building and say     "Sharib is a muslim and Banjotsna is hindu" but then too they get along well with each other.. A small problem occurs in the middle.. There is a problem in the track and Sharib's mic has some problem.. But abhijeet da considers it and gives them one more chance... So, the public should not see regionalism.. They sing tauba tumhare yeh ishare from Chalte-Chalte...

Stars and Comments:

Abhijeet - Singing was not good.. In the scale of 20 they get only within 10..

Alka - Sharib has sung very well.. but Banjo is not performing well.. She is not singing well... She is not supporting him

Hari - Sur mein bahut kami hain.. Stars - 3 stars

Less - We have used the Veto and in finals this is not the performance to be given.. Stars - 4 stars

Third Round - Songs given by Alka and Abhijeet

This is a round where, Alka yagnik has selected a song and gives a CD and lyrics to them.. And within 10 minutes they have to prepare and sing..

Jodi Number 1 - Ujjaini and Aishwarya

Alka gives the song to them.. Its her Aisi Deewangee from the film Deewana.. They were superb.. Alka helps them also to prepare the song in 10 minutes.. They practice on the stage in front of the judges..

Stars and Comments:

Abhijeet - He stands up and praises them a lot.. I think a post has already been posted on this.. He appreciates them a lot.. He says - "They are the future".. UA are the best..

Alka - Very nice.. ek jagah galati huyi thi.. lekin it was good...

Hari - Eveyone praises Ujjaini when UA sing well.. but I will praise Aishwarya.. Stars - 7 stars

Less - Very well sung.. You rock.. He gives only 6 sstars, but abhijeet da, requests him to give 7 stars and says - "its from the quota system".. yahaan bhi LOL Stars - 7 stars

Jodi Number 2 - Banjotsna and Sharib

Abhijeet da gives the song for them.. waada raha sanam from the movie khiladi.. Abhijeet da was totally not impressed...

Stars and Comments:

Abhijeet - He said he was totally disappointed with the performance.. "mujhe tumlogon par ghussa aa raha hain"..

Alka - We thought you will sing well, but you didnot.. "Its not your day" but tats not the excuse..

Hari - He too says "Its not your day".. Better than the first 2..              Stars - 5 stars

Less - Better than the first Stars - 4 stars

At last Abhijeet da sings a song.. Some magic in his voice.. I can imagine SRK when he sings... Tongue

Tats it for today.. BYE.. Take Care
Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2006 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
Update As on - 15th June

hi everyone Smile

Rohit Roy first thanks all the audience for the support and love given to him in EMET.. He says: "UA leads the stars" and Ishitaa says: "BS lead the voting trend"..


All are shown practicing with the orchestra... The jodi's are practicing and are desiring to perform their best..


The group song is from Ishiq bina kya jeena from Taal.. The live orchestra is really good.. Its really pleasing to hear the music.. The jodi's sing very well too.. I felt Ujjaini sang really well.. Some curtains are arranged and they are left falling.. There are some dancers to dance to the tunes..

Today's Guest : Ismail Darbar

ID says - It has been 108 days since he has met the audience.. but he says: "Jab tak zindagi hain, rishta kayaam rahein".. The leading star scorer will get to sing with Ismailji


While the show was going on, a small Add is shown saying, "The audition for children special is in Delhi on June 17th.. Its mainly for Kids from 8 to 15.. So, next SRGMP for Kids special?? Clap I hope this is not based on public voting ConfusedConfused I sincerely advise Gajji not to go in for public voting..


Jodi number 1 - Ujjaini and Aishwarya

They sing Suraj hua matham from K3G.. I personally felt that it wasnt good.. Vinit's performance and I think BS sang the same song.. Those performances were better.. Aishwarya was totally not good with the song.. Ujjaini was far better..

Stars And Comments:

ID: Koshish acchi thi.. Give only 50% Not good, not bad.. tum logon ko main 16 baras ki tu satrah baraska gaana chahiye tha and not pehla pyaar hain...

Hariji: The lower notes of Aishwarya was not good.. Rohit says - "Though they are my favs, They didnot sing in mood today" Stars - 4 stars

Less: Live music hain.. its a good chance for you all.. may be you are afraid.. Stars - 5 stars.. 5th star is because this is first time with live music...

Jodi number 2 - Banjotsna and Sharib

They sing Aankhon ki gustakhiyaan from Hum dil de chuke sanam.. I personally felt it was good.. Sharib sang very well.. Banjo has improved.. Though not much, she has improved in this song..

Stars And Comments:

ID: Mere gaane ki band bajadi hain tum logon ne.. He asks if what he said was right.. He points out some mistakes of Banjo...

Hariji: Sharib sang well.. But wen you have a lot of opportunity like the live orchestra, you must use it.. Stars - 3 stars

Less: The expressions were not there in the song, but it was a bit shown in the performance.. Stars - 5 stars.. 5th star is because this is first time with live music...


Jodi number 1 - Ujjaini and Aishwarya

They sing Zara sa Jhoom lun main from DDLJ.. Still im totally not impressed with their performance.. kya ho gaya hain aaj unhe?? I am a UA supporter.. But today, I am not with them...

Stars And Comments:

ID: Totally it was a very good performance.. The acting was good.. Sur mein thoda hi gadbhad tha..

Hariji: He says after less.. Sur mein thoda gadbhad tha.. It is not as good as you performed last week.. I totally agree with hari for this..
Stars - 4 stars

Less: Very well performed.. In the mean time, Hari says,"Stage ko poora use kiya" LOLLOL Stars - 6 stars..

Jodi number 2 - Banjotsna and Sharib

An AV is shown.. A survey is taken in many cities.. And its shown that UA are the favourites.. They get 70% while BS get only 30%.. Then why is the voting trend like this??

They sing Bazigaar from Bazigaar.. I felt personally that they sang well.. Better than UA performance.. There was not the feeling in the song, but it was good.. Sharib was good.. Banjo has improved..

Stars And Comments:

ID: yeh bazigaar hain jisne baazi jeeti hain.. Lekin tum logon ne gaaya aise ki, baazi har gaye ho..

Hariji: Much better than the first performance Stars - 5 stars

Less: Performance aur accha ho sakta tha.. Stars - 5 stars..

Gulam Mustafan Khan sir guru for Rajeev and Sanchali

As mentioned earlier in many posts, Ustan Gulam Mustafan Khan sahab has agreed to teach music for Rajeev and Sanchali.. Hariji gets blessings from him and brings him to the Stage.. Rajeev and Sanchali are called to the stage.. and some pooja are performed...

Voting Trend: this week vote: 34 laks.. last week, 32 lakhs totally - 66 lakhs

South Zone - UA lead
Central Zone - BS lead
East Zone - UA lead
West Zone - BS lead with huge margin
North Zone - BS lead

Final Song - Kisna

UA lead the stars and so they get the chance to sing with ID..

Tats it for today..

Thanks.. Bye.. Take Care..

Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2006 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Update as on 16th June

Hi everyone Smile

Today's Guests: Madhur Bhandarkar and Sameer

Madhur Bhandarkar is the director and Sameer is the music director of the film corportate.. They have come for the promotion of the film.. Madhu bhandarkar has some surprise for them..

Group Performance:


The jodi's sing Yamma-Yamma from the film Shaan.. Its not the performance the jodi's should give in the finals.. It was good.. But it can be more enjoyable..

 -         Madhur Bhandarkar selects BS to sing first

 Today's Theme – Old Movie Songs

 First Round

 Jodi number 1 – Banjotsna and Sharib:

               They sing ek pyaar ka nagma hain from the film Shor.. An AV is shown on them where they are asked many questions and they answer like what are the changes you have got after EMET, What you like in the participants.. Sharib says he like hariji and banjo says she like lessji.. Rohit says Banjo is looking like an angel.. They sang very very well.. Enjoyed their performance.. There is one more guest who is nahar from Saat Phere.. He is supporting this jodi.. And requests all of them to vote for them..

Stars and Comments:

 Sameer – Fantastic job

 Madhur – main sameer se baat karunga inko playback mein lene ke liye.. he answers this when Rohit asks the question – If he would like to take them for playback..

 Hari – nazar na lage tum dono ki jodi ko.. you are looking very good.. Stars - 6 stars

 Less – jaise dikhrahe hain waise gaaya… Stars – 6 stars

Jodi Number 2 – Ujjaini and Aishwarya

               They sing dil ki gehraiyon mein.. They sang well.. An AV is shown on them also.. Ujjaini likes Hariji and Aishwarya likes Lessji.. Nahar comments for them also.. Stars kam mile, isiliye don't worry.. Ujjaini cries a lot.. But I personally feel, they sang very well..

 Stars and Comments:

 Sameer – Manna Dey aur Lataji mere saamne nazar aaye..

 Madhur – mujhe Manna Dey nazar aaye gaane mein…

 Hari – Sang very well.. Stars - 5 stars

 Less – Sang well, lekin chemistry nazar nahin aayi.. Stars – 5 stars

 Second Round:

 Jodi number 1 – Banjotsna and Sharib:

               They sing Jaaneman – Jaaneman.. They sang really well… Banjo has improved herself a lot.. She is singing very well today…

 Stars and Comments:

 Sameer – Shabdon ko poora ki jiye.. Don't leave it without completing..

 Madhur – Sang very well.. bahut mazaa aaya..

 Hari – Less and Hari have a small conversation in a old movie dialog style.. And they both say – that they sang well.. Less says – We can also participate like this and release a new album.. Stars - 6 stars

 Less – Stars – 6 stars

 Jodi Number 2 – Ujjaini and Aishwarya

               They sing dekha ek khwab toh yeh silsile huye from silsila.. They messed up with the song.. They sang the lyrics wrongly..

 Stars and Comments:

 Sameer – No comments.. Only that Live orchestra was very good…

 Madhur – Sang the lyrics wrong..

 Hari  and less – If you get tensed, then it will reflect in your song.. So, don't get tensed.. Stars - 5 stars

 Less – Stars – 5 stars

Third Round: Judges Choice Round

 Jodi number 1 – Banjotsna and Sharib:

               The judges give them the song – Dhafli waale from Sargam.. I personally felt that they sang very well.. An AV is shown where BS supporters request all to vote for them.. Its an ice cream shop outlet who support BS..

Stars and Comments:

Sameer - He again only commented on the orchestra and said the singing was good..

Madhur – Sharib was very original..

Hari  - Like in second round, Less and Hari have a small conversation... But they are satisfied with their singing.. Stars - 5 stars

Less – He says Faltu gaaya.. Hari says they are very tired.. Stars – 5 stars


Jodi number 2 – Ujjaini and Aishwarya:

               The judges give them the song – pardasiya yeh such hain piya.. They sing well.. Less says "Mindblowing.. Very well sung".. An AV on them is shown..


Stars and Comments:


Sameer – Bahut accha gaaya..


Madhur – Sang very well.. Poore audience ka dil jeetliya..


Hari  - kahaan thee abhi tak?? Bahut accha gaaya.. Stars - 6 stars


Less – You guys rocked.. very well.. Stars – 7 stars


Total Stars:


BS – 34 stars

UA – 33 stars


Madhur Bhandarkar is also coming for finals.. He says he will tell the surprise in the finals.. Today BS sang very well.. 


Final Performance: All of them sing jeena yahaan – marna yahaan..  This is the final performance of EMET in the sets.. Next week its only performance in delhi and kolkatta..

Thanks for all the appreciation you have given me till now..

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