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Posted: 29 April 2006 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
hi everybody!

Update as on 28-4-06

Today's Guest : Disco King Bappi Lahri All the contestants sing Jhoom Jhoom baba.. Its from his new album for which promotion he has come today... All contestants sing together.. PH and SR join the other 4 jodi's later.. Bappida joins them then joining them are Shaan and Ishitaa.. All the audience and the GG's enjoy the performance...

AV of Joyeetha and Saptak are shown by reminding them.. Shaan remembers them for their best performances..

Jodi no:1 - Banjotsna and Sharib

They sing inthaan ho gayi intzaar ki.. I think the movie is sharabi picturized on Big B.. Bappida gives some tips on how to sing the song and ya, he also says that Kishoreda got filmfare for this song.. Sharib sang really well.. but banjo forgot some lines and then, sharib had to balance it well..

Stars and Comments

Bappi Lahri: They both sang well.. Feel was less in song.. But brave attempt

Hari: Sharib sang well, but banjo has to sing well.. khulke gaana padega Stars: 4 stars

Less: You both have to manage more well.. Stars: 4 stars
Jodi no: 2 - Prajakta-Hrishikesh

They sing jalta hai jiya mera bheegi-bheegi raaton mein.. from Zakhmee I dnt know the movie.. hrishikesh was too good.. It was really nice... Nice singing and EMET too today... Bappida says it is one of the top 10 songs that he consider in his composition.. and it was his first song too.. and so, bahut saari yaadein taaza ho gayi...

Stars and Comments

Bappi Lahri: Very good singing.. He is very
happy with their performance...

Hari: They sang well and there was really good expressions in the song... Stars: 5 stars

Less: He says, before the EMET never used to be good and lagta hain ab ghar pe sab jhagda khatm ho gaya hain.. and so they are in mood now.. Stars: 6 stars
Jodi no: 3 - Twinkle and Viswas
They sing log kehte hai main sharabi hoon.. mujhe nau lakha mangwale... from sharabi.. But bappida says its kishoreda's and asha tayi song... They both sang very well.. really enjoyed their performances.. Twinkle and viswas were good... But Viswas was too good...

Stars and Comments

Bappi Lahri: He is very happy with viswas performance.. He says, he gives room for new talent always.. He has given chance for debo to sing.. He is also giving chance to sing for viswas

Hari: Very nice singing.. very energetic Stars:6 stars

Less: the performance was very good... Stars: 7 stars
Jodi no:5 - Sinchan-Irfan

They sing raat baki baat baki.. from Namak Halal They are singing really well.. They are looking nice together..

Stars and Comments

Bappi Lahri: bahut acha gaaya.. it was very much in mood.. they were very good.. show ko bahut acha bana diya hain..

Hari: Sinchan sang very well.. Irfan ko shayadh koi gale ki problem hain.. we took good decision of using the veto power.. Stars: 6 stars

Less: very good EMET today Stars: 6 stars
Jodi no: 6 - Sanchali - Rajeev

they sing yaar bina chain kahaan re... from Saheb.. sanchali sings really well...

Stars and Comments

Bappi Lahri: they are really jodi no. 1

Hari: rajeev has to concentrate on singing and sur.. Stars: 5 stars

Less: they are looking good together Stars: 5 stars
Bappida gives gold chain to Viswas and Twinkle

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Update as on 4th may 2006

Hi everyone

Sorry that I wasn able to give u all the updates yesterday.. I had internet connection problem and wasn able to connect to it.. Realy felt sad for it…

Group Performance

All Sing Jhoom-Jhoom from Tom Dick and Harry.. Not a good performance.. They lost sur many a times..

New Format(change is old)

As already posted here in the forum about a change in format, the format was changed by GG's.. When they were asked about the top jodi they said, they are not going to say, as their choices never matches with the people.. They change the format by taking the covers which contain the results from shaan.. The jodi's are not called by the order of their ranking according to votes.. But they are called according to the choices of Judges, participants, shaan, ishitaa and then studio audience..

The results are not declared as the jodi perform.. But all the jodi's are asked to perform and then the results are handed to them for viewing.. As the jodi's read out the number of votes got by them, the ranking is formed… Nice format…

First Jodi selected according to the judges – Twinkle – Viswas

They sing Aashiqui mein teri from 36 china town.. An average performance and singing.. Judges say they were good.. They are asked to select the number 2 jodi according to them.. They say Sinchan – Irfan

Second Jodi selected by TV - Sinchan - Irfan

They sing Just Chill from maine pyaar kyun kiya.. The singing wasn that good.. They lost sur many times and even not electrifying as that of the song.. Judges choice also SI

Third Jodi selected by one and only Shaan

They sing Ek Ajnabee from Ek Ajnabee.. It was a very good performance and singing.. Banjo has improved a lot and very nice performance too.. Judges say they rock but their choice for no. 3 was Prajakta – Hrishikesh Sharib talks in Assameese

Fourth jodi selected by Ishitaa – Ujjaini - Aishwarya

They sing Ishq Khudaai.. Ash was very good.. He is back with his good performance.. Judges were very happy and praised them a lot.. They say it was their best performance.. Guru of Ash had also come..

Fifth Jodi selected by Studio Audience – Prajakta - Hrishikesh

The audience give a mixed choice.. But at last Prajakta – Hrishikesh are selected.. Shaan says, as Sanchali – Rajeev have been no.1 for a long time, they must sing in last.. PH sing mujhe tumse mohobbat hain from Aitraaz.. They sing very well.. PH's friends and Prajakta's sis and dad had also come…

Last Jodi – Sanchali – Rajeev

They sing Oh sakhi – sakhi from Musafir.. Hariji said today Rajeev sang very well.. He was happy with their performance..

Declaration of result

All the jodi's are given the covers to read out their number of votes…First TV read their votes and then it goes on and the tension was on air as each jodi read out their votes.. Because no one knew who will be out..

Final Ranking

Jodi No1 – Ujjaini – Aishwarya – 3,17,708 votes

Jodi No 2 – Prajakta – Hrishikesh – 2,98,591 votes

Jodi No 3 – Twinkle – Viswas – 2,78,012 votes

Jodi No 4 – Sharib – Banjotsna – 2,70,141 votes

Jodi No 5 – Rajeev – Sanchali – 2,25,487 votes

Jodi No 6 – Sinchan – Irfan – 2,14,254 votes

So, finally Sinchan – Irfan are out.. Hari could not control his tears.. It was flowing from his eyes… At last the judges came to the stage and blessed them..

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Update as on 5th may

hi everyone

Here is the update for today...

Group Performance with Shaan

All the participants sing 24X7 I think of you from 36 China town with shaan.. They all sing and perform really well..

Today's guest

Today's guest is Upmeng Patel the lead actor of 36 china town..

Performance in mumbai

All the participants have performed in mumbai in worli.. The 6 jodi's have performed and they have had a good response too.. All the songs have already been sung by them in the show..

Today's Theme is Romance

Jodi No. 1 - Ujjaini - Aishwarya

They are given a surprise.. They are showed an AV where their parents praise them.. They sing Sajan ghar aana tha - Jaane mann.. Not sure of the movie... Shaan Praises them for their singing and Viswas is also shown praising them while they were singing.. Their performance was very good and they created a romantic feel in the studio...

Comments and stars

Upeng: They are very young and they have sung very well.. It sounds better than original track..

Hariji: Asks the jodi how they sang.. Ujjaini replies, "Aise pariksha mat lijiye.. But hariji praises them for the song they sang... Stars: 6 stars

Less: Asks them to perform some step again.. He liked their performance a lot.. Stars: 7 stars

The jodi is very happy and The jodi which gets highest stars today will get to sing with Hariji today..

Jodi no. 2 - Prajaktha - Hrishikesh

They show an AV where mother of Prajaktha and Hrishikesh praise them.. Hrishikesh mom says, he is short tempered.. They sing Pyaar hota hai kya.. again not sure which movie.. They sang very well.. Really romantic feel was on air.. Supported each other..

Comments and stars

Upeng: He said that his hair was pulling up all the time when they sang the song and they are cute couple too...

Hariji : Sang very well.. There was expression in the song and the sur was very good too.. Everyone are singing very well today... Stars: 6 stars

Less : They are supporting each other very well.. Though they forgot one line in middle, they made it and sang it well.. stars: 6 stars

Jodi no.3 - Twinkle and Viswas

They are also shown an AV of their parents praising them.. They sing jiya dhadak - dhadak.. Viswas was good.. Twinkle was looking very sweet today.. But according to me, though himani was wonderful in this song, i can even say that they were upto the level of himani too.. Less, upeng and hari enjoyed the song.. and they were even clapping hands and praising them...

Comments and stars

upeng: Wow! very good.. very nice.. They sing very well and very cute too..

Hariji: They sang very well.. Viswas went out of sur in 2 places, but his alap was very good and compensated for this... They were superb in the song Stars: 6 stars.

Lessji: They touched the heart by singing so well and they were very much in mood today.. there was only one problem where viswas didnt perform but sang well.. Stars: 6 stars

Jodi no: 4 - Sharib - Bajotsna

For them too the AV of their parents praising about them is shown.. They sang "Tu hi meri shab hai" from Gangster.. They sang really well.. It was very nice to here.. but judges didnt like it..

Comments and stars

Upeng: Upeng says they have sung well.. and say it was good...

Hari: It wasn as good as expected.. They are very much capable than this.. Sur went many times for banjo.. Banjo has to concentrate more... Stars: 5 stars

Less: The chemistry wasn that good.. He says he has seen them perform much better than this... So, he can do much better.. Stars: 4 stars

Jodi No. 5 - Sanchali - Rajeev

They sing tumile from criminal.. Rajeev sang very well.. But sanchali wasn tat good compared to rajeev.. And judges like it too.. Sharib argued for the chemistry and asked what more to do to get more stars..

Comments and stars

Upeng: Wow! Superb! Excellent! nothing more to say..

Hariji: Rajeev sang very well.. Sanchali was very good as usual.. and supported rajeev very well too... Stars: 6 stars

Lessji: Chemistry was very good... They sang very well.. Rajeev was very good supporting Sanchali.. Stars: 6 stars

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Update as on 11th may

hi everyone

The show has started and the show is started by showing an AV on Naushad ji... An AV on Naushad ji's journey is showed and also the episodes where he came to SRGMP are shown.. Then host was Sonu Nigam.. and only few words spoken by him are shown in the AV..

Group Performance

The Contestants sing Sab se bada Rupaiyah from Bluffmaster.. PH start their performance from the audience and UA start their performance from behind Gruvee Guru's.. Others sing on the stage.. It was a nice performance and singing too..

Shaan says, the results are in his hands and ask GG's if they would take the results.. But he has given the covers where the secrets of the participants are mentioned to GG's... Again, Gajji's scripts... Anyways, it was nice...

Today's theme - COMEDY

Jodi Number 1 according to Judges - Ujjaini and Aishwarya

They sing Apun bola tu meri laila.. They sing well.. There is a cover with the judges which contains some secrets of the contestants.. For Ujjaini it is: She used to always break something in the house while she was young and for Aishwarya it is: He used to drink the milk kept for his brother too... I dont know why Gajji wants to bring in all this??

Jodi Number 2 according to Judges - Twinkle and Viswas

They sing Usne bola kemche.. They sing well too... Its time for the secrets to come out... Twinkle used to take the prasad kept for god and have it.. Nothing is said for Viswas...

Jodi number 3 according to Judges - Prajaktha and Hrishikesh

They sing akhiyon se goli maare.. I dont know what happened to them today.. Prajakta was not good today in high notes... The secret about Hrishikesh is told by Hariji.. He took permission from each of his family members for eating mangoes and he did it.. Suddenly after eating lot of mangoes, doc had to be called...

Still the results have not come to the shaan's hands.. As his friend is having the results..

Jodi number 4 according to judges - Sanchali and Rajeev

They sing kisi disco mein jaaye.. Rajeev was good in the performance and singing.. Hariji asks, who is trying to break their jodi?? because rajeev in last episode mentioned about it... But he refuses to say it and says he will say this secret when he is getting out or when the jodi trying to break gets out...

Jodi number 5 according to judges - Sharib and Banjotsna

They sing Luv ke liye kuch bhi karega.. Wow! This jodi is really rocking.. They sing really well.. The judges are also happy with their performance.. Banjo who was not good at many episodes, sing well.. Sharib also sings very well... The secret about Sharib is that, When he was young, he went for a drive in his scooter... And when the scooter stopped in the middle, he took a machis and put it inside the petrol tank to check if there was petrol or not... LOL God really funny...

Finally babul suprio enters the stage for announcing the results...

Number of Votes along with their position

Jodi No.1 - Sanchali and Rajeev - 3,74,140
Jodi no. 2 - Sharib and Banjotsna - 3,42,521
Jodi no. 3 - Ujjaini and Aishwarya - 3,32,122
Jodi no. 4 - Twinkle and Viswas - 2,96,940
Jodi no. 5 - Prajaktha and Hrishikesh - 2,79,185

So, PH are out.. GG's do not give the Veto power.. Twinkle and Viswas are going to perform in Pune as they got very less votes from pune with them will be PH also... Hrishikesh cries a lot and at last PH sing Har ghadi badal rahi hai from kal ho naa ho..

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Update as on 12th may 2006

Hi everyone

Today is the performance round and as the holiday for all the kids is on air, the winners of Sify max Gaane Batao aur Jodi jeetao contest have come here... All of them are kids..

Performance by Shaan:

Shaan sings chand sifarish from the movie Fanaa picturized on Aamir Khan and Kajol.. Ishitaa performs a small dance when shaan sings.. Shaan is wearing formals today...

Today's Guests and today's special:

Today's Guests are Jimmy Shergill and Anuj Sahani for promoting the film Tom Dick and Harry.. All the particpants today will sing the songs selected by the kids who are the winners in Sify conetest..

Today there are totally two rounds..

First Round

Jodi number 1: Sanchali and Rajeev

A girl named Kruthigaa Anand in sify max has suggested the song for them.. This girl has also come for watching the show.. An AV is shown where SR go to an old age home like how in C2005 Debo went to visit the old age home.. Does it signify that this jodi will win??no one knows.. They sing Tum pass aaye from kuch kuch hota hai... There was very low energy in their singing and performance..

Stars and Comments:

Anuj: Their chemistry was very good..

Jimmy: They sang for each other and they supported each of them well..

Hari: Rajeev was good in the pitch and Sanchali was sharp in the singing.. Stars: 5 stars

Less: The stage is big and asks them to perform much better as this wasn good performance.. Stars: 4 stars

Jodi number 2: Sharib and Banjotsna

A boy named piyush from Rajasthan has suggested this song for them.. They sing Chaiyah - Chaiyah from Dil se.. They go to a Street Children Association like how Vinit went.. Does this signify something?? anyways, Sharib says he will make one child from Rajasthan learn something... They sang very well.. Banjo sang really well today.. their performance was also good..

Stars and Comments

Anuj: Very nice.. Alap was good.. He praises them a lot.. He praises SRGMP for producing good talents like them.

Jimmy: Banjo sang well.. Sharib was also good.. Very nice performance too..

Hari: Very nice singing by them.. Sharib was good but lost many chemistry at times as sharib forgot some lines.. Stars: 6 stars

Less: Banjo sang in very original voice.. Stars: 5 stars

Jodi number 3: Ujjaini and Aishwarya

They are given song by Shweta from Kerala.. Song is Dil manta hai dil dil mangta hai from Mujhse shaadi karogi.. They are shown going to spastic children society.. Ujjaini was not good with singing today.. Aishwarya was really good...

Stars and Comments..

Anuj: Good Performance.. Chemistry was good..

Jimmy: Sang well.. good performance.. used the stage well and personally enjoyed the performance

Hari: Aishwarya was very good.. Very nice performance.. but ujjaini was not good with the song.. Stars: 5 stars

Less: Ujjaini was not good today.. he asks her what
happened to her today.. Stars: 6 stars

Jodi number 4: Twinkle and Viswas

The song for them is given by Ananya.. They sing thodi si dhool meri from Rang De Basanti.. Personally i feel Twinkle wasnot good and Viswas was also not upto the mark.. But judges praise them a lot... Cant find the reason..

Stars and Comments:

Anuj: This is the first jodi who sang seeing each other instead of seeing the audience... It was good..

Jimmy: Nice performance

Hari: Sang very well.. Stars: 6 stars

Less: They sang Harmony and was really good..
Stars: 7 stars


Jodi number 1: Sanchali and Rajeev

They sing naam hai tera tera from aap ka suroor, himesh album.. Rajeev was really good in the song.. The vote appeal is done by the kid who is their fan.. The kid asks the jodi who is the jodi trying to seperate them.. But dont answer this..

Stars and Comments:

Anuj says they covered the stage very well.. Jimmy says their performance was good...

Hari and less says their performance is better than the first round.. Stars: Hari: 4 stars, Less: 5 stars

Jodi number 2 - Banjotsna and Sharib

They sing tera suroor from aap ka suroor, himesh album.. Wow! today is Banjo day.. Sharib sang very well and hari also mentioned it... the kid who is the fan of their jodi, asks how come they became close after lot of fight??

Stars and Comments:

Anuj and Jimmy: Very good singing by both.. Performance while seeing was very good, though they use the stage or not..

Hari and less: The energy is not matching thier jodi.. Hari says, Sharib did very well and banjo was good too.. Stars: Hari: 6 stars and Less: 5 stars

Jodi number 3 - Ujjaini and Aishwarya

They sing Humko deeewana kar gaye from humko deewana kar gaye.. again himeshji... Aishwarya's voice not heard in the mic and he stops for some time and then starts.. he says that too and less also agrees with that... two kids appeal the votes for them...

Stars and Comments:

Anuj and Jimmy: nice performance.. Aishwarya was good...

Hari and Less: Aishwarya was really good.. Ujjaini made an attempt to sing well... but couldn sing well..

Stars: Hari: 5 stars, Less: 6 stars

Jodi number 4 - Twinkle and Viswas

I am not sure what song was that.. so, not mentioning it..

Stars and Comments:

All of them appreciate them for singing... Stars: Hari: 6 stars, Less: 6 stars..

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Hi everyone

Update as on 18th may..

Here is the update for today..

Today's Guest: Debojit

debojit sings the song dumma - dumma from his new album Jeena O Haseena.. Fabulous and flawless... ClapHe sang really well.. and the audience also support him.. He shakes hands with the audiences and shares one of his experience... He had gone to meet Bhupen Hazarika ji in the same hospital where his mother was admitted.. He used to wait in queue to meet the doctor.. And today, the doctor came to recieve him in the hospital..
This is really an emotional situation.. Debo gives his album CD to all the contestants and also their result envelope to them.. Ujjaini fell down from the stairs and has got herself hurt.. now dont know if she will be able to perform..

AV on all the participant

all the participants say that they will not be eliminated.. Sharib wants his jodi to be number 1 and TV, RS say they will not be eliminated.. Aishwarya says anything can happen...


Jodi number 1: according to the judges: Twinkle and Viswas

They sing aisa lagta hai - kaisa lagta hai.. They sing really well..
The judges too praise them for this.. They ask how they feel now? and they say it was really nice.. They get 3,66,258 votes..

Jodi number 2: according to the judges: Sharib and Banjotsna

They sing Bin tere sanam mar mitenge hum.. They sing well.. But the scale
 of both Sharib and Banjo are not matching.. Sharib takes a high scale and banjo takes a low scale.. This creates a problem and the GG's scold them for not singing well.. Here starts the controversey.. Sharib says, that he informed the Anandji about it, that they are not able to take the scale properly and it is creating problem.. He also says that the contestants do not decide the song and is decided by the musicians and the director.. In the mean time anandji and anuj ji come out of recording room to clarify it.. they say that, during the rehersals they sang well... and now they are not singing well because of the reason that banjo had a sore throat and sharib has some cracks in his lips.. Hariji also agrees to it but then says, wen u sing concentrate on sing rather than the performance.. They sing 5,13,492 votes.. Before declaring the votes, TV are also called to the stage so that they can know their fate as they keep being in border line.. Less gives a chance for sharib and banjo to sing in his film

Jodi number 3: according to the judges: Ujjaini - Aishwarya

They sing Kajra Mohobbat wala. They sing really well..
The judges too praise them for this.. They praise ujjaini as even if she has got her leg fractured/sprained she has sung very well... Their total votes are: 4,46,243 votes..

Jodi number 4: according to the judges: Rajeev and Sanchali

They sing the title song from julie.. They sing well too... I found Rajeev in a low pitch than sanchali.. Less says, this show is ek main aur ek tu and it is not complete if it is not hum.. Rajeev says that they are together... Ishitaa asks sanchali who is trying to break the jodi.. Rajeev says, "aaj ya toh unki jodi rahegi ya phir rajeev ki.." So, the jodi who is troubling them is TV.. They get total votes of: 4,82,103 votes..

Debo performs one more song... Its the sufi song that he sang for the finals...

Hariji requests time to think about it.. He says he is very upset with what ever had happened and is very upset with public voting too and he jus says: "I take your leave" and leaves the show...

Twinkle starts crying and she says she should not have come to this contest and should have left after C2005 it self.. She says she wont change for others.. Now the GG's leave too and say they will announce if they will use the veto tomorow..

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hi everyone

Update as on 19th may..

so im back with the updates here for today...

The Veto Power: not used

Veto power is not used by the judges... When Twinkle and viswas were asked, if they will be given the veto, they said "agar humne jagah banayi hain toh zaroor use karenge".. When the judges were asked, if they would like to use the veto:

Hariji said the following:

There should be a competitive power within the participants when they are singing.. there should be a confidence within them.. Hariji personally wanted to use the veto, but because twinkle yesterday said: "She doesn want to be part of it anymore.. and that she accepts with the public decision," the judges are not using the veto... Hariji said, "The participants themselves dont have the belief within them... So, they are not using the veto...

Viswas requests them to use the veto, but the judges dont give them the veto... atlast they sing a song and do some crying and then leave the stage...

Ishitaa announces that shaan is leaving.. Hari asks, "can i use the veto"? LOL LOL
but he says, shaan we will miss you... shaan has many commitments and so he has to leave... So, we will miss u shaan

Todays Guest: Paresh Rawal

Todays guest is Paresh Rawal... he has come for the promotion of phir hera pheri.. the AV of the film is also shown..

First Round:sawaal jawaab round

Jodi number 1 - Sharib and Banjotsna:

Sharib and banjo go to Rajasthan to Sharib's house... pata nahin kyun gaye.. chalo gaye aur enjoy kiya.. if they would have used this time for their practice, it should have been much better... They sing zara kuch hua toh kya... Personally no comments...

Stars and comments:

Paresh: He says, he is not good with music and knows only the soul of the music.. but he says, kahiin sur gadbhad lag raha tha..
Less and hari: There should be much energy in the song.. They ask: What happened.. why are u both not singing well?

Stars: Hari: 5 stars and Less: 4 stars

Jodi number 2 - Rajeev and Sanchali:

Rajeev and Sanchali go to chamba to Rajeev's house... pata nahin kyun gaye.. chalo gaye aur enjoy kiya.. if they would have used this time for their practice, it should have been much better... Rajeev's house is shown.. but his house condition was totally bad... They go to Rajeev's thela where he used to cook.. They also do a live performance in the city They sing aankhon mein kajal hain, kajol mein tu hain...

Stars and comments:

Paresh: Chemistry achi thi lekin sur mein gadbhad hain
Less and hari: Pareshji ke aane se, sur mein hera pheri ho gayi

Stars: Hari: 4 stars and Less: 4 stars

Jodi number 3 - Ujjaini And Aishwarya

Aishwarya and Ujjaini go to Bihar... They meet Nitish Kumar and he gives vote for them.. there is a small press conference.. They sing acha toh hum chalte hain from aan milo sajna... Wow! nice performance and singing too..

Stars and comments:

Paresh: He says, even after ujjaini has a fracture, she is singing acha toh hum chalte hain
Less and hari: They both sang well.. nice to hear and best performance of the evening

Stars: Hari: 6 stars and Less: 6 stars

Second Round:song choices of Shaan

Jodi number 1 - Sharib and Banjotsna:

They sing bindaas from krishna cottage.. Wow! it was a real good performance.. Singing was ok not bad.. but nice performance... Sharib sang well....

Stars and comments:

Paresh: They sang well and enjoyed the performance
hari: Sang very well.. bahut bindaas gaaye... sur was not good at times..
Less: Antara sung by sharib was not good.. so, he askd him to sing again... And sharib sang well.. praises their performance

Stars: Hari: 6 stars and Less: 7 stars(Sharib says first time 7 stars for EMET)

Jodi number 2 - Rajeev and sanchali

They sing yeh hawaayen zulfon mein teri gum ho jaaye... Rajeev's controversey: For a long time, rajeev was saying, someone was trying to break their jodi... Today he said it was viswas and the misunderstanding is that: He, Viswas and Irfan were in the room and viswas got a phone in his cell of Sanchali... Viswas put the speaker on and sanchali said something saying she was not comfortable with rajeev's singing and so he was upset with.. for this paresh says: If you consider all this in life, then you will not be able to come up in life

Stars and comments:

Paresh: Performance was good.. nice..
hari: Hariji asks Shaan to sing the song.. Wow! Shaan sings very well... Will miss shaan
Less: He says good performance.. but sur was not tat good

Stars: Hari: 5 stars and Less: 6 stars

Jodi number 3 - Ujjaini And Aishwarya:

They sing woh ladki hain kahaan from dil chahta hain.. But they didnt sing that well.. Aishwarya was good but all together it was not that good...

Stars and comments:

Paresh: First performance was better than the second.. ishitaa praises him for being honest
hari and less: Not that good singing.. could be better

Stars: Hari: 4 stars and Less: 5 stars

Shaan - Farewell Cry

All the contestants give farewell to shaan.. He sings with BS.. jo hua use bhool jaa.. i think its frm tishnagi... All the contestants say something about shaan... Sanchali says, shaan is the best... but he says one thing that he is going only for very shorter period and will be back... We want you shaan..

Shaan - We will miss you...
Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

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hi everyone Tongue

How are you all??

So, lets begin with today's updates.. Shaan is not there and Ishitaa is first hosting the show alone.. I am Missing Shaan's smile a lot CryCry

Group Performance

Ishitaa calls all the jodi's to perform along with the Gruvee Guru's.. The jodi's sing haiye re haiye tera ghunghtaa.. Nice singing.. There was some mixing made with the track i believe.. Not sure.. Later Less plays guitar and sings few lines from the song..

New Host:

Hariji asks if ishitaa is going to host the show alone.. if not he suggests Less to host along with ishitaa LOLLOLLOL Anyway we are saved and Ishitaa calls Rohit Roy for hosting with her.. He is pretty ok.. He says, he wanted to be a singer but became the actor...

Votes announced:

BS - 2, 77, 058 votes
UA - 2,68,068 votes
SR - 2,88,036 votes

Every one are totally shocked.. But at last Rohit Roy announces that, These votes are only from SMS and R-World.. He was continously saying this.. But many were confused..

Performance by Sharib and Banjotsna

They both sing two songs.. First song is: kante nahin kat thee yeh din yeh raat from Mr. India.. Second song is: akele hain toh kya gum hain from Qayamat se quayamat tak.. The first song had very low energy and less feelings in it.. but the second song was fabo.. Banjo and Sharib sang the second song very well.. Hari and Less praise them for the second song.. Sharib's father has come and Banjo's brother has come.. Sharib's father praises sharib a lot.. The song selection is by the date of birth.. They show a small AV.. Sharib's date of birth - 15th Jan 1988 and Banjo's Date of birth is - 23 rd feb 1987.. Sharib says he wants to be in final with SR..

Votes: 3,64,818 from other than SMS and R-world.. So, total vote is: 6,41,856 votes

Performance by Ujjaini and Aishwarya

They both sing two songs.. First song is: Har kisi ko nahin milta yahaan pyaar zindagi mein from jaan baaz.. Second song is: Gazab ka hain din from Qayamat se Qayamat Tak.. Both the sangs were superb.. Less and hari praises them a lot for their singing.. Wonderful singing by both of them.. Ujjaini was superb.. They had real feel in the song.. They were given standing avation for their singing... They show a small AV.. Ujjaini's date of birth - 3rd Sep 1987 and Ash's Date of birth is - 4th July 1988.. Ujjaini says they wants to be in final with BS..

Votes: 5,83,818 from other than SMS and R-world.. So, total vote is: 8,51,886 votes..

Performance by Sanchali and Rajeev

They both sing two songs.. First song is: Sagar kinare dil yeh pukare from Sagar.. Second song is: Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hain from Kabhie Kabhie.. They sing well.. Rajeev is praised a lot for the first song by both hari and less.. But they are not happy with the second song.. Rajeev does not sing well the second song.. They show a small AV.. Sanchali's date of birth - 5th Jan 1985 and Ash's Date of birth is - 19th Aug 1976..

Votes for SR: Total vote is: 6,72,366 votes..

Vinit and Himani - Guest and performance:

Vinit and himani come as guests for EMET.. Clap They both sing Soniye from Aksar.. Really missing vinit and himani a lot.. They sang really well and They are praised by the GG's

Request for Veto:

Sharib is asked why should they be given the Veto.. And he says, they will do the  best for sure.. Sharib's father request the GG's for the veto.. And thus the suspense is as usual postponed to tomorrow..

So, thats it for today.. Subscribe for Retro cafe and enjoy ur self..

Bye.. Take care

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