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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 84)

priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 February 2012 at 10:02am | IP Logged
hi all!

i am yet to see the episode but i can write abt it as i have seen this paricular epi n no. of times just for the final eyelock n of course their confrontation n d store room. Maaneet were so explosive n d confrontation scene. And that eyelock! Both Maan n Geet don't let go of each other's eyes. evn when mohinder comes in between, both had eyes for each other. they really had a conversation going on between them, in anger may be but it was only between those two. Maan's helpless reaction to geet, n his anger becos of dat was beautifully portrayed by GC. Dis guy shows such sensitive emotions so well, that we are all spoiled. no wonder we are unable to watch anyone else.

And Geet, she was fiery in this episode! her defiance inspite of dominating family is a delight to watch. even i was disappointed with Mohinder. inspite of his love for his daughter, he seems to give in to Darji. i felt that evn n early epi when he goes to police station to bring geet, he doesn't evn hug her when darji stops him. what respect will a daughter have for her father, if he is so spineless!

And d family seems to see geet just a burden. how eager are they to unload it to any tom, dick n harry. what do they know abt Maan, other than police telling he is a rich guy. brij trying to get geet married to him is really too much. (though we all wd have loved it) i mean Maan (if he was not d hero) might be any kind of person. why is the family again marrying geet without evncheckign d guy. they seem to just repeat their mistakes. weird family! brij is brainless but what abt daarjji?

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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i finally saw the episode (lost count of no.of times)

Brij-Maan eyelocks are equally powerful! But Maan s always d winner in these two confrontations but in Maaneet's, geet emerges d winner (most of the times)

DD looked so ethereal in these episodes. what a clear n innocent looking face she has. in that eyelock scene with maan, she looked like hum aapke hain madhuri look, particulary of mayini mayi song. dat eyes was so powerful n expressive! what an eyelock! it was way too hot than any intimate scene! d writer, director n actors everyone must be given credit!!! it is difficult to duplicate this intensity.

how d heck cd those ppl make her look like a bag lady with bad hair. that horrible wig was so bad that it spoiled her looks. and her tents!!! no comments on it. in these episodes, the salwars were simple but fitting n her hairstyle, just a clean braided look. evn in office track she had one strand of hair artificially hanging which turned evn worse post marriage.

And GC looks so handsome! dat pink shirt, light stubble and dat attitude!!! wow! MSK's attraction was not just his looks but his attitude too! we can't get it back becoz MSK is not here anymore other than our laptops!!! CryCryCryCry

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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Ahhh BRIJ!!!!!ROFL
I Think He Made A Sliding Entry, Wrapping That Red Scarf And Says "Jab Geet Ghar Main Nahi Hai Toh Kaise Bulaaynge?"LOL
He Looked FunnyLOL

Hello Hello...Am I Hearing That Right?!!!!!
He Said SAAAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By The Way Have You Noticed, Daarji And Brij Have This Look On Their Face.
Look Down, Yet Look UpLOL
Their Eyes Freak Me Out! Freakos!!!!ROFL

Ah!!! He Didn't Say Saab Again!LOL
Main Jaanta Hoon Ke Aap Inko Achchia Tara Se Jaane HainLOL
I Know You Know I Know You Know This FamilyROFL I Love Confusing The WordsLOL

Lekin Main Majboor Nahi Hoon!!
Then He Goes "Abhi Geet Ko Dhoond Ke Laata Hoon"ROFL OMFGGG His Expressions!!!!!!!ROFLROFL
Geet Kya Koi Kidnap Ho Gayi Hai?!!
Maan Singh Khurana Will Fine Geet Handa Even When Brij Says She's Not At HomeROFL
Damn Khurana Is CleverLOL

Did You See All Of Them Take A Baby Step And Stop Like 3 Feet Away From The Great Maan Singh KhuranaLOL

Ahhh DARJI!!!!!!!!
"Inspector Saab...Aaapkooo...ROFL Mujhe Kissi Ki Yaad A Raha HaiLOL
Maan Singh Khurana Is Either Waiting For Them To Shut Up Or Waitng For Them To Stop Him In Dramatic Style From Reaching GeetLOL

I'm Going Mad!LOL

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kirti98 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 2:19am | IP Logged
Guys waiting eagerly. For all your analysis. Wink

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 6:11am | IP Logged

Hi Kirti. This is Paro. The episode and its WU is posted between 9:00 and 10:00 IST. And it is after that we usually post our analysis. Just FYI.Big smile

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (by -bhootni-)

Recap: Maan drags Geet downstairs and then tells them that he wants the signatures by tomorrow morning otherwise this girl will spend every night after tomorrow in the jail!
Now agaye!
Next morning Geet and Rajji get out of their rooms while Geet thinks that I can't get out of the house but I can surely call the police from home. They slowly walk downstairs but as soon as they get to the last few steps they run toward the phone. Geet looks up the number for the police station (isn't it supposed to be 411?) and dials the number. But as soon as she does that Daarji comes and cuts the call! Geet in shock puts the reciever down as Daarji looks on...
On the other hand...Maan (in a vest :P) is stopped by Brij...he tells him that you want the zameen right? You'll get it! And that too two times! Maan is shocked and looks at Brij...he asks him 2 times? Brij comments that you bought 5 acres of land...I can give you 5 more acres of land. But I have a shaart! Maan asks what Shaart? Brij answers that you have to get married to Geet (and this echoes for few seconds ShockedLOL) Maan really calmly says shaadi with Geet? But why would I get married to her? (he didn't seem to shocked...maybe hearing that uske heart mein laddo phoot rahein honge :P) Brij answers that we were going to give this land to Geet's to-be husband anyways...if you get married to her you'll get the land! And all your problems will be solved as well! Maan looks away and says that means Geet is refusing to sign then? Brij answers it doesn't have any need the land so get married to Geet and the land will be your's to keep! Brij praises Geet! (like he cares!) ...Maan asks the decision of Geet! But Brij says don't worry about her...she is a girl and she has no right to decide anything! And there is no need to hurry...I'll wait for your decision...I'll take your leave! As Brij leaves...Maan says to himself that he'll answer Brij at his own house!
Daarji emotionally blackmails Geet taking Rajji's name...if the world knows about your wedding then your marriage was'll be really hard to find a groom for Rajji. It is always the fault of the girl and her family (it seems as if he regretted such a thinking!) Your life has been destroyed my daughter but why do you want to ruin Rajji's life too? Geet is crying and shakes her head to say no! This land between you and Dev is the last string...just sign the paper and finish this matter! Please forget him! Start a new life of your' will sign the paper's right? (I am not sure what to make of this guy)!
Rajji is shown getting off the cylce rickshaw and walking into the phonebooth...she looks really scared! She dials someone's number...flashback: Rajji tells Geet that she can't give up this soon don't let Devji get away! Geet walks up to Rajji and says Rajji that I haven't given up but I don't want you or anyone else in the family to suffer because of me! That's why I will listen to Daarji...I won't let this matter get out! But no one can stop me from fighting this war alone! Rajji asks what do you mean? Geet says that I will find Dev for sure...I just won't let anyone know about it! (she doesn't call him Devji anymore...woah!) but Rajji tells her that the land papers are the only way you can reach Dev jiju...if you sign them we won't have anyother way of reaching him! Then how will you find him? Geet says that there is one which you can help with it! Geet runs to her bed and takes out a piece of paper from under the blankets. She hands that to Rajji and says this is Dev's number...the other day I called on this same number and maybe Nainatra picked it up! Please go to a publicbooth and change your voice! Just try to find out his home address (she calls him Devji again!) you will do it right Rajji?
Back to present...Rajji is waiting for someone to pick up the phone but gets a message that this line has been disconnected. She wonders to herself that how did it get disconnected? She dials the number again and just then she notices Brij walking around...she is shocked and puts the dupatta on her head to hide her face. Brij is telling his chamcha that looks like Geet's matter will be handled without any problems! While Rajji hides behind a window door...his chamcha tells Brij that he is lucky that there is no bloodshed in this matter! ooo it's Channi's brother! He says if my sister Channi had understood this matter...she would have been alived today! (ughh how can you kill your own sister? idiot!) Rajji is scared and they are almost where she is hiding so she climbs into the window as Brij says that I tried to make her understand a lot but she didn't understand! Flashback: all of them chasing Channi as she runs in the field...she pleads Brij to leave her but he cuts her up (bloody hell! is this what you call making somebody understand?) Back to the present...Brij says but all she could think about was Gurinder...did you find him anywhere? Channi's bro replies that not yet but I am still trying to look for him! As they walk by...Rajji gets out of her hiding spot and looks at their retreating figures!
She finally sighs in relief but then notices another figure hiding there...she kneels down and says who? Who are you? Gurinder looks at her in fear...but then gets up to walk toward her...Rajji is shocked to see him! He looks at her in anger and she notices a knife in his hand...she is scared as well! She starts to run away! Gurinder thinks to himself that if she goes out and says something about me...but before he can say anything to her...she notices a picture in his hand. She says this...this is Channi's picture! He immediately hides the picture behind his back...she asks him where did he get it from? She stutters you are Channi's...woh..woh ho? Gurinder asks what do you mean by woh? He yells that I am her husband! (damn why did they kill Channi then? She was bloody married! What else did they want?) Rajji is shocked!
Brij is shown walking when he notices many men outside of his house saying that Chaudary Handa ke ghar tamasha horahai? Another man says yes that's what we have heard! Brij is shocked and runs toward them...telling them all to leave! He walks into the house to see even more men inside! Maan is also there standing in the  middle of the room...Brij walks toward Maan as Maan says here you comes this village's biggest saudagar (broker). The honourable Handa family's honourable son! Just for one land...he is ready to sell his sister to me! Everyone is shocked while Brij looks ready to kill! Daarji yells hoye! be quiet! We are giving you honour so it doesn't mean that you demean us! Maan looks angry and says sharafat? I am hearing this for the first time...the people who sell their grand-daughters are called honourable! Daarji yells don't you dare say anything! But Maan raises his voice and says that you have given me the chance to talk! (why do I have a feeling that this dishonour blame won't rest on Brij but on seems as if a guy does this sort of is not bad at all!) by coming to my house! Some random person yells oye kake don't just talk rubbish...Daarji has a lot of izzat in this village! Mahinder yells that this man has lost it! Maan says your own son came to my house with this message! Mahinder says what? Maan challenges Brij if you have the guts then deny it! He walks up to him and says why? Didn't you ask me to get married to your sister and I will name the whole land to you! Geet is maha angry while Brij looks down at his wife aka the floor. Maan challenges him didn't you say so? Anyways what would they do? They have taken the whole money for the land but just in exchange they wanted to give me their daughter! Geet is hyperventilating again! The same man who tried to defend Daarji says Brij chi chi this is really embrassing! The whole village knows that Daarji has loads of money but still you tried to sell your sister? What is Geet lacking? But Maan interupts and says if you really need money then why don't you auction her in front of everyone! Geet is shocked beyond belief! Maan says that's why I have brought everyone...he comes to Geet and tells her to stand in the middle...why are you standing there? And tell them if they have sold you for the right price or not? (this is quite embarassing)
All that crazy Brij can do is he yells oye again really loudly! He walks toward Maan and pushes him on the ground! Brij says you had so much guts? Maan looks at him in anger and then goes to push Brij back (lol fight fight fight fight fight!!!) Brij tries to punch Maan but instead gets punched himself! So they fight some more!! And then have a staring contest! Maan is about to punch the daylights out of Brij but then says that to hit me one needs to be a man...and a man who tries to sell his sister doesn't have it! Geet has had enough and yells stop it really loudly! Maan looks at her she walks toward him and warns him not to say another word against her family! We've been quiet throughout as you talk rubbish about our family! You know why? Because we are honourable people! (is she that naive?) Maan challenges that people standing here will tell us that! He asks the men to answer if taking the whole money for the land and then not signing them is a sign of honourable people or beimaan people? Geet looks at him in anger!
Geet in anger walks up to the police officer and signs all the papers as her family and Maan look on! She then walks back toward Maan and says these are your valuable papers right? She throws them at Maan! They both have a staring contest before she tells him to leave! They continue to have a staring contest which is broken when Maan's lawyer comes and picks up the papers from the ground. The lawyer checks the paper and then nods at Maan to say this is alright! Geet tells him didn't you hear me? Get lost! Maan gives her one last angry look before walking away! Everyone also leaves as Geet walks toward her Daarji and tells her Daarji to let's go! They start to walk away when two men from the group turns around and say Daarji it takes a lifetime to gain honour but to lose it one just needs to make a little mistake! They walk Brij looks down again in anger and Daarji looks depressed to the max! Daarji remembers Maan bringing Geet home when she fainted and then remembers Brij saying that she should be married as soon as possible...after that he remembers Maan saying that Geet will bring a lot of problems for them! (bloody hell! it's Brij's fault but why is Daarji thinking about Geet...ugh!) okay so now he remembers Brij taunting Chachiji aka Mahinder and then what Maan said today! Ughh he remembers a lot!
Precap: Geet comes to Maan's house...and he is mezmerized by her eyes...he lowers her duppatta and says tum! Then in another scene he asks if her brother knows where she is right now...he must have sent you! He couldn't convince me to marry you so he sent you to spend a night with me so we can get married...Geet is about to slap him but stops!

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Geet episode 31

There was so much drama in the initial episodes. Something is happening all the time.Smile

Brij continues to find ways of getting rid of Geet. AngryAngryI was thinking the same thing as Priya. He does not know anything about MSK apart from the fact that he is an angry irritated man and one line from the policeman about him being rich and Brij is least bothered about what kind of person he is.AngryAngryAnd when Maan enquires about Geet's liking in this Brij of course gives the MCP answer about her opinion not mattering in something as imp as marriage.Shocked Hello we are talking about her marriage.Angry At least knowing how Geet is being treated more as inanimate object than a living being Maan must have thought twice before humiliating her in front of everyone.Ouch

 Daarji realizes he can't stop Geet from doing what she wants to do. So he appeals to her sense of responsibility to her sister and hits the jackpot. That stops her from getting in touch with the police though she is still as determined to get even with Dev. NT is smart enough to have the line disconnected. But Rajji manages to meet Channi's hubby. What transpires between them is suspense for 2morrow. Confused

I understand Maan is fed up of walking up and down for the signature, he thinks he is being cheated and it was important that he bring out Brij's "indecent proposal"  but I felt all that thamasha before villagers was uncalled for. OuchBrij did deserve what he got but poor Geet was the scapegoat in this.Ouch Whosoever fault it was it was Geet who was humiliated. OuchThe fight between Maan and Brij and Maan's Singham dialogue was a little bit too filmy for my liking. I know we come across many filmi things later on but in these episodes when the story is so logical and clear these things stand out.Disapprove

 Though the method was a little underhand Maan did get Geet's signature after all.Even after everything her family members have been doing to her Geet still comes to their defence.  It took some time for Geet to respond but when she did she did really well.Thumbs Up I like the way she flung the papers on Maans face.  Somehow that was appropriate considering the venom Maan's words carried. But somehow "ab yahaan se jayie" doesn't carry the same strength as "Now just get out". Sometimes language just gets in the way.

Of course all this is getting to Daarji. The one thing he has been priding about all his life is being ground under people's foot. It is in a way Channi's mom's curse in action you could say. 

Precap is very interesting. Maan def has such pent up hatred in him for someone God knows who.

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Wanna HEAR MY Analaysis? LOL

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