Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 72)

sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 4:20am | IP Logged
Geet is getting bolder n braver with every epi..
Here.. She not only for d first time speaks for herself.. She physically tries to stop Brij..Man.. This girl has really had enough of her family members non-sense.. LOL Geet realises the Hippocracy going on in the family.. Esp Daarji n Brij.. She always followed them blindly bcoz acc to her they were elders..however strict they may be..they knew what is right from wrong..   Ouch
So when Daarji, Brij n others instead of finding Dev.. Which is THE RIGHT thing.. They tell her to forget this whole chap.. This is giving Geet a real shock..

Geet's dialogue for Dev was actually melo-dramatic.. N also the song part though nicely executed.. was little stretched.. I think its  coz I m not fond of DRAMA that much..cant handle dramatic scenes... but DD was really convincing...Smile

The last part was nice.. Geet now seeing the real face of her family.. Does not even hesitate to LIE in front of them.. She asks for forgiveness but the look on her face was totally devoid of emotions..( Actually a Vampy look..)
I really liked the scene.. When she comes down d stairs.. Everybody just runs n gathers around her.. Fearing what will she do now.. They r actually scared of Geet's reaction.. LOL LOL

Mohinder :-D..this man.. knows his daughter or what!! LOL I have said it before too.. Its him n Maan..only ones in this entire story.. Who have really understood Geet.. Big smile
Lets see what happens next...

I still have to read everyones analysis.. Will do it in sometime.. Enjoy.. Smile Smile

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 9:09am | IP Logged
  Guys sorry iam late today. Today is episode-25Thumbs Up

NOTE: This is gonna be a real quick update - like we're talking highlights for now. I will post the proper update tomorrow. Thanks in advance for your patience :)
  • Geet comes back from college, and starts changing out of her clothes when Rajji comes. Rajji realises that Geet is going to look for Dev, even if she took off her wedding ornaments. Rajji gives Geet money she saved up.
  • Brij finds out that Geet went to college - and isn't happy. He knows Geet is up to something.
  • Geet & Rajji go to the guest house that Dev & his family stayed at - and (what do ya know,) there was a proper Canadian number. So Geet & Rajji go to a phonebooth to call...
  • In the meantime, Rano walks into Geet's room for something, and Nurpinder walks in and sees Rajji's broken piggy bank. The women realise Geet's run away because her clothes aren't there. (Obviously Brij finds out...)
  • Geet calls the number given to her... OMG - it rings.. and guess who's number it is!! What do ya know - Dev really is a Canadian. Naintara picks up the phone, and totally freaks out that Geet has called. She realises that Geet is smart, and tells Dev that she (Naintara) is his only wife.
  • Brij is looking for Geet, and she runs in front of his car. He starts chasing her, and she ends up hiding in another Jeep. The Jeep drives off with Geet inside, hiding.
  • Brij is pretty angry, and then he sees Rajji looking for Geet. He grabs her forcefully, and takes her home. Rajji eventually admits that Geet has gone looking for Dev.
  • It seems to be a night of revelations because the driver of the Jeep is none other than Maan, and he hasn't realised that Geet is in his Jeep.. the epi ends on split shots of them.
  • Precap: Maan tells Geet the papers have her signature on it...
LOL. Quickest update yet, and again I'm totally sorry. It's just that if I don't sleep - my boss will kill me. And I need to stay alive for next week's updates. ;)

Much love.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 9:28am | IP Logged

Episode 25 showed Geet's determination and belief in herself to do something on her own for the first time StarStarStarStar ..Even though her trust on Dev was wrong but her courage and determination to search for the guy was spot on Thumbs Up..

I still remember Maan in first meeting told Geet that unless she starts helping herself ,noone can help her  and today Geet is actually following those words of Maan and is helping her ownself by trying to search for Dev rather than depending on others ClapClap..
Rajji has always been a good support for her sister Geet but well she too was helpless somewhere because of those dominating hypocratic men of the house Angry...
It was really a courageous effort by Geet to call up on Dev's number ClapClap ;I wonder if Dev had picked up the phone instead of NT then what he would hv done here ?? Ermm He was shown getting a bit attracted towards Geet's memories ,so NT was getting insecure and mayb if Dev had taken the phone call ,who knows he might hv travelled to HP and mayb we would hv never got Maaneet love story then Ermm..So somewhere I feel like thanking NT in this scene for not telling Dev about Geet's phonecall LOLTongue...
Maaneet were destined to b together and this was indicated in the last scene again when Geet ends up hiding in Maan's jeep only EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Everytime Destiny made sure both are crossing each other's paths in some way Embarrassed...
Overall Episode was a filler but an interesting one ...

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bangalores IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 10:02am | IP Logged
geet's determination and brij's "Ooyee" stood out...
Dev in his self indulgent mode... got to say NT did love her hubby...was she the brain behind the plan? knows her husband thru and thru' ...the way she cud catch on to his flash backs...
Geet ends up in Maan's jeep to get another instalment of 'Baba Maan singh's' quotesWink

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 10:54am | IP Logged

Geet is so stubborn (if one wants to criticise) or persistent (positive). I mean that girl never gives up. This really is such a positive characteristic of Geet. But it is really wasted on dat idiot n cheat dev. Ironically only two ppl really understands geet – her dad n her bro Brij. Last epi showed Mohinder not trusting geet's sudden capitulation. Today it is Brij's turn. He definitely does not trust geet for he feels she has become mad over dev. I really wish brij had caught dev in those days. He wd have got what he deserved.

Rajji was such a lovely sister. She is so caring n helpful to her sis in whatever decision she takes. D way geet carries her suhaag ki nishani n alternate dress shows her immense faith in her 'devji', poor girl! He really was not worth it. Aftr seeing these episodes I cant accept forgiveness track at all!


The guest house scene really showed the intelligence of both Handa girls! Very smart way to track somebody! Did Geet take dat  many clothes to create such a panic! And for such smart girls why did they leave evidences like broken pot? Didn't match their chr!


How happy Geet was whn she finally heard d phone ring! And d way her face glowed when she heard dev's voice n even NT's voice! Poor girl was so sure abt her 'pati dev'. I hate ppl who just don't react to d ringing of phone. D way NT n dev behaved was really irritating. There might be ppl n a hurry to contact n these two were not bothered at all!


Was geet planning to run away from home? I thought she was going to use college as excuse to search for dev but not leave house completely. In that case why didn't she hide whn she saw brij. Stupidly she comes in front of his jeep. But I am loving the pace of these episodes. It is so fast n I am not following our schedule, I am watching it earlier (unable to control, kya kare) itself. So geet hid n a jeep (I recognise Maan from his elegant fingers! Maaneet meet again! Cant wait!


NT looked really classy n elegant! (Karishma was really very good n dis evil role) dev's 'it is a business deal' was so heartless! What a loathsome chr he is!


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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Geet  found Dev number and even made a call to Canada.. all by herself.. Good Job...Star DD Brij and NT were superb...Clap  Loved Geet's determiniation...Clap Brij's tez nazar...Big smile and NT's insecure thouoghts...Smile
I remember.. from this Epi onwards only I have started Watching Geet with out changing the channel... Bcos never knows when will Maan come...EmbarrassedLOL

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Geet is determined to find Dev no matter what !!!!! There is not even an ounce of fear in her...she is just not bothered abt the consequences she might face.. if Daarji or Brij come to know abt her plan... Bravo Girl !!!!!Big smile  

One question that I always wondered... why did Dev-NT n everyone use their REAL names in their evil plan ???  Now seeing their fool-proof planning.. so much research... they cant take such a  huge risk and  give their real name and country??? ConfusedConfused 

Somewhere NT  is feeling insecure now... may be she knows that it was  NOT only a business deal as they had planned.. n cud b more than that.. knowing Dev's flirty.. womaniser..character in the past...So she is reminding Dev that he has only ONE wife.. that is her...Ouch

Dev's reaction is confusing me...he is getting FBs of Geet..  does it mean his so-called guilt trip has already started... or it is a post SR fuel-up attraction??? Confused will hav to wait n watch...

Brij has def seen the rage/determination(though he says madness..) in Geet's eyes.. so knows that Geet is upto something...Ouch

In the whole chasing.. Jeep thing... first I thought why would Geet hide in Brij's jeep when he himself is looking for her n I almost shouted.. DUMBO Geet.. its Brij ka Jeep... LOLThen I realise.. its the Kanjoos PH.. using the same Jeep for both Maan n Brij...LOL 

I thought its some stranger driving the Jeep... I was actually shocked to see MSK...Shocked coz they showed RING -LESS fingers and UNWAXED hands in the previous scene...LOLLOL

So I guess its another dose of taunts.. cruel talks... from  MSK.. Poor Geet !!!! LOLLOL

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 11:35am | IP Logged
I am BACK! Big smile Like properly.

And I finally caught up with all the episodes I missed watching. Yes, all of them. Thumbs Up

Call it determination, call it the crazies, whatever. In fact, I feel a little like Geet watching these episodes with so much determination, the way she was looking for Dev, when it can only give me pain. Cry I am not looking forward to Geet's realisation, which is where I have watched from properly before. That is going to be the last really painful moment until we get a uniformly strong Geet, especially after she finds out about her baby and that protective maternal instinct kicks in, and a uniformly present Maan. Blushing

Here are a string of thoughts I put down while watching the episodes. They are more or less in chronological order, though I haven't specified the episodes they are from.

When Geet's chuda has to be put on and they are all discussing how her mamaji couldn't come, all I could think was, he was probably too drunk! Imagine Jugnu coming here! How completely ridiculous would that be? That thought should be enough to realise what they reduced the show to in the end. But I am thankful for that Mohinder-Geet scene. It was extremely touching and made me shed some very real tears.

In the Geet-Dev wedding Dev puts the sindoor on her forehead with a coin (not sure of the rasam behind this) but in Maan-Geet's wedding he puts it on with his hands.

OMG! At the airport I love the double meaning of NT's dialogue about Dev being scared of flying. For me it definitely had the double meaning of him being anxious about carrying out their plan. She says he has been "flying", ie cheating people, from a young age but still not used to it and Kamya blurts out that it is the same with Mummyji. Perhaps hinting her past with the Khurana Khandan??

Ok I know everyone is saying Dev was remorseless here, but after actually watching the episodes I am realising that his guilt was already brewing at this stage, making the Delhi Dev not so hard to stomach. It was really only when they brought in SS as Dev and MP as writer that the character lost continuity completely. Here there is already a sense of discomfort within him and I almost got the idea that he slept with Geet to distract himself from the guilt of what he was doing to her. I got the feeling that he felt he might spill the beans, being with her innocent self all night and not being able to take the guilt, so he figured he better play the game all the way instead. Angry One word. WEAKNESS. He is too weak to take the guilt, unlike NT and even Kamya, and he is too weak to resist Geet's charms in the moment. Honestly, I don't know what NT sees in him. she is such a fighter and he is such a moron!

The really tall security guard that helps Geet at the airport reminds me so much of Maan, it's not even funny. He helps her when she is rational, makes fun of her for not having her own papers and not knowing how to go to Canada, he even says dialogues like "bandh karo ye natak" and "samnjhi tum?" Weird.

Gross!! Dev called NT and Geet both patniji at some point! That means he really did have some strong feelings for Geet if he was using his and NT's intimate lingo on her...

Maan looks positively delicious in these episodes! Ironically, he looks his best in that black shirt at Geet's wedding. I wish he got some looser clothes later on as well.

Oh wow! In all the episodes Geet-Brij confrontations are just out of this world! DD is simply breathtaking the way she has shown Geet, completely unable to even think that Dev could leave her. I loved the line about telling her to take of her suhag ki nishani instead of finding her suhag. Hats off to Barry for that powerful confrontation scene.

I also thought the placement of the one flashback to Maan, vs the many flashbacks of her moments with Dev was interesting. She thinks of Dev and everything he says all the time and acts on that. But Maan's words come to mind when her life is at risk, which means that while Dev has affected her in the way she thinks he ought to according to the social construct she has been brought up in, Maan affects her at a much more basic level, again highlighting that Geet and Maan are two characters that see right and wrong outside of and beyond society, which is what eventually binds them.

Geet's reaction to Darjee agreeing with Brij was really heartbreaking. He is her standard, her yardstick for right and wrong and when she sees him asking her to do what is wrong and hypocritical, it must be like the foundation of her whole world is crumbling beneath her.

OH MY GOD! Mohinder is making me cry almost every episode! The way he defended Geet from Brij is now one of my absolute favourite scenes in the series! Thank god once again that we are doing this, otherwise I may never have seen it! He may be a gentler man but when it comes to his daughter and her life he will stand between her and the world! It is too bad he is not allowed to do things his way for the most part. Geet's story might have been very, very different.

Geet is such a little smarty! She may not be well acquainted with the ways of the world, as proven by her traumatic experience at the airport, but she is resourceful and perseveres through anything until she gets what she wants. Her family might call her crazy but she knows things that Dev has said and done, which they don't, that make it impossible to believe he would have just left her and she is acting on that. And by god she got that number AND got through to them! Guess the gao ki gavar is not a gavar after all NT!

I am loving the message of the show and how subtly it is put across. Yes, NT predicted that the family would blame it on Geet and not look for them, but she did not see Geet's own determination, intelligence and resourcefulness coming! So in the end NT committed the same mistake as the men of Geet's family in underestimating her potential to think and act so the joke is really on her, though the situation is none too funny!

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