Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 71)

priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 11:21am | IP Logged
i missed my take on 23 episode. but loved it. these episodes are do dramatic n fast paced. i loved Geet n Brij confrontation scenes. Geet indeed turns out to be a strong girl n d way she questions darji is really worth cheering. And d way Maan has played a pivotal role in making her a strong woman is very evident in these episodes.

DD was wonderful n acting n looked so vulnerable, innocent n hauntingly beautiful. in later episodes d PH was hell bent to show like a bag lady with very bad hair. Why did they have this kola veri towards DD? evn GC fared poor whn we see him so nattily dressed in casuals which was more comfortable than those tight formals evn in home scenes. poor guy must have had his blood flow cut off at times. no wonder he ended up sick so often.

poor actors! no wonder they are hesitant to evn think abt geet 2. imagine getting into tight n horrible clothes! LOL

coming to epi 24

 The first part of d epi was so horrible to watch. D way geet said 'dev is in my heart….' Dat dialogue was so beautiful for a newly married bride. How it is wasted on a cheat like dev!

Why can't d women tell d actual truth of how dev cheated them. I mean by now they know d jewels are fake, dev's fly have sold d land. Why cant they tell that to geet. Instead we have rano telling more than ur suhaag nishan, your life is more precious. They are all talking abt geet disobeying d men n d family. They are not trying to make her understand dat dev is a cheat.

DD's cryng was so painful to watch. Her broken voice crying out to go to dev was really very sad. D way every incident reminds her of dev is so heartrending. The song was so haunting. D way DD removes her suhaag ke nishani was very well portrayed, d haunting mantra, d flashbacks, DD's expression – very well taken. DD s slowly emerging as a strong female. Fighting for her suhaag, she emerges from d shadow of her family.

She is so expressive, in this scene without any dialogues we can see she has come to a decision abt removing her mangalsutra n other stuff. Only way to get out of d house is to remove them. She can't search for dev without going out. So she removes them for achieving her aim. She's really smart n strong girl. Her father is the only one who knows his daughter so well. Evn whn she was telling darji dat she has realised her mistakes, Mohinder's expression was shocked n disbelieving. D last dialogue reiterates this. He knows her very well.

DD is really excellent in this, these episodes. Hats off to DD!

i have a doubt! Didn't Maan tell Handa fly that he'll come in the morning for clarification reg land. but they showed DD wallowing in grief more than two days but no sign of Maan. why didn't he turn up d next day? is it a blooper or did i miss d connecting scene?

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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
Ahh.. I am loving all the analysis being made here...Big smile
DD was superb...Clap

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bangalores IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
sorry cudn't keep up with the daily analysis...
Epi 21:
it is so horrible that nobody is even bothered to think abt the person who is most affected by this ...Geet. All the men are already in the mode of " jo ko gaya so ko gaya" so in league with NT...if the SR hadn't happened, Geet's family was equally if not more responsible for the tragedy as Dev's... even when the lady came for the money, the first instinct was to cover up...but i guess that is  habit that goes on so well in most families...
when the eldares were shocked and smells rat on knowing Dev nd family didnt leave for Canada, geet takes it as a sign to hold on to her trust in her Devji...this makes the betrayal all the more shatteringCry
i am so curious to know the equation of Khurana relations when i hear the taunts that NT pass on Vadde Veerji, in that particular tone of hers... the writers really shud have given us an explanaton there...the Khurana family tree is so mysteriousSmile

episode 22:

it is so pathetic that the men who can't stand to have a spot o their Izzat is willing to let go of the villians who cheated them...shudn't they show their power by teaching the ones who cheated them such a lesson that no one wud dae do that againAngryAngry
Seems all their energy is wasted shouting at the women in the houseAngry
the blind faith of Geet is so heart wrenching to watch... but in a way understandeble..given the indian legend of Sati savitri...she is fighting for her "hak" to be with her husband...
the Khurana brothers have left their mark on Geet with their powerful words... be it delivered sugar coated or in arrogance...
i noticed the way she held her mangalsutra in her fist, as if drawing spirit from it while she answered back to Darji... the fire in her eyes!!! Hai...missed them a lot when the at times all she had to deliver was "Chaddo"LOL
i also noticed that she calls for help to Babaji and we see Maan in her zameen in the next shot...
the link to him being her saviour with the land in the back ground...
he has taken up the role of her saviour...though unknowingly, the way his knock prevents Darji's strike...
got to say had an impulse for whistling and clapping by hands when Maan made that particular entryLOLLOLLOL

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
Bindu: You are so right. Had the original team stuck on and sorted out their differences I am sure they would've delved more into Maan's past and the past of the Khurana Khandan as a whole. Thanx to Barry who had been there from the beginning, we got a teensie glimpse at Khurana's ancestry through the BR track .. Lala Amarnaat Khurana & Savitri Devi .. those are the only ones we'd known about .. but Vicky, Sam, and even DevTara's relation with MSK was something they had put on hold..and which unfortunately never got touched upon again =(
It is so heart-shattering to see Geet so determined to fight against her family in the matter of Dev. She decides to take off the signs of her marriage just temporarily until Dev returns =( Little did she know he was long gone with all her wealth and belongings. This makes me triply angry for what happens later on!
The men in the house make me want to bang my head against a wall. They only thought of themselves.. but that's how society is in these areas even today =( Sadly, male domination continues in the worst ways possible. I feel males should be able to control society and households in the right fashion. They should shoulder responsibilities BUT keep their women equal and lend them a hand instead of ordering them around. I mean yes, man has a responsibility and he should be the one taking care of families and societies -- but when they order around and rule over women with the perception that they OWN them, that's where it goes all wrong. NO. You do NOT own the women, so stop acting like every last decision should be yours -- no matter how inhumane and illogical it is! UFFF. Anyways .. you can see how frustrating it is to see these kind of people prevail in societies and the girls always being crushed under their rule without a say in anything -- even if it involves THEM! Poor Geet! She just didn't have the right to speak up about something so extremely important that has happened in her life and here the Handa men are saying to let it all go and that she should forget them. I understand why they're frustrated but come on! Geet is a matured girl, she is allowed to have a say in this.
But I love Geet's determination and the fire in her eyes shows just how much she is willing and capable of standing up for herself. This is all foreshadowing how she will eventually escape from the clutches of her honour-killing family and leave them for a brighter future for herself and her baby. And I can't wait to see how MSK helps her get there! =)

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bangalores IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
Episode 23:
the land issue... wonder why the perseptive maan was unable to deduce that there was some trouble brewing in the family... the vibes b/w Brij nd Maan was there from earliest instances...
there is this one fact i wanted...there shud have been some flash backs from Maan a some point abt the way he hears geet's cries for let us know he realized and understood the extend of the betrayal of his brother...
was it maan's acdice on Aazoo and brain that had geet back to acting meek in front off Darji when she was called to his earlier in the last episode she was shown to be almost crazy in her trust in Dev (muttering to herself)...
geet's words that Darji's trust in Dev was the initial reason for her doing so herself must have hurt a lot...
wud she have reacted differently if she was informed that the marriage it self was staged?
 i think Darji cudn't stand to admit even to the women in the family that he had been wrong...that he failed in his responsibility!

Episode 24:
finally i caught upBig smile...
Geet's deewangee...
she has finally taken up Maan's advice and stooped the rona dhona...a determined Geet with the fighting spirit now confined to her eyes...
did Darji miss that fire in Get's eyes? her father certainly didn't...

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
Zester after daarjee came for the wedding i was expecting Geet's immediate family to come into picture again not this amruthsar circus . If the Ph would have gathered all those people after the  wedding and did a story wid them it would have  been really perfect by all means. of samira,vicky at right time without wasting much time they would have given a perfect story. There were many good angles for a parallel track. All the Geet family members  were good actors I don't know why mrs cost cutting spoiled the whole story by sidelining them. Even meera ,jai  yash angle would have been best. they could have avoided Mel if they convinced Meera's  character.I didn't hear parneet did any show after that. They shd have convinced her instead of Mel.

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
 Bindu it is shown that he has misunderstood the whole family. He thinks that family is cheating him by selling that land with the help of broker in double amount and delibrately missed the registration documents. He thinks geet is problematic.She is having affair wid some body so the parents are opposing her. I think at the time she called deveji  he didn't even know that geet is daarjee's grand daughter and he don't even know her name till now. 

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 2:08am | IP Logged
I know I said I would save my analysis for later, which I will but I couldn't help but mention this one thing. When Geet takes off her suhag ki nishani, it shows her sacrificing what is "right" in the eyes of the social construct created for her by Darjee for a bigger and more absolute sense and definition of "right", and that is to her the promise she knows she has made to Dev. It shows her adopting the attitude that physical or social signs and symbols no longer mean much in the face of promises, principles and the truth. This is highlighted later in the series more obviously when she stands up and fights for her baby's life as well when Maan says she is his standard of pavitrata. Married or not, pure or not is a state of mind and cannot be defined by physical incidences or objects.

I think this belief is what Maan and Geet have in common and why they immediately feel a sort of kindred-ness that eventually leads to attraction and a deep, abiding LOVE! Embarrassed

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