Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 70)

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 Happy republic day my dear episode analysers..

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@ Paro:

No doubt ppl who have seen these initial epi.. will find office track bit stretching... Confused 
After seeing these epi for myself now.. I can understand why SANDEEP SHARMA said that the  REAL story..the DRAMA ended the moment Maan saved Geet from Brij.. the jungle fight.. he said from there onwards.. whatever was being shown.. was just stretching the story.. (something like that.. ) Ouch
coz during Office track.. the main story took a back-step.. n light-hearted scenes...Romance.. passion.. love.. took n upper hand...(not that I m complaining...LOLLOL)

@ Jyoti  and Z: 

I liked the way u both.. described Maan-Brij interaction..also his body language.. I can imagine.. at that time...audience almost screaming with joy.. that FINALLY somebody is here to give TAKKAR to Brij.. LOLLOL
There was def a contrast here.. while Dev spoke with his eyes lowered n head bowed down.. most of d time while speaking to Brij...(also we saw the loser simply getting beaten up by Brij...) Maan on the other hand..just shrugs his hands off.. the moment Brij tries to push him...n gives his DONT-MESS-WITH-ME look  to Brij on his very first meeting..LOLLOL

@ Samana: 

If not anything.. dont miss the GLARES given by Geet to Brij LOL..its worth watching...Smile

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 Guys today is episode 24th dated 6th may 2010.
  WU by member bhootni
Now let's get on with the episode :P
Precap: Geet keeps on repeating that Dev will return for sure why isn't anyone believing her...Taayji yells in frustration that why aren't you understanding...he will never return. On the other hand, Maan tells Brij to tell him the registry date because I have invested all my money and I will definately get that land! Just then Brij notices Geet leaving and immediately tells Maan that they cannot tell him anything right now and he should leave. Geet tries to run out of the door after Maan but Brij closes the door as everyone tries to stop her. Brij asks her to remove her mangalsutra but Geet answers back that a married woman doesn't remove her sindoor even after can I? Brij yells if you can't remove it...I will but Geet challenges him and says don't come near her and ends up bumping into daarji!
Now aagye
Daarji yells that she has to take off the symbol of marriage...Geet keeps on looking at Daarji who turns away (I guess he is ashamed or maybe not!) Rano walks up to Geet and tells her to remove her mangalsutra...Geet turns back to look at Rano with a shocked expression...Rano continues that whatever an elder does is right...but Geet has had enough...she yells no mother! She wipes her tears and yells that she will not take off her mangalsutra...all of you listen up this is Devji's amanat...he made me wear this! I am his wife! I will not take off this mangalsutra! Brij gets angry and uses all his force to yell enough! This is enough! He goes to take it off but Geet gets a hold of his hand. Brij looks at her with a deadly expression...while everyone look on shocked! Brij starts to fold his hand in a fist but Geet jerks it away leaving everyone as usual shocked especially the ladies! Geet answers back what do you all think of me...a mute deaf doll? (woah she can talk! lol btw Dolly looks like she is about to suffer from a heart attack!) Do whatever you want with me? Why? Don't I feel anything? Don't I have a heart?
Brij with an angry and scary tone says I'll answer all your questions (yeah I know with maar dhaar...kuch aur nahi aata hai floor lover ko!) He yells at Rano and Daljeet to catch a hold of Geet...he starts to hit Geet but she doesn't let him touch her aka she keeps his hand at bay as he continues to harm her. She yells you all were the one who said marry him and now you all are saying forget him! Rano and Daljeet are trying to get Brij to leave Geet! Geet continues that she will not leave her mangalsutra she will not take it off! Mahinder goes upto Daarji and asks him to stop all this and when Daarji doesn't do anything...he goes to Brij and tries to get him off his daughter yelling leave her Brij! Mahinder finally frees Geet and yells at Brij I told you to leave her! Brij starts to walk away but Mahinder turns him around and yells if she doesn't want to take off her suhaag's nishani then let her wear it...he folds his hand as he says this! Taayji runs to Daarji and says that Mahinder is right if she isn't taking it off then it's okay! You don't want people to know that she is married fine...we won't let her go outside then no one will find out!
Daarji yells fine...she will remain locked in her room until she doesn't let go off her useless stubborness! Rano you understand right? (somebody lock this dude in his room along with his paagal grandson!) Rano in a quiet voice says yes Daarji. Taayji goes to Geet and drags her inside while Geet keeps on looking back...even the kids leave...leaving all the men in the hall. Mahinder exclaims Geet's name while crying! He goes up to Daarji and folds his hand in front of him...pleading him not to be so harsh on his daughter. She is innocent! He bows his head in front of Daarji still crying (poor guy!) Daarji says Mahinder...I know it's my fault! (then why abuse Geet?) but I can't do anymore stupidness by listening to your daughter! As Daarji walks away...Mahinder keeps on pleading that she is just a child! (while Brij continues to stare at his wife aka the floor!) His brother comes and consoles Mahinder
On the other hand...the women of the house have dragged Geet into her room...Taayji tells Dolly to close the door (oh I get it! Dolly is short for Daljeet...oye Brij ke bacche can't you call your first wife by her nickname?) Taayji turns to Rano and says look how she is looking outside? She yells at Geet why are you refusing to understand? Why are you talking back to the men of the house? They'll kill you and bury one will ever know about it! (I like Taayji even though she is supressed by the men of the house...she is just looking out for Geet as well!) Rano walks up to Geet and tells Taayji that she'll make her understand! Rano puts her hand on Geet's chin and says that whatever the elders are saying is absolutely right! Please take it off! Please take the Mangalustra off! Geet keeps on looking at Rano with a unbelievable expression. Take off your bangles! Just forget that you ever got married! Just forget it! Geet jerks Rano's hands off and says what are you saying Maa? How can I forget everything? How? Devji resides in my heart ma! He is the sindoor in my maang! Look at my hands...they are tied in the relation of love that I have with him! Why don't you understand? Rano yells why don't YOU understand? More than the symbols of marriage I love your life more! Your life! Geet tries to interupt but Taayji yells Rano! Taayji goes upto Geet and says until you don't let go of your stubborness you'll stay locked in this room! Taayji tells Rano to leave...Geet stops her mom and says all this is not right! Rano cries why aren't you understanding Geet? Please understand! Taayji takes a hold of Rano's hand and starts to drag her away. Geet yells how will she find Devji? Rano tries to stop Taaji from dragging her but Taaji throws her out of the room along with Dolly as well. Geet tries to say something but Taayji yells shut up! You're going to stay in this room! Taaji starts to close the door but Geet keeps on yelling that she wants to go to Devji! Taayji pushes Geet and says stay inside as she closes the door. Geet keeps on banging on the door asking her mom to open the door since she wants to meet Devji. On the other side, Taayji locks the room! She yells at Taayji and her mom to open the door...she wants to go to Devji...she keeps on crying loudly and falls on her bed.
Geet is remembering Dev as the song "Ek baar mila de" plays in the background...she remembers all the sweet words that he said to her and all the sweet gestures as well!
It's the next morning...Rajji comes into the room with food...while Geet is still looking outside the window as she was the night before. Rajji tells her to eat since she hasn't ate for two days! When Geet doesn't respond...Rajji picks up the spoon and says your favourite sabzi...the one with peas. She puts the spoons in front of Geet's mouth but Geet doesn't respond...she keeps on staring outside with a lost expression. Rajji says eat! Di what's wrong with you? Please talk to me at least! Geet Di! But when Geet doesn't respond...Rajji leaves the food on the table and leaves the room as the song continues to play in the background.
It seems like days have past by...Geet is lying on the ground still remembering Dev...or walking in her room as a lost soul. She now remembers all the things she had to go through after Dev left her! Dolly and Rajji come into the room to make her drink water but she refuses to drink that as well. Dolly and Rajji cry in frustration and walk out of the room! She remembers everyone telling her that he will never return! Geet remembers her challenge to Brij that she will find Dev and bring him infront of everyone so they'll know that he is innocent. She looks determined now and smirks as if she has gotten the greatest plan on Earth. She goes upto the mirror and looks at her Suhaag ki nishaniyaans...she starts to take them off as the wedding mantar I guess plays in the background (oh she is going to convince all of them that she has forgotten that she is married so she can be allowed out of the great plan Geet!)
Geet walks out of the room without any of her wedding things on...all the women of the house follow Geet as she goes up to Daarji. Mahinder looks up in shock...Geet exclaims Daarji I have accepted my mistake...and that's why I am here to apologize to you...the women of the house don't look so convinced though. Anyways Geet continues that I have understood that whatever you will say will be for my benefit. From now on I'll do exactly as you tell me...if this has been written in my desitny then so be it! From now on I will never wear any of the marriage symbols...I'll forget that I was ever married! I will forget that Devji was ever part of my life...she has a lost look on her face as she says this while Daarji looks full of guilt! Daarji says well it's good that you have finally accepted what I said...Geet looks up with lioness eyes! Geet says but Daarji will you listen to one thing...he asks what? Geet says that she wants to divert her attention somewhere else...if I stay at home...I'll keep on getting weird thoughts (Dolly nods as if she agrees) I want to start studying again! Can I go to college? Daarji looks up with an unreadiable expression...while everyone else looks shocked! Everyone looks at Daarji who nods and says alright! Everyone is relieved except for Mahinder who is confused! But remember something! The respect of my family is the most valuable assest of mine! And I can't see it diminishing! When you get out of the house...our family's respect will be in your hands! (how come boys don't have this rule...o yeah because they are trusted with something valuable such as respect Dead) One wrong move and you won't ever be able to get out of your room! Do you understand? Geet nods and says yes Daarji! Everyone walks away leaving Mahinder...he exclaims Geet is listening to everyone like this? There must be something more to this!
Episode ends!
Precap: Geet tells Rajji that she can never forget Devji...I have full faith on him! And to spend the rest of my life with him...I have to remove these symbols then it's not something big. Geet is packing her jhola as Rajji exclaims why are you putting these clothes in there? Geet exclaims what if I talk to him and he asks me to come to him immediately then? Rajji yells please listen to me...don't go anywhere...but Geet puts her hand on Rajji's mouth and says I have to get to Devji I have no other option!

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I felt so sorry and afraid for Geet here
But her sheer determination to get back Dev made me so proud of her
I just simply cant understand how darrji and Brij's mind works
The performances of DD,  and the rest of the cast  in this episode were very powerful
 At the beginning of the episode i understood Geet's pain and the fact the females in the house tell her to take it off amazes me. DD is very powerful and emotive here, she suprised me with Geet's fight back. It was beautifully executed.
I also wondered why Brij was given certain rights and he can empower the words of his father and Geets dad. Didnt they have rights?
The song suits the situation and Geet had me all teary, the sudden shifts in her room shows the struggle she has been going through. When rajji comes to give her food and she doesnt respond, this portrays Geets fierceness but also her the pain she is enduring.
The precap was suprising, but i was also certain Geet will do something to get in contact with Dev.

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  welcome @ miss giggles.

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 Episode 24 is well performed by all actors geet & her family.Wonderful acting & performance by DD.Star .Geet is not ready to remove her mangal sutr & sindoor. She protests loud saying they are sign of her relationship & wedding with dev. She is tied up with a relation wid dev and she cannot forget dev and remove them.Geet always believed marriage is life long commitment. Brij gets furious hearing her  and try to remove themOuch forcedly. mahinder requests brij not to  use force on his daughter. tayiji  manages the issue and say if she isn't ready to remove all those  no matter bcz she is not gonna step out of her room. Daarjee  says if geet  is still refusing to remove everything related to her marriage she won't step out of the room. tayiji takes her away and try to make her understand if she is still adamant they may kill her. rano also explains her to remove everything and tayiji says till she removes everything she cannot step out of the room. 
    Geet thinks sitting alone in the room,she gets memory how dev  loved her and she is also confused why her parents say he won't come back. she refuse to take food 7 water and try to fight her inner turmoil & atlast decides to find dev and find the truth for that she has to go out. she removes everything and walks out of the room next day to the courtyard where everybody is busy doing their works and she surprises them saying she is ready to hear whatever they want to bcz ultimately they are  her well wishers.daarjee & geet's father  are also surprised to hear that. but she asks darje that she want to continue her studies to forget everything. to that darjee agrees and advise her not to do anything wrong which leads to her house arrests and can never  step out of the room. she sincerely  & goes away.  Geet struggle has started to know the truth  of dev.

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This episode made me cringe in hatred and I wanted to simply enter my TV Set and kill all those hypocratic men of the house who can only show thier so called physical strength over the innocent girls in the house but has no power to go out and search those culprits Dev and his family and punish them AngryAngryAngryAngry...
The scene where Brij keeps hitting Geet to make her remove all those suhaag ki nishaanis but Geet stood like a strong determined woman not giving into Brij's demands for the first time was such an emotional and painful scene but so well executed and enacted by DD ClapClapClapClap .
Geet remained lifeless in her room for so many days with a single hope that Dev will return back but in the end she had no option but to remove those suhaag ki nishaanis so that she can at least go out of the house and search for him CryCry ;Inspite of all odds ,she still kept her faith on her suhaag and was determined to search him CryCryCry .
Geet was right when she told everyone that they hv no right to accuse her when they were the ones who forced her into this marriage so early ClapClapClap ;And Darji is the biggest hypocrat of all who knew very well that its his fault to do this rishta without checking facts but he will still not admit his mistake in front of Geet in the name of male ego AngryAngryAngry ;They had no reply when Geet told everyone that they were the ones who asked her to marry him and so she just followed thier orders ,so now how can they so easily ask her to forget it all Approve ;But truth always is bitter and in this case Darji-Brij both knew that Geet is telling the harsh truth to them and so when they had no reply to the accusations ,as usual being the man of the house ,they used thier physical strength over her AngryAngry...
Geet really showed her strength of mind against all odds when she decided to find out the truth herself on her own StarStarStarStarStar...The upcoming episodes r going to hv some really interesting Maaneet and Brij-Maan confrontations ..cant wait for it now EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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GEET Episode 24

It is a short take tonight. The episodes screenplay and direction are of amazing quality. It is not like watching a serial. It is almost like watching a movie. Such finesse. And Geet's eyes.Day Dreaming Wow nothing beats those eyes. The look of fire in her eyes when she resists Brij's atrocities, the look of longing and pain when she spends her days in her room and then the look of determination and to a certain extent cunningness that comes in her eyes after she takes her decision to temporarily abandon her marital signs just so she can attain her bigger goal of finding her husband- All these myriad emotions depicted using just eyes was just breathtaking. And the way they are just expressionless when she apologizes to Daarji, just going through the motion without meaning anything at all. I am really running out of adjectives to describe DDs talent.ClapClapClap It is so sad to see this talent wasted to a large extent later on. OuchI always knew she was a good actor. But when I see these episodes I am like Oh my God is this what she is capable of.ShockedShocked She needs a characterization which is as strong as the one it was during these episodes.

So Geet's dad is again the only one who realizes that Geet is upto something. He knows his daughter too well. Lets wait and see what tricks Geet has up her sleeve.

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