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OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 66)

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  Guys today is 21st episodeThumbs Up

Precap: the officer yells at Geet that there is no one by the name of Dev Khurana and he is just a fragmentation of her imagination. Geet faints while Dev and Nainatra look on and Naintra says that that she has returned Mumbai's tickets...the plan is completed! The police officer tells Geet that there are a lot of cases like her where the guy brings the girl on the pretext of marriage and Canada and then ditches her at the airport. Mahinder is about to hug Geet but Daarji stops him (what in the world is his problem ughh! Angry) Daarji asks what has she done? How did she miss her flight but Geet replies that there is no fault of her's.
Abb agay!!
Geet says that Dad you have talked to Devji right? We are going to him right? Mahinder looks on sad...she again asks Daarji the same thing but he tells her to shut up! Angry He calls her mannerless girl and says that because of you we had to come to the police station (can I kill this buddha please?) Being a girl you have...Geet interupts and says but Daarji what's my fault in it? Everyone is beyond shocked as she speaks! She continues that she had only gone to clean her clothes and when I returned they were missing. I tried to find them but...
Brij shows up right then ( I hope he doesn't act like a jerk...I got the guy married to the floor!) He announces that none of them have left for Canada...everyone as usual are shocked out of their wits. Neither Dev nor the women in his family! Only God knows where they went from the airport but they haven't left for Canada for sure! Geet says Veerji how can this happen? (Brij gives her the most deadliest look Shocked) Daarji says that you have lost it if they went to the airport they must have gone to Canada as well...did you check properly or not? Brij says Daarji I have checked each and every computer and I have even checked the list of people on every flight (is that even allowed?) Mahinder yells what are you saying? That means they didn't come from Canada...while Geet is hyperventilating again! They were betraying us...even Dev lied to us...Geet says no this cannot happen...Devji can't do this...this can't happen!
On the other hand, Kamya is seen opening up a bag as her mother looks on shocked...she takes out a necklace and says wow while Dev and Nainatra are smiling and shaking their head at her childishness (if only I can get into the TV Angry) She says that one thing has to be accepted...Geet paraji's jewellery sense is brilliant! Pammi interupts and says may these jewelleries of your's be burnt and why are you calling the poor girl paarjaji? Kamya closes the trunk of the car as Pammi continues to much I tried to explain to many times this mother begged in front of you...that change yourself...while Dev and Nainatra are seen rolling their eyes and looking frustrated. But you didn't listen to me even once! Because of you...look at what has happened to us..the need for money has made us dhokabaaz and thugs! Wahi Guru will never forgive us! Dev yells stop it mom! We hadn't forced you to participate in this shaadi drama that you are yelling at me! Before you used to say that I was the one that you loved the most in the world! Nainatra interupts and says Dev...she then turns to Pammi and says that why are you remembering the past...what had to happen happened and you know very well that we didn't do all this on purpose...this wasn't our hobby but we had to do it! Older veerji absolutely denied to help us (she is definately talking about Maan...beta abb ruk...the Geet that you all betrayed is gonna be back in your lives with a bang!) and if we hadn't gathered up the money...Dev would have been in jail and that too because of older Veerji! And even now you're supporting him...even now you think what he said was right? speak up mommyji? But Pammi doesn't say anything!
At Geet's place...all the women of the house are either sitting or standing worried...Geet and all the men of the house come in...Rano jumps up saying they are here. As Geet walks in she remembers Dev saying that her innocence...her beauty...I am not going to forget even after seven janams. She then remembers the lodge scene when he said that he was just teasing can she even think that I will leave you? She remembers him giving her a kiss on the forehead and saying that I love you! Cry Rano comes to Geet and holds her...she keeps on asking what has happened? you're alright right? everyone else in the house also come there...surrounding Geet. Brij says that they have not gone to any Canada Shanada (oye why are you killing my country's name??!!!) Taayji yells what? They left our girl at the airport and ran away! All the women are giving shocked expressions now! Geet continues to remember Dev telling her that ever since he has seen her...he has started to harbour a dream in his heart to bring you in my life as my bride. She remembers him saying I love you the first time and then all the scenes with him including the wedding one. Geet shakes her head and smiles slightly...she goes up to Brij and says that you must be mistaken Devji cannot do this (Brij looks ready to kill!) Devji cannot leave me and go! Brij gets angry (I think more like worried) and shakes her saying Geet while the women in the background shout in fear! He tells her to come back to her senses but she runs to Daarji and says that he must be in some trouble...that's why he didn't come to find me nor to get me. She then goes to her dad says that we should find him...he is probably in a really big trouble...that's why he didn't catch the flight and that's why his name wasn't on the flight list. Brji comes to her and says have you lost it? Can't you understand? The flight's computer...Geet interupts and says that the computer can be wrong right? Brij raises his hand to slap her when Daarji yells out his name and all the women hide their faces in fear. Brij walks away from Geet...Taayji interupts and says that Daarji they are kids...I'll make Geet understand...she goes up to Geet who says but Taayji...she interupts her and says be quiet. You are not going to say anything...let's go in the room...she drags the rest of the women with her as well as Geet continues to protest.
Mahinder goes up to Daarji and says if Brij is right then they have definately betrayed us...what are we going to do now? In the room, Taaji says to Geet have you gone crazy? She would have been killed by Brij today! What was the need to say anything in front of Brij? Geet calmly states that he was wrong! Taayji says that she has lost it for real! Puttarji if Dev and co for real...Rano puts her hand on Taayji's shoulder. Taayji's just came from a must be tired...and asks Dolly to bring something for her to eat and drink (that reminds me I want a milkshake!) and change her clothes as well. Rano speaks up and says that if Geet is so sure we should talk to Daarji once...right? Geet doesn't say anything and keeps on looking at the floor (now I really wanna see what's up with the floor!) Rano asks Taayji to leave with her...Geet remembers the police officer's words about guys and Canada and then remembers Brij saying that none of them have left for Canada. She then remembers her dad saying even Dev lied to us! But she in her mind denies that and says that Devji can't do this...he can never be wrong! She smiles thinking about Dev...when somebody puts a hand on her shoulder...she turns around exclaiming his name but it's only Raaji and Titu (lol random note...but my high school's principle's name was this as well...weird :P) Raaji says that it doesn't what these people say...both of us have the same belief as you...Dev jiju can't betray you! They must be mistaken! Geet smiles and hugs both of them!
The marriage lady is at the house...she says why is everyone so quiet (I think I missed a part...) don't give shagun then just give a gift! Brij yells stop it! He continues what are you talking about? When there was no wedding then why should we give you shagun? Everyone is shocked! There was no wedding at this house! Geet on the other hand says that why is Veerji saying all this about Devji...why can't anyone understand...we have to find him! What if something bad has happened to him. Raaji says that's why we have come to you his phone number...we have taken it out of Daarji's diary. She gives her a cellphone and asks her to call him up and then asks Titu to keep a look out. Geet calls him up...and then exclaims that she can't get through...maybe the battery is dead! She then asks Titu if something is where it was hidden and he replies yes why...she asks him to get it out.
The marriage woman says that what are you saying Brij? All through the village Channi's mom keeps on saying that you guys have killed her daughter and gotten your own daughter married! And anyways...I was the one who had brought that Canada wala rishta...Brij yells un Canada waalon ki toh! Don't take their name in front of us! Neither have we fixed a rishta with them nor are we ever going to! Channi's mom has lost it...she keeps on saying rubbish what if she says that your daughter has ran away with someone then will you believe her? MW says why are you getting angry? I am only saying what I have heard! Tayaji says that it'll be better for you to leave...she says alright whatever you say! Mahinder stops her and asks if she has Dev's address or something but she says that if you don't want to fix a relationship with them then why are you asking? Daarji gets up and yells answer what is being asked! She says that they must have gone back to Canada already...Brij yells oye what chachaji has asked...answer him! Where did you find this rishta? Mahinder says please speak up! She starts to make a relationship up but Daarji yells tell us the truth! She then says that the truth is that they had come to me themselves and gave me money saying that get our rishta fixed. Everyone are shocked again Shocked 
Precap: Mahinder repeats what are we going to do now? Daarji replies that we should believe that this has never happened. We won't speak of them from now on! Kk for all you Maan fans lol he is going to be there tomorrow! He is seen asking whose land is this?

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hi guys! i didn't know we are going ahead evn during weekend, but happy as d episodes are going fast paced so no breaks inbetween.

what struck me in 21st episode is the naivete of geet n her firm trust on dev. only three children (iam including geet in this list here) trust in dev, shows their innocence. Geet's belief in dev, her dazed state, her courage in facing her irate bro - geet really showed her multifaceted chr. she did not go crying to her dad. but her trust in dev makes her believe him. i think she wanted to see him in person for she doesnt believe in assumptions.

Geet's chr has always been like that. her trust in people is really strong n she gives them complete belief. evn during the first MU with maan, she doesn't believe dat maan wd betray her. only whn she overhears Maan's comment (one half of it) she thinks that he has betrayed her.

i felt sorry for the whole family -  d disbelief in daarji n brij face that THEY  got cheated, pain in Mohinder's, grief n rano's. i liked the way taayaji dealt with geet - no nonsense lady. everyone were so devastated. imagine - you think ur daughter is flying to canada with her new husband - and suddeenly she's back home abandoned by her husband. how horrible they shd be feeling.

DD continue to impress as dazed abandoned wife but who still trusts her husband. her chr is so realistic to innocent young girls who believes their husbands blindly.

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episode- 21

Poor geet still trusts dev,she believes him still.  Geet asks daarjee innocently whether she talked with dev or not. Darjee asks her to keep quite as if she has done some mistake . What Nt has thought about handa family is 100% true.Geet is facing the inner turmoil   even then daarjee is worried about is prestige saying U careless girl bcz of U we had to come to police station hearing that  geet says she just went to wash  her clothes and they vanished she searched everywhere. But could not find them. Darrjee surprised to hear this. Gosh brij arrives to the policestation after knowing everything from the airport that nobody went to canada . Then they start puzzling  about them. Brij explains that he had checked all the computerised travelers list. he could not find them. Then they realize  that they have cheated them & lied them. But innocent geet still trust him saying dev cannot do any thing like this..
      Dev family is returning to canada. kamya likes geet's jewellary and say her selection is too good. seeing that Nt & dev are also happy. Pummy  interrupts and yells at dev saying god will never forgive u. I have told U time & again to get better Ur self but U damn cared and now U  made us chaters,betrayers and thieves by cheated a innocent girl for money. dev also replies loud saying he did not force her to take part in the conspiracy and this I have done out of compulsion and he says why u blaming me now but U say U love me the most in the world. Nt asks dev to calm down and give gyan to pummy saying we are not professional criminals,we have done this out of compulsion and . If we did not collect the money dev would have been in jail. if  maan would have helped us we would have never done this. we are in this stage due to maan and by opposing us U re  supporting maan. Pummy calms down.
  In geet's family everybody is waiting eagerly for geet and the others to come. Geet enters the house in a frozen state thinking about  the moments she spend with dev and how he won her trust and still she believes  him when Brij says he has cheated geet and ran away. she try to explain everybody that he may be in some situation due to which he could not board the plane. Brij gets angry and try to beat her. Tayji intrupts and take her away saying she will take care of. After going into her room too she again says dev cannot do  like this. But she remembers the inspector's lines and  again trusts dev that he will never leave her,there is something wrong and she has to find out.meanwhile Geet is still clueless and confused about dev mean while rajji becomes the ray of hope to know about dev. she brings the phone number from darjee's dairy & mobile. Even titoo & rajji believes dev cannot do anything bad  for geet. Geet try for dev's number but could not reach.

      Nt was right ,she analysed   Brainless handa family 100% correct bcz  they were mourning for what happened with geet and  again the marriage broker women enters the house  they suddenly pretend nothing is wrong .she says the whole village came to know  Geet's wedding with a canada groom,so she wanted  her enaam from handa family for bringing a groom from canada. Brij gets furious on that broker women  saying why they should give anything to her when geet is not married & ASk who has told her this info. she  gets surprised and says channi's mother was telling everybody that they killed channi but  married geet to a canada groom. Brij again yells at that women saying channi's mother is mad and if I blame Ur daughter ran away with some body do U agree to that. It is same. Tayaji advices the women to go away but I found only geet's father among all male members little reasonably intelligent & caring for geet. He stops that women & ask from where did she get these canada match for geet. she replies when they have nothing to do with that family why they are asking this. Darjee  warns that women to answer mahinder. She try to lie but spills the truth saying they themselves came to them to show a girl. so she showed them. That means Nt managed the  marriage broker with some money and analysed handa family thoroughly .
   Geet is still clueless and confused about dev mean while rajji becomes the ray of hope to know about dev. she brings the phone number from darjee's dairy & mobile. Even titoo & rajji believes dev cannot do anything bad  for geet. Geet try for dev's number but could not reach.
 I liked Geet's acting while she try to explain her family members that dev cannot do any thing wrong. She was so natural in her expressions. I don't know who gave Gul the idea  for  forgiveness of dev & make him positive & reintroduce him as saint after HM but it was the worst & unnatural one.Angry The way he  does the crime looting,raping,cheating,betraying & abandoning.If we see this episode he  blames his mother  that she don't  love him  and supports maan. 

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As Dev n his family.. continue to enjoy their success... the reality dawns on Handa family one by one...Ouch

While Mohinder, Daarji n Brij get a whiff that something is wrong.. Geet still believes that its impossible for Dev to leave her.. n whats more.. she is concerned abt Dev's safety...Cry Now this is new reformed Geet.. (under the guidance of MSK...Wink) so she does not hesitate to speak the truth even in front of Daarji... Thumbs Up (the exp on Chachaji's face was too good...)

Somehow I feel  the use of URDU language.. always doubly intensifies the actual thought.. coz when Daarji accuses Geet n says... "BEHAAYA"...that really, really pinched my heart...AngryAngry(its similar to scenes where Maan uses the word ZALEEL.. n of course the infamous... BEGAIRAT where I guess the impact wld not hav been that much.. if they had used a some normal Hindi word...Confused ) 

Anyways.. back to epi... Geet is almost in a trance-like state in d house.. n the way she stresses on the word.. "MUJHE choddh kar nahi jaa sakte" your heart really goes out to her... Cry but later she is also thinking of ways to find out the truth on her own rather than believe what others r saying...Smile Good Going Girl !!!!!!Smile

If anyone other than Geet.. its for her Father.. that I feel really sad..he must b in... I-TOLD-U-ALL-SOMETHING-IS WRONG-HERE-type of state...almost cursing himself.. thinking if only I had gone ahead with my suspicions.. n not listened to anyone.. my daughter wld have been saved of this tragedy...Cry 
(For this very reason.. I wanted a small track of Geet's parents esp her father during MG wedding.. or even after that... only to see their daughter getting all d DUE respect.. love.. from Maan..which they wished for... SmileCry )
Oh.. I m deviating again..LOL

The way Dev rudely talks to his mother shows just how SELFISH he is !!!! He gives a DAMN abt anyone but himself Angry The mention of "VADDE VEERJI..Big smile" irks Dev.. shows that he was not very fond of him.. Ouch ( Its much later that I came to know.. VEERJI means brother..  I thought it meant like uncle.. so whenever NT mentioned V V.. I used to think of a 45 yr old.. grey haired..almost paunchy male... So u all can imagine..the shock I must hav got .. when I came to know who V Vji actually was...LOLLOL )

So Brij does his own RESEARCH now.. abt the family.. comes to know that the family was a FRAUD...(cudn't u do it earlier...Angry

Again their IZZAT n HONOUR issue takes n upper hand... so instead of looking for d culprits.. n punishing themOuch...Brij closes the whole CANNEDA story.. by simply stating the fact that Geet never got married to Dev.. Shocked 

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 Sia and all actually I forgot Y'day was sat & Iposted the 21st episode.Sorry guys.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2012 at 3:06am | IP Logged
Hey... don't be sorry Richa...SmileSmile In fact...I was getting bored today.. so saw the epi.. n wrote an extra long analysis..LOLLOL

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 9:27am | IP Logged
I actually didn't login during the weekend. So didn't see your post Richa. As usual logged in the usual time today. here's my take.
Geet episode 21:

I have never seen even a part of this episode. So it was all new. Shock does a lot of things to people. I am sure Geet was influenced by Maan to a certain extent but I think it is more shock and maybe a subconscious feeling that things could not get any worse in her life anymore (if only she knew) that gives Geet the courage to talk back to Daarji and Brij.Smile Geet is like her young cousins in some ways. She is not world weary enough like her uncle to understand that given all the data points that no one had any tickets to Canada in the first place and they have taken all of Geet's luggage including her jewels the most probable thing is that Dev and his family have cheaten her and absconded with the jewels. Ouch

It is heartbreaking to see Geet walk back into her houseCry. She did not want to get married and leave the house and her family in the first place. But now that she had actually taken that step, got married and had already started dreaming of a life with her husband, her coming back home the way she did was not something that she ever expected or even wanted.Ouch Geet continues to be in shock and replays all the encounters she has had with Dev and thinks about how expressive he is of his love for her, how he assures of his presence beside her and takes solace from these and still hopes that this is all a mistake and a bad dream and everything will be back to being ok. Just for this I would like to be part of the shooting squad that puts Dev to death. I am sure most of my fellow Geetians will join me in this punya kaam. Angry

In her shock and I think to a certain extent inspiration from a hot but annoying strangerEmbarrassed she continues to answer back to Brij because she thinks he is wrong. Though unfortunately in this case Brij is in fact right with respect to Dev being a low life cheatAngry it is inspiring to see that Geet is not just accepting anything everyone says but if she thinks someone is wrong then she is outspoken about it. It may land her in quite some trouble later on but Geet's assertiveness was one of the very few good things that came out of this whole debacle.Stern Smile

Then of course the broker lady comes. It's her bad time. News just spreads fast in a small village. It was surprising though to hear that Channi's mom is the one to break it to everyone. One more step taken though unknowingly by her to make her curse come true?Confused But have to give it to Brij to be able to think on his feet. He stuns everyone by declaring that no marriage has ever happened. Somehow everyone manage to clue in to his idea and keep quite even through their sorrow.

Geet's dad poor guy tries one last time to give Dev's family the benefit of doubt and asks Dev's address from the broker lady. He does not suspect her of anything but wants to know it genuinely. Now it is her turn to stun everyone by revealing the truth that Dev's family gave her money themselves to find a bride for them and there was no reference whatsoever. Now that shocks them because again as is the custom in small villages there is an intrinsic trust in the brokers in small communities. So we get to see a breach of trust at all levels.

 Hope we get to see Maan soon who will get Geet out of her misery and us out of our depression.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 9:47am | IP Logged
I was simply disgusted with this episode because of Handa Family's ruthless behaviour towards Geet AngryAngry ;Instead of consoling her ,they r busy either shouting at her or accusing her for no fault of hers Angry ..
If someone was at fault then its the grt Darji who inspite of hving so much of experience in life blindly opts for the marriage in secret without even trying to find out some history of this family Angry ;And coming to Brij ,I simply hv no words left to curse this guy now Angry ;Does he really think that if he simply shouts on the woman of the house ,he will b a man Angry ;If he had so much guts left ,then he should hv gone to the police station directly and filed a complaint against Dev and his family but instead they were a bunch of cowards who were busy trying to hide their so called izzat Angry..
My heart went out to poor Geet in this episode who still had blind faith on Dev and kept remembering those words of trust which Dev had spoken to her before marriage CryCryCry ;Dev and his family were busy lusting over Geet's jewelleries Angry while poor Geet feels mayb Dev's life is in danger ..what a heartbreaking contrast CryCryCry ;
And these episodes clearly showed that Dev was quite a dominating personality who even made sure his own mother shuts her mouth and listens to his orders or else she is free to move out of the plan Ouch but later these CVs turned the devil into a victim and viewers were made to believe that its the mother Pammi and his wife NT who were the main villains which was never the case as per original storyline Angry .
This was the first episode which gave a slight hint that mayb Maan only is the big brother of Dev who had kicked them out of the house Wink ;I wish somehow the CVs could hv kept this story interconnected in the future and then the show would hv had a more impactful drama later ..but sighh CVs messed it up all later Unhappy...
Overall yet another painful episode and I guess there r more to come now once it will b declared that Geet is pregnent CryCry...Even though the episodes r all painful but the drama and execution of these episodes along with everyone's acting hv been top notch StarStarStarStar

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