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bangalores IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 12:09am | IP Logged
this is bindu joining in ...
i'm a person who can't bear the torture on women more than once... i started watching GHSP only after the office track came and that too sharing the remote with my hubby Jaan who used to be back early frm work those days. the craze to keep the monopoly over the remote came later.
i am kind of relieved that i did miss the early episodes ...god knows i wud have cried buckets ten...even now knowing what will follow doesn't stop the accelerated heartbeat...
Geet was such a sweet simple girl...the depiction of her character brought out with such clarity...
one can easily identify herself with this character thru DD's potrayal of it... the shyness of a new bride, the lack of confidence, the constant looking for reassurance, yet the concern for Pammi.
yet our sherni is there in the back ground in the way she manages to find a way to reach her husband...that dorment fighting spirit...
watching dev makes ur blood boil knowing what outcome came of his treachery. why did he have to say 'i love u?" and make her dream more even when he knew he was going to leave her???Angry
@sam loved ur take on Geet meeting Maan after loosing her virginity to the devil.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 12:34am | IP Logged
Epi 19 shows d FINALE of Dev-NT masterplan.. the one they wer probably scheming for months now... the Final step...Ouch
Find a suitable, rich, innocent girl from a small-town.. lure d family members (not much to do coz they r already smitten by the FOREIGN nationale here)... arrange for a fake marriage.. grab the money,property,jewelleries.. whatever u get in this process... do the marriage.. n then ditch the girl the next day...!!!! ALL's WELL !!!! Ouch 

Dev is such an opportunist.. isn't he???? d moment NT n family disappears he shows his pervert side.. touches n kisses d name of assuring her...Angry why did he have to do that when he knows.. he going to ditch her??? Man.. he is such a $#&**$#*$#Angry

The fear slowly settling in Geet.. her helplessness.. her miserable state was very, very well shown... Hats off to the TEAM here..Clap

Now. I m def not n expert.. but the level of acting that v see now-a days in TV shows.. is really miserable n pathetic.. Ouch
For me.. if d female actor's screaming n screeching does NOT give u physical pain.. or  NOT want to bang ur head or even the actor's.. its only then that she CAN act...( Yes.. it has gone to that level now..)

I m saying this.. coz DD was just amazing in that entire airport scene...after a LONG time.. I m seeing some good acting... SmileSmile n from here...time n again in GHSP...she has proved to b a very good actress...Smile

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 1:08am | IP Logged
@ Z:

Yeah..when I watched these earlier epi now... The way all the epi wer full of thrill, suspense, underlying drama...was MIND BLOWING.. the original CVs... kept the audience on the edge of their seats.. with their FAST- PACED story telling... Smile
But at some point.. the story became too fast also.. where they kind of started rushing with the tracks.. in that process.. leaving them UNFINISHED.. or HALF-way.. like PARI.. JAY.. n the most famous IP track... I wish.. they had given them more thought n time to these tracks...coz they were really good...OuchOuch 

@ Samana: 

Very rightly said.. abt Geet's never let go attitude.. coz while watching d epi.. I felt d same thing.. when she doesn't find Dev n his family.. she is not shown sitting in one corner n crying.. but makes it a point to search wherever possible..till she her consciousness Thumbs Up  If  she wld not hav been unconscious... I m sure she wld have barged in d flight itself.. n managed to find Dev there...LOLLOL

@ Priya: 

After seeing these earlier epi.. I m sure.. the CVs had a totally diff story to tell.. as compared to what we actually got... Just dont know.. what went wrong ?????ConfusedConfused

@ Richa: 

I liked the ISSUES u pointed out...Smile

@ Paro: 

Wow... weekend dedicated for Dev's torture... Count me in.. I hav already stated one of them...but there r many more...Evil Smile LOLLOL

@ Bindu: 
Hi.. nice to see u here !!! I hav been reading ur FF's regularly... SmileSmile

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 1:19am | IP Logged
 Ya sia till 300 episodes the story had moved wonderfully.  After honeymoon They shd have introduced maans younger brother  who works on behalf of pummy family conspire on maan. A strong villan.  They shd not give a wrong message to glorify dev after doing 5 serious crimes. was he so god that he escaped from all his crimes  so easily. After that CVs never bother to show live witnesses of this entire drama Geet's original family. who can easily prove his guilt.
  Sia many watched the show bcz it was the fastest moving story never wasted an episode till 250. after that   channel revamp issue started in feb 2011. In apr 2011 PH got that copy show slot in SP.  Old Cvs went away.rahul came asked us to forget logic see only magic, after that PH got another show in V-channel then they totally messed our show.
  Sia his crimes don't end there. Again  Nt has tampered the witnesses and clues of the crime. He is the one who has done it. so he say he has done it no court will leave the culprits. but he kept mum when she tampered the witnesses .  It is also a crime. Where is the point he has regreats for what he has done. Punishment and sending a better message to the society was imp than giving a HUM apke hai koun story after  simla trip.  The only vids I don't see are dev putting color to geet on holi. that is so YUCKKK.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 7:00am | IP Logged
Yeah Richa..
There was a visible decline in d storyline from feb onwards..
As it fans wer all riled up.. At Geet forgiving Dev.. d holi scene was like d last nail in the coffin.. N many of them gave up d show right after that..
The channel n PH were playing passing d parcel with blaming each other..
Whatever it was.. It was d fans who suffered.. Bcoz their most loved serial was being destroyed in front of their eyes.. N v could not do anything abt it..

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 8:02am | IP Logged

Recap: Geet looking back at Dev during their seven rounds; Naintara screaming that Dev is only her husband; Dev putting sindoor on Geet; Kamya telling Geet it's her last moments in India; Dev dropping the pills in Geet's coffee, watching Geet drink it, then spills it on her 'accidentally'; Geet coming back out of the bathroom and asking random people where Dev is...

The episode starts with Darji exclaiming that he knew that they wouldn't be able to connect to Geet. Rano & Mahinder look especially upset about that. Rajji takes Darji's glass, and walks away commenting that they didn't even let her talk to Geet. Dolly exclaims that they should have let Geet "talking" to them, and Nurpinder silences her, and gestures to Darji. 
To appease Rano - who's quite worried, Nurpinder suggests that they do a pooja for Geet's safe journey. Rano readily agrees.

The scene changes to Geet in a room with a security officer, who calls out for Dev Khurana. He then turns to Geet and asks her for her passport as she's going to Canada. Geet tries to explain that her husband has them.. but the officer doesn't stop questioning her for some form of papers. Geet is really fustrated, and she repeatedly tells him that the papers are with her husband. The officer remarks that it's not possible for her to get into the terminal without them. Geet starts feeling dizzy for a second, and the officer gets worried. He tells the female police officer to take her away, and Geet starts begging the officer to find her husband. Eventually she runs out of the room screaming for Dev.

The scene cuts back to the ladies of Geet's family, and Titu doing a pooja for Geet - with Rajji holding the thali.
A montage of Geet running down a corridor screaming for Dev, with officers running after her yelling at her to stop intersects with Geet's family doing a pooja - focusing on Rajji, Rano and Nurpinder. 
The montage stops with Geet being stopped before she goes through the terminal, and Rajji drops the thali - which scares Rano & Nurpinder to no end.

Geet is screaming for Dev, and the officer has had enough. He screams that Dev Khurana doesn't exist.. it is only a fiction of her imagination. Geet starts getting dizzy, and flashbacks of D&G are shown in reverse - the suhaag raat, the marriage, when Geet picks up a fistful of dirt, the rose scene & Dev saying I love you, the roka, the first meeting of D&G. 
She ends up fainting, and the doors open to Dev watching the drama unfold. Naintara comes up to him, and tells him that the tickets to Mumbai have been returned and that the plan has been completed. Dev repeats the plan is completed. Naintara tells Dev that they won. 
Cuts back to Geet who is murmuring Dev's name.

The next scene shows someone splashing water on Geet. Geet wakes up and calls "Dev!" She realises she's not at the airport, and asks where she is, and how she got here. The police officer taunts her, and asks her how she got into the airport with a boarding pass & a passport. She's a terrorist, isn't she?
Geet is shocked, and tells him that she got married the day before. The officer smirks that he already knows her story. He asks that if her husband was at the airport, where is he now? He also wonders about the fainting, what happened there? Geet stammers that she doesn't know how she got dizzy, and (what looks like) a prostitute cheekily tells the officer even she doesn't know how she got dizzy, maybe he could help her? 
Geet freaks out even more and implores the officer to let her go back to the airport to find Dev. Maybe if she could make one phone call.. and a female officer has had enough. She tells the male officer to bring Geet out.  
The officer asks her if she was going to Canada, if she was recently married, and if she'd like to call her husband. She allows the call, and as Geet is making the call, the officer tells her that they get cases like this all the time - the guy tells a girl's family they're from Canada; they marry them and then leave them at the airport. It's not connecting, so she is forced to call her home.

Back at Geet's house, the phone rings. Rano gets excited and exclaims that it must be Geet. Nurpinder admonishes her and tells Rano that it can't be Geet because to get to Canada, it takes 15-16hrs. Rano gets dejected, and Mahinder answers the phone. He says hello, and Geet answers "Papaji" and proceeds to sob. Mahinder is shocked.

Cut to Dev's house. Pammi is praying to Babaji for forgiveness as Kamya and Naintara are putting things into a suitcase. Pammi turns on them and tells them to fear God; that their deeds will be accounted for here; and warns them that one day Geet's family will find them. At this, Naintara walks up and tells Pammi for her to trust her children more, and that there is no way that Geet's family will find them.
Before they set out, Naintara, Kamya & Dev did their research, and chose the family that has the least respect for their women. No matter what happens, the girls are always blamed - and the men are always worried about marriage. According to Naintara, India's biggest problem is that men are more worried about their prestige than their daughters. She tells Pammi to stop crying as Dev will be here after freshening up, and Pammi should know that Dev doesn't like tears.

Cut to Dev washing his face, and getting himself ready - no more fake Dev. He walks out, and Naintara hands him a towel. He asks if the jewellery has all been sold, Naintara says they all gave different rates, so not yet; he asks about the land, and his wife tells him that the file is all there - and Kamya interrupts and says that the land has been sold. She then asks Dev if she could keep some jewellery, and Dev says "anything for my little sister". 
Hearing all this, Pammi starts praying even faster. She tries to tell them not to do this, and the three of them turn their heads away, exasperated with Pammi. Kamya mentions that Pammi has started the religion thing again, and goes after her. Naintara turns to leave as well but Dev grabs hold of her wrist.
He goes to touch her face, and she pushes it away. He mentions "aadeyin" (I don't know the exact meaning of it.. help), and Naintara tells him that she was worried that he had fallen for Geet's aadeyin instead. He looks sheepish and says well that was what she wanted him to do. But now Geet's story is over, and anyway, Dev's story is Naintara, "patni ji". 
They hug, and Naintara tells him that she had a suspicion that in making Geet fall for him, along the way he must have fallen for her. Dev thinks of Geet and their moments together as she says this (making me wonder that there might be slight redemption for him IF he becomes a good boy)...

Precap: Geet tells Mahinder that they should go looking for Dev - something must have happened to him, and Mahinder looks sad at this; Kamya says that Geet's jewellery is something else, and Pammi tells her off - Kamya's become fixated on the jewellery, and why is Kamya saying sister-in-law? Pammi tells them that Wahiguru (is that how you spell it?) will make them burn in hell..

Done. And done. 
I am so sickened by today's events. So upset.. and to think things like this really happen. :(
Anyway, hope ya liked the update.
Much love.

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Ouch The dreadfulness of today's episode is beyond limits of what I can take and what my heart can take.
Not only did they plot it out ever so carefully.. they truly did their research. They're smart criminals... honestly it looks like they'd been planning this for months on end or have duped another girl before too! The perfection with which they executed this plan is remarkably disgusting.
Gosh .. Geet's state of wanting to find Dev.. running through the airport.. and the last moment when she screams so loud for him and faints and they look on with smiles is always a haunting image. To think that they didn't just leave .. but wanted to witness her turmoil and agony and SMILE at it makes me believe that they can never be forgiven. YUCK.
And on top of that this inconsiderate officer who is not making things better for Geet and yelling at her saying she's imagining things! I guess he's been through this scenario way too many times and has lost count hence he behaved harshly with Geet =( .. but it's not her fault. Man I just felt like giving Geet a tight hug and tell her it's all ok but !! *sigh*
Mohinder, the one person from the Handa family who truly cared for Geet, and Rano of course are worried for Geet as she is only an 18 year old girl and has only been accustomed to what she's grown up with in HP. And for her to go to a foreign country like Canada and try to adapt to that.. all of that must be pain-stakingly hard for parents to digest. So I get their nervousness. And who wouldn't be more nervous if the thaali falls down during pooja time? Great symbolism there as well.
I just wanted to add that DD looked very very innocent and young in these episodes.. her face just had that young glow and it added to the innocence she portrayed as Geet.
Back at Dev's home .. they are packing .. after a hit and run .. gosh they're so overconfident and proud of what they did Angry. And Dev letting Kamya have the jewellery as she's his "little sister" .. gosh he talks as if he's being some responsible older brother. BLECH. MORON!
Well they say a mother's curse is the worst curse you can receive and Pammi's curse did work to some extent because Geet DID find out about them and they DID have to confront this truth about themselves later on.
These episodes really highlight Pammi's behaviour and to compare this to what she became later on .. clearly VAST difference between this Pammi and the new Pammi .. who knew what transformation she went through during her time in Canada and why she turned villainous (of course we can applaud MPs lack of homework for that) .. but we see how she was repentant and scared for her life at what they did to Geet .. and later on she was very inhumane to her own son Maan! What a change.
Again, another heartwrenching episode.. if people had thought this was torturous.. they are yet to see the torture poor Geet goes through back home =( ..

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Geet episode 20:

Saddest episode till date.CryCry I don't know how I sat through the first part. Geet is really brave. Like Samana said yesterday she would have literally run into the plane to find Dev if she could.It shows how much she trusts that slimeball.AngryAngry DD was exceptional in the airport especially when she realizes that Dev's name was not in the flight for Canada. And we see the whole of her interaction with Dev shown in reverse. I think it was something akin to thinking if only Geet could turn the clock back to when she was just a innocent college girl living her life with its plus and minus before she ever met Dev and her whole life was turned upside down. CryCryMaybe her subconscious somewhere suspects what the conscious mind is refusing to accept .The prayer plate falling when she knows about Dev's truth was a little melodramatic but this being the main issue and basis of the whole series, at least when it began, and it is a soap so I can understand the need for the same.Stern Smile

There is one thing I failed to mention yesterday. I wanted to appreciate the attention given to the authenticity of the sets be it the airport or the police station. ClapThere were even a few foreigners even if they kept showing the same guys. Later on when they showed the hospital which morphed into the airport for their honeymoon the sets seemed really cheap. Of course Khurana house itself became claustrophobic later.Cry

Dev and NT are just master planners. They have thought of everything. And that gloating smile on their faces. Sia and Z how about using Dexters special toolbox on Dev when he is alive. I would love to hear his screams. Evil Smile

They really brought out Dev as a good villain. I see no reason why they should have changed their minds later. Some villians have to work hard to earn this much hatred. For Dev you could fill a big store house with hatred and there would still be a lot left. And the way he calmly enquires about everything and the way NT answers like a subservient wife I don't know how they could even dream of putting blame on NT.Angry Much later on NT did get an upper hand also becos she was a wife he had cheated on and that was something she could not come to terms with even though she suspected it all along.

And how NT explaind their "research" on how they chose Geet's family. They had really measured Geet's family well-how they blame the girl for everything and they are more worried about the honour than their daughter's well being. Geet's dad was definitely a wild card in their equation but unfortunately they were too smart.Ouch

It was really heartbreaking to see Geet in jail along with women of questionable reputation.Cry But the police guy was in character. We can't blame them. They are world weary. At least the woman inspector had a little pity in her to let Geet make the call. She has seen many such cases. Poor Geet still thinks Dev must be searching for her and does not believe the inspector.Cry I am in a way glad that Geet's dad picked up her call. And how he comes towards her in the jail. OuchDaarji stops him and then questions her on why she missed the plane proving NT's assessment right – blame the women for everything wrong.

But then this is Geet after her meeting with Mann and not before Daarji. She very firmly tells Daarji that it is not her fault.ClapGet ready to meet the sherni in Geet slowly getting woken up by Maan's words and taunts. I hope we have to see Dev and his fly for only more episode and we can get a long break from them. And we see Maan Maan and only Maan.Embarrassed

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