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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
omg i didn't watch today's episode! in fact i didn't watch initial episodes earlier for the same reason - i cdn't see geet with dev. but whn we started to discuss frm d first i thought let me see what was spl abt those initial episodes. i thought i shd be able to bear dev n geet. but today's SR scene was - i found it very difficult to watch. i was not only dat it was not nice to see geet with anyone else. i hated seeing maaneet symbols like forehead kiss n lift done by dev. but above all dat i was so angry with dev's chr. throughout d scene i was like - u lecher, creep, b*******, lowlife i don't know dat many bad words to swear at him. what an opportunist he was! there r ppl like him who want to loot d innocence. its not just geet's beauty dat attracts him but her innocence. what a horrible chr! i cdn't see him seduce d innocent geet. poor girl! she must have been thinking her husband as romantic n loving. what a rogue he is! dat guy s not evn true to his wife who is helping him in his evil plan! god! i seemed to be like a broken record going on and on abt dat lowlife. how cd d cvs suddenly turn him so good. i mean repentance is ok but make him a part of big happy family was really sick. i was seeing d last scene in which maan announces baby's arrival. aftr seeing yesterday's n today's episode, dev's reaction to dat announcement was really sick. they shd have made sameer as vicky. it wd have been a better idea. for their mu they cd have thought sthng else other than forgiving dev.

NT looked like amazon queen, i mean d way she came to confront dev. but dev slapping nt was a shocker. i didn't know he had it in him. only in this episode i am seeing a dominant dev. is it becoz of his obsession to get geet or what was d reason? becos i have never seen dev n dis angry avatar. this sudden stop was not part of their plan. it was fate. dev uses the opportunity to slake his lust. but his angry reaction, shd'nt he be guilty? cdn't understand it.

maan n geet scene! Maan looked so hot n sexy whn he was sarcastically analysing geet's chr n geet looked so helpless n innocent girl. how cd he scold her when she was lookking so vulnerable. may be for dat very reason he was being very rude to her - helpless attraction resulting in anger! but he really gives such good advice. right frm start he mentors geet. tears as sign of weakness. but what he says abt girls generally is true. from father to husband - many of us just change place. but many r not given a choice. when there is no choice, girls try to be happy in d given options.

Maaneet scene was d only saving grace of the episode. thank god they didn't show prolonged sr scene. i wdn't have been able to watch it. btw ws dev going to go back to complete d night with geet? i hope not.

i read somewhere (not connected to our show) a joke - whn a working girl consents to marry an umemployed guy - then only we can agree equality  between sexes has been achieved!

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 9:32am | IP Logged
I was actually a bit confused between Epi 16 and 17 and thought the disaster Suhaagraat of Dev-Geet came in yesterday's episode Ouch ...But just like Z ,even I hv no courage to watch this episode fully Cry but will just watch the terrific Maan-Geet second confrontation scene Embarrassed..
This episode introduced another symbolism in the form of Rain which was so beautiful for Geet in this episode when she was going to start her new life with Dev Cry ;She was shown playing with those raindrops when Dev starts lusting for her and fulfills his perverted desires that night thus turning the beautiful rainy night into a real dreadful night for the poor girl  so much that later during behne de sequence we saw how she felt the pain standing in that same rain before she found comfort in Maan's arms CryCryCry...But whether its the roses or handkerchief or pasta or rains ,every such memories which were made bitter because of Dev was later turned into a pleasant memory for her just because of Maan's presence in her life EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..
This episode also showed that NT tried her level best to stop this disaster as this was never a part of their plan Angry ;Even then I never understood why later the CVs presented Dev as victim and NT as culprit when its Dev who actually destroyed her life and took away her virginity as well AngryOuch..
Coming to Maaneet second confrontation ,this was another powerful scene with some really powerful punching dialogues coming from both MSK and Geet's character ClapClapClapClap ;Maan made Geet realise how she herself is giving the impression of being weak and helpless to everyone while Geet made MSK realise that he too is giving the impression of a stone hearted man to everyone whom cannot be loved by anyone  and this is what makes the confrontation really interesting since both actually brings out each other's strengths and weaknesses in open with their war of words StarStarStarStarStar...
I think next episode is going to b the most painful episode ever where Dev will leave Geet in the airport and she will scream her heart out calling for him CryCryCry...
Overall this episode was painful too in terms of Dev-Geet disaster night but interesting too in terms of Maaneet's second confrontation Embarrassed

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 9:34am | IP Logged
I agree with Richa... 16 n 17 are DARKEST epi of GHSP... 17... today's epi.. is d MOST...Ouch
The initial half... while watching..was giving n unsettling feeling in d gut...Dead

Clearly from this epi.. v c that he is NOT  the "OH-SO- POOR -VICTIM"  in  NT's plan.. but I wld say.. the MASTERMIND behind this whole thing...Angry

After..fulfilling his filthy.. desire..this Low-Lying creature...does not hav even n ounce of guilt on his face.n MAN !!!! did he just SLAP NT????.. for accusing him...Oh God !!! such a MCP !!! Angry

Now.. I feel Gul Khan or whoever thought of turning Dev into POSITIVE I guess DID NOT SEE d last 2 epi.. other wise...  Just how were they expecting d audience.. to except THIS and UNPUNISHED DEV Angry Angry or d worst SAINT DEV.. who blamed everything on NT Angry after seeing this????? 

Ok. I m actually at loss of words... I dont know what else to say...ConfusedConfused I will leave this thing here..

When I saw Maan.. it was " u wer there.. n u cud hav stopped all this"  kind of feeling running thru my mind.. As I said.. his presence made it even more painful...Confused

But.. Maan Geet confrontation was very good...Geet end dialogue was so uncalled for...I was like.. Oh.. Geet .. u shud not hav said that.. u just dont know what is coming...LOLLOL

Now.. If this was not enough.. tomo.. epi.. gives one more JHATKA to d audience...Ouch

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Episode 17 starts with  dev getting angry and walk away but stops when geet innocently ask not to walk fast leaving her alone.They both reach a hotel where the power is off. The guest house man lights a candle and go away.  Geet goes to the window and thinks about the storm dev  could not stop himself going near to geet  knowing it is not the part of the plan is attracted  towards her beauty & innocence.Ouch she is also in a mood thinking it's a real marriage get ready to consumate but gadha dev knows he is doing what he is not supposed to do. atlast the viewers unwanted SR happens. Cry
   Nt is worried that Dev is not attending her call.She is angry as well insecure about dev and she doubts he  doing some mistake which spoils the whole plan.She yells at kamya &pummy that she has given them responsibility to bring both of them to delhi,which they could not do properly.Kamya defends saying they have seen their car following them  but left at a point. Nt doubts dev's intentions and heads towards the place where the car went missing. She asks kamya to come with her. At last dev does the blunder  which was not the part of their plan and Nt reaches the guest house with kamya and asks kamya to stay in the car. She see dev standing in the corridor and dev also notices her. he comes down and asks Nt why is she here. NT with anger holds his shirt yells  blaming him  she knows why he is spending night with her here.he shd not forget he is married to her and she loves him He worries geet dosn't hear their discussion. his male ego hurts and he slaps NT saying she shd have thought all this before planning all these. Now she cannot blame him and blakmail him to send him to jail alone. He says if he is going to jail even she has to.. 
    Geet gets up blushing and  searching for dev. She comes out   searching dev & bups maan. Where our angry young maan  remembers that river wala scene and bumping in the mela scene and blames her always bumping  is her hobby. he don't let her speak and again  blames her she can't speak a line properly and again she has bumped him for the sake of some help. Geet speaks up saying she don't need his help.without knowing about her he cannot speak about her. Maan reacts saying it don't seem like that she def need somebody's help lways bcz he assumes girls like her who are 18 fed up with studies ,so parents search  somebody and  U girls are always dependent on some or the other person through out the life.  ie before marriage parents and after marriage husband.can't stand for self. If  some day   nobody is there to help U think  tears will help U. but tears are not good for brain they saturate thinking .so for  better  thinking one need to keep the brain healthy. Maan  start off that place geet says without knowing her he cannot blame her. without knowing her he knows  much about her but one thing is for sure   no body has ever loved  a person like him and no body will like to love in feature too. he he he geet U loved him like hell man. we love U both.LOL
  I liked My NT much. she was so natural.Liked her yelling today. Maan's gyan to geet is invain. He is sure to fall for that girl.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 October 2011
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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by geetaddict

Hi Richa
Thank your for being so prompt.

OK this is kind of unrelated but I do have a different sort of complaint. When right in the beginning of the show they could show Geet in a state of undress after her fake husband slept with her how come they never did even show her partially undressed both times after the watered down SR they showed with the man she actually made love to. ConfusedConfusedThis is so not fair. Maan and Geet are indeed a divine couple as they had a baby out of two immaculate conceptions and a camera kiss.LOLLOL Something to lighten the take on an episode  which was basically a depressing one.Unhappy

The episodes only get sadder. So again not looking forward to the heart wrenching episode tomorrow but again dil mei pathar rakhey will do it.Unhappy


Paro... I dont believe this... U mentioned this part...
I myself.. almost screamed on laptop screen... "NOT FAIR..." when I saw Geet in that state...     
Its coz everyone is saying.. so I m sort of convincing myself.. otherwise.. for me both d times ..they both just went off to sleep after a moment of FOREPLAY.. n thats it...LOLLOL

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 October 2011
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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -ZsterMG-

No. I'm not gonna watch this epi .. sorry =(
Anyways it was really amazing how they showed one of the most important scenes in Geet alongside Geet's meeting with Maan. The fact that they met the same night .. just moments after it happened .. says a lot. At one moment she's with the one who takes away her dignity, the next she's with the one who would help her restore it! Brilliant, would be the word.
But I'm still not going to watch the entire thing.

I loved ur last para..Z.. esp the BOLD one... Amazing...SmileSmile

@ Jyoti:

Ur take on Maan -Geet confrontation.. that they showed each other strength n weakness.. is very nice..SmileSmile I liked it...

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nirvanica15 Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Hey All
Wonderful takes by each and everyone. Sorry couldnt watch the last 3 episodes, but thoroughly enjoyed reading here...
These episodes are too painful to watch, especially when we know the consequesnces.
Just a recommendation, it would be good to discuss abt the episode as well, instead of writing the analysis only. What say?

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
Wow, this is an eye-opener. Dev was such a horrid, horrid scumbag!

Some symbolism that I saw was that Channi's mother is the one that stops their car for this horrible incident to happen. It is almost like she is there to make sure her own curse comes true. Had she not stopped the car, perhaps the plan would have gone as previously thought as they would have joined NT, Kamya and Pammi, without the consummation happening. Thankfully Geet is not to have the same fate as Channi though as Maan comes to save her. I think this shows that he is going to be the one who teaches her to write her own destiny and not fall prey to curses, superstition etc as he himself does not believe in these things.

I have watched the Maaneet scene before so I will comment on that from memory. I love, love, love Maan's iconic dialogues from the initial episodes and this was the first one! The thing about the aasu and dimaak was so corny but it was just so Maan! I like how the characterisation continued. He was always making grand statements and speaking about principles and when he fell in love with Geet it became about his love for her, just as now it was about how weak women are.

This is one of those episodes when I really feel bad for NT. I mean, she is involved in a terrible scheme but she is also watching her husband, for whom she is falling to this level, slipping through her fingers. When she is working so hard for him, risking their freedom through such a plan, he was going further away from her. I can understand on some level why she was so bitter towards Geet and Maan. Even though it wasn't at all Geet's fault, for NT who would want things to go back to normal it would be easier to blame Geet, get her out of the way and get her life with Dev back on track. I cannot believe that he slapped her! That just compounds his complete depravity!

Jyo, I also loved your analysis of what Maan and Geet were each revealing about themselves in that conversation. Now that we are watching in retrospect we can think back at how each of their first impressions changed over the course of the show.

Z! So good to see you here. I loved your take and I hope to see you here more often!

Great takes everybody! I loved reading all of them!

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