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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 58)

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Finally got some free time! Big smile

My analysis today is based only on the WU, as it will be for all episodes until I get home.

So it looks like I chose the best time to be away from youtube as these episodes are so painful. Actually I regret it because if they were happy episodes I would surely make it a point to watch when I got back but I am scared I won't have the guts to go through with these---NO! I will stick with our plan and watch them, no matter how bad it is!

A lot of you have been commenting on my justification for Pammi's transformation. I haven't watched the episodes where she really feels the guilt so I can't comment yet, but in my head, my explanation still holds. I was thinking, after I see the episodes and her reactions properly and judge for myself, if it still works I will write an OS or something explaining why I think she changed. I think she went a little loopy, just like poor NT... It's the Dev effect. Dead

How despicable is he??? Angry I really hate him after reading about what he did in the 16th episode. It's strange, it seems like the angry side of his character was completely abandoned in the Delhi track. The more we watch these back episodes, the more I realise how much the continuity was interrupted to introduce the Delhi office track. I wonder what the story was going to be without the influence of TRPs... For one thing, I think Geet's family would have stayed important as they were all really carefully and excellently cast.

Anyhoo, I always love doing comparisons between Maaneet and Devtara as couples and here it begins as we figure out that the latter is just that! Shocked I think it is really interesting that while Dev and Geet are getting ready for their SR, both Maan and NT have some sort of ESP moment about it. NT feels restless, almost as though she knows what is happening (to be fair, this could also just be her knowing her husband's nature and feeling discomfort at his obvious attraction for Geet) and Maan gets cut by the bangle. To me this symbolises the connection with act that will inevitably make Geet a part of his destiny, that is through her night with Dev and its results. When her bangle cuts him, she enters his system quite literally, never to leave again...Heart

Tomorrow is going to be tough! Cry

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Finally dev n NT's evil plan is revealed. What a horrible episode! Geet looked so innocent and beautiful. it was painful to see d bidaai scene. how smartly they fooled d whole family. dev s really lusting after geet. d way he wipes her tears n talks abt her beauty n d way he talks n d road, everything shows his evil intentions. d way he just abandons her n d middle of the road n walks away shows his true colors. but why did they show dev so short tempered? i mean dev was never shown as angry guy n later episodes. he is more lazy n laid back. his sudden anger - is it becoz of d dent in his plan? and he evn uses this sudden stop for satisfying his own lust! god such a creepy chr! how cd they show him as part of happy family! very sick!

NT was truly evil n her expressions. d way her mother in law reacts to NT is eyeopening! whn she tries to wipe d lady's tears, she just backs off - as if she doesnt want NT to touch her.

dis scene reminded me off my sister's marriage. my sis too got married n she was leaving to her inlaw's place in suburbs, i mean 4 hrs journey frm my city. i felt horrible as if i was abandoning her. thankfully in our customs, it is mandatory for some couple from bride's fly to accompany d bride. my coz n her husband went with her. otherwise i wd have imagined all sort of horrible scenes. girls are completely uprooted from their surrounding n are expected to adjust n live with completely new fly. how scary it must be! if d groom's fly is like dev's or someone who'll harass d girl... how horrible d girl's life wd become!

thank god i am not married! it is only for risk takers n adventurous ppl.

if u know d guy n his fly then it might be easier. still it is not for me! seeing today's scene i am convinced of it.

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 5:34am | IP Logged
@ Sia Again we have uncanny similarities in our takes.ConfusedLOL I too actually forgot to mention Maan the first time I was writing bcos of being seriously disgusted with Dev but then remembered that he was there even if only for a few minutes and edited him in.Big smile Unfortunately I don't curse so you will be reading lots of "bad words" (literally this quote) in my take for today. Feel free to substitute it with the worse names you can think of.Angry
@ Priyachand Life is full of risks. Having said that and being a reasonably happily married woman that too in an arranged marriage I can tell you some risks are worth taking. Knowing the guy and his fly might help but nothing in life comes with a guarantee. But if you don't take chances then you will never know. I completely respect your opinion but this is just my 2 cents from the other side.Smile
But you were right about Dev's temper. That was very uncharacteristic. Maybe they wanted to bring out Dev as this totally bad guy after all his sweet talk before revealing his truth so it will be easier for people to hate him.Smile
@ Samana It will be fun to read that OS when you write it. 
@ all The forum has gone a little crazy bcos it did not allow me to like any post other than jyoti's and Sia's but I liked all your posts.

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 7:32am | IP Logged

just saw ur post! i do agree life is full of risks but a guy shd be worth to take dat risk. if i read romances n see serials which has chrs like MSK, where will i see them in real life. they don't exist in real. i spent my life looking for such chrs, may be i missed some good ones in that. but ok i am happy with my fictional heroes as they don't have clay feet. but i do agree that there are some good guys out there. lucky ppl find them i guess.

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 8:08am | IP Logged

Hey guys!! Mansi is away today so I'm filling in.  Sorry for the late update.

Dev and Geet are at the guest house/hotel.  Manager(?) apologizes for the power cut and leaves.  Dev closes the door. Geet goes close to window. Its raning; she puts her hand outside the window and smiles.  Dev comes close and Geet says where this storm came from (I give full credit to the .. Dev agree and says wonder when that happened (seems like he meant something else..) Dev comes closed to Geet. She blushes and moves from there.  Dev wonders to himself that why he getting close to Geet.  It was not the part of this plan.  Her beauty and innocence attracts him..even though he doesn't want to. (I am hating the background music..its scary). 

 Kamya asks Naintara not to get tensed and Dev will come.    Naintara says that she gave one job to both Kamya n her mom to do to bring dev here bt they cdnt even do that.  Kamya tried to explain to her they Dev-geet's car was just behind their car but after a while they got lost.  Naintara asks her if she remembers when Dev-geet got lost and she nods.  Naintara asks Kamya to come with her to get Dev, her husband.

Geet asks Dev if he will be busy after reaching Canada.  Dev comes close n undo her hair (gosh! She has long hair) and says as for now he is with her.  Geet hugs him as she get scared of the lighting. 

 Naintara in a car, hopes that Dev wouldn't do anything wrong and wonders why Dev isn't answering her calls. 

 Geet shys and go away from Dev.  Dev thinks that destiny wants us to be together, that's why they are spending the night together.  

 Naintara gets tense and kamya says that their flight is tomorrow.  Naintara asks the driver to drive fast. 

Geet comes outside from the room and kind of plays with the rain.  Dev comes and kisses her on the forehead.  He takes her inside.  (plzz God save her.. )

Naintara asks the driver to stop the car and says if he cant drive fast then she doesn't need him..he stops the car and gets out.  Naintara drives away (n left d poor driver there in that bad

 Dev-Geet consummate their marriage. They show the scenes between Dev-Geet and Naintara driving a car.  (sorry ppl am not gonna explain am not happy it)..

 Naintara finds Dev's car.  Kamya says lets go but Naintara said she'll go alone.  

 Dev comes outside.  Naintara-Dev sees each other.  Both start walking towards each other.  Dev asks her if everything is ok.  On the otherside, Geet gets up and blushes.  She calls Dev but no answer.  Naintara gets mad at Dev and says why he is doing this to her.  He promised her that he will come to Delhi straight.  Why is he spending the night alone with Geet? And says that she'll not allow him to do this to her. He is her husband.  Dev gets mad and slaps her.

 Geet comes outside, all dressed and looking for Dev.  Dev tells Naintara that there is no need to yell that he is her husband and she should've thought about it before starting this drama. It's still a crime in India to do two marriages and if she wants him to sent to jail before their plan succeed.

Geet bumps in to Maan.  They stare at each other..Geet remembers Maan(flashbacks are shown).  Maan asks that bumping in to him is her hobby or she after him on purpose.  Geet tries to say something but Maan stops her and says plzz don't tell me if you are in trouble again.  Geet tries to say something again but she cant.  Maan says that she cant even say a one line properly and wonder who is lives.  Geet speaks up and says its nothing like that and she doesn't need any of his help.  Maan smiles (sarcastically) and says sure you don't need his help but you definitely need someone else's help.  He knows girls like her who need to live under someone else's shadow, it cd be father, brother or husband.  Geet says how he can say something like that without even knowing her.  Maan comes towards her and tell her about her.. that she's 18, last year in college (geet gets shocked n tries to say something).. he continues with if she fed up with studies?  Her parents have probably found someone for her. If ever in life u r in trouble, run and someone defo will help.  If someone day u don't get help then your tears are always with you to support you.. (aww.. poor grl is crying.. bt hopefully that will make her strong).. he continues saying that she'll not understand all this as she thinks weak of herself.  Tears are not good for brain and when one crys..brain stops thinking and if need help from your brain, one need to stop crying and tries to leave from there.  But Geet starts saying that he got to know about her a lot but after knowing him she could only understand that neither has anyone loved a person like him nor anyone will.  


Precape (?): Dev askes Naintara to leave before anyone cd see them and he will reach delhi tomorrow with Geet. And their plan is on.

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 8:31am | IP Logged
No. I'm not gonna watch this epi .. sorry =(
I only watched the Maaneet scene ... other than that I don't think I have the heart or strength to watch the despicableness of this episode and poor Geet's state. It still haunts me to this day .. and then if I do watch it I'll just start cursing the people who thought turning this monster positive was a good idea.
Anyways the Maaneet scene was really powerful. Interesting to see that Geet bumps into Maan right after you-know-what happened b/w her and Dev =( .
The man who would be her support later on against Dev is the man indirectly giving her yet another philosophical lesson about life (lol) .. but this time I think these words were really going to help her later on when she needs to fight for herself and her child. He of course thinks of Geet as every other woman .. and the way he keeps talking about girls being weak and always dependent on men .. gosh I really wonder what the original CVs would've done in terms of Maan's past =( .. it's so sad that we never got to visit that part of him due to the numerous changes in the team.
Anyways, poor Geet is oblivious to everything DevTara have planned and is just as innocent as a child. Man, my blood boils just thinking of how vicious people could be just for a few bucks.
But it is obvious how Geet became strong enough later on when she needed to stand up against her family -- Maan Singh Khurana. If it wasn't for his constant advice and taunts .. she wouldn't have realized that she needs to toughen up and face the world instead of depending on her tears all the time. But how much can a girl take right?
Anyways it was really amazing how they showed one of the most important scenes in Geet alongside Geet's meeting with Maan. The fact that they met the same night .. just moments after it happened .. says a lot. At one moment she's with the one who takes away her dignity, the next she's with the one who would help her restore it! Brilliant, would be the word.
But I'm still not going to watch the entire thing.

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged
 Zester I like to read Ur takes buddy,plz come to the thread from tomorrow. It will be interesting to watch airport wala scene. Really DD's acting was fab. Loved Ur short take. The important part of the episode. Even moi felt sad for this episode and consummation part. but that was one of the high points of this story.  Rappist dev yuck.  I was not in the forum after this episode how many bashed dev, geet,LOLCvs for turning a hot hunk into rapist, and how many  bashing posts trashed by Mods.LOL

Edited by richa23 - 17 January 2012 at 9:33am

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Hi Richa
Thank your for being so prompt.

Geet episode 17:

The only thing I have to say after seeing today's episode is Dev is such a "bad word"AngryAngry and the CVs that came later were completely bonkers. They needed their heads seriously examined.Wacko I am so glad I did not see these episodes before or I don't think I would have ever been able to see any episode after Dev's reentry.

I am going to fast forward the first part except to make a special mention of what a "bad word" Dev is. AngryAngryAngryHe blames fate for his well planned seduction. Then he blames Geet's beauty and innocence for his cringe-worthy action. No wonder he blames NT later for everything. He has never taken responsibility for anything he did, so why should he ever change?AngryAngry I am sure it was too soon for Geet but then she has been brought up in an atmosphere where a man's wish is a woman's command and she did, poor girl, think that Dev was a nice guy so she went ahead. How dare Dev lift Geet? AngryAngryIt is only my Maan's prerogative.Embarrassed

All through the first part I am sure people were rooting for NT to come to the lodge before Dev could carry out his evil intentions but unfortunately that was not to be and NT was too late.CryCry

OK this is kind of unrelated but I do have a different sort of complaint. When right in the beginning of the show they could show Geet in a state of undress after her fake husband slept with her how come they never did even show her partially undressed both times after the watered down SR they showed with the man she actually made love to. ConfusedConfusedThis is so not fair. Maan and Geet are indeed a divine couple as they had a baby out of two immaculate conceptions and a camera kiss.LOLLOL Something to lighten the take on an episode  which was basically a depressing one.Unhappy

NT knows her husband well enough to understand that she can't trust him even a little bit. She is a wife as well. So she definitely does not like being cheated. But Dev's reaction was what surprised me.Shocked After doing what he did he does not feel even an iota of guilt. Instead he slaps NT to shut her up. ShockedShockedThis is what made me say that the CVs that came later on had to have their heads examined. Dev was not exactly spineless. Nor was he coaxed by NT to do all the cheating. He was in full control of the situation and was the main choreographer of the entire drama. Oh what I would give to strangle such a guy.AngryAngryAngry

OK Now coming to the best part of the episode. Maan and Geet bump into each other literally EmbarrassedEmbarrassedand Maan looks like he is no better when it comes to being rude. He starts passing judgements on someone before he even knows her. He looks like he is venting out the anger he has with someone else on poor Geet. DisapproveWhat a pity the senseless CVs could not show us the reason behind Maan's hatred towards women in general and weak women in particular rather than the insane circus we got to see.Unhappy His evaluation of her position does strike a chord in Geet but taking a piece of his own advice Geet does not run scared but instead answers back and gives him some of his own medicine criticising him for being so unloved. Wow sherni Geet. Way to go. ClapClapShe stopped short of poking out a tongue at him.LOL

The episodes only get sadder. So again not looking forward to the heart wrenching episode tomorrow but again dil mei pathar rakhey will do it.Unhappy

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