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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 55)

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 Firstly the wedding didn't took place in their village makira. It happened in smeother place. Dev's parents and Nt puts a condition not tell anybody about this marriage bcz many people's eyes on this wedding may spoil everything. There is a chance everybody thinks boy is from canada and girl is from small village and try to create problems. Bcz they saw channys parents making a big issue before roka on lori day. so they wanted a secret marriage and marriage shd take place in their ancestral village.

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About the epi.. Only one thing i need to say...
Dev is not looking trapped in NT's plan in any angle... Angry
Instead he is looking as the Brain behind the Master-plan...Shocked
And later he became a Saint blaming its all NT's plan and he was trapped in it... Errr I hate Dev even more...Angry

And one ting I noticed is...
When Dev calls for Geet in the field... she get hurts her eyes accidently...
Dev offer his Rumaal and make ishaara to wipe her eyes...
and bring her face towards him and says they are gonna married soon...

And Geet  runs away from Dev smiling...
But during Kurbaa huwa sequence...
When Geet crys after that Sari fiasco...
Maan offer her his Rumaal and she wipes her tears...
But Maan too do ishara to wipe out the kajal spread on her face...
And when she fails to do so.. He himself wipe it out...Embarrassed
and give hand to her so that she can stand up on her feet without falling...Embarrassed
when she was about to fall.. he holds her...
And Geet walks along with  Maan holding his hand with fear...Embarrassed

Wow what a Loop closing epi was Kurbaa huwa...ClapStarClap

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this episode sealed dev as THE GUILTY not NT. NT wanted only money but this guy was despo for the girl. d way he looks or shd i say lusts at geet n d morning khet scene showed his evil intentions. he conveniently sends off his wife so no interruptions. or did NT also wanted to go so she didn't have to see d marriage. but i think she didn't know d extent dev wd stoop to get the girl. how cd d cvs not see these scenes when they tried to chng dev to positive. not just positive making geet n dev interact as normal bhabhi n devar, getting him married to her own sis. i am telling you whoever took those decisions must be one psychotic perverted chr.

i saw darji as old guy from village in this episode. d way dev's fly duped him showed him for all his attitude he was really naive. geet, her father evn brij were not comfortable signing plain paper. but darji trust them so much dat he was smiling away in that scene. pammi' s guilt ridden act particularly d hysterical 'wahe guru' was really very impressive. i wish they cd have shown this lady, i mean, not just d actor, but the chr with grey shades not just completely black which was shown n d serial. i think later cvs couldn't manage such grey shaded chrs. they must have been too complex. evn d dev whn abhinav acted cant be termed as negative when he starts feeling guilty. he was a weak chr. evn NT was not evil. she just wants to be THE KHURANA BAHU n her husband as the main heir. she was willing to do anything for it. for all her faults she did care for dev.

later cvs didn't bother with any such complexity. d sad part was evn d lead actors suffered. remember amritsarwala chado geet n later episodes Maan too.

d early episodes are really so rich with layers of meaning. d mud on geet's eye whn dev surprises her was so symbolic. i wish PH had retained these early writers. if wishes were horses...

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TRULYOURS Senior Member

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Originally posted by richa23

 Firstly the wedding didn't took place in their village makira. It happened in smeother place. Dev's parents and Nt puts a condition not tell anybody about this marriage bcz many people's eyes on this wedding may spoil everything. There is a chance everybody thinks boy is from canada and girl is from small village and try to create problems. Bcz they saw channys parents making a big issue before roka on lori day. so they wanted a secret marriage and marriage shd take place in their ancestral village.

thank you for explaining... i must have missed that episode thats y didnt notice...

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Sorry guys WU of 23rd aprail is missing.  So intrested buddys can go ahead wid ur takes.Thumbs Up

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Hi Richa
Thanks for uploading the episode early. I actually have the written update so posting it. Courtesy prettyfulwishes
Recap: Mahinder is telling Geet that once he used to carry her around the land, now he is going to farewell her in her doli soon; Pammi is telling Dev to think again about getting married, with Naintara watching; Naintara tells everyone that the embassy needs Geet's authority letter, and Mahinder says that's fine, they can type it, but Kamya says that they just need a blank page with her signature...

The episode starts with Pammi going crazy at Kamya, saying that she won't let this wedding happen, she has to stop it. She pushes Kamya onto the bed, and runs for the door, trying to open the lock up the top. Kamya calls Naintara, who's sitting with a jeweller
(why isn't she at the embassy, huh huh huh)- he's looking at gold, and saying that those all seem to come from an old family. Naintara smiles, when Kamya calls and tells her that Pammi wants to stop the wedding.
Naintara tells her to put it on speaker, and starts sweet-talking Pammi - Pammi cries that they should regret this because Babaji won't forgive such a big sin, and Naintara tells her to become calm. She tells Pammi that they're committing this wrong for Dev's good. Pammi may be worried about Geet once the wedding has happened, but what about Dev if the wedding doesn't happen?
(Or more like, what happens to Naintara when she doesn't get to scam people? :P) Pammi says, it's not like that.. but Naintara wonders that if it isn't like that, why is she trying to stop the wedding at the last minute? Naintara tells Pammi that they don't have any other options.. so do it for Dev, because if he finds out what she's doing.. only she knows better than Naintara what pain he'll go through.. Naintara hangs up and has this evil look.

Scene cuts to Geet's family walking to the mandir. Geet thinks to herself that all those precious little moments, that road will become a stranger; everyone will become a part of the distance.. flashbacks begin of Geet's life -
Mahinder teaching her to ride a bicycle; Nurpinder & Rano teaching her to make kheer; Rajinder teaching Geet songs on the harmonium; Rajji eating gol guppa at the stall; showing Titu how to ride the scooter. She laments that all these moments will remain there in India and she'll be far away from them.
They reach the mandir and see Dev waiting for them. They walk her up to where he's standing.. and Geet looks up...

Scene transitions to Maan walking and looking at a picture or a letter
(although I think it's a photo). It turns out he's at the mandir.. (cue fireworks?) He walks towards the mandir, and asks a Baba if they've seen this person..

Scene cuts back to D&G looking at each other, when the pandit tells them to please sit down, as they've got lots of traditions to complete. Brij asks what's the rush? Nurpinder tells the pandit that they don't have a car to catch, so for him to please take his time. The pandit looks worried, and so does Pammi, so Kamya interferes
(what a big surprise) and tells them that this is the world of fast food, so the wedding should be superfast, no? Pammi cautions her.. and the pandit starts the rasam.
Religious mantra is heard as D&G place garlands over each other. Pammi looks distressed as they all throw flowers at them. Everyone sits down, and Geet looks at Rano, who smiles. Pammi is getting more worried every second, and Kamya waves at the pandit to go faster. Pammi restrains her and tells her that everyone is watching. Kamya turns around and says, "So what? What we have started, no one can stop us now!"

Scene cuts to Maan walking in the courtyard, and stops someone. He asks them if they've seen this.. and the person says no, but Purohitji might be able to help him. Maan goes to walk up the stairs, but the person tells him he's completing someone's wedding, and for him to stay there. Maan is shown looking at the stairs intensely.

Scene cuts back to the wedding, and Kamya is tying D&G's dupattas. Everyone is smiling, and as the pandit is completing the rasam, Maan realises he hasn't got much time, and starts running up the stairs. Bells are ringing as D&G complete their saat phere, and the scene cuts to and from Maan walking up the stairs to D&G.
Geet stops and waits for Dev to walk in front of her, as Maan reaches the mandir, and looks at the photo he's holding. He turns around before he sees Geet's face, and then looks back. He then stands directly outside the mandir, and thinks to himself "This wedding must happen, I'll make sure to tell Purohitji."
Dev puts the sindoor and mangalsutra on Geet as Maan looks on, not realising Geet's the one who's getting married
(awww.. it's such an amazing yet annoying scene, b/c I know ManEet lovers would have wanted something happening.) Everyone smiles, as Geet touches her mangalsutra..

The scene cuts to D&G getting everyone blessings, and Kamya calls Naintara to tell her the wedding has happened and now all their problems are solved. Naintara has a joyous look on her face, and sarcatically laments for Geet - "she's put her faith in God, and the person for which she's placed sindoor and a mangalsutra on.. he's not even hers!" Kamya agrees, and says that the fake pandit put on a spectacular fake wedding
(OMG. Can I kill 'em yet?). Naintara hangs up with this broad smile on her face.
The scene cuts back to D&G, and then Maan. He's shown walking directly outside the mandir, as the bidaai is beginning.
Maan stops someone, and asks if they are the purohit
(for that matter, what is a purohit?). The man says yes, and then Maan asks that if he's the purohit, who did the wedding? The real purohit says the family brought their own. Maan accepts this, and asks if they've seen this anywhere (the photo hasn't been shown yet people). The purohit says no, but Maan should pray for his answer..

As D&G are walking out, Dolly excitedly says "Now Geet has become Canada's!" Everyone smiles at this..
Back to Maan, the purohit takes his leave, and Maan is shown watching D&G's family walking outside.
Back to D&G.. Geet is crying as she hugs her family one last time. She's crying with Rano, when Darji asks Brij to take out something. It's the papers to Geet's share of the farm - Kamya is quite excited at this, but Pammi shakes her head. Dev says he doesn't want such a big responsibility on his head, and anyway he'll be in Canada, what will he do with this? Darji tells him it doesn't matter where he lives, the land is now theirs. Darji tells Pammi that they can't refuse.. and once again Kamya opens her mouth and tells her mother "Oh take it.. how are we going to complete our work without it?" Brij looks up as he hears this
(Sumii.. looks like floor lover does have a brain Wink).
Pammi reluctantly takes the papers, as flashbacks are shown.. Naintara telling Pammi that they don't have any other choice; Rano is telling Nurpinder that people are coming to see their Geet, and that too from Canada; Pammi is giving Geet her bangles, and tells Darji not to say anything about the marriage being finalised; Naintara saying that if they don't have any other options, this is the one to take; Kamya stealing the necklace; Naintara saying "for Dev?"; Pammi blessing D&G at the roka; Pammi saying "what wouldn't a human do for their children?"; Naintara telling Geet's family they need Geet's authority paper, and Kamya saying they only need her signature; Naintara saying that Pammi has no worry for Dev not getting married?; D&G doing saat phere; Pammi thinking she can't see this innocent life ruined; Dev putting sindoor on Geet. The episode ends on Pammi's distressed face.

Precap: Geet passes Maan by in the car, and Maan drives off in the opposite direction; a lady screams and Dev's car hits a tree.. he asks if she's alright, and Geet gets out of the car, and says that's Channi's mother; Channi's mum runs off into the distance, and Dev cries "Did the car have to die at this moment?"

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My analysis for today's episode

Geet episode 15:

NT is such a cool villainCool. Even villains like these are difficult to get now a days. How calmly she handles a completely crazy Pammi. She does not threaten her nor shout at her. She just in a calm way in a saccharin voice reminds her of Dev and explains in her own selfish way why sacrificing an innocent girl's future is important to save Dev from whatever peril he is in. Again there is a mention of "if Dev comes to know of this". But I think here what she meant was if Dev comes to know of his mom trying to show him up for a cheat, though a first time viewer may be very easily misled to believe that Dev is still unaware of the goings on.

The marriage.CryCry I think to justify the name of the serial,  Geet's thoughts of moving away from her family are brought into focus. Her memories of her childhood and family are highlighted because she feels she is going to a far away place and she will not be able to see her family as often as she wants too.Unhappy Throughout the fake ceremony I desperately wanted something to happen so it will be stopped though I knew very well that was not going to be the case.Unhappy Geet's expression during this marriage is in some ways similar to the ones she has when she gets married to Maan but they are also different. You can see it in the way she looks at Dev that she does in her own way adore the caring and gentle savior Dev has managed to convince her he is but here there a lot of times she looks at her family because she is sad about having to go away from them. But when she marries Maan she looks at him like he is the ultimate. She has only eyes for him and no one else not even Daarji because for her he is all.Heart

The traditional mantras playing in the background I felt further reminded us of how Dev and his family had made a mockery of such a divine bonding ritual.Angry He defiles the sindoor and mangalsutra. AngryAngryAnd he is not shown to hesitate even a little bit.AngryAngryIf I were NT I wouldn't have left the nervous Pammi and the shameless Kamya and gone. They both are doing their best at spoiling her well laid out plans, Pammi with her nervousness and Kamya by being over zealous. Somewhere in the talk between NT and Kamya there is another hint dropped about something fishy about Dev's marital status and of course they keep telling about the phony wedding done by the phony priest.

And of course our darling Maan turns up. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedOh my ! He has killer looks in casual shirts and jeans.Day Dreaming They are way better than the tight blouse type shirts that became his uniform later on. Even the casual shirts that he wore later on were too tight. He is searching for someone. From what I have read it is never explained who. ConfusedWill have to look at the episodes that follow to find out if there was ever even a hint. They keep showing Maan's form in between Geet and Dev which I now has some symbolism but I am going to leave to the experts in this forum to explain it. But after the marriage when the party leaves there is definitely a pull that Maan feels, some kind of loss which he experiences for a very short time. This is the famous ESP that Maan and Geet share at work.Day Dreaming

Daarji hands over the land papers. Dev is secretly singing "ooh lala" and Kamya openly. Really who can be so greedy? Pammi accepts the papers but is having a bad time managing her guilt. Have to see what she does though.

In the precap Geet sees Channi's mom and looks like she also gets a glimpse of the real Dev. But I know it is also the scene which precedes the crime Dev commits that is far more heinous than the fake marriage.AngryAngryCryCry I have never seen that scene yet and I have to really steel myself to look at it next week. But seeing Maan will definitely ease some of the pain.


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The last few days have been quite difficult for the Geet fan in me. The more my brain understands and appreciates the actors choices and frankly expressed thoughts the more the heart gets disappointed. But one thing GC said in his interview is right. The characters Maan and Geet have become so much more powerful than the actors themselves and I am sure it scares them too.This also has influenced their decisions to a certain extent. Episodes of Geet itself that came later on failed to match the "Geet" fans grew to love and unless someone comes up with something that overtakes that(which in itself is a herculean task) we just have to wait.OuchTill then I am going to be an ostrich and bury my head in these lovely episodes of Geet.

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