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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
hi guys! i went off to sleep early but woke up to 'see' d episode! how can i miss maaeneet scene!!!

thank u samana for ur posting n analysis! d charm n dis flashback is not just seeing the episode (that any one can see from youtube) but reading urs and others' analysis. so i wait to see these episodes. so thanks a lot!

d first maaneet episode!! oh my! Maan's intro is sooo hooottt! whn u ppl were going gaga over d lake scene, i was like it's ok but i didn't find it dat spl. but today i loved it!!! especially the scene where he throws her down n walk away, i found him really hottie (or can i use d word sexy as dat is more apt) when he just ignored her first time, i was like how could he! our cliched stereotype hero wd always save d heroine. though jyo did say that geet still had a chance to escape. but still it was one girl against many guys. As sam said if he had to read abt a girl gangraped in paper... his reaction probably wd be read d next news item (he really was mean)

today we cd see glimpses of never-say-die geet of later epi today. d way she sees d jeep n jumps into it with just an attitude of how-difficult -is it going to be. Another thing i liked was Maan didnt just throw her out of d jeep. only after giving two warnings, whn she still continued with her bak-bak he just threw her out. And his sermon... d start of his mentoring!

but thank god he left her there. if brij n darji had seen her in a stranger's vehicle, dats it. but dev n maan too wd have seen each other n d whole story wd have taken a new turn. but geet wd have been saved!! but we wdnt have got our dramatic scenes like 'mein pregnant hoon'

Darji n veerji are not evn worried abt their girl but only abt stupid honour (what honour!)

Contrast of her menfolk who keep their women as slaves with no voice n maan who expects women to take care of themselvs is so vivid.

GC looked so goodlooking that i was drooling over him. he didn't look this good n later episodes.  loved maan n geet's bg music. right from first scene, maaneet's scenes like lift n eyelocks started. and their chemistry can be seen! credit goes to d director n writers n actors of course! one touch, one searing glance wow! i have fallen for them again (not again but can't help it)

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
2 things got me hooked on to Geet till d end.. One was.. GC's acting.. n sec was.. Sheer uniqueness of GHSP story.. Both of which was present in todays epi..
And so also.. This was my first epi that I saw orig for d same reasons..

Geet bumps into a stranger n pleads to save her from goons.. Next.. She is drowning.. stranger saves her..Boring..N so I was ready to change d channel.. But when he shamelessly pushes her away.. n drops her on d ground.. Got me thinking.. Now this is something new.. LOL LOL
Also.. I had seen GC as Lord Ram b4.. So I was surprised to c him in this avatar.. So then it was only curiosity.. To find out how far will GC b able to pull off this attitude guy role that made me watch next few epi.. Embarrassed Embarrassed then of course.. I got involved as d story progressed later on..

Coming to d epi.. Geet's life takes a new turn.. As v c entry of a stranger..
It was sad.. That Darji n Brij blaming d whole thing as Geet's fault.. As usual only d father was concerned abt her safety.. While he is happy to c geet safe.. Every1 else is just glaring n accusing her.. Ouch

So d story from here.. Takes a dramatic turn.. Leaving d audience curious abt d mystery guy.. N of course the Taveez part makes everyone more restless.. As to.. Will they both end up together.. N if so.. How??

I wanted to write more for this special epi n wanted to take part in d discussions.. But its a pain to do it from mobile..
Enjoy everyone.. Smile Smile

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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sia221

Geet bumps into a stranger n pleads to save her from goons.. Next.. She is drowning.. stranger saves her..Boring..N so I was ready to change d channel.. But when he shamelessly pushes her away.. n drops her on d ground.. Got me thinking.. Now this is something new.. LOL LOL
Also.. I had seen GC as Lord Ram b4.. So I was surprised to c him in this avatar..
Enjoy everyone.. Smile Smile
This is what excatly made me hooked to the show...Tongue

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Originally posted by pennu

</div><font color="#000066" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">@Samana...
<div>Yeas.. he never knew that this girl is gonn stick with him still eternity...Big smile

When Geet ran towards the tent and bumps on him and says sorry to him...</font>

<font color="#000066" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">He just turn around to button his shirt...LOL</font>

<font color="#000066" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">it reminded me the outhouse wala night scene...LOL</font>

Yes that scene definitely reminds us of the outhouse scene LOL

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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 Episode -12  Maaan
   Episode starts with  geet trying to escape from the goona and bump to man  and she ask him to rescue her from those goons. But that man hears everything but pretends unheard and pushes her away from him and gives a attitude look,geet  feels he is not gonna save him and she run into the jungle to save herself and her dupatta gets stuck  to a tree branch . She try to pull that but she falls into a river and dupatta lands on that man's head. He removes that from his face and saw geet drowning,He goes and rescues her from water and geet feels she is still in water screams bachao twice after  maan's lifting her in his arms. She calm down seeing him.  Her expression was superbb. She see him surprisingly bcz she felt he won't help him but he did it. He brings her to the shore and drops her down with a careless attitude and gives her duppata back and goes away with his beer tin in his hand Wow kya personality hai. It was the scene I might have watched hundred times but every time I felt it is new.
   Geet  takes her duppta back but still she wants him to help her to get to her home soon bcz  she was  worried that her parents will be upset If she don't go home ASAP. She try a lot  to call him for help but he  with a attitude leaves the place.  She try to follow him and she finds a tent far away and she runs towards the tent and again bump maan And this scene is Omg The way he turns and buttons his shirt  &with a attitude  lift is gun and behaves unaudible.LOL She tries to explain her situation but maan in return says  he Is not in the jungle to help her,If he was helping everybody needed ones he would not have been in jungle alone & ask her to leave the place. She feels helpless and sees a jeep near the tent and thinks she can drive what is the big deal only thing she has to do was to move the sterring . She starts the jeep and crashes into the tent ,maan tries hard to stop it and he however stops it and with a attitude he forcibily makes her sit the jeep and drives her to towards the road.She is surprised where he is taking her,she try to ask him but he says sit quite or else Iwill drop U from the jeep. Meanwhile Geet's parents are worried and they are on the way to search her.Dev also accompany them. They see a bus coming towards their village from samarpur. They stops that and dev searches in the bus but  brij was confident that she won't hire a bus. Maan drives her towards main road and she seen he is injured she is concerned about his injury and try  aid the wound by tearing her duppata but maan stops the jeep and ask her to get down.She is pretty worried and all alone in the middle of the road .maan backs off and see the taveez which was struck in his blazer. Geet is found by her family  standing in the middle of the road. Brij is furious on her but when Dev intervenes  saying he was worried about her. In the end Darji feels when Dev is having no objection there is no point in getting angry with her. and advices her this type of mistakes shd not repeat again.I felt bad for geet bcz har taraf se uski band baaj rahi thi.

                       Now first time when I saw the episode I thought why this maan is throwing so much of attitude. can't he be straight ,he want to help or not.what a jerk he is why did he threw her on the shore with that attitude,he could have have asked her to get down and go away.
Guys we didn't get the answer till today what was the reason he behaved rudely with geet in initial days and gr8 Ph says it's all over right.

 @Sia I watched Geet for Gc &DD acting both bcz She acted so innocent her voice her body language  were perfect in every scene proving she was a innocent  small town girl who has gr8 respect for her family  hoe ever they treat her. GC  gave a bangable entry with his gr8 shaped body & attitude in his acting after doing ramayan.I didn't see ramayan before geet.  but DD is  brought up in Metro in real unaware of village girl's attitudes she did a perfect job which is very difficult. 


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shammo Groupbie

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
@Samana: Thanks for the VU and WU of the episode.

The 12th episode starts with the ufff! scene. Attitude wala new dhamekadar entry. I remember the first time I watched the scene,I was waiting for the most cliched scene when Geet ran into this hunk, but was surprised to see differently. The scene that followed then took my breath away. I don't think I have seen or heard of such a beautiful rescue scene in a drama. Today while I watched the episode, I noticed how the taveez was focused on after Geet was thrust away. Not only that, the humsafar wala scene was replayed I guess to give the audience a hint about the importance of this man in Geet's life.And also the fact that now he was tied to Geet with and invisible thread and however hard he tries to be indifferent towards her, he cannot avoid the stroke of destiny that will pull him towards her. The CVs again show Maan discovering the taveez after stranding Geet on the road when he wonders how it came to him and realizes that it might have belonged to Geet and got stuck on his clothes when she had grabbed him to ask for his help. Then again they show Geet between Maan and Dev which we will get to see later on in the serial.
I was so stunned to hear Brij's comment about travelling in the bus. Is this the prehistoric ages? The way Darjee threatens her and says that since her groom to be is not bothered he is letting her go without punishment. They are the least bothered about her well-being. Her father was petrified about Geet's safety and reacted instantaneously after seeing her safe and sound. Her tayaji was also relieved to see her. Even Dev seemed to have broken in a sweat whereas Darjee and Brij were more concerned about their izzat.
Maan-Geet scene beside the lake and the tent was so nice. It reminded me of their camp wala date, where Geet lovingly puts the taveez around Maan's neck again but this time not accidentally but haq se. So, Geet forces the Sher to come out of his cave and help the maiden in distress. But, with that begins his first lesson to Geet. Her constant whining about her family, exasperates him and he stranded her there in the forest telling her to stand on her own two feet instead of crying 

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Geet desperately asked for help to the stranger but he gave her a fiery look (there first EYELOCKEmbarrassed!). He harshly took off her fingers from his jacket n pushed her awayOuch! That sleeveless jacket perfectly flaunted his biceps n tricepsBlushingDay Dreaming. She was surprised at this n began to run again. The stranger gave a damn!! He was seeping his beer while the goons chased the girl. He saw them going away. Here MSK's face was shown from diff angles. GC looked sooo hotDay Dreaming. The Tabeez was stuck on the chain of his jacket in the BG the hamsafar/soulmate dialogue was on. What an unique entry of an heroDay DreamingClapThumbs Up. We are used to see the normal hero smashes the goons n saves the gal then there love ishtory takes off but here it was completely different. A perfect entry for MSK n the Tabeez the Tabeez almost instantly went to its owner as if it was alive n knew exactly where it belonged. I wonder what was going on in the minds of the viewers at that time who thought Dev was the man in Geet's life? OR did they recognized Maan as the hero. I'll never know Sigh! She was running hard her dupatta got stuck in a bush she tried to untangle it but fell in the waster. Her dupatta flew on the strangers head it also knew who will protect its owner's honour for sureApprove. The original CV's were great in these important symbolisms. MSK took off the dupatta from his head n looks at the direction from where her cry of help was coming. Then we saw he jumps in the river. It was a long swim she already drowned by the time he reached where she was floating. He went under water (I held my breath as I knew the hottest water rescue was coming!) he surfaced lifting Geet at first they showed him from back water was splashing from his thick wet hairDay Dreaming then the camera showed them from front. Geet was extremely panicked she didn't realize she was already saved he looked at her & said "CHUP!!!" HaayeeBlushing what a sexy  first dialogue that was. Both looked at each others eyes for quite a long time. SECOND Maaneet eye lockEmbarrassedLOL!! What was he thinking while he looked at her? I think her striking innocence caught his attention or mayb he was thinking this is the girl to whom one day I'll say "Main papa banna chata hooROFL" He broke the eyecontact n walked towards the shore. She kept on looking at his face. She was surprised I think. He put her down on the ground n threw the dupatta at her without looking at her as she was wet. This gives us the hint of his precious character n almost celibate nature. Also indicates that he is the right person who will protect Geet's honour not DevApprove. Maan lefts her there seeping his beer can n we had a full n complete view of GC's sexy backBlushing.Shirtless MSK is too hot to takeBlushing! Her family realized Geet was left behind so the men went to look for her. The river side was barren n remote. Geet was helpless, she didn't have any money either. I felt really bad for her all her life she lived under the protection of her patriarchal family suddenly she was stranded in the middle of on where (this was only indicating what was coming in her lifeOuch). She ran tripped n bumped into him againLOL. He again pushed her awayOuchLOL. Did u guys noticed he only buttoned up the lower buttons of his shirt so we can have look at his bare chestWinkTongue. Geet was urging him for help. He rudely answered if helping ppl was my hobby I wouldn't come to such a no mans land. Go away!! Geet decided to drive his Jeep she was future Mrs. MSK she wouldn't give up so easilyLOL. Then again she was crying for help. I couldn't help but laugh. The Jeep collided with the tent he got out at the last moment. He was trying to stop the jeep. It is yet another breathtakingly hot sceneTongue. GC in black shirt n blue jeans isshhBlushing. MSK looked so hotBlushing! He told her to press the break but she didn't know where the break wasLOL. He placed some rocks under the tires n managed to stop the Jeep. Geet came down n asked was he OK! This shows her selfless nature she was also worried bcoz she held herself responsible for what happened. MSK reacted angrily n pulled her in the jeep. "Sit in the car quietly!" Poor guy she already made him restless he had no choice but to help herLOL. He helped her so that he can get rid pf her as soon as possible! On the way brij's dialogue was quite striking he said girl of our family never ride a public bus with other men. Geet knows if she does this I'll break her legs. Meanwhile Geet was trying to talk to the stranger. She asked him if he had a phone? She needed to inform her family. Her bro n Grandpa will kill her etc this only irked him. He kept on driving roughly then suddenly stopped n told her to be quiet! Quite a guy ha? Only thing he says is be quiet. We never knew he would sing ballads in a mellifluous voiceROFL. Geet saw the wound on his arm. She told him u r hurt let me help u. He had had enough. He suddenly stopped the jeep n said get down. Why he did that? I think for 3 reasons-a) her dependency n helpless nature irritated him, b) if he didn't abandoned her like that he would definitely meet Dev the CV's wanted to avoid that & c) she was threatening to break the rough  shell he had created around himOuchEmbarrassed. I really felt sorry for Geet she was in the hands of a rude whimsical stranger she almost broke into tears but he wouldn't meltShocked. She said u cant live me like this! Before leaving MSK said one of my most favourite dialogues said by him n I respect him for saying this. He said "Whether or not u teach your destination wont change your situation as long as u don't stand on your own feet will continue to live in fear"Thumbs Up. He left. Her family finds her on the road side. Geet ran to her father. But she fell under the rage of brij n darji. Her father n uncle were helpless but darji spared her bcoz of Dev. Dev still pretended to be concerned for her n kept the viewers in confusion about his motivesAngry. At the end MSK finds the TabeezEmbarrassed. The epi ends with the hamsafar dialogue with Geet in the middle of Maan n Dev. They were confusing the viewers about her true soulmate. Perfect buildup for coming epis

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Recap: Maan tells Geet that until she stands up on her own two feet, she'll live a life of fear; Geet sees a car, and smiles - she runs to her dad when Brij comes...

The episode starts off with Dolly and Rajji preparing Geet for the mehndi.. when Brij screams out "Geet!" He walks into the room, and Geet goes up to him.. and he gives her a massive backhander (I'd die if that was me). Rajji and Dolly cower in fear. He tells Geet off - "How dare you!? Making the family name dust, and you have no shame?" "No, veerji, I didn't mean anything!" "You talk back to me? Before that happens, we slit our girls' throats.. first, you went to meet Dev alone, and now, who knows which stranger you were in the Jeep with!" Geet tries to tell him it wasn't the case, but he refuses to listen, and goes to slap her again, when Darji asks him for help with the luggage. Brij walks away warning Geet if she does something like that again... as Geet remembers what Maan said about standing on her own feet, and becomes brave enough to tell Brij that she did nothing wrong - he turns but walks away.

Dolly and Rajji go to Geet, and Rajji asks Geet why she opened her mouth to Brij, especially knowing that he doesn't like girls speaking. Dolly tells Geet that women come with tears written in their destiny from God; even if they get beaten and humiliated, they still have to smile (one of the smartest things I've ever heard Dolly say.. you go girl!) Rajji tells Geet to smile - it's her mehndi, and after this she'll be married and off to Canada. Geet says that it isn't right that Brij treats them like that, as if girls have sinned; she tells Dolly not to leave her destiny in the hands of God, and that her destiny does not have tears written in it. She knows that Dev is a good man, and she is amazed that she was worried about the wedding.
Rajji breaks the tension by teasing Geet not to think so much or she'll take so much time getting ready, Dev will have flown back to Canada. They hug. (Such a beautiful scene b/w the three girls.. gosh, you gotta love 'em.)

Scene cuts to Naintara putting bangles on, when Kamya complains on why she had to return the necklace - it would have looked so good with her outfit. (Ooi Maa.. can this girl get any sillier?) Naintara sarcastically tells her that yes, to wear the necklace in the house of the people she stole it off - flashback of Kamya stealing the necklace. Pammi comes in and worries whether someone found out. Naintara looks at Kamya, and wonders what would happen if Dev found out about it. She tells Pammi that, sensibly, they hid the necklace under the sofa. Kamya pipes up and says that Dev is always so worried about Geet. Naintara looks quite angry at this statement (you could see the steam coming out of her ears.. gosh, if looks could kill!)

Scene cuts to Geet being brought out for the mehndi, with the title song playing in the b/g. Dev sees his bride and smiles.. as Geet is walking down, she stumbles. Naintara calls out her name, and everyone looks up. Dev runs to Geet, and Geet's parents share a knowing look in the background. D&G share a moment.. (melting)

Dev is called to the men's side, and Geet is asked to choose a mehndi design. Geet doesn't know which one to choose.. and looks around for help. Dev is slowly walking backwards, so he can watch Geet.. when Geet meets his eyes, and she starts turning pages for him to select. He chooses the 2nd page.
The lady starts drawing the mehndi on, and Geet's family (the women) start singing "Mehndi Hai Rachnewali" (OMG. Only one of my all time fav songs.. woohoo) D&G share eyelocks.. and Dev watches as his bride gets her mehndi done.

Scene cuts to Kamya dragging Pammi into a room, and telling her the agent has booked all their tickets. Vrinder overhears this. He walks away thinking - "they said that only Dev was going to go back, but they all are? After the wedding, where is Geet going to stay? They haven't even asked for Geet's passport." This all gets repeated to the elders of the family (his brother, bhabi, dad & wife). He tells them that they don't plan on taking Geet to Canada. Darji says that they must talk to Dev's family. Rajinder says that they must be careful, as they've suspected them once already. Vrinder tells Darji that it's Geet's life they're talking about, when Pammi & Kamya open the door. Pammi says that the mehndi is happening, but everyone is inside.. is there a problem?
Nurpinder says no, but they were just wondering where Geet was going to stay after the wedding, especially considering they're leaving in two days - and they haven't asked for Geet's passport yet.
Pammi freaks out and says "Pass... port?" Darji asks if they've thought of something in regards to how Geet will get to Canada, and Kamya says they haven't (I swear, this girl has a chronic foot-in-mouth disease). Brij hears this, and asks whether they think this is a wedding or a joke. He wonders where Dev is...

Cut to Dev on the phone outside, when Brij comes up to him and pulls his sherwani. Naintara is shocked. Everyone comes rushing out telling Brij to let go. Brij asks Dev  - if they wanted to sit Geet alone, why are they getting her married in three days? And since when does Dev make the decision alone that he's going to leave Geet after the wedding? Dev is shocked. He asks the family whether they thought he would purposely leave Geet in India. He asks Darji that when he was the one who asked for Geet's hand, why would he leave her now and go to Canada?
He asks for everyone to trust him, to believe him. Darji says they do.. and Dev spits out that he's been trying to Geet a visa without having to conduct an interview. Naintara intervenes, and says "Uncleji, Geet is someone to us as well. In fact, Dev has been talking to the passport offices for two days now." Vrinder agains asks for forgiveness, and says that when it comes to Geet, they're all a bit worried. She's travelling to an unknown country. (Man, what is it with Naintara always getting Geet's dad to apologise? She obviously runs the show in this family)
Dev's phone rings, and it's a Mr. Sidhu. Dev looks concerned, and when he gets off the phone.. he says that there's a bit of a problem. The travel agent he hired had said that Geet would get a visa asap, as he had contact in the Canadian embassy.. however, now the agent is saying that Geet must attend an interview, and that too tomorrow morning.
Everyone is freaking out, and Rano says "But the wedding is tomorrow morning.. does that mean my Geet won't get married?" It starts raining, and everyone runs inside. Rano tells Nurpinder to come inside, and she mentions that it shouldn't be raining at this time.. is it an omen? (I should think so..)

Everyone walks inside to where Geet is getting her mehndi done. Rajji mentions to Dev how beautiful her mehndi looks - and Naintara isn't happy.. Dolly tells Dev that Geet has had his name written in her hand.. and for him to find it. (Awww.. but I thought this was done on the wedding night?) Dev apologises and says he can't see it, and Dolly tells him that if he doesn't find it, they're not going to let her get married the next day.. and the lights go off. Naintara watches D&G's smiles, and struts off... (Yeah go away. No one wants ya sweetheart)

Precap: Pammi asks Naintara to think about the wedding again, and Dev comes in. Rano overhears, and Pammi's words repeat...

Woohoo.. done. Finally. And OMG, the amount of times they showed Naintara.. I wanted to scream. Her expressions don't change.. I totally reckon that Dev has to marry Geet for a specific reason... something about that first wife & death thing.
Anyway, hopes ya liked it.. and yes, I am getting faster at this. :P

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