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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 30)

sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 6:18am | IP Logged
@ Geetaddict: Hi..there..
Wise minds think alike..WinkLOL
Geet's father is a GEM of a person.. n for her mother.. of course she loves Geet.. no doubt in that..but that is over-shadowed by Darji's principles..n yest her dialogue regarding girl's education..really blew my mind LOL...I guess I m being too hard on her...LOLLOL

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Written Update (Credit to sweet.melody)

Channi's mom curses that no girl from daarji's parivar will ever be happy.. Dev's family comes.. they say maybe we came at wrong time.. daarji says Channi's mom has gone mad.. pay no heed to her

then everyone wishes each other for lodi.. Dev wishes Geet and then says we will celebrate lodi in Canada like this.. will make Canada an India for you.. trust me. Day Dreaming Geet smiles and wishes him.

Then while everyone else is celebrating.. D&G are standing off to the side.. Geet asks looks like you didnt tell anyone what i told you one the terrace Dev ji.. he says ofcourse not.. that was between us.. and it will always remain between us. And then he does a cute gesture of holding his throat and saying promise.. smiling at Geet.. she smiles back.

Then Dev takes out his cell phone to take a pic of Geet.. she blushes and runs away.. but she looks back at him shyly.. he sees that ;)
Seeing a kid run by with a plate in his hand.. Dev places something in the plate and points at Geet.. the kid gives it to Geet.. she sees that Dev gave it.. taking the plate she runs off and hides behind a wall.. she sees a letter on there.. looking back at Dev shyly she opens it..
It says "we are far now.. till we are together.. a picture please" she blushes!

Dev gathers whole family and takes a pic of the whole family.. then he says one more.. but he zooms in on Geet.. just when he is about to take pic.. he gets a phone call..

talking on the phone Dev's expression changes.. he goes and talks to his bhabhi and mom..

Scene change to everyone in the house.. Geet listening from inside.. when it looks like pammi is hesitating.. brij says looks like you have some demands.. we are girls side after all.. tell us..

Dev says no way.. i would dont want anything.. i will take Geet as she is Embarrassed (something like that) .. and then he says but..

Geet behind is freaking out saying.. oh no rajji my heartbeat is increasing..

Precap: D&G meet on that bridge where we saw Geet dancing in the first epi.. Dev says ever since i have seen you.. i have been making a dream in my head.. of how i will put this (he has a laal dupatta in his hand) and take you with me..
Brij comes and ruins the moment.. by beating up Dev.. and telling Geet to leave..

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Hey people! Sorry I got a little late today but now analyse away!

Also, please let me know whether you want to continue over the weekend or not. So far I know of one person who does and one who doesn't so tell me your preference and we can go with majority rule.

I can't watch it right now so I will be back in an hour with my thoughts. Smile

You all please go ahead!

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Paro/geetaddict's take which she sent me Big smile

Geet episode 5

The episodes in the beginning are so heavy on drama no wonder we enjoyed the lighter episodes in the office track.
So Channi's mom suspects or rather knows for sure Brij has killed Channi. Daarji is also in a way aware of it but we can see he does not support it. With age even fanatics sometimes become wiser. But youth and fanaticism together make a very dangerous combination. The way Channi's mom was cursing the family created such an impact and then the exact words she used " your daughter will go through the same". Poor Geet she was in a way punished again for somebody else's (Brij's) misdeeds.I don't think Channi's mom wanted Geet to suffer, she was Channi's friend after all but acute grief makes us say a lot of things we go on to regret.   
I think when Dev's family enters and sees the scene it does put the fear of life in them. They come to see what earning Brij's wrath can do to people. If at all we were not suspicious of them till now their shifty glances definitely gives us enough reason to be on the look out. They must have been really desperate to decide to continue with this charade even though they knew at Brij would do to them if he found out.
They way Dev's mom says what we are forced to do for our children makes us feel she was not actually for the deception but was doing it for her son. Compare this mom to the later one who was ready to hurt and even kill Maan for the family wealth. Well if Dev can transform into a saint his mom can become a sinner I guess.
I am joining Samana in really disliking Dev. He surely is a loose character. I don't think the script of their marriage drama included flirting with the victim. Poor Geet. She was so glad Dev had not discussed with his family but Geet should also have thought about the fact that after all this drama about wanting to know what she thought why he chose to ignore it. I guess her mom had scared her too much for her to think about anything else. I really felt like slapping him when he used the word Bharosa. Such a contrast between the way the word is used by Dev and then later Maan. For Dev the word had no meaning at all.It was just a word to trap an innocent girl. But for Maan his life was based on that. After what she went through the fact that Geet eventually grows to trust another guy in her life even one as clean as Maan is just amazing.
Somewhere though the brothers too think alike(Dev in his own twisted way though).Dev's photo scene reminded me of the scene where Geet refuses to accept Maan.s gift and so he gifts everyone with a mobile so she can get one too.And writing a letter.
So Dev gets a call probably from his creditors. Daarji asking Geet to remove the Kangan. What's behind that. Janney key liye Dekhthey rahiye Geet Hui Sabse Parayi ke old episodes har raath 8:00 to 9:00 bajey sirf indiaforums key is thread par.Big smile

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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 Episode 5
   It is the continuation of y'day's episode where channi's mother comes blaming Brij for channi's missing. She pleads darjee to tell what happened to her ,but even darjee is clueless but he could guess brij is involved. Brij denies but channi's mother falls on darjees feet asking for her kid's whereabouts. Then suddenly dev's family arrive there and they are also pretty scared and worried seeing them handa family  feels uneasy but darjee interrupts and welcomes them and say that women 's daughter is lost and loosing a kid is the biggest tragedy, Then pummy is lttle hesitant  then darji asks her what is the reason , then she says nothing everything is new to them. then geets tayaji says in small town some incident happens everybody is much concerned about that.
   Lori function starts and Kamya startup with her plan indirectly saying it is beautiful campfire where hero heroine meets ,NT the rayal bahu corrects Ouch kamya, saying not heroine she is bhabhi.
   Dev tries to be very decent wid everybody,acts so sincere to win their confidence too. GEET comes and she is asked to take blessings of pummy by her tayiji Pummi & fox NT greets geet  for lori and NT hugs her.  Dev starts attracting her with his smart looks and charm.Frankly speaking Dev's family acted so naturally that I could not even smell the cheating. Again kamya interferes and try to bring geet & dev more closer by saying they can greet each other or not.  Geets father permits saying U can ask anything then dev greets him happy lori again kamya say U say  everything what U said to me ,then dev says in canada also i will arrange same type of festive atmosphere for U. Geet is completely smitten and smile to that and greets dev also lori mubarak.
     Then the celebration starts and daarjee asks brij about channi ,he lies he don't know but darjee says I know U care much about tradition and culture and U can't see somebody going beyond that but this time I believe U didn't do anything  worse.
     In the midst of celebration dev is full on with his plan to take geet into confidence.Geet asks him whatever we discussed Y'day on the terrace hope u didn't tell to anybody. Dev uses the situation and tell s no he hasn't. That was between them and he will not let any third person to come in between them.He promises that to win her confidence & trust. He plays here and there to take her pic to  make her realise that he loves her. he also want to make the family comfortable so he asks for a family pic. Then suddenly his game starts. He gets a call and he acts as if there is a major problem due to which he has to stop this marriage. Then brij reacts and tell If U want anything in the form of dowry and property we are ready fotr that. however we have to give it. Then dev says  that he is ready to take her with one pair of cloth but situation has changed . plz understand.
    Dev and his family has come with full planning,kamya is well used to raise the issues innocently. Dev is grilling geet from all the sides, trying to win her trust, showing that he cares for her,He will never  let her feel homesick after going to canada..While GEET'S family is bunch of idiots. women are emotional & brainless and Men have power&wealth but no brain to think.Geet's father is loving and sensible but his hands are tied up with family rules.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Episode 5 showed the further bonding between Dev and Geet with Dev trying every possible trick to win Geet's heart and trust Angry...I cant believe that when I was watching these episodes for the first time ,I was actually rooting for Dev to later transform himself into a loving husband in case he has some evil plans ConfusedLOL..well I dint knew na Maan will b appearing that time to make us all crazy later LOLLOL

Coming to the episode ,so it continued with Channi's mother giving her curse to entire Handa family and she was right in her place Clap ;She has every right to curse the family which killed her innocent daughter so brutally Angry ;The only sad part was Geet had to bear the brunt of this curse as she had to suffer the most after this curse Cry .
Rest of the episode showed a good build-up for the Dev-Geet track where Dev tries to win Geet's heart with his filmy hero tricks LOL and innocent Geet was slowly falling for Dev's charm Ouch...
Even the precap scene showed how Dev was almost despo to win Geet's confidence and trust making sure that Geet puts her blind trust on him later Ouch...
I still cant believe how CVs later projected Dev as victim and made NT the main culprit when in these episodes its crystal clear that Dev was the mastermind behind the whole game as he was the one who tried everything to win Geet's confidence and trust only to ditch her later and while doing all this he never had even 1% guilt on his face AngryAngry...
Overall a interesting episode ...

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21-07 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Hoila devils! i was going through the discussions since page1..
The thing which caught my attention was how maan always protected geet's honour( her dupppata) and dev failed miserablely in it...
Today I want to ask one thing which had always bugged me..Hope u guys would help me..
The first scene Of maan and geet where goons were after her, she asked for maan's help..those goons clearly wanted to rape her..As she had no money with the only motive for them to run behind her was to rape why in that scene maan threw her aside..
i always wondered one thing..Had geet did not fall into the river, she would have been robbed of her izzat..In that case also she could have been why maan only bothered to save her life when she fell into the water..isnt it weird..or maan knew it already that geet will fall into the river and he will come to save her...Confused
The idea of being raped is more dreadful than paani mei dubna..
can someone help me in this.I failed to understand maan's pysche here.OuchShocked

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manny136 IF-Sizzlerz

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I still remember watching this epi it continued with chaanis mom's rant about her missing daughter and wow it was really a powerful scene and then when she cursed geet's family and the way geet's mom covered her ears i knew then something bad was gonna happen to geet for sure. Dev and co came and everyone went on with the festivities but the undercurrent of something coming up was always there. I really loved the song they used during the dev geet scene, they really wanted us to like the pairing till they slowly started to show us the reality of the real dev and family. He really wanted to make the family like him and then slowly they could twist and turn the situation to there advantage the call was to make it seem they needed to go back to canada soon so they needed to hurry up with the marriage. Dev was so overly sweet with geet it was obvious something was not right. the upcoming epis will start showing that dev and co r up to something but most of the men in geets family will not pay heed.

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