Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 8:37am | IP Logged
Dev did seem shocked that someone from a small village could say no to a handsome NRI from Canada. Dunno what he is going to do about it though.

So Daarji invites everyone for the Lori celebrations. And Dev's family does not want them to share the news of the rishtha with anyone. Knowing about the phone call Geet's dad gets later I think they didn't want anyone to warn Geet' family about them.
Geet's dad smells something fishy. At least someone is using their brain. But then Daarji says we have to agree to all the guy's family's demands. Geet's dad is still not convinced as he does not feel they are that desperate after all their Geet is not lacking in anything. And Brij says being a girl is a kami by itself. The minute he said those words my heart said "oye" and wanted to go at him with his own talwar. What a really disgusting(ghinouna is the right word) thing to say. That statement summarises what Brij's opinion of women really is. And though he may have said it aloud its the same thought that goes in a lot more minds that puts a girl child at a disadvantage right from when it is born.Angry Taking a deep breath and letting it out.

Geet impressed by Dev's act of gentle-manliness and thinks about it.  Geet's mom wants to know what she told Dev. Poor innocent Geet tells all. She is yet to learn the survival instincts her aunt has. She takes after her mom unfortunately who too was so flustered and wanted to tell everything to her husband. Geet's mom makes Geet feel guilty for having said the truth of what was in her mind and her aunts accusing eyes did the rest of the work. Poor Geet. She was really worried though she did not know the exact reason why this was such a bad thing to do.
Lori starts. Chenni is again mentioned. And Daarji glances at Brij. Geet and Rajji also discuss Channi. Geet's mom is really nervous and makes Rupinder nervous too. The mention of Jasoos reminded me of our mamaji. Maybe if he had been around he would have realised something was off with Dev's family. Brij goes to call Dev's family and his mom stalls him. Daarji catches a wiff something off in Rupinder's behaviour. Wish his senses had worked with such efficiency when it came to Dev's family. Maybe mamaji and Daarji do share some genes.Smile
Rupinder saved by Channi's mom's entry which left quite an impression.She accuses Brij of doing something to her daughter and Brij in his rage almost admits to killing her. Channi's mom's wail was really heart wrenching. Dev's family arrives at the same time. Wish Brij had scared them off.

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Lily201 Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged

This epi's  gotten my head in a swirl of mixed reactions-despite the fact I've watched it once -but still I'm stumped from where to start & where to stop.

Honestly more than ever I wish that girls like Channi or Geet never had such a fate befall them-and when you sit watching the incidents pass over in other end of screen you wish you could go over there & prevent the happenings before they culminate in ruining the innocent girls.
Poor Channi's mother-she truly loved her daughter so much that despite knowing that Channi may've suffered the worst at Brij's behest-she went and proclaimed her suspicions at Daarji's family -who being respected ultimately gains everyone's favour while Channi's mother is stranded with none beleiving in her truth and being considered a woman maddened by her sorrow,her loss as we'll see in coming epis.
Her line-"doosro ke ghar me andhera kar -khud ghar me lohri mana rahe ho"-that ominous line would turn true coz Dev & co with their arrival on this auspicious occasion were going to rob the light from Geet's life
Today I'm not going to zero in on Dev,but rather Brij and his barely suppressed despise for a girl in his family -the way he said "Geet's a girl ,isn't that a big enough weakness,liability?"-when Mohinder in his utter adoration for his daughter retorted to Daarji-"Our Geet is also no less to us that her marriage should be hidden or hastened".
I guess Brij being the first male grandson is so favoured by all and of course in Daarji's eyes coz of the fact his taste of being in power matches with Daarji's upholding all "authority" in his household as Daarji had earlier expressed a dissatisafaction in his sons who were busy in their own lives.
Maybe thats why the "male ego"-but his bloodthirst got better of him.
On other hand Rano- the mother of a daughter feels fraught with tension at handling a girl's responsibilty in a house that clearly censures a woman's voice.
So her occassional chides to Geet of never breaking the unspoken rule of obedience to men of the house besides Rano's own resignation to such a society.
Her convos with Rupinder show -that being the younger & the more tame woman in house she seeks her approval in these matters-the way she succumbed to her advice as final word.
While Geet has been impressed by Dev's one kind act -and being young & unassuming has gradually accepted his arrival in her heart -though she didn't find speaking her mind as an obstacle in a possible relationship with him-so honesty is obviously what she stands for.
Her line -"I think I might've spoken more in the bargain"-was ironic considering she speaks so less -but the enormity of her truth could make or break things as per Rano.
Obviously Rano-did love Geet-and even in getting her married she was ecstatic to get her hitched with NRI groom .
Moi loved Rajji-without her as a companion Geet's life might've been dreary.
At first -(i.e. when I was watching the series live) I used to selfishly wish Dev to be the proverbial knight in armour who'd take her away from the oppressive family,but on second look I see that Geet's decision was influenced a great deal by her family's expectations-so infact Geet's gradual acceptance of being married was of a selfless desire to make her folks happy.
At the end Dev & co arrive-and watched the scene Brij created followed by Channi's mother's break down-but soon they were to be responsible for driving Geet to face the same wrath & reveal Brij's murderous side soon.Ouch

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
I just loved Geet's conflict in today's episode. It was so real and believable for a girl of her age and background. She is confused about why it was wrong to tell Dev she didn't want to go to Canada, though she feels deeply guilty for causing her family pain and at the same time she is impressed by his gentle care of her wound. His one small attention left a huge mark on her mind, given that she has probably never had a man pay her that kind of attention. It actually reminded me of the impact a similar gesture from Geet, on the way to Amritsar, leaves on Maan's mind later. It shows I guess that both Geet and Maan are people who are not used to, surprised and impacted by the simplest gesture of kindness.

I think she was also surprised to see someone who could stand up to Darjee and make him bend a rule, but also be so gentle and caring. I think somewhere she regrets telling Dev she doesn't want to go to Canada, not because it isn't true but because it sends her mother into a blind panic.

It raises the question, where does Geet get her strong sense of honesty and integrity from? Is it inborn or maybe it comes from the men in her family, especially Darjee but he doesn't realise the influence he has on a girl and sees that later as undesirable? It is clear that Geet holds her Darjee in very high regard and it is clear he is a man of strong principles so maybe he is her role model and the one she takes after, though her honesty manifests in a different, less desirable way given that she is a girl.

I really felt uncomfortable watching Geet cry as her mother panicked today. I felt guilt with her, the guilt you feel when you realise you have done something terrible without even realising it. Even thinking of that scene makes me melancholy all over again!

I am loving Mohinder more and more everyday! What I had interpreted as his reaction yesterday, he put into words today. When he said there was nothing wrong with Geet that they had to bend over backwards and agree to all sorts of suspicious requests to get her married, I wanted to hug him! Almost as much as I wanted to SMACK Brij a second later. Angry But the solace was the indignant look on Geet's face. I am loving these little hints of who she is going to be forced to become.

If Brij pissed me off, Geet's mother was the icing on the sexist cake! Girls go to college to get good husbands indeed! But today was the second hint we got that Geet wants to study further and standing up for that. But her stance is clear. She likes Dev but she doesn't want to go to Canada, leaving her family behind. It was heartbreaking to see her fighting for just a few more years of  childhood that will be ripped from her later.

I loved the different mentions of Channi at different levels of the family. First someone outside with Darjee, saying they couldn't find her, then Brij and Darjee's look and finally Geet and Rajji's conversation about her and her love life. I loved how different people had different information about her. It sort of showed how multilayered and yet interlinked the small town is.

Finally, the scene with Channi's mother was beautiful! I liked how they showed the flashbacks almost as though she could see them happening in Brij's eyes. And Brij's almost confession in his state of rage and self-righteousness was nothing short of horrifying and the realisation in her mother's eyes was really, really sad. I loved how Channi's mother went straight for Brij's jugular as though she had nothing to lose and no longer cared for society or her image when her child was at stake. For me it foreshadowed Geet's own struggle for her child's life and the strong maternal instinct that allows her to fight for her child and stand against the family, whom she is now still so afraid and guilty to hurt. Seeing how much her family matters to her makes it even more poignant that they completely failed her and she had to stand against them.

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leverne IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:12am | IP Logged
LOved the episode lots...Clap
Geet thinking about dev..Smile.She was never been cared for by anyone so much that one kind act from dev made her think that she might have spoken too much saying that she doesnt want to go to canadaEmbarrassed
Poor geet told all the convo to her mother but instead of thinking abt her daughter she says that geet should not have told anythingCry
Her mom is worried that the marriage would break as dev seemed like a dream guy to most families in HPConfused
Not once did anyone doubt the intentions of Dev and his family.OuchConfused
ConfusedA person like darji who has so much of name and say in his village couldnt read anyones mind is beyond my comprehension..Confused
But may be he was too elated that he is getting his grand daughter married in such an influential family got the better of his judgement.Wink
Brij saying that geet was a girl when her father wanted to treat her no less than a boy, hate his sick MCP attitude..AngryAngry
AngryLoved the drama element when Channis mother comes and inquires abt her and blames the whole handa family. She did have the courage to tell in front of everyone. I guess she had nothing more to lose.Clap
Love the oye of brijWink
Brij was so angry that he blurted out the truth shocking everyone to bits...i had started biting my nails in anticipation. Big smile
Dev and his family came at the right moment.Big smile
Waiting for tomorrow as i have nt seen these epi b4 so dont know what is coming my waySmile

loved the background score at the time when geet was in FB mode

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:24am | IP Logged

These episodes are really fast paced. Brij's chaunistic attitude was very evident today. Whn Mohinder says what's wrong with my geet. His reply was 'isnt being a girl enough!' god what an attitude! Dat guy never got to realize his mistakes. I doubt such chrs will ever realize.


Today I found the mother chr more worried abt losing out on rishta n men's reaction than her daughter's welfare. But from her point of view dats so natural. She sees a good offer – rich guy from foreign country not too demanding. So wants a good marriage for her daughter. But her reactions were so realistic of submissive wife n daughter in law.


D acting was so good. I particularly liked the parjayji's body language. Dat lady is really impressive as dominant first dauther in law lording over other women, strict mother to daughters (but not to son!) obedient to elders. In fact I found most of the actors very good in emoting. We did have good actors those days. And one thing I noticed was d serial had lot of people. D ambience was rich. D detailing was also very good. I wish we had d same care. D richness darji's house was missing later. I loved the main door of their house. What a beautiful artwork!


Brij almost confesses his murder of channi! Hwo come no action was taken? I liked the small suspense among d womenfolk whether dev's family will come or not. It was so realistic becoz at times it has happnd in our houses too. There have been instances my mom and we (bro, sis n me) wd be worried over some issue or ppl (few times don't remember exactly) without my dad's knowledge n at times it used to get automatically sorted n at times got caught by my dad too (end up getting scolded!!)


I am loving it! But I am eager for maan's arrival. When does he come?

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:44am | IP Logged

@ Samana I have to appreciate your detailed and perceptive analysis of this episode.

@ all loved reading all the takes. One thing that all of us agree or rather disagree with is Brij's chauvinistic comment.
Another thing that struck me was how much of insight each of these episodes gives us. Everone's take is elaborate without being repetitive but I remember how the takes were during more recent times.It was really difficult to even write a few lines about it and almost all ended with " hope the next episode is a better one".Cry
Catch ya guys later. TTFN

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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Maan came on the begining of Third week i think...Ermm
11th or 12 epi...Big smile after Geet's engagement...

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged

I loved this episode because I thought the Lori sequence where Dev and Geet look at each other was cuteStern Smile and  I was hoping against hope that mayb Dev turns out to b a good guy but his family is the bad one LOLLOL...well I dint knew whats coming na thought Dev was cute LOLLOLLOLOuch...

Coming to the episode I really hated the Handa family for blindly going for this marriage and fulfilling all their demands without getting a single doubt Angry ;When Dev-NT-Pammi all said that noone should come to know about this marriage ,why Darji dint get a doubt Angry ;Geet's parents especially the father did get some doubts but well only Darji and Brij makes decisions in the house so they had no say even in their daughter's marriage Ouch..
Poor Geet dint wanted to go to Canada but fell for Dev's sugar-coated words Cry ;She looked like an innocent angel in these episodes who wanted a bit of freedom to make her decisions but her mother preaches her that women in this house has no say about their future decisions and so its better she just stops dreaming Cry...Now when I see these episodes ,I just wonder what would hv happened to her if a guy like MSK never entered her life Cry ;There is not a single doubt that its Maan Singh Khurana who actually brought the Sherni Geet Handa out of her shell and taught her how to fight against injustice Approve ;In these episodes she really looked very timid and scared of her family Ouch..
Lori sequence was a good build-up between Dev and Geet where Dev was succeeding to get Geet's attention and Geet was innocently falling for his charms since she was told by her mother that Dev only is her destiny now Ouch..
Felt bad for Channi's mom Cry but she cursed Handa Family and well unfortunately that curse went to Geet Ouch ;Handa family's son killed Channi so brutally and took a mother's curse ,so no wonder Handa family's daughter Geet handa had to suffer CryCry ;But with Babaji's blessings Geet got a Maan Singh Khurana in her life who wiped off that curse from her life forever Embarrassed but Handa family could never come out of that curse and so eventually that family's son Brij had to land up in jail Smile...
Overall a good gripping episode with a dramatic end ClapClap

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