Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 27)

ISHQSalmanSe IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 1:24am | IP Logged
Watched the 3rd episode today. Right from the beginning there were lots of hints that this marriage was going to be fake. First of all, the Khurana family's constant urge to finish off the roka. Then Dev instantly liking Geet and telling the others to go ahead with the marriage. Third, doing the marriage in a far-away land which will be away from the eyes of the rest of the world in case they get caught. Fourth, Dolly's "accidental" mouth about taking care of the "kaam." This whole thing shows that this idea of fake marriage was a cold calculative plan. It was a heinous crime to say the least.Angry

I would blame NT but I would blame Dev more. NT was carrying out the regular plan to just get money out of the family. Dev went ahead and ruined Geet's life. I sometimes feel that Dev and Geet should not have slept together if they did not want the crime to be so huge. But then later on the baby is what makes Maneet's relationship so damn different. The fact that Maan loved her and her baby (their baby) is what makes this love story really special. Nonetheless, spineless Dev should have went to jail or turned questions asked!!Censored

I would also blame a lot on the family. I guess the Dad was getting the hints that something was not right but he was overridden by the rest of the family members. The others were so gullible and they kept on trusting blindly. Who does that? I would understand if some hints were not given. But here a lot of hints were given over the course of why? But then I think their arrogance, hurry to get Geet married at a young age, along with their honor of the family mantra tantra, they got blinded and got too excited with the whole proposal. This whole excitement led to them not really having the time to say wait a minute!! who are these people?Ouch

Geet was so shy in the terrace scene...very different from the Geet we know later on. However, I do like the fact that she tells Dev whatever is on her mind. So we did see some glimpses of her. The kaata laga scene...Dev was helping her but he was causing her more pain when he was taking the kaata out. Same thing happened with the dupatta. Whenever Dev tries to "help" her, the situation actually becomes worse.SleepyLOL 

Exciting precap about Channi's death tomorrowShocked

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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@Neha: I loved your take!

Yeah, it is sad how all suspicion goes to the wind simply because they are agreeing to take Geet off of Darjee's hands. I liked Mohinder for this. His daughter is worth more to him than something that is to just be given away. How I would love to see him and Maan interact as they both dote on Geet, the only difference being that Maan is his own man and free to express it and Mohinder is under Darjee's imperious thumb. So he wants to ask Geet what she thinks, he wants to ask, wait a minute, who are these people but  neither is Geet allowed to talk, nor is he. Ouch

I am excited for the precap too!

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geetaddict Senior Member

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@ Samana If majority want it that way then maybe we can go ahead and do episodes over the weekend too but my own wish would be for it to be just like how it was. Episodes on weekdays and then the wait for the Maanday episode. Weekends for me are many times so much more busy than weekdays and the Maha episodes had me in a fix many a time. . We can continue to analyse the episodes of the week or like in cases of poeple who could not make it any weekday or who are on vacation it gives them time to catch up on the episodes and the analysis. Again lets be a democracy and what most of us want can be done. What say?

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 3:49am | IP Logged
@Paro: That is exactly why I put the question out there Big smile

I wanted to know what you all thought of the idea so we could decide together based on the majority preference. I myself am fine with either, although this week it was selfish because I will be missing Maan's entry if we skip the weekend. Tongue

But if we decide not to do weekends, I will just watch it, write my take beforehand and PM it to one of you lovely people so you can put it up for me. I guess that is the advantage of retrospective analysis; it's all so flexible with so many options. Big smile

Let's see what others say about the weekend...
sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Hmm.. interesting epi...
So v see.. it is all rushed.. in d first meeting itself...they decided to hav ROKA of Dev-Geet.. 
It is strange that.. nobody cared to know abt Dev n his family... what he did.. where they live.. ancestors.. relatives.. no questions wer asked ???? Or r v supposed to assume that Geet's family already know abt it.. 

Daarji dialogue. Zamane key saath badalna padta hai..felt very strange.. considering how he was treating Geet n other ladies with his whole Kaydaa-Kanoon...

Dev-Geet on terrace.. n The whole thorn scene was very nice... Geet was looking at Dev with so much expectations n surprise... can I say she kind of trusted him a little... the way he showed the concern by tieing handkerchief to her wounded foot...n he was d only one who asked her abt her wish regarding this marriage.. I felt so bad.. coz I know what is coming..
Geet not taking Dev's hand.. when offered to help... I was happy abt it...
( any symbolisms in this one.. coz v know how readily she grabs Maan's hand...LOL)

Dev... I hav to say.. I m highly confused 
If it was a part of his plan to take away the money.. how come he is showing concern as to what Geet thinks of all this...
I mean.. he kept on glancing at Geet when marraige was finalised.. n saw that she is not happy.. so he tells her family members to ask her POV also??? Why??? 

Also v got hints in todays epi.. as to something is not right.. first Kamya's Dialogue.. hamara kaam ho gaya.. n everyone's reaction to it... secondly... ppl may wonder as to why r they rushing with d marriage???

One more thing.. very special of this epi.. is that..the BG music played at d end of Dev-Geet convo.. is my most fav..I thought it was exclusively for Maan-Geet..but nevertheless I just love it..

Over all nice epi. Smile

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 4:30am | IP Logged

I like ur take very much.. esp d foot symbolism one.. nice...also point regarding Geet's father.. I really felt bad for him today.. n also in upcoming epi.. 
I was confused regarding Dev's behaviour..but I read ur discussion with Paro.. pretty much believable...cud b that way...
And I read that SHIVI too.. likes d BG music d one I mentioned.. wow.. I wld like to do same pinch to her.. but I dont know her very well.. also  I m bit scared of her temper...

@ Mila,Richa,Priya,Neha,Nirvi,jyoti.. n (some few whom I m not acquainted with still... )
Loved ur takes..

I hav to agree with Jyoti... in no way Dev can b spared from this whole incident.. under this pretext of him being manipulated by NT.. as they had shown it later on in d show.. to make him SAINT DEVA..
he was very well aware of what he was doing..  n in no way was innocent...AngryAngry

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 4:46am | IP Logged
Sorry for the late entry into the threadEmbarrassed

Okay I'll start with episode 3

The opening scene conveys all that is wrong with Geet's family. The happiness that the Man has accepted Geet overides any other concern for their daughter and a strangers acceptance carries more weight than their own love for the daughter of the family.

Geet's helplessness is so obvious. She is unable to accept, yet she cannot refuse. They ask her opinion but none are truly listening and its almost as if they are trying to console themselves by asking her.

The fact that Darjii asks Pammi's opinion is only because she is the elder in the Groom's family, otherwise even her importance would be ignored. This is apparent in the difference in the way Rano is treated in comparision.

Darjii's acceptance that times are changing is only in acceptance of Dev's opinion because he is the Groom. If it had been Geet's idea it would have been ignored.

Mohinder and Rano's love for their daughter is obvious but they are encapsulated in their own little society where they bow down to their elder's word even when it comes to their daughter.

Geet' feet getting hurt as she approaches Dev is also a sign of what is to come. His false reassurances are overshadowed by the pain their meeting brings.

And finally the bravery that shines through Geet as she says to Dev's face that she is unwilling shows that behind the meek character lies a girl ready to fight for herself.

Brilliant episode!Clap

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (credit to -Cupidsfriend-)

Part 1

Geet & Dev comes back in the hall then Kamna says there must be very long conversation on the roof she ask Geet to tell something new sister-in-law what u talk?
Dev says to his mom its late we should leave. Then Rano say to Geet's father now we are going tomorrow we'll tell u the Roka date after consulting to priest.Daaji told Dev mother i forget to tell you important thing that in the evening
there is lohri party we always celebrate it on big scale this time we all want that in today's evening you all celebrate lohri with us
All were happy.then Rani say we have little request that till that roka isn't done we dont want this news to spread in society
All geet's family look worried then Dev's mother says when people hear that boy is from canada they seem panic already our experiences are very bad & you know that people 'll be jealous about this.Daaji agreed that till then roka's date
wont fixed we'll not tell to anyone then Geet & Dev look at each other & Dev family left.
Then Geet father ask not telling people thing i dont understand then Daaji says we are giving them our daughter its better we agree with them Geet's father ask why our geet is perfect she dont have any problem then geet's brother say isn't it enough that she is a girl its better that she early go to her house
Geet goes on terrace thinks about Dev how he care for her.Geet's mother comes there & told her i bring some clothes for you choose one

Part 2

Geets mother says that my daughter should look the beautifu you are going to marry
be happy the she asks you both are made for eachother then she ask you like boy? Geet say yes her mother ask if u like then what you talk with him Geet say i think i talk too much infront of him her mother ask what you say tell me? Geet says i told him i dont want to go Canada leaving my family.
Her mother becomes angry & told her girls love that sort of boys & you reject him what you'll gonna do after studying alot girls study to get good husbands.She says if Daaji comes to know abt this
Geet says i didn't say anything wrong he asks me to say whats in yours heart tell me i tell him truth.Her mother scolds her about this then when Geets mother about to go back she sees that her sister-in-law standing behind she ask that what to do she tell i can go & tell them all she said o you cant all 'll be ruined & if men come to know they 'll be angry
they left from there
Part 3
In the Lori party all peoples celebrating Daaji was happy & talk about fields.Geet's mother & her aunty talk her mother says i m very fear if boys family 'll come?
In the room geet thinks about her mother then she thinks about her talk to Dev.she takes Dev's handkercheif & thinks about Dev then her younger sister comes & drag her to outside
Her aunty pissed that she comes out.In the room Geet's sister gets frustrated that why they sent us back?they talk about her friend then Geet say dont talk about this.Geet says hope Deev's family arrive her sister tease her
Daaji ask Brij call boy's family & ask them where are they?Brij's mother ask him to do house work he say Daaji told him to call De's family then Daaji ask what you both are talking? then one women arrive & shouts
Part 4
One women arrives & asks where is my chunni she cries please tell someone where is she?
Womens in party talk with eachother she is someones wife why she is shouting like this?If her chunni lost why she is asking to Daaji's family
Chunni's mother says i know you hide her Daaji shouts what the hell is going on how we know where is yours daughter?She shouts if you dont know then ask to yours grand son.
Brij thinks about beating some girl that girl crying & begging please leave me.That women says i know you hide her.In Brij's imagination he kills that girl.That women ask tell where is she?Brij shouts why you dont stop yours daughter when she was affairing with low cast boy
she have to pay for that?Chunni's mother stunned saying my daughteri know you kill my daughter?she falls down saying my Chunni then Dev's family arrive all family sees them & gets tense

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