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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Posted: 26 March 2012 at 6:34am | IP Logged
 Hi sia,After a 10 day break.Nice To see U.

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Originally posted by AAricha

Hi sia,After a 10 day break.Nice To see U.

Hey Richa.. Thanks.. Break from the virtual world yes.. But total opp in real life.. Also laptop is juggling btwn me and my bro.. So all the more difficult to come on the net.. Hope to be more regular in some days.. Smile

@ Pennu:

Oh.. I m so jealous of u right now.. LOL No just kidding.. Congrats.. Have fun.. Smile

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Written Update (prettyfulwishes)

  • Dev is in the office looking for Maan.
  • Maan is in the conference room complaining. He starts his rant and tells Geet to fire all these people.
  • Geet does so, and then Maan realises she was taking it seriously.
  • Geet tells him off, and tries to open the door. ManEet moment.
  • Dev stands outside the door where ManEet are, and hears noises. While they're trying to open the door, Dev thinks something else is going on. (LOL. I loved this moment).
  • Geet hears him walk off and lets Maan know. Maan realises its Dev and tries to tell him to open the door.
  • Dev refuses (thinking something else entriely. Although ManEet fans shouldn't be upset - it means more moments, right?) and walks off.
  • Geet lets Maan know Dev's gone, and Maan can't believe it.
  • Maan decides to do some work, but Geet is upset at what Dev thinks of her. Maan tells her to stop worrying.
  • Geet doesn't, and Maan grabs her hand, and drags her back to the table.
  • Geet tells him to let go of her hand, but he says he won't. (ManEet fans, please tell me you haven't fainted. The show isn't halfway through!)
  • He finally lets go, and they start work. He walks to the lightbox and looks at the designs
  • ManEet moment when both crouch to pick up a pen.
  • Both disagree on the designs. Geet tries to explain, and gets cold.
  • Maan takes off his vest and gives it to her.
  • Outside, Dev notices the taxi that dropped Geet home, and says he'll find out by tomorrow if she's really here.
  • ManEet continue arguing, and Geet tells him to do what he wants, she'll do what she wants.
  • Maan pulls the book out of her hand, and she falls onto him. ManEet moment...
  • She gets up, and her dupatta's stuck on his tie. ManEet moment...
  • They finally decide to sit on opposite ends and work.. with secret glances at each other of course.
  • Back at the Khurana mansion, Dev wonders why he can't stop thinking of Geet.
  • Naintara enters and asks him if he gave the phone. Dev complains she asks too many questions.
  • Naintara tells him that because he gambled away all their money, they had to pay a big price. This is why she asks 1000 questions.
  • Back at the office, Geet tries to get Maan's attention. She finally does so, and tells him she's done.
  • She complains she's cold, and Maan gets angry at her - she's not wearing the vest, and she's complaining.
  • He starts pacing, and Geet suddenly remembers her Darji and how he used to do that - pace up and down and getting angry.
  • She starts remembering her family, and walks to the window, lost in thought.
  • Maan comes near her, and tells her that for the first time she's said something about her family - does she miss them?
  • Geet tells him that she doesn't have anything to do with them anymore. In front of him, she's only Geet.
  • Maan asks about Gurwinder, and Geet tells him that he was her friend's husband.
  • Maan then asks why her family wanted to kill her.. The episode ends on Geet's face.
Precap: "Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho.."

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These Hum Tum episodes were really treat to watch so many times without getting bored of them EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Loved the way Maaneet kept bickering over such funny issues and then all of a sudden both used to get lost into each other's eyes thus giving us some of the beautifull Mahii moments EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
My favourite moments from the episode r MSK asking Geet to fire almost everyone from the job and when he sees Geet listing down all names ,he asks her sarcastically to put her name on top of the list LOLLOL ,then the next scene will b Dev assuming from outside that Maan is hving fun with his secretary and Geet telling Maan what is he thinking on which Maan telling Geet even I m not able to think what is he thinking LOLLOL ,then the hilarious moment was MSK asking Geet did a snake smell u and Geet was like your brother is gone LOLLOL ..Gosh such simple but highly entertaining scenes with some amazing natural expressions from GC and DD ClapClapClap
I wonder whether that vest of MSK would hv really helped Geet in getting rid of the cold ConfusedShockedLOLLOL ;Even though I enjoyed MSK pulling off that vest in such style Embarrassed but it was funny how MSK asked her to wear that tiny vest so that she dont feel cold LOLLOLLOL ;Poor Geet all throughout  ,kept feeling cold and getting all sort of filmy thoughts regarding both in one room TongueLOLLOL...
High point of the episode was the contrast shown in the end when all of a sudden MSK's walk reminds Geet of her Darji and she feels nostalgia CryCry ; Loved the way the transition was shown from funny romantic moments to a touching emotional scene where MSK asks Geet about her family and she gets all emotional CryCry ;I was happy that the whole Gurvinder confusion was cleared in this scene since MSK till now was thinking that Gurivnder was Geet's boyfriend but now he knows Geet was single and ready to mingle WinkLOLTongue...Episode ended with the classic Maaneet dupatta moment which was as usual OMGG EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Coming to Dev-NT scenes ,these used to b fillers but they were equally entertaining the way Dev was going through the guilt trip trying to search for Geet and then NT used to blast him daily saying he is usless LOLLOL...
Cant wait for the main Hum-Tum episode now EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Geet episode 66:

Did they spoil us or what?EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Except for a really short part where we have to put up seeing Dev and NT and their fight which is getting annoyingly repetitive AngryAngryit was Maan and Geet all the way. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedTheir eyelocks, their nok joks, their awareness of each other - pure blissDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming. No wonder we became less and less tolerant of others when new people were introduced later onDisapprove. Though I enjoy seeing the two a lot I still feel that they should have had more people around so the leads would not have got so taxed and we would have become more receptive of others.DisapproveDisapprove

Silly Dev. Can anyone be more thick headed? DisapproveHe knows Maan well enough to know that locking himself up with his secretary is not what Maan would ever do.Disapprove If it were Dev we were talking about that is very much possible.AngryAngry The whole conversation about "samajh"  was so funny and so Barry.LOLLOL It is odd that during the entire conversation he does not address Dev even once by name which is very unusual if you observe all the previous conversationsConfused. Of course we know the reason was that they didn't want the suspense to break . Still.Disapprove

 The kabab mein haddi statement was spot on. Unfortunately he continues to be so, be it the MU before the SP time or the Holi fiasco.OuchOuch But somehow Maan didn't seem to be too upset about his brother leaving him locked inside.Wink To his defense Dev had more than once teased Maan with his secretary. But still knowing Dev's idea of "romance" and also the fact that Maan can get things done if he puts his mind to it I felt Maan was not trying his best. WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

But then why would he when he had the beautiful Geet for company.Big smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Hrishikesh Gandhi did capture both of them very nicely during all the shots. Day DreamingThe awareness they have of each other and their sexual tension is palpable.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed The way Maan pulls her by her hand and teases about the knife, the way he walks towards Geet with that bedroom eye of his all the time unbuttoning his waistcoatDay DreamingDay Dreaming – I was wondering how Geet was on her feet during that sceneBlushing. Geet's dialogue was obviously added later on as you can see her staring open mouthed (and maybe drooling even a little bitWink) throughoutEmbarrassed. And like Sia I too was wondering after seeing the way Geet was rubbing her arms when she was feeling cold why Maan would offer his waistcoat since it didn't have any arms anyway? ConfusedBut watching her reaction at Maan removing his waistcoat I guess he wanted to save her from a  heart attack by not offering to remove his shirt alsoWinkLOL. Though he does that too later on.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

 Of course Maan and Geet's kiddy fight turning into a romantic moment when Geet falls on himEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. The dupatta getting stuck and  the way he very slowly detaches it from his shirtEmbarrassedEmbarrassed .If you were to look at any of these scenes in a critical and undetached way you would think what all this fuss was about and why they were doing everything in slow motion and why were their responses always this delayedConfused. And of course what is the great thing with the dupatta which is on her neck and does not serve its purpose anyway.ConfusedConfused But when you have your Maan and Geet romantic blinkers on all this fades away and every move is a poem by itself.Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Maan did remind us of Daarji with his tirade on women and all that they do wrong and then its time for Geet to open up a part of her past. Of course Maan does not get the full story but he does know the truth about Gurwinder. So in a way Maan gets his green signal to start fantasizing about him and GeetDay Dreaming but that's for another day – 2morrow if I am not wrong.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Epi 65...
Haai... what an epi was that... Embarrassed
Geet's self talk "waise mein jo soch rahi hoo Maan aisa kuch kar nahi sakthe..."

And her expression when he said... "uthne bhi haseen nahi ho tum..." was mindblowing...

Poor Maan was explaining everthing to Geet... "We are here in this room bcos there enough space to keep the blue-prints..."LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL


Epi 66...
Maan: yeh security koun provide kartha hey...
Geet: Alphi force security...
Maan: iska contract cancel karo...

Maan: Aur yeh intercom ka contract kiska hey...
Geet: Duty Night Soulutions..
Maan: hume nahi chahiye unki service...
Maan: Aur yeh lock iski duplicate keys yehaam Hall mein hone chahiye thi na...
Geet: Iski contract Telron Door services... huh Sir...
Maan: use bhi cancel katho... Aur tum  kya likh rahi ho...
Geet: ki kal subah kis kisko nikhaalna hey.. ithne saare naam mein kal tak bhool javugi...
Maan: tumaara number is list pe sabse top per hey... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

Ahaaa... what an epi... Gurti's timing in doing those funny scenes were Awesoome.. Brilliant job...ClapClapClapClapClapClap

That teeny-tiny touch that feel and that look.. haaai...Big smile
I always loved Geet calling Maan from his behind  with her index-finger...Embarrassed
Big smile

BTW i noticed one thing...Tongue
when Geet was blabbering about what will Maan's brother think about her.. Maan will come to her and say... "Is waqt mein kya soch rahi hoo yeh zyaada importanat hey..."Angry
And Geet will be like W-H-A-T...Shocked
then he will say "Kaam.. mein Kaam ke bare mein soch raha ho..."
Me asking which Kaam... work wala Kaam ya...WinkLOL

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Ah these episodes are so soothing to a harrowed soul! Big smile

They have just the right balance of humour, tension, romance and poetry. I love each and every moment of these episodes and can really watch the over and over again, and when I do the question repeatedly comes to mind:

Tacknicully awn paypuss, HOW is that very sleeveless vaist coat supposed to keep Geet warm?! Confused


But seriously, I love all the little details they managed to incorporate into every episode that told us a little bit more about the characters. We saw how well Maan knows Geet in the whole maun vrath episode and now we see how well Geet knows Maan when she tells him to stop staring at her. Clearly Maan has been obvious enough for even our little HP innocent to notice his constant staring. But she doesn't know just what it means yet.

I thought Abhinav was hilarious in this sequence and Barry's dialogues were just brilliant as always. Paro, I too loved the play on samajhna that they did! It was so clever and intelligent. It is too bad that later the story didn't support Barry's wit and he was relegated to using it to make fun of the story itself. I am actually eagerly looking forward to his next venture as well because he definitely has a way with words!

I love how possessive Maan got when Geet was worrying about what his brother would think of her. He asserted that it was more important what he thought of her, alright, no need to have a cow, Maan sir! Geet will do your bidding. Wink

I loved the tension in all the contact scenes, especially when Geet falls in his lap. She looks so helpless and confused and he just looks stunned beyond all rational thought, as though he is drowning in her eyes. I love the duality of their relationship where at one moment they are like little kids fighting over the stupidest things and then just a look or a word or a touch or in this case a fall, can snap them out of their childish mode and make them have very adult thoughts. Blushing I have always loved this about Maaneet, all the different things that are wrapped up in their personal universe for two.

And aha! Maan trying not to look too curious, grabs the first opportunity to talk about that guy. Wink Very smooth Maan, very smooth. LOL But I have to give it to the guy, he has been rude to Geet yes, but after that first day in the office where she told him to butt out of her family business, he has. And it is only now that Geet brings it up that he indulges in speaking about it again. I love Maan for this. He is totally into this girl and it is clear he wants to know everything about her mysterious story, but he is such a gentleman and waits so patiently for her to come out with it herself. That is a MAN.

I can't wait for tomorrow!

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 March 2012 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Hey all...Smile

I have said this earlier.. but I did not approve of Dev using his real name in HP.. it would have made these present scenes much easier and logical..Confused it was so absurd.. Maan not calling out his Bro's name..instead kept yelling Suno..Suno.. weird !!! and It would have made so much sense that Geet though identifying Dev's voice but immediately dismissing it bcoz he is altogether a diff person..with diff name..Confused 
Ok..done with the complaints...LOL

Rest of the epi..Dialogue-Eyelock-Dialogue-Eyelock...LOL
Its fun to see Maan swinging btwn his irritation and swooning and mushy mode..LOL

the best scene.. was Geet ranting on and on.. Maan finally having enough and barging towards Geet from the other end.. Geet clutching the waistcoat in her fear...Too good.. LOLBtw.. didn't they know..or esp Maan.. that the remote which switches ON the AC is also capable of  increasing its temp..hence less cooling...Confused

Did I see Maan heaving a sigh of relief?? Winkwhen Geet says the truth abt Gurvinder.. finally he got rid of the major burden off his chest.. and now he can continue with his eye-locks.. without any guilt...LOL

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