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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 143)

pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Even thought i m not able to see the epi.. i can recollect the scenes bcos even i don't remember how many times i watched these epis...LOL

As Jo said even  I was mad at Geet bcos she was standing between the dance florr crying.. Cryaddition to that.. the spot light was perfectly landing over Crying Geet...Angry I was mad at the Llight-man tooo...LOL

The way Maan shows thoses Isharas to wipe her tears and then he himself do the needeful...
The way He give his hand to her..Embarrassed

 but the the best part was the way Geet hide behind Maan holding his hand while walking towards the room...Embarrassed and that loook Maan gave to her Ahhh...Day Dreaming

BTW when Maan asked her to come to the room.. Geet was like for what...Shocked
Ithne kuch hojaane ke baath bhi she was suspecting poor Pavitr Maan...LOL

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (md410)

Part 1: What is the truth????

Geet reaches home in Taxi, wonders how will she face office staff ( like lioness betaLOL) while mann follows her to make sure she reaches safely (uffo what should I call this love?? Sahha bhi na jaaye rahaa bhi na jaayWink). He immediately calls Mr chopra to tell that he can not work with rahul on the project, so he will do it only if Rahul is out of it ( good. earlier Mr Chopra had terms to have geet on it, now he puts condition not to have rahul. Account Even. Rahul can go flirt with saasha).

What a eye candyROFL Embarrassed MK back to his martial art and recollects all incidents in party and her words. ( yaar do not fight with  your feeling. Kya ego hai go and tell her ILU. If I were you by now I would have told you millions timeLOLLOL) He talks to himself that why would she lie??? Why would she not order correct food, why would she say she did not know time of arrival??Why I never give her chance to speak ( kyoki use dekhte hi tumhe kuch kuch ho jaata hai. phir yeh badi badi aaankho se ghoorne se phursat mile toh na) He is remorseful how badly he behaved with her ( chaloo batti jalii).

Geet back at her home saying to herself that she is right and saasha did wrong, but how will she face staff tomorrow.  Maan holding taaveez thinking this reminds him every wrong doing to geet ( beta abhi bhi nahi samjha go tell her ILU. End of discussionBig smile). He vows to get to the bottom of story.ClapClap


Next day in office he calls all at central area ( abba what is with dubbed voice. Seems like jagira's voice from Jungle Book) He asks staff that some one must know what happen in party?? Why would geet order Indian food and not know the time. ( khadi hai na saasha naagin saamne can not you spot) adi wants to say, but saasha cuts him off saying that geet has no cell so she had left message at reception desk and they are good in their service ( MK abhi ke abhi call reception desk to verify, you will get the culpritAngry) she goes on to say that email for food was gone from geet's id ( check the time of email sent, do not buy her version) young naagin ( taasha) jumps in to say that geet must have stepped in on her saree any ways it is difficult to dance in saree ( oh taasha M'am then are you going to dance in stripes' club kya??Angry) MK stares at her she shuushhh. Saahsa says oh she is also waiting for geet to come and fill her in. Pinky says that geet is not coming to office MK seems concern. He warns all that no one is going to talk or discuss about what happened in party. He dislikes gossip ( beta teri love story ki gossip kaise rokega)

Taasha in fact is smarty asks saasha she never seen MK concern about anyone, is something going on btwn Mannet. Saasha replies that he is just helping a helpless gal ( dil ko samjhaane ko khayaal accha hai saasha,  geet will make you helpless tab kya??)


Part: 2 Let's get geet back to office: Now or never


Adi walks (BB) in maan's office and tells him that geet really was not aware about the change in time and anyone could have sent email from her id ( BRILLIANTLLY brainy). Maan as khadoos scientist asks him to show the data aka says that it's not good to say such thing with out proof. BB still believes that his results are correct, but all he says that he has no proof against a person who did this. Pinky comes to give files that geet sends. MK asks if she had talked to her over phone pinky says no, Mk questions then how she told her, gets funny answer by her mouth, ( I love pinky what a breeze of fresh air) MK is annoyed now, when adi tells him geet is paying guest in her house ( lo ji pata chal gaya geet kaise rahti hai.) Adinky ( Adi+Pinky) leave.

MK in office says I know geet that you were not at fault so I'll not let you run away. ( hmm let saasha run away fire kar yaar use fire one get fired other for free taasha)

Taasha asks saasha if she thinks that Mk has doubt. Saasha is overconfident tells her to relax does not matter no one will know.  ( beta itna underestimation is not good for your health)

Pinky calls geet and starts telling her how Mk calls meeting then took class of all. ( of course he will. After all uske GF ki insult hui) Door bell rings geet asks her to hold, gets the door, MK at the door,( wow beta sleeping beauty dekhne aaya hai kyaLOLLOL) she shuts it on his face.Ouch ( hota hai hota hai. pyaar main sab ulta hi hota hai) Geet goes back to phone convo ,tells pinky to stop talking about DD coz she gets hallucinated about him being at the door.( meri maa he is there. Wow yeh paayr bhi na jeete jaagte insaan ko dreamy bana deta hai)

Pinky is on earth so wonders oh teri DD at their home. Geet again opens the door Majnu khuraana still there. LOLClapClap. She is shocked to see him there Mahi in BG with regular checkup aka staring.Wink


MK asks her if there is a tradition in her house to shut the door at guest's face or sometime they call him in too. ( abbe seeing you toh ache achho ke dimaak ke darwaaze band ho jaate hai). All she could say sir but still blocking the door ( amma ladki ander hi nahi aane de rahi dil main kaise gusooge) he asks her to move, she goes I'm alone, he gives back that I am not stranger, why are you scared of me ( naa not scared khud pe bharosa nahi hai)  Finally she invites him in. ( chalo ghar main aaya ab dil main baaki hai. beta kick dev out jagah bana dil main), asks him to have a seat by then she will get tea ( thank god not 5 spoon sugar vaali coffee)

He stops her and tells that he has not come for tea party but came for work that has no importance to her ( yeha yeah we know what work you have. Ab toh attitude dena band kar). He demands to know where is 4 th file of the the project, she had sent only three( ahhha kya excuse hai, you only hide it in drawer). Geet tells she sent all, he denies ( smjha kar geet tumse milne ka excuse hai) Pinky is listening all over phone ( abe geet disconnect na. Oh sorry forgot pinky called you so you can't, line will still on) and wonders she gave all four why is he lying ( all is legal in war and loveEmbarrassed).

He notices phone is on asks if she is talking to anyone ( hahha jallkukkaad wants to make sure she has no BF) she says no and switched off in front of him. Pinky on other side is disappointed. Finally geet request him to sit while she will check it.

She comes back with nothing, says may be it's in office. He asks her to come to office and find it. She firmly tells him that she can not come. He uses reverse psychology, tells her how can he keep forgetting that her biggest hobby is to run away from problems ( and your Mk is to bash geet all the time), today she has taken off, next she will resign ( yaar tum jaane doge tab na), he asks her what is she looking at him ( at you yaar) what ever is he saying true. 

He does not stop there tells that yeah whatever happen was bad. But rather then finding out how why it had happened she is hiding home. If he would have known about her action he would have never helped her ( naaa phir bhi tum help karte MK dil ke haatho majboor ho). He softens a bit and tells her if she does not face today she would never able to face it. He goes more sarcastic that any ways it's your life. Do what she feels like, quit if she wishes, (tera kya hoga MK if she is gone) I knew that you will accept defeat ( nannaann MK. She is Rafal nadal ki sister hai. big fighter). While saying this he is disturb seeing her tears, he says so it does not affect him if she comes to office or not ( padta hai tabhi na yahaa aaya??? Sirf tujhe hi fark padta hai betu). After standard stare he turns to leave, gives him self winning smile ( like saying wow ford is mine next 10 mnts she will be in office).

Part: 3 Poison Kills the Poison: Anti venom for saasha bite.


Saasha says to MK that she thinks Geet can not come to office for few days and we can not stop work for some one ( oye teri boss ki current bhabhi, future biwi hai she is not koiROFL), Mr Chopra has called to inquire about project so you only tell who will handle in her absence ( tu nahi handle karegi yeh pakka) Mk quietly listening all.( he knows geet would be here any mnt what you know saasha) Saahs smiles at her chamchi taasha, excitedly tells MK that she studied all, prepared blue prints and it goes like, turns and almost gets a heart attack seeing geet entering in. ( aaya majaa saasha. Now you know who is boss). Mk has subtle smile seeing his GF back.

Geet walks in confidently, apologizes to Mk for being late. Taasha says we thought after last night incident you won't show up. Geet says she thought same too, MK look on ( like thinking ab yeh ladki kahi meri pol na khol de) but then it was not her fault after all you all are her friends. Adi says yes. Then geet turns to saasha thanks her for opening her eyes ( yaar tu kya indirectly MK ko thanks bol rahi hai) and for stepping in to help her last minute. She tells her very sarcastically that she is thankful the way she had handled situation, looks like that she knew these all mistakes would happen. Saasha ki bolti band ( seems saasha ne khud ho hi kaat liyaROFL) MK proud on geet.

Geet walks to MK gives him 4th file says sorry for leaving it at home. Now Mk wonders that file was at his desk how come she has it ( hahhaha she is giving you taste of your own medicine, reverse psychology works both waysLOL) He looks at her, she is smiling. ( MK clean bold)

Geet walks to saasha now tells her she will finish rest of the demo, any ways it's her responsibility and this time there will be no mistake. SHe'll keep her eyes open ( yeah close eyes se MK ko ghoorna not possible), give back marker. MK is silent viewer.( sab toh ghar pe bol aaya, ab geet bolegiROFL)

Geet gives presentation after getting Mk's permission. Ahhha he was too lost to stare new determine, confident geet ( beta tera jaadu chal gaya). Adi happy, saasha frustrated, annoyed (who cares)Mk is lost in her presentation, all smileys, very proud.  Screen freezes Maan looking at geet.Day Dreaming


Precap: Chor pakda gaya

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Geet episode 62:

Nice follow up episode dedicated to MSK the mentorBig smile. It was really nice of Maan to make sure Geet reached home safe. I particularly loved today's taichi session not only for the obvious reasonEmbarrassedEmbarrassed but for the fact that it was taken artfully and also because Maan was not doing it out of his anger at his attraction or Geet herself but bcos of the injustice Big smile and how he too had become a small part of it in his own way.Ouch I liked the fact that he resolved to find what actually happened but I was not very confident about the methods he employed.Confused

I can understand why he could not blame anyone of wrong intentions and he has to walk on eggshells. Already he is doing so many things which are out of character for him like calling a meeting for talking about this matter something he has never done before for any employee and giving strict instructions on not gossiping so as to avoid hurting Geet's feelingsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. Just like he reasons during his tai chi session that Geet had no reason to lie he thinks there is no reason anyone would trouble Geet on purpose. Aadi ji you should have taken some pointers from our detective on board SamanaCool and then you would have got the proof you needed.

Even I was surprised to see MSK go all the way to see Geet in person just to convince her to come to officeShocked. I thought he may just make a call about the missing file and make a fuss about it so she would be forced to come. But I guess he realized that she was feeling such a sense of dread facing her colleagues that it would need his presence and his famous taunts to bring her backEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. I loved the half smile he gave to himself after he gives his bhashan to Geet as he knows very well talking this way and insulting her would be the best way of getting the sherni back.Wink

And what a lovely sherni she became. ClapSuch matured behavior especially in her interactions with Sasha.Thumbs Up She definitely proved she was a much better person by not ratting Sasha out but instead giving her a subtle warning about how she was going to cover all her bases and keep her eyes open to make sure Sasha does not get a chance to play her manipulative games with her. And she also surprises Maan by bringing out the file which he had hid.Shocked Suspense of the file will be revealed 2morrow I think.

 Of course how could we miss the proud look that later takes on a different tone when he focuses on the resting place of the pen and other features of our beautiful Geet.Day Dreaming The kind of hot looks he was giving i it were in real life Geet would not be wrong suing for harassment but then if it were a boss like Maan why would anyone complain?Wink Geet had made a nice model even without learning architecture  if only CVs had let her study she would have become Maan's partner in more ways than one.Ouch One of the many regrets.Ouch


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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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I just loveddd this episode the way MSK becomes Geet's biggest support system and guiding force here giving her the strength and courage to fight back and not simply hide sitting at home when she knows that she is innocent and is being trapped in a vicious plan by someone StarStarStarStarStar
Two really big things MSK did in this episode to show his possessiveness and concern for Geet which only someone madly in love can feel for his partner EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..One he makes sure that pervert Rahul is out of the project without letting Geet know about it ClapClap and two he himself goes to Geet's house to indirectly convince her that how she needs to come back in office with her head high and prove to all that she is strong enough to face everyone because she knows she is right StarStarStarStar ...
Both times MSK made sure that he never gives any feel to Geet that he is her knight in shining armour and that was the best part about MSK Clap ...he always helped Geet and made her strong but he never gave her the feel that he is helping her out or doing any favour on her because he knew that Geet is not the kind of girl who would like to b known as some damsel in distress but rather she would like to b known as Sherni Handa StarStarStarStarStar...
Even though Geet later finds out that MSK deliberately had hidden the file to go to her house and bring her back to office Wink but she was actually thankful to MSK that time not just for giving her the strength and courage but also she appreciates the fact that MSK never gave her the feel of any favour EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...MSK too liked the fact that Geet wanted to b a self independent strong girl rather than a dependent weak girl who always needs someone's shoulder to cry on ClapClap...
I loved the last scene when MSK was overwhelmed to see Geet in office and just could not take his eyes off from her bright face and those lips WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Aww he was simply smitten with her beauty and honesty that time EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...There was nothing which could stop MSK now from going close to Geet EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Looking forward to the grt rose fiasco in next episode Big smileBig smile

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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This is one of my absolute favourite episodes when it comes to the characterisation of Maan and Geet. Both were at the core of their character sketches in this episode and I wish could have seen them like this much more consistently.

Maan here is the messiah in Geet's life, sent not to  preach but to teach her the way forward. Babaji answers her prayer for someone to show her the way through Maan and the way he does it is just wonderful because it shows how intimately he knows this girl and the ins and outs of her character. I also loved the tai chi scene because it shows Maan's typical attitude of act in haste and repent at leisure. Somewhere, when he gains control on his emotions through the tai chi, he is able to reason that there is no way that Geet would have messed up that badly and moreover lied about it. He has understood the essence of Geet despite the fact that he thinks she ran away from HP because of a failed affair, is using him for her advantage and  cares naught for his company or him. There is something pure about Geet that he can't deny which is what forces him to vow to get to the bottom of this.

Similarly we see Geet whose instinct is that she did nothing wrong and should not be afraid to face people, but who desperately needs moral support in this. And in swoops in her mentor, who winds her around his finger without her ever catching on. Maan has now understood how much Geet hates the idea of losing and how she is always ready for a challenge and strikes where the iron is hottest. I love his little smirk as he stops before leaving. He knows exactly what he has done. Wink

And that last presentation of Geet is one of my all time favourite scenes. I love how she confronts Sasha, hitting her with her own favoured weapon of passive aggression. And I loved the solidarity that Adi showed with Geet, which he could not fully articulate in his conversation with Maan for lack of proof. I love Geet's line "my marker" and the way DD said it was so powerful! This was Geet taking charge of her life, her work and unknowingly, Maan! Geet is such a fast learner and everyone is clearly very impressed by her work. I wish they had gone further into this when they always had the chance to do so. My most favourite parts of the show later on were when Geet was shown working, be it during the BR track or the beginning of ML, or the file fiasco. She was always shown to be capable, efficient, just as much of a perfectionist as Maan, and loved by all the employees. I think working Geet was the biggest USP of the show and her shift to vegetable shopping, the biggest sacrifice of the writers.

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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Oh God..
I want to see this epi... Cry

me too loved the way Maan hides the file and go to Geet's home to give her support...

If I am not wrong there was very funny scene between Maan and Pinky...

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 21 March 2012 at 9:55am | IP Logged
I m putting up my Episode 63 take a bit early Embarrassed ...
I loved the episode for two things ..One we get to see another mysterious side of MSK the way he tells how he hates roses and almost pleads Geet to take away those roses but then gets so possessive when that thorn pricks her finger EmbarrassedEmbarrassed and two Geet very smartly tames the Dusht-Danav by doing the successful Maun Vrat Cool...
Looking back at this episode I always wondered what was MSK's past that the CVs had thought of which we never got to see laterAngry Ouch ;It was clear that MSK was in love with some girl who loved those white roses and so after she ditched him ,he went into a complete negative frame of mind and started hating everything connected to that girl Ouch ;When Geet brings those flowers and keeps it in MSK's cabin to thank him ,it does remind MSK of his past ,reason why he gets so mad at Geet and asks her to throw away those flowers in dustbin Ouch...
But the moment Geet's finger is pricked with a thorn ,he gets so possessive for her and instant words of concern comes out from his mouth in the form of "Sambhal ke Geet " even though he resists himself from showing the concern WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ; Later MSK makes sure that the thorn is removed from the rose stem which is a symbolic indication that any thorn whether its Dev or NT will b removed in same way from Geet's life if they dare to harm her EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...MSK just cannot see Geet in pain Embarrassed..I loved the way later MSK keeps that one spl rose with him after removing that thorn EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...The rose was extra spl for MSK because it gave her pain after he rejected the rose and so he wanted to treasure that pain with him ,so that in future he never causes any such pain to Geet again EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...I remember in later episodes MSK burns that same rose in fire because next day he actually ends up giving pain to Geet by removing her from the project just because he was unable to control his own feelings for her Ouch...
Geet was truely a sherni and so instead of crying in her cabin ,she decides to teach a lesson to her boss by going in silent mode Evil Smile...Geet knew that her silence will affect him and thats what happens when MSK starts showing desperation to break her silence WinkLOLEmbarrassed ;For the first time MSK actually is shown running behind his employee in the office just to get her attention and make her speak LOLLOL...I really loved those silent expressions of DD here the way she coolly writes that thing in the diary and gives it to MSK with a jerk LOL and then GC too was superb the way he shows his irritation behind her back LOLLOL...very nicely executed silent nok-jhok StarStarStarStar
Overall a very entertaining episode ClapClapClap

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (prettyfulwishes)

No recap. (Interesting)

The episode starts with Geet asks Maan his opinion, but he's thinking of how she got the file, and diverts her attention by asking Adi what he thinks. Adi is postive about it, and Maan says alright (so Geet's project is on. Nice)
Everyone walks out except Sasha and Geet. Sasha sarcastically compliments Geet on her bravery - after the party, Sasha didn't think Geet would be able to make it today. Geet lets Sasha know that she knows who humiliated her, and why. A few more words are exchanged, and Geet walks out with her head held high.

Maan is looking for that file, and remarks that he had left it on his desk, so how did Geet find it? Just then Geet walks in.. ManEet moment. (only about the 1000th eyelock in the past week and a half. Move on from eyelocks... you've got 90% of the posters feeling ManEet mania as it is. Thankfully it was a quick one.)
Geet thanks Maan for hiding the fourth file; Maan is confused; Geet tells him that because of his hiding of the file, she was forced to come to the office instead of hiding out at home... it gave her some time to calm herself.
Geet thanks Maan for all he's done the past two days to help her, then tells him that she really didn't stuff up the party - someone put her up to it; and then tells him that she wasn't going to quit - she really was sick. Geet smiles and leaves, and Maan smiles watching her.

Sasha walks in, and Geet looks straight ahead and walks out. Pinky marvels to Geet that she's so surprised that DD came to their house. Geet tells Pinky (or rather tries to convince herself) that Maan only came past to give her encouragement as a boss.
Sasha asks Maan why he's giving Geet so much importance. She rectifies her mistake, and mentions that Maan doesn't really associate with junior staff. Sasha tells Maan that Geet's his secretary - he should maintain a distance.
Pinky tells Geet to do something to show she's grateful for Maan's help. So the next day, Geet brings a bunch of white roses to the office.

Everyone around her thinks Geet's gone today - and Sasha is quite pleased. She stops Pinky from advising Geet to throw them away.
In Maan's office, Geet is arranging the flowers in a vase, and thinks Maan will love them. She walks out, and Maan walks in.
Maan calls Geet to his office straightaway. He's not happy, and tells her off. (Ahh, now there's the Maan I know.) He actually uses the line "I'm the boss".
Geet turns the table back on him, and tells him that he's too small to realise the meaning of thanking someone.

Maan tells Geet to chuck the flowers in the bin right now, and pleads for her to let him have one day of peace. ManEet moment (1001...) and then Maan starts telling her off while shes picking up the flowers, and she pricks her finger. Maan is worried. ManEet moment. (1002...) Geet leaves.
Geet and Pinky are in the cafeteria, and Geet is pissed off. She tells Pinky of her nickname for Maan - Dusht Danav. Geet is insulting him as Maan is staring at the rose that got left behind.
He thinks back to Geet thanking him, and then insulting him. He picks up the flower, and puts it in a drawer.

In the cafeteria, Geet vows not to say a word to Maan, after he told her not to say anything.
Maan is looking for a file, realises Geet has it, looks at her through the window. Geet is checking her emails, and notices that someone ordered the samosas and kachori from her account.
The phone rings, and Geet remembers her vow. She refuses to answer the phone, and covers her ears. Maan sees this, and walks into her office, demanding the file.
Geet walks into his office and puts the file down. Maan tells her he wanted the other one, and Geet thinks to herself that he thinks he's God. She walks out, and Maan wonders why she's so quiet.
Geet walks back in with the file, and puts it down. Maan tries to make her talk but she won't, and writes her answer down - she won't talk because he told her not to. Maan, in anger, says that he'll ask Adi and Sasha. Geet wants to say something, but takes her notebook and walks away.
Maan is angry, but then he wonders how long Geet will stay quiet.

Dev sees Geet; hears Maan mention Geet's name. Freak out moment. :D

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