Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Maan is just mesmerised by Geet Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaminguntil sasha caused trouble. I hated the comments rahul madeAngryAngryAngry,She is nervous to come in front of everybody,poor girl didn't even know it was the plan of sasha to make her wear that saree to look weird in front of all in an official party. Sasha is so rude Oh jealous to this extent forgetting she is a women too.Pinky assts her & ask what she has wore she says maan has given her seeing her in saree maan is just amazed & lost in her. sasha's plan failed here. she try to disturb him when he was drooling over her,That cheapo rahul is so Ott that he was thinking geet to be a women of some usual secretary type. he was desperate enough to introduce himself shaking his hands, Weirdo touching with a difference.Angry

Maan got jealous and angry at the way rahul was holding geet's hand and not letting go of it. AngrySasha messed up the food order and maan got angry at geet. I did not like the comments mr chopra made about the food.Angry

Iam impressed the way the episode was executed so wellStarStarStar.How dare those women make a comment about geet wearing a saree at office party. AngryWhat do they know of fashion. A saree is the most elegant of clothing and looks wonderful for any occasion. Maan is angry on geet but Geet is so much tied  with his taunts that she dares to speak up saying she has done enough & when ever she tries to do good  & try to do more sincerity things become more complicated. She says she wanted to be perfect for that what ever she is trying hard are failing miserably. She cries but maan was rude enough. She try to walk away . But some where maan's ego is hurt & it comes out as passion filled with anger.

I know maan was talking angrily at geet while dancing with her. But at the same time  both can felt the passion. Day Dreaming lost in their own world forgot that they were dancing in the party.

Good that geet told maan that she is not giving him tevar but him as he has been so mean to her from the first day she started. Love the way geet said that no matter what she does for maan woh unke liya kaam hi padta hai. There was pain in geet's voice when she said that.

Wow I loved kurbaan hua dance,Day Dreaming I have never seen such amazing chemistry, passion and love shown in a dance like we have seen in maaneet's dance.  Kurba hua I used to listen in MTV but it is action thriller song where the leads dealing with some underworld business. It Isn't a dance number. But after maaneet did this It became one of my favorites in the playlist of my car too.They danced so well & complimented each other with perfect steps moves & expressions. Perfect choreographyStarStarStarStar On the other hand dev arranged a surprise  for NT who was angry on him he arrange all beautifully with red roses to impress her & both are married couple but they lack passion & love  for each other that was a conditional &fake.Dead

How dare sasha do that to geet's saree.  AngryI didn't like the way maan left geet alone in the dance floor & sasha out of jealous forgot she is also a women like her & there is a limit for doing such cheap thing to show her supremacy & prove herself more capable .

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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What a timing !!! its KH epi...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

one word for it... CLASSIC coz the whole dance seq..was executed with absolute flawlessnessClap
obviously it was the very first time..(at least what I have seen..) but surprisingly..everything..and just everything was PERFECT !!!! Big smile
right from the !!!!
I read somwhere that the whole song rehersal..went on for 30 hours..Shocked and the result ???  NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL FRENZY..for the Maan-Geet.. VIRTUAL TSUNAMI...LOLand in the serial..I guess..after this they got tagged as a " PASSIONATE " couple..Embarrassed

KH dance..created a kind of a STANDARD.. raised the bar in terms of performances..both GC-DD were so perfect..
I remember being yet again surprised when I saw GC's dance.. I was there anything this guy can't do ??? Confused

DD looked lovely in that white saari.. this and the Peeloon (brown sari ) were the best and the most beautiful that DD looked ever in the serial..Smile it still amazes me..the ease  with which DD carried out the whole dance in a SARI.. Clap

Too much said...but Hey..KH deserves it !!!!! Smile of the epi..Jyoti..Paro and Richa..have said everything..nothing much to add..Smile

Just one thing surprised me.. How come Sasha gave Geet such a GORGEOUS sari to looked pretty costly and classy too..wasn't she supposed to ruin Geet's image or something?LOL
Poor Sasha..must be thinking..if only I knew MSK's reaction to this Sari.. DAMN !! To Hell with the Formal attires and company's law..LOLLOLI would have worn it myself.. LOL

Enjoy Guys..SmileSmile

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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@ Richa :

Pics..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedDay Dreaming amazing..Thanks.. I also loved the pics..of Maan's facial expr during the handshake..It seemed he wanted to chop Rahul's hand off..LOL

@ Jyoti :

Yes..the whole team really deserved an applause for their work..Smile

@ Paro :

GC-DD were always at par with each other when it came to dancing..both are equally ..energetic..dedicated..passionate..Smile Thats why their performance seems to be diff from the others..SmileMay be I m biased..but I always felt that..

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geetaddict Senior Member

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@Richa Thanks for the lovely pics. These are by far the best pictures of the series right next to the marriage photos.
@ Sia You're back. We missed you. Anyway you came back for the best episode.
The saree was gorgeous of course. But did you see her blouse? It was so sexy and the perfect fit. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEverytime I buy a saree I find it really hard to get a blouse stitched that fits well.Ouch Maybe I should ask Sasha next time to get it done for me. Wink
You are not at all biased abuout them. They are very professional, very good dancers and passionate about whatever they do and so do a very good job. But also if you see them perform like I said there is a certain sync between the two.Smile When I saw them perform in the last epi of PKYEK the people they danced with were good as dancers but the connect or that sync was missing.Ouch Maybe bcos they have been working together for long and have done so many dances together.

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2012 at 12:24pm | IP Logged

thanx for d wu. i am trying to wean away from my geet n forum addiction but unable as i am still hanging around reading all ur comments n still seeiing d episodes. i doubt i'll ever be out of it completely. Geet will always hold a spl place n dis den will be evn more spl as i got to know interesting ppl.

though i have been inactive i was waiting for this song sequence. i saw this episode in tv. i mean i had started watching geet by then.

i remember being stunned seeing some of the steps n d song. particularly d lift of Maan holding her hands (which they repeated in 'tum saath') stupified me as i had not seen it anywhere. (i had not watched other serials) later i saw similar step in MJHT (on net) but d impact was not d same.

i have seen d movie kurbaan but i don't remember seeing d song. it was so bad in picturisation. i think it came as bg song. But Geet team made this song so memorable.

d steps, dress, lighting, expressions, passion, acting... i could just go on. i loved d way they maintained d eye contact throught out d song. d one instance Geet lowers d eye, immediately Maan forcibly gets back her attention. dat particular step was so explosive.

i too agree with, was it geetaddict or richa? abt d spl of this couple n dis dance. similar dance steps have been done by other pairs but none have this effect mainly due to d actors n d director. d way they just look into each other, not worried abt others or camera, that focus creates all the passion n love which is missing in other couple. other couple might dance well (very rarely both do) but may not emote well. or it cd be vice versa.

whn i came to know frm d Hrisida's interview that it took 10 hrs to shoot this song, i was evn more amazed. how cd these two retain d same level of energy n act so beautiful.

this song indeed was d finest sexual and passionate interplay bet a couple n can be rated higher than their actual con in tabela (woh lanternwala)

b/w contrast, blue n dark lighting, geet's open air n gorgeous white saree, Maan's dark suit n open coat, their perfect makeup, wonderful dance steps, eyes brimming with passion... omg i cd just go on... i dont want to end. see how bad i still am... no hope to me!

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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 Thanks sia. Ya he is seeing him angle badal badal ke with anger.LOL
Priya after a long time see U .Liked Ur analysis.
Thanks paro U are right after wedding these are the best. Waise MG pics are the best,My orcut Lib has got 8,500 MG pics Iam still not done with it. I go on adding many.

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LuvScooby IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2012 at 8:39pm | IP Logged
Finally the episode where I started watching Geet LOL  I know, I know...I came little late to the story of Maaneet, but not a bad episode to start with, right Tongue  I have never, never, never seen a dance, a couple so HAWT. 

So, besides the obvious there are few things note-worthy in this episode.

1.  Adi voicing that Geet's sari is Sasha's doing (This dude is so freakin' smart)

2.  Sasha showing her skills of handling business parties/clients (ok no tomatoes or eggs for praising Sasha, but you gotta give credit where its due)

3.  First time someone (Sasha) telling MSK that he is letting Geet affect him (We know that this becomes a sore point for MSK until the whole dhaba/rain sequence when he admits that Geet is affecting him)

Now, let me get back and drool away to KURBAAN HUA *thud, floating to Passion Zone*

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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I am back! Big smile

And oh wow! I have always known that this dance was a classic and have watched it innumerable times, but watching the whole episode is an entirely different ball game! The whole build up with Maan, Sasha, Rahul and Geet is just perfectly timed and made a dance like this, which could have been completely OTT for a couple that barely knows each other as of now, make complete sense in the context.

Of course before I launch into praising the dance itself, there are a few points that I want to discuss about the preceding drama.

The logic vs. magic debate that has always surrounded the Maaneet love story rears its head again. LOL I think everybody is forgetting the fact that Geet has an alibi for not ordering the Indian food, at least. They could easily check the time on the email and see that Geet wasn't even in the office at that point so how on earth could she have sent that email to change the order? She even had Adi and a bunch of workers as her witnesses so really she is proved innocent at least on that front. To be honest, I was always a bit annoyed that Sasha never got her just desserts. Then again, she was hardly important when Maan and Geet disappieared into their private universe, which she usually instigated them to do.

Ah Rahul, Rahul. You know, I had a theory that he was Geet's stalker when that first stalker promo came out because the picture of Geet was from this night. Of course that was before the reality of the fact that the CVs didn't remember the original story hit. Anyway, of course Rahul is your average sleaze bag but what I loved about his scene meeting Geet was Maan's reactions. I love how when he first stretches out his hand to shake Geet's Maan is all worried and then Geet hesitates and Maan looks a way with the slightest combination of a nod and smirk...and then BAM she puts her hand in Rahul's and MSK is forced to whip his head back. And now comes the best part of the scene, where MSK deals with the double shock and anger of Geet actually shaking the man's hand and the fact that Rahul won't let her hand go.

Another moment that I absolutely loved was when Geet was trying to explain to Maan that she hadn't ordered the Indian food (WHAT is wrong with Indian food?!) and Sasha intervened and whisked him away. I love how Rahul was using all his best lines and moves on Geet and she was so oblivious because all she could think was that Maan was angry with her for no fault of her own. It reminded me so much of Yash and the way she treats him in the hospital. We can already see that feeling of the two of them having their own world and especially when it is upset, they drop and ignore everything else to try and fix it.

The battle raging inside Maan is so yummy. On the one hand he is pretty much uncontrollably attracted to Geet and on the other he is furious with her for ruining the party. So what better sawlooshun than to yank her onto the dance floor, hold her close, and tell her she is a nitwit who ruined his important party? And then emerges our sherni Geet, who inspired by Maan's own words once again is not going to stay quiet in the face of injustice. I love how this has been a continuing theme in the show that all the odds and all the evidence can be against Geet, but her truth somehow shines through. It happened with the Dai who came for the abortion and it has happened several times with Maan as well. And whenever Geet takes charge of a situation and shows her brave, righteous and even angry side, Maan is left totally beside himself and speechless.

But who needs speech when you can express yourself in other ways? BlushingBlushingBlushing

This dance was the most flawless thing I have ever seen on television. Obviously we know how hard they worked to shoot and present this but you would never know to watch it as it all looks so effortless. Maan is a mixture of possessive, commanding. submissive and adoring and Geet? Well, Geet just seems to drown in the moment in spite of herself. It just goes to show that once Maan begins to show his love for her rather than holding it back within himself, Geet doesn't stand a chance before she falls under his spell. This is what I was talking about when I said they have their own private universe where nobody else matters and the outside world ceases to exist. In Maaneet world there are no questions, no doubts, no inhibitions and complete clarity that they are meant to be together and will always belong to each other.

I also found the juxtaposition with DevTara really interesting. The editing was really good there to enhance the contrast between these two couples. I love how they showed Maaneet's separating and DevTara's hands joining, which I think showed that the latter could only be together if the former was separated. And it rings true with the line "tum shuru huwe jahan, mein khatam hua". To me this referred to the two couples because Maaneet begins where DevTara ends and both couples cannot co-exist. So though it may seem that Maaneet will separate and Devtara will reunite, we see that the damage has been done and NT is always pulling away from Dev. But when Geet tries to pull away from Maan he pulls her towards him, haq se, showing that he is not going to let Geet's doubts get the better of their closeness, when he is in full clarity of mind.

And Dev surrenders himself to her by falling on his knees. But this is not the solution to their marital issues as NT wants Dev to be an equal in their relationship and put in equal effort and thought into their future. This surrender will only serve to drive them further apart.

On the other hand. with Maaneet we see them as equals where both of them surrender to the way they feel for each other rather than one person surrendering to the other. My FAVOURITE part of the dance is when Maan rises up (with his neck and chest glistening with perspiration Blushing) and Geet dances around him as though in a trance and finally, guided by Maan also surrenders to their mutual feeling, that thing much bigger than them that draws them together. Also, while we see Dev bowing to NT, we see Maan LIFTING Geet. So here both men are making the woman higher than them but in two completely different ways with two different connotations. Dev by surrendering is burdening NT with his responsibility which he is unwilling to take but Maan is taking the responsibility to lift Geet out of her troubles and hold her high above all the suffering she has had to face.

Oh and when it ends, the look on Maan's face of peace and contentment until reality hits and he is forced to come back to the real world where he isn't an adoring lover but a strict and soulless man Geet's pleading touch as she removes his hand from her waist and the look on Sasha's face! Big smile

I guess this could be the symbolism of why he disappeared as soon as the dance was over. While Geet is always the same Geet, Maan revealed a side of himself during the dance that was completely hidden until then. And once again, that Maan, the one with the passionate gaze and the possessiveness and adoration disappears into the shadows and Geet is left alone on the dance floor.

I love how she answered that Rahul back though when she snapped that she did not want to dance with him. And I guess Sasha was going one further in her effort to "reveal Geet's true colours" to Maan but the good thing is that the more Maan saw of Geet the more he loved her.

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