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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Written Update (md410)

Akadu Singh aka Maan gets out of the car ( wow what a style), give one big mukka to guy and tells them to get lost for their own good ( yeah yeah so that I can have long ride with my galEmbarrassed). Then he turns to scary rabbit geet and offers her to drop her home ( wow banda won't let go even one chance). She refuses, he says you will not get taxi this late, she says do not worry, but akaadu sing is just not akadu sing he is jiddi boss too. So he grabs her arm when she starts walking, she starts yelling at him to leave her ( now I understand why he daffa karo to rest gunde) of course mann does not leave her and kinda pushes in the car and asks for her address ( classy idea to know where his future GF lives), she gives back him nicely saying that he is boss in office so he better not give order to her after office hours. 

He tells her to stop and not to talk when she does not know what to say. He goes that my granny is sick she has called and you did not even give me her call. She is waiting for me whole day and here I'm hell bent to drop you home do not know why so do not give me attitude. He himself and geet both are shocked at this ( hahahhah dil ki baat jubaan pe aaahi gayi) he thinks to himself oh what happened to me today ( pyaar beta, hota hai hota hai))She feels bad asks him if his granny is sick??( aree ladki just now he said na. who baat alag hai ki he does not know daadi was lying for nayantaara), in reply he asks her address, she tells.

While on way drivers brakes hard and mannet bumps to each other, and guess what they do their favorite time pass staring at each other ( oye logo driver kit oh sharam karo yaaro), finally geet realized, aparts from him but her hair stuck in his shirt button ( ladke sudharja that is why you need not to have shirt unbutton) he asks her to wait and removes it. Pinky's home has come, geet requests to stop the car, thanks him and gets out of the car, he says nothing and keep playing with his cell ( I need to know what phone he has)


At door geet is worried that uncle will be angry coz it is too late. He opens the door, before he could say a word she says it's too late, he goes is it a time to come home?? No gal will wonder this late out, geet goes in FB ( poor her) when her darji hitting her, she almost in tears says sorry. Manchanda uncle stats laughing and says come in we are too hungry, I know you are here to work. Geet is overwhelmed they all waiting for her at dinner. Pinky joins them to saying let's eat we are starving ( awww pink. You are so nice) Geet thinks to herself they are so affectionate, ( so does mann)first time she is feeling as human


Mann gets in his house, sees daadi working on lap top. Gets het blessing, she in return congratulate him for profit in business. He says so you still keep eye on me ( yeah as you keep on geet), she says once this company used to be my life. He asks how her palpitation is, she goes so you remember about my health, he says why you called, she says to apologize about whatever happened 2 months before. Your one decision brought so much changed, though you should be the one apologizing ( so mann got her attitude from his daadi).

She says you should have listen to elder coz they are always right ( oye budhiya who told you that) so without waiting for your apology I say sorry.  He in anger replies you know very well what I did was right, he goes but daadi won't as she has not finished yet. ( hai rabba yeh budhiya kahi negative na ho)

She tells him I can not stay anymore alone( fine then find one guy and marry him daadi). If you love me ( maan please do not fall for emotional blackmailing) then find out about viccky ( 3 rd bro kya???) and bring dev, nayantaara back, forget all ( daadi how about getting maan a wife, your loneliness problem solved)

She does not stop there goes on to say I won't take no as answer ( acchi daadigiri hai yaar) now I'm old, tired, maan says please, but budhiya nahi suni and tells him she wants her family together. Maan fills her in that he sends money to dev and he will bring them all back. Daadi smiles. Day end ( I'm relieved too)


Geet's new day at office. She is guilty about last night. She thinks she can call him and say sorry. She first does practice how to say sorry to him, then actually calls twice but ended up giving him miss call. Taasha notices that and asks saasha to observe what drama happening. ( these two titliya need a lesson). Maan gets angry why some one calling him from office. ( oh so he is going to be regular  in office why not geet jo hai vaha) He walks in her office she sees him and abruptly says you are looking like boss?? He is like what?? She goes she means coz you dressed up like boss so and goes to mumbles.

He tells her if she has finished with talking to herself then she should find out who is calling him from office constantly ( LOL geet tell him it was you). Geet curses herself that she has called to say sorry and now she has to say sorry for calling ( very good and well done dialogue)  Saasha sees this and says she does not like geet talking to mann at all ( kyo do you have full copy right on him. Last time I check no one has itLOLLOL) She goes that it's time to fix geet.AngryAngryAngry


Nayantaar enters in house, looks at dev-maan picture and says you will be back and will get share in property. ( abhi dekh aage kya hoga share my foot) Daadi comes she takes blessing. Daadi gives her good news about maan agreeing to have all back. ( yaar why no one talks about kaamya?? Is she not mann's sis kya??) Nayantaara says she will never leave them. ( yeah right free lunch jo milega)

At lunch geet says to pinky that she needs to say sorry, pinky goes whatever happen was not enough?? You will indeed create a history ( oh yeah bhai ki biwi who ladoo devar se ishq. pinky you are so right) Saasha walks in to misguide her by saying it's not hard just make cappuccino for him and say sorry. geet asks if he will forgive she says why not ( oh geet do not listen to her please)

Pinky wants to say something but saasha stops her that should not she be at reception desk.

Saasha makes coffee with too much sugar in it?  Geet asks, gets reply that he likes too sweet, geet to herself he likes sweet still can not be sweet in behaviorLOLLOL. Saasha says you know him before na, geet replies does anyone can know him?? LOLLOLGeet goes with coffee, saasha says one thing is for sure you will not know this office now (nope, she will be your boss. You wait and watch)

Maan on phone tells dev that he has made all arrangement with embassy including permission and VISA. Dev thanks him. Mann says we did not meet last 2 months na ( tabhi ghochi hua else geet would have been your wife) Geet walking with coffee thinking that all she will say is sorry.

Dev tells maan asap VISA gets finalize, he will book ticket back to India ( hahah may be maut ka fatva) . Geet knocks at door, comes in screen freezes. ( I have not seen coffee scene where she spills it on form that has dev's picture, do not know if video is missing, if so can some one fill the gap)


Precap: daadi meets maan's future @ Dev's current wife


Geet asking daadi if she has an appointment to see mann ( gee ab tujhe maan bahut peetega) Geet goes on if you go direct in his office he will be very angry. Daadi asks really he is very gussel, geet innocently tells her since I have known him all he knows is to bash others. Daadi says yeah I feel too that maan sir is very dusht, geet complete the sentence daanav bhi daadi is amused ( hahhaha daadi and geet are perfect combo to laggo vaat of akadu singh)

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I love how maan comes out of the car and beats the guys. I love how maan just grabs geet's hand and takes her to his car. He is a dusht danav but he can be nice too It proves he cares for geet or people sometimes But shows only stubborn side to show his confidence but dadi was right he is just hard from outside but have a golden heart.  LOLLOL

Love how geet told him that he is only her boss in the office. I think this is the first time maan has talked about his dadi. You can tell how much he loves his dadi from the way he spoke.The moment he talks about Dadi geet melts & die to ask about dadi But Zsk is just one for geet.

Maan stopped the minute he realised that he was telling geet about his family and does not understand how it happened. I bet he has never talked to anyone like that. With geet he can tell her what is in his heart. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed sooner he realises when  geet is near him he forgets suddenly start doing actually what he is.

When the car breaks and geet bumps into maan, I loved the look he gave her. EmbarrassedHe is attracted to her but just does not want to admit it. Bravo first prize goes to maaneet never ending eyelocksLOL so sweet eye locks Oye sambal ja geet when geet said thanks him.Smile

I don't think the decision maan took was wrong too. Why is dadi asking NT and devil to be bought back into the house. I love how maan would do anything for dadi. . Oh no my fav scene is coming  geet calls maan and cuts him off. LOLLOLLOL

 loved The way  geet got nervous and told maan the he looks like boss and has worn his clothes. Bechara maan is so confused.LOLLOLSeeing geet getting nervous seeing him in that gajni suit.

 maan asking geet to find out who keeps calling him. beautiful culprit samne hai and maan is asking geet to find the culprit.

Sasha is so jealous of geet. AngryAngryShe says she is observing her,Poor geet want to tell him sorry for not connecting phone,So innocent she is makes coffy with too much sugar & Geet donno he drinks kadvi chai with one sugar cube. Poor fall into shasha's prank & dayan shasha thinks geet will get fired for this,but moi also felt like that lol but he comes out with adi's shiet look ishmmart in white.Wink

 Devil is just a parasite who know to use people & blame. But maan is perfect with golden heart he says he had made all the arrangements needed & he can be soon back to india. He feels senti with his brother saying they are talking after two months. god & CV'sAngry knows what went wrong in MSK's family &reason for that cold war, geet walks inn with the cofy &again an interesting episode ahead.

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Yet another golden Maaneet filled episode EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Loved the way camera captures the scene in style when MSK comes out of the car and shows his tashan to those goons and then drags Geet to his car and makes her sit inside the car with full authority ..ufff EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedStarStarStarStar...
Maaneet scenes might not b completely unique but they had an x-factor which gave these scenes a repeat value and even today one feels like keep watching them over and over again EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;When Geet's hair gets stuck to his shirt button ,it was simply the amazing expressions of GC and DD which made the scene  look so awesome and OMG worthy EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;The way both used to look at each other and then get lost in each other's eyes was just sooo damn mesmerising and breathtaking to watch Embarrassed...
Another good thing about these episodes were some really interesting clash between Dadi and Maan StarStarStarStar...I loved how Dadi used to give him a reality check by reminding him that dude 2 months back I was the boss haan WinkLOLLOL...
Next morning the whole coffee fiasco will b worth watching in tomorrow's episode when Maan will drink that coffee and ask her "bas itna hee shakkar" and Geet will b like "chai jaisi lag rahee hai" LOLLOL..I think the moment she spills the coffee on his shirt ,we will get the first ever Mahiii anthem for Maaneet here EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Geet was just so adorable in these scenes and Maan never looked so hotter than what he looked during these office days EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Overall a very good and entertaining episode Embarrassed

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 Boss Jise dikh raha haiROFL
 Koi batmeez muje office se bar bar phone kar raha haiROFL

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Geet episode 32:

I thoroughly enjoyed todays episode.Big smile It was a very balanced episode. Of course the herogiri of our great MSk is always a treat to watch.Cool The stylish way he got out, the one single slap he gave and then the finger on his face not even looking at his face and then his dhamki. CoolUfff…EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedOf course the city gundas are smarter than the HP ones. So they just buzz off.

And then for once when actually Maan tries to be reasonable and practical of course guess who chooses to be too headstrong without thinking about the consequences – of course our sherni Geet. DisapproveLOLBut then how else would we have seen her being "Maanhandled"?Wink They have to just sit beside each other and we can feel the buzz. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedAnd Geet still can't stop talking but I did like her statement about him being the boss at office and not outside it though it was ill timed because right now she actually needed his help.Confused And then Maan says a full line in EnglishShocked. And I guess that shocked Geet herself so much that it shut her up.LOL Then he explains how he is going out of the way to make sure she is safe despite his having to be at home to attend to his sick grandma and then tad a it strikes him "This is not what I ever do."Shocked And the moment he realizes that expression on his face was just so adorable.Day Dreaming I just wanted to give him a pappi.Day Dreaming And then the cute and innocent way Geet asks "is your grandma actually sick?" Smile.Can there be a more adorable couple.Day Dreaming This is why we love them.
Of course driver bhaiyya also does his job well and puts a sudden break. Theirs is the only couple who can make an eye lock scintillatingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and this time it was just the right length of time. Of course Maan's fascination with Geet's hair also starts when he takes his own sweet time releasing it.Maan sir hum sab dhekh rahein hei.Wink

Geet's reaction to Pinky's dad's fake anger was so sad to see.Ouch Poor girl does not even know what it is to be treated like a human being. OuchAt least she got to experience sooner or later.

MSK does love to push doors to make entry and the way Dadimaa was sitting looking at the laptop and commenting on their profits was really high class.Cool I am warming to this grandma. She did have that regal air to her. Though I loved Maan Geet interaction it is the interaction between Dadima and Maan that was the highlight of the episode. You could really believe they were from the upper echelons of the society. Dadima asks Maan to bring back Vicki and so did we. But CVs did not let him fulfill his promise. OuchWhen Vicki eventually comes he undergoes a sex change and calls himself Anvesha.LOL

But NT makes her entry and what an entry. She is strikingly beautiful.

Geet is def acting foolish calling and cutting the call. And the way her mouth runs off was so funnyLOL. Sasha now can see there is something brewing between the two .Of course the first time people would have wondered if Geet sees the photo but we of course know otherwise. Tomorrow we another classic scene the coffee spilling fiasco.Big smile




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Ok..didn't we have a attitude-filled entry of 10 times already..LOLbut then again..Chalega !!! SmileWhen Maan has single-handedly tackled 10-12 Brij's goons ..who were much I totally understand..its an insult to Maan to even look at these champoos.. Cool

Geet showing her newly found independent attitude to Maan..Errr..First..its not the right time and place Geet..esp after u were just abt to get attacked by goons..sec.. Maan is ur BAAP in showing attitude..Cool (He himself said that...LOL )the scene was nice where Geet is all stubborn and Maan is like Whatever !!LOLand drags Geet in his car..

Maan has an obsession with Geet's hair I guess..he held on to it a sec longer before untangling it.. the essence of this scene was totally ruined for me later on when I discovered that it was not DD's real hair..but a wig..Confused

The scene with Manchanda and Pinky was nice..except for his OTT acting..Geet sees the clear distinction and realises how inhumanly she was being treated by her own family..Confused

Again !!!! Why does Maan have to make a slow motion and dramatic entry everytime..that too in his own mansion...LOL

Dadi-Maan's convo..again looks like she was not at all happy with Maan's decision..she is almost blaming Maan for the family fued..Ouch
I forgot abt this little neg streak in Dadi's char.. I guess CVs changed this too..
Fine..if Maan has decided to find Vicky now after Dadi's insitence..the who was he looking for in HP ????Confused

These were some real classic scenes yaar..StarGeet trying to say sorry to Maan on phone..getting all nervous and blaberring in front of him..LOLBtw..its not her fault..Maan WAS looking totally DASHING in that BOSS ke kapde..LOL

Next epi.. the amazing Coffee scene...Smile

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