Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 128)

nirvanica15 Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Agree, NT was classy and so was the KM
I forgot to mention about the most phamous dialogue...
"you need a brain to think, since you don't have one stop thinking and do as I say". Something to that effect, it showed the heights of sircasm...And the dialogue was wonderful the way he says it

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Wo ho !!! epi 50 !!! congrats to all !!! SmileSmile 

Maan is so Dusht !! what does he want ??? Geet should stay or Go ?? I just loved Maan's outburst when he saw the RESIGNATION LAITER..(how did he know..does he have X-ray eyes??? )he got so wild when he did not get to complete his taunts ka kota which he had prepared for Geet..LOL

Though Maan was mocking her..and wanted to laugh on her face when she mentioned Self-respect !! I can feel Maan internally getting impressed by Geet's back answers..Embarrassed(btw..Pennu for your thesis..u would like to notice at this pt..his too good exp..he is like Excuse me..what ??)

Oh..Jao Jao..Maan..u want to test her Self-respect !! kisko ullu banna rahe ho !! LOLI guess he had this same question his conscience asking him..thats why he smoothly avoided it ?? LOL

The char makes the whole diff I guess..coz the black vest and boxing on someone else makes us swoonWink..but on Dev it had total opp effects..Dead !! Geet knows to use a computer..Thumbs Up I must say quite logical..that Geet for once recognises Dev's voice..

Coming to another interesting part..Many ppl must have guessed uptil now..those who did not..must have suffered from a yet another and final blow..Ouchthat Dev is Maan's younger bro..and now though the track concentrates on Maan-Geet's love story..the underlying suspense..thrill..tension of ultimate truth discovery is set..Ouch

Ok..I guess the miraculous positive-ness process of Dev has started..coz his interaction with Maan I felt was genuine..and but he still remains the same spine-less, coward .. blaming the whole thing on Maan..Angry

Maan is really having a gala-time taunting Geet..LOLNo wonder he doesn't want her to leave..the cord scene was too good..Smile

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 10:01am | IP Logged
I am a little late tonight. But could not miss it.

Geet episode 30:

So the much awaited tu tu mein mein between the two has started.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed What is this about embassy thing? I am still not able to figure out. ConfusedAren't their better ways of giving money than the old fashioned gunda style.Confused Anyway I am sure the people Dev deals with are gunda types anyway.Angry It is against Maan's better judgement but looks like Pammi put in a good word for Dev and he finds it difficult to say no to her. And he does love his brother though he does not deserve it. AngryIt is sad that the step brother/ step mom and Maan relationship was not explored till it was too late and then when it was dealt with it was totally OTT.Ouch

So Geet at last decides tro be practical and realizes how badly she needs this job.Smile Again it makes me wonder about why Sasha is going out of the way and taking so much of efforts to remove Geet from the picture. It is way too early to get catty. ConfusedI guess Sasha knows Maan so well that she knows a simple girl like Geet with her strength and determination is just the sort of person Maan would surely fall for. WinkIf she were a mini skirt sporting city girl then she would not have posed a threat to her.

Just we thought BDs were irritating the VDs are even worse.Angry At least with BDs we could play the game of "is it or is it not?" But with VDs the diff is obvious.Ouch I wonder what happened with DD in the first few days that at so many places they had to be used?ConfusedMaybe first they thought her eyes would do the talking but then maybe they realized for many people things had to be spelt out.LOL So sad they didn't think of it during the beginning of the A'ritsar track where most of us were left wondering what is going on in Geet's mind Confusedand would have loved to know her thoughts even through a VDs voiceOuch.(VD- Voice Double.Very smart ehWink?)

The fact that after he did start respecting someone, a girl that too, she went back to her family seems to have really irked MaanShocked. That is all he talks about when he meets her. I liked the way she didn't bother to explain anything but asked him in plain words to mind his business.Clap Maan seems to have x ray eyes (they definitely seem to bore through thingsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed). He guessed it was a resignation letter just by looking at the paper.Shocked It was funny and cute to see the look of bafflement on his face when he realizes that without he himself realizing it he has let her continue as his secretary which definitely is not something he would do normally.LOLLOL I guess this is the beginning of some kind of self realization about his feelings for her. Of course Monday's episode makes this realization much more stronger.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

 All the outbursts are just ways to keep his attraction for her at bay. Those doe eyes are definitely getting to himWink. And that jaan leva smirk of his and his half turn backDay Dreaming.Haye mei mar javaan.Day Dreaming Doesn't matter how many ever times he does the same thing he looks sooo hot.Day Dreaming So this is when Geet ignores Dadi ma's calls. You deserve that Maan sir.LOL

Unfortunately Dev took up so much screen space today that I cannot ignore him.Angry So he has not started repenting yet.Angry He just has to find fault even in a nice gesture.It was just 2 months before that Maan sent them out. And in that within one month they have already thought of the criminal idea and managed  to cheat Geet.Shocked They are skilled at what they do(cheat people) looks like.Angry

I think in Canada it is supposed to be cold so she wore the long sleeved blouses. India's weather brought the backless strapped blouses of Naintara's(you can hear me wolf whistling). She looks stunning definitelyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. So both hubby's and wife's plans are coinciding now. Both want to return to India for good. But why was NT's dialogue repeated twice I wonderConfused? Looks like even Barryji became tongue tied or rather finger tied after seeing Naintara's sexy avatar.WinkLOL

Have a happy weekend. The wait for Maan day begins.Big smile

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 10:13am | IP Logged
@Samana and Sia All three of us noticed Maan's XRay eyes.LOL And only after reading your takes I realised I had forgotten to be suitably surprised at the relationship between Maan and Dev. Well its never too late. "Oh Dear! They are brothers"!!!!ShockedLOL
 Actually not till very late into my watching Geet did I realise they were step brothers and not real ones. Somehow that helped me get over the awkwardness of Geet married to both brothers even if one was fake.I would have preferred if Dev was the son of a close business partner of Maan who he treats like a brother.
And our chaltha firtha disaster has started working towards earning that name with the telephone cord.LOL I too love these self talks where she is exasperated with Maan and his rudeness.

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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 11:51am | IP Logged

Ahh... the way he slides that suit-case... and the way he turned in that chair... followed by spinning his mobile...  God i find that too very hot... Blushing

And the way he walked towards his cabin... I am just loving that AYM wala BG score...Big smile

Maan thought she is gonna resign... and Geet thought he is gonna fire... but Nahi... He started giving his Free-ka-bhashan...LOL which again made Geet more Strong..Approve. I loved the way asked him to stop saying about HP...Clap

And mee too loved the expression of Maan when he said.. "Kya kaha self respect..." And the way she said.. "So you are not gonna fire me right???" Maan was all shocked as if his chori pakad gayee...ShockedLOL

Today he said Ms Scretary,, 2maro She will say Boss...Big smile

Dev is doing all boxing... for whoem..Dead.  Dev asked... where was Maan when he got married to Geet...Shocked why he made him to do that step...Confused but now also he looks soo irritated with Maan...Ermm  BTW NT lookd Stunning..Star

And at the phone-wire scene.LOL. Geet was about call him Maan which she changed to Sir...Embarrassed Again Maan showed his hand.. Talk to the hand...LOL
Loved the way he said.. "Pls aap sochna bad kijeeye.." BTW I think, that was the first and last time he said Aap to her...Embarrassed 
but that scene was soo cute and funny...Big smile. Geet looked soo tensed and Maan looked so confused..LOL


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walkintomylifex IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2012 at 7:24am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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nirvanica15 Goldie

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Posted: 03 March 2012 at 10:55am | IP Logged
I hope I got ur name right
Nice take, yes I did notice the photo scene. And even in that photo Maan seems to be in a very happy and elated mood which is not like him. May be the pic was taken before Sameera's fiasco when he was a very happy guy. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the other side of him

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 8:23am | IP Logged

Written Update (-bhootni-)

Recap:  Geet refuses to give her resignation letter and Maan wants to see how long she'll last in the office. Dev calls Maan and speaks to Geet (who doesn't recognize his!) and Maan tells him that he has paid of all of Dev's debts in India. Nainatra promises that whatever she wants will happen from now on.
In the office:
It's 7:00pm and everyone in the office are leaving...Pinky comes to Geet to take her with her (promising samosas...yum!) but Geet tells her that she can't leave right now. As well as Maan is still working...she is scared that Maan will yell at her again. Pinky is worried that she won't be able to get home since she doesn't know the way but Geet asures her that she'll be fine. Maan comes into the room...playing with his cellphone and asks for the budget file...Geet presents it to seems as if he shocked at that (hm...I wanna know what game he is playing LOL). He is like fine...anyways if there is a call in the next hour...before he can complete Geet tells him that she won't transfer it to you. (Go Geet!)...Maan keeps staring at her face and Geet is get back at her he says don't repeat what I already told you.
I am sure everyone is going to like this so I'll bold it...he tries to hold the files but instead ends up holding her hand...and you know what happens then...staring contest of course.
He snatches the file and leaves...while Geet says that he doesn't care about anyone! 
Nainatra at her evil best again
She comes into Maan's house and looks around...she notices some pictures of the brothers (wait there are three comes downstairs saying that even she sometimes looks at these pictures to remember her family. Nainatra is all smile for some reason...they both greet each other. Dadi asks her when did she come to India? Since even Kamya didn't even mention it in the morning...Nainatra makes up an excuse that she had told Kamya not to say anything...she wanted to give Dadi a surprise. She emotionally blackmails her saying I am not sure if you don't like me coming here...but Dadi seems to be really fond of her. A servant comes with coffee and and Nainatra wants to make it...anyways it's been two months since they had a fight...Dev and Maan. Dadi wants to know about Dev...she replies that he is okay...Dadi is mad that Dev hasn't even called once...but Nainatra handles the situation that Dev loves you a lot but is scared to call you. He is really ashamed of all he has done (aiyo Dadi seems to be falling for everything!).
In the office again
Geet looks at the time and one hour has passed already...she is scared that it is 8 already and Maan is still working. She decides she'll work from home...
Nainatra and Dadi
Dadi still thinks that Dev should have come once to check up on her but Nainatra says that you know how troubled he is right now...he is not allowed to come to India. Dadi is mad at Dev for doing bad things but thinks Maan shouldn't be that stubborn. Nainatra sheds fake tears about how she thinks that Maan will never forgive them and they won't be able to come back. Dadi promises that she knows very well about how to handle the situation...she'll get them back! Maan is my grandson...his stubborness is not bigger than mine...he'll have to listen to me...they hug with Nainatra giving evil expressions as usual.
In the office
The phone's Nainatra on the other seems as if Geet has recongized her voice (and not Dev's wow!)...Nainatra wants to speak to Maan Khurana...nvm she doesn't recongize her voice. Geet tells her that sir is busy right now...and Nainatra replies that tell him it's a call from home...but Geet refuses. She asks for her name...Nainatra is about to say it but Dadi tells her that say it's a call from Dadi or he won't reply back. Geet is scared that if she gives him the phone right now...he'll be angry again...Geet refuses and Nainatra gets angry.
Nainatra and Dadi
Dadi is angry that Maan didn't take her phone...Nainatra emotionally blackmails her again...she says that she will stay in a hotel...Dadi wants to stop her but she leaves. Dadi promises herself that she'll set everything straight!
At the office
Maan starts to pack up and there is a phone's Dadi! Dadi scolds Maan that why did he refuse to pick up his call...Maan is confused. Now it's Dadi's time to emotionally blackmail him...(great now Geet is going to get yelled at). He walks into Geet's room in anger and notices that she has fallen and then he goes into a dreamy state (as expected!). He walks up to her to room her laat but obviously stops himself from doing so. He taps the desk to wake her up but she doesn't budge. He even calls out to her...and then is about to tap her on the shoulder but is unsure ...though he does it anyways. He yells Geet and she wakes up with a startle...almost hugging him. Staring contest again!
Maan snaps out of it and asks if there was a call for him...she replies yes...he asks why didn't she give him the call...she replies cus you said so...Maan turns around (obviously to yell a her). Maan is angry that the call was from my house...Geet replies well if you had told me that to transfer every call from home then I would have...he says should I give you a list of whose call is more important...Geet replies why not! They argue a bit more (both of them need to calm down...especially Maan stop torturing her!).
Geet is maha pissed that he just yells at her...instead of appreciating her! lol she just rants on about him while Maan says that this girl will drive me insane but then aww he is worried about how she will get home so late at night. Was she sitting there so late for me? But reasons that if there was someone else that person would have waited as well. Geet is worried about getting home...she wants to go ask Maan about the taxi stand but concludes that he'll just yell at her. I'll go on my own!
Drunk people at 8 or!
Geet is on the road worried about getting a taxi since it's way too late...some idiots come on the bike...obviously drunk out of their wits! They stop upon seeing her...and then talks rubbish with her ...they want to drop her home. Geet is scared...okay and guess who comes to her prizes for guessing
Maan Singh Khurana
Precap: Geet comes to say sorry to Maan with coffee and then they struggle with it since she wants to go make a new one...and the coffee ends up on Dev's papers. Obviously Maan is highly pissed!

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