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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged

Geet episode 38:

This episode was a very disturbing one for me maybe because I know what all difficulties Geet was going to face bcos of her decision. Also it takes a lot of guts to take a decision like she did. OuchTo be from a small village and to think that she could actually be a single mother is very difficult to imagine. Thankfully for Geet there came a Maan in her life and if she had not made the announcement in the office no one would have even guessed (thanks to her having no tummy everConfused). But what if that was not the case? Maan had just carried an unconscious Geet and all the villagers had made mincemeat of Geet's reputation. ShockedMaybe I am thinking of what could have been had she not moved to Delhi and fallen in love with Maan. It was only NT who once taunted her about her having a baby without a marriage during the khoon bhari maang sequence and that had emotionally affected Geet a lot and if there had not been a Maan around to fill her maang then what? ConfusedEven if we make a wild assumption that Geet's family was supportive still I am thinking of the situation of a girl who would have to go through the taunts and insults day in and day out of being a single mother in a small village and of course the trauma the child would face.Ouch Of course the fact that the family hid the truth of Dev's cheating Geet does not help bcos now a person who does not know the whole story would even go to the extent of doubting her character like taayiji did.Ouch I don't know if I am rambling but I am thinking of a girl in real life who could be at this crossroads. To keep the baby would have been a very tough decision to take. The story teller of Geet had to definitely be appreciated for letting Geet take this decision rather than the much easier one bcos it motivates many such girls to fight for what is right whatever that decision might be.ClapClap

Of course Geet's undying belief in Babaji is what gives her strength as we can see at the Golden Temple. I know that when Geet asked Babaji to show her the path though she only saw the happy child and thought that was Babaji's sign to keep the baby, Babaji did show Geet also another aspect of her future that he had planned for her in the form of Maan and his company that she unknowingly has throughout the visit and even after.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Maan's shorts I felt was looking out of place and little funny LOLLOLbut maybe it is the rule when taking bath in the temple pond that they can't wear a pant? I am just guessing. His top part looked as gorgeous and hot as ever but the shorts did put me off a wee bitDisapproveLOL. Of course he more than compensated for it by coming in that gorgeous purple kurta.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed The kurta definitely suits him a lot and even in his Amritsar days he should have worn them rather than those tight cartoon shirts and jeans that he woreAngry. He would have definitely looked like a sona munda.CoolEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I didn't now there was a song like this in the series.Confused The song was good but I didn't understand the significance of showing Maan in between.Confused The words of the song did describe Geet's feelings with respect to her unfortunate experience with DevAngryOuch but maybe someone can explain Maan's presence in context of the song. Confused

I would have preferred if they had shown Geet come back on her own to her house which she was I think planning to do anyway rather than being hunted down by Brij because that kind of put her at a disadvantage.Ouch What follows is heartbreakingly predictable and poor Rupinder thinks she is being practical and saving Geet's life from Brij's hands when she proposes her idea.Ouch But Geet drops her atom bomb.Shocked I like the way her face goes like "It is my baby you all are talking about here. It is a part of me. Don't you guys realize that?" Ouch The next few episodes are again going to be tough ones. Babaji give me strength.Unhappy

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Aaah one of my favouirte HP episode EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...I simply loved the symbolisms shown in this Golden temple episode with that Satnam background voice ...simply divine ...ClapClapClapClap
Geet had gone to the Golden temple to find her answers and she got her answers in the form of Maan coming out of that water and passing by from her behind Embarrassed ..Even though she could not see Maan passing by but she could feel a divine intervention that moment and she felt like she got the answer to all her questions and thats when she decides to give birth to her baby against all odds StarStarStarStarStar..What a brilliant symbolism ClapClapClap ..CVs tried to indicate that Babaji had sent Maan as her saviour and soulmate and he is the reply to all her answers which she may not see now but could get the feeling just with his presense around her EmbarrassedEmbarrassed .
Both Maan and Geet could not see each other in the Golden temple but could somehow find themselves at peace over there because this is the time God Almighty wrote their togetherness and it was the baby which will further connect them into a eternal bond forever EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
I remember later when Maan told that after Geet came in his life ,he started believing in God ,that time we all had a huge debate over this dialogue in the Den LOL because Maan had visited Golden temple and Dargah earlier before falling in love with Geet Tongue ;But when I see this episode I feel Maan always had a certain religious faith in God but mayb he never believed in God doing some miracles as such but he started believing in it more deeply after Geet came in his life EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Last part was scary with Brij grabbing Geet once again in the truck and taking her to that Handa Jail for further torture CryOuch...But this time Geet is more strong and determined to fight her own battles StarStarStarStar...
On a light note ,I remember in this episode more than the divine connection ,we were busy lusting over Maan's hot hot body ...ishhhEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and we had a interesting discussion over why his legs r thinner than his broad upperpart WinkLOLLOLTongue...Gosh during those days we used to hv huge discussions for every small observations LOLLOL...GHSP really made many of us pervy Evil SmileLOLLOL
Overall a wonderful Episode and Brilliant Camerawork StarStarStarStarStar

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Wasn't the intro scene amazingly executed???? SmileThe scene ranged from Geet's confusion- Babaji's indication- till her resolve.. everything covered beautifully including the Golden Temple.. and not to forget.. Topless and almost Bottomless..(sorry 3/4th)LOL WET Maan(Thank u Babaji... what an indication !!!!!LOL)...within that initial 4-5 minutes... only disruption was that fake-mobile-ringtone-laugh of that childLOL.. otherwise.. PERFECT !!!!

That reminds me..  was Maan a Believer in GOD these days????Confused ..coz here he is clearly praying.. taking the holy bath etc.. but if I the later epi.. they made him a best  guess.. wld be... so that he appears more rude and practical...Smile

I really like the fact that the orig team took some REALISTIC the whole accident scene in the last epi.. the GOLDEN TEMPLE seq in this one..on the real location and not on some set.. Ph had money those days.. unlike the later Asar-centered track which was shot in a cubicle...Angry

The song seq.. was also nice.. but showing Maan in btwn??? did that song apply to Maan also??? was he thinking of Geet??? Embarrassed

There is a marked contrast in Geet's stance/attitude.. when she is standing in front of her compared to earlier scenes..there is  No rudeness..she is scared..but.. (I dont know how to put it...) clear in her thoughts..a firm look???Confused...that comes after one has made a decision...I liked the fact that Geet takes the responsibility on herself.. rather than keeping quiet...of both.. when she speaks for her father and then the Dai-ma's verdict...she is really becoming independent and strong day-by daySmile.. No doubt.. Maan fell for her...LOL

NOOO !!!!!  Dev ke bacche ki Maa Bannewali Hoon...Nahiii !!!!!!! Ouch(I literally covered my ears.. when I heard course..bcoz I didn't want this to happen..sec...bcoz its the most cliched-filmy dialogueLOL..)

I knew it..the moment this preg truth will be out..Daarji and Brij will blame the whole thing on Geet..AngryJust what did Daarji mean...that she voluntarily slept with the guy for fun...Angry(sorry.. its blunt.. but that's what he meant??? ) Never ever.. even for a sec.. he accepted that he IS at fault somewhere...Thank god..for her parents..esp.. Mohinder.. and surprisingly.. Chachiji.. to differ from them..and tell the truth..
Brij is toh.. ever-ready to get rid of this MUSIBAT.. Geet.. so this comes as a perfect opportunity for him...Angry

May be.. Geet believed that.. if not the men.. but the ladies of this house.. will understand her situation..sp.. her mother.. so I guess.. thats why.. Chachiji's solution.. comes as a shock to Geet.. Shocked

From here on.. we see.. the beginning of Geet's real and ultimate fight..Cry(which I feel was the whole crux of this serial..) with her family.. society.. till now she was a wife.. trying to get justice.. but now she is a mother.. trying  to protect her unborn child..CryOuch

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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@ Paro:

Thats what I have been wondering.. if they weren't the victims of low TRPs.. and not started with the Delhi track..what had they originally planned??? someone ask them this question yaar...too late..anyways..I m sure.. it would have been interesting to watch.. given the strong SL of our present epi... 

@ Jyoti :

Wow.. so there was a controversy on Maan-God relation !!!LOL and I thought I was the only one to get that doubt..silly me...LOLand  you gave a better explanation... may be he believed in God.. but never asked for any favor(or miracle).like when it was a question of Geet's life  or.. helping him find Geet etc...until she came into his life.Smile

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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I just love this golden temple sequence! It is chock full of symbolism and I would love to analyse it frame by frame but I am running a little short on time today so you will have to make do with the abbreviated version and the scenes that really stood out.

I loved the scene where Geet asks babaji for guidance and he actually gives it to her! As soon as she opens her eyes, she sees a mother with her child, laughing. This to Geet is message enough, although to be honest, I don't think she really needed this message. To me she had already made up her mind and although this sign from babaji was a blessing for her, I don't think she would have aborted her baby in any case. However, Geet only sees part of babaji's message, because the other part is wet and shirtless, behind her. Blushing

 I have to agree with Paro on the shorts. They were not bad themselves, just funny the way they stick to his legs in the front. LOL But I was having all kinds of ahem, thoughts when I saw him emerge from that water with droplets just travelling slowly down his back...issh.

Anyway, I loved the thought that babaji seemed to be giving her one message, but in reality that was only a blessing for a decision she had already made, and the real blessing and the way forward was in front of her but not revealed to her just yet. This whole sequence seemed to glow with divine intervention. The fact that Maan and Geet did not meet though, showed that they are not destined to be one in that divine context just yet. They are still very much individuals on their own journeys, dealing with their own problems.

Geet steps into the water while Maan is shown coming out of it after being fully immersed. Could this be a sign that on their separate journeys, where Maan is now emerging from his darkest times (which of course we will never know anything about) and Geet is just entering her most painful days. It also threw back to their first meeting where he rescues her from drowning. He will help her survive when her life's problems threaten to overtake her and he is coming out of the water to do that, though neither of them know it yet. I like to imagine babaji is having an indulgent chuckle during this scene. Embarrassed

Finally, like I said, there relationship hasn't reached that stage, though their connection has been established without either of their knowledge. I loved how when they were walking parallel to each other, between them were rumaals, something that is used for cleaning, for healing and that is what they are out to do for each other, and what will eventually bind them. Finally, their path meets at babaji where we see him in a gesture of blessing and Maan's profile comes into view behind the picture. This is babahi's blessing for Geet and Geet is his blessing for Maan, though at this point only we viewers know it.

NT really knows where to get Geet, doesn't she? I love how she used her knowledge of the Handa parivar and the knowledge of what Brij's reaction would be to ensure Geet was caught.

Finally, that last scene of confession and confrontation can be looked at in many ways. I know we like to see Tayji as the bad guy who wanted to smooth things over and brush the truth under the carpet, but I also saw another woman, fighting for her child. Had I not heard her stand up for Geet before, I would not have seen it this way, but she truly is a loving woman that has just had to face up to the realities of a patriarchal household and considering how ineffectual her husband is, in some ways she has to wear the pants (lucky that she is Punjabi! LOL). Anyway this could also be seen, only from Tayji's perspective as another mother fighting for her child, because Geet is her child and just as Geet is thinking of her baby, Tayji is thinking of her.

I guess this got long after all... Oh well, I am sure you don't mind!

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
@Jyo and Sia: I too had the question of Maan's religion/atheism after seeing this episode. And I don't know if the CVs thought of this but you know me, I have an explanation for everything! LOL So I think Maan's relationship with God is the same as his relationship with women. He likes to be indifferent and hate them so he can avoid the pain of having faith in something and then having it broken. Just like he had a bad experience in the past with women that made him hate them, maybe there was a time or several when he trusted in god and that faith was shattered. Also, believing in god, much like falling in love means giving up some control, which Maan does not like so I think he likes to believe he can be indifferent to god. However, the same way he is disrespectful of women in words, but inherently respectful of them in actions, he is indifferent to god in words but actually moved by these religious experiences, being such an honest and simple person. So we see him being indifferent until he is inside one of these places, here the GT and later in the dargah, but after being totally involved.

That reminds me, I forgot to add, the next time we get the same divine feeling in MG's relationship is at the dargah. There, Maaneet are both accepting the blessing that was given to them by god/destiny, whatever you want to call it. Here we get a silent message that they are meant for each other and there it goes one step further, with the baba's blessing of their "jodi" which is another prediction for the future of their relationship.

@Bindu: That sounds awful! Ouch I am glad you are feeling better and look forward to your analyses!

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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Ok everybody wrote awesome analysis and explainied all the possible sumbolism...Clap

but my correpted mind was looking at Maan... Winkno not that Maan who came from the pond...LOL
I am talking about the Maan who get into the jeep... Haai...Embarrassed me simply loved Maan in that Kurta-jeans...Big smile i think after that he never wear such Kutaa types.. Does he...Ermm?
Anyway he was Looking soo HAWT...Blushing


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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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hi everyone!

i caught up with three episodes just today! it was interesting to watch d amritsar trip at one go. What chemistry Maaneet have! i mean Maan can't stand her being quiet and he had to goad her!  And when she talks, he gets very angry at her! geet getting shock of her life learning abt dev n NT relationship.

coming to 38th epi

loved d symbolism in dargah. d divine feeling is really d one of the best aspect of maaneet (chemistry, nok jok n many more). i loved it when geet prays to show a way n d next scene they show maan coming out of water with d divine chant as background music. it was beautiful moment! and d song was haunting! poor maan looked miserable leaving geet like that n coming!

i didn't know NT was so evil. not just trying to get geet abort, she creates mischief n d house by revealing d pregnancy truth hoping d family will do what she wants. she's really evil n d most suitable wife to dev.

d way darji n brij blame geet for all the mistakes done by dev is really irritating. and tayaji, d way she tries to stop brij. i don't know whether she s trying to save geet or trying to stop brij from commiting murder. everytime brij erupts n anger, tayaji tries to deflect it. i think she knows how bad brij can become. she might suspect channi's murder but does not want to face the issue. so she tries her best to save geet so that her son wont commit a crime.

this is what i felt seeing today's episode.

geet is slowly turning strong every day. its a delight to see such a strong character emerge from such timid role.

hats off to DD for her exemplary acting. And GC - today for his droolworthy looks. dat one shot of his coming out of water, wet wit short pants, kerchief is sooo... sorry no adjectives, i am hyperventilating. let me go n enjoy it again.

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