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Posted: 03 April 2005 at 2:31pm | IP Logged

Ah, yes, there must always be some kind of accident at some point! hehehehe....... So I wonder who will be draging who from the car now, and taking care of the other in that dark and desolate place.... Where they must sleep in each other's arms in order to stay warm and not freeze to death......... LOL


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Posted: 03 April 2005 at 2:33pm | IP Logged

Anyhow, AP, its really pushing me to read and learn the Hindi- but of course, the translations do help so much in this regard! Thanks!! Big smile No need for sorry!


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wow thats awesome can't wait to see the next part
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Posted: 03 April 2005 at 2:54pm | IP Logged

ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOHHHHH NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

This better not be a Kekta thing!!! LOLLOL

I know I know!!! It's just gonna be a better setting for there romance to inflame!!!! RIGHT!!!!!

Please don't stop there!!!!


Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

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Posted: 03 April 2005 at 2:55pm | IP Logged

translated version Big smile

Ok the tension is building up both disha and dk are breathing very hevily!! Behind them goo the puris buring in the oil LOL!! The burining smell escapes the kitchen and into the house!!! Outside in the lounge aii wonmnders where the smell is coming from.. she sends rano to go and take a look....

rano walks in and sees her di with dk

rano: arree areee yeh kya horayah hai Wink..hmmm..( whats happeing here)

disha quickly pushes dk away and fixes her pallu and looks a t her lil sis with a red face dk gotta expression wheres hes about to burst out laughing..and smiles sly..and asks DK: haaa ranoo kya hua ( yeh what hapened)

Rano: yeh to mahin pochne aii thi jiju.....Wink.....( Thats what i'm ashking brother in law) disha goes red in the face with dk......meera matlab hai ke yeh jalne ke smell areeh teh nah aii parshan hora teh......na..( i mean the buring smell mum was getting worried) stlll smiling suhas walks in...

Disha: haiii who oh my god mai to boholge (omg i forgot) rushes towards the stove hai meeri puri .....ab kya hoga..yeh sab app ke ghalti hai..disha refers to dk as app with in a very wifely manner and he smiles ( looks wahts happened now its all your fault)

dk: areeh man toh kuch anhin kiya: ( i didn't do anything)

Suhas: arre kya howa disha..aree tumhare diyyanh kaha rahta hai ( whats hppened disha..where does attention lie)

Rano: mujhe mallom hai aiii..( i know Wink mum) yahh toh kuch aur hai jall raha tah... ( there was something else burning here) Winksuhas with a confused expression on her face and rano just can't help it and bursts out laughing along with lady d and dk

suhas: ab tum sab.....arre bas bhi karo ab ...disha jaldeh kahna benkaar loyhai maihn aur rano abhi ek minute meinh atte hai aur tumhari madate kar teh hai..challaaoo ranoooo ( you guys thats enough now..come on disha get the dinner stated rano and i'llcome and help you in a min rano you come with me)

they both leave the kitchen

disha: dekho dk abb tum kitchen sai barah jahooh nahin toh mujhe gussa ajjayga......(  now you leave the ktichen before i get angry)

dk smiles sweetly ..arreee meri kya galteh teh .....acche humari disha ko kause gussa atteh hai loh ajj hum bhi dekha...Wink (what wa my mistake...fine lets see how my disha gets angry then )

disha: jaho dk mahin tum se bat ne karti (go dk i'm not speakin to you)acting like a kid ....she starts cutiing an onion on a chooping board real quickly ..and here it goes guys..OUCHHHHHH..lady hads cut her finger...

DK; imeaditly rushes to the other side of the kitchen griping his crutch in his hand tightly.......he looks at disha bleeding finger..and the lil tears in her eyes..his big bronzyyy eyes open wide he grabs hold disha finger with his hand he looks for a napkin near by but can't find one...he lifts her finger towrds his face...bringing it closer and closer...disha loking memrised in her own workld at our hottie Winksuddenly he places her finger in his mouth to stop the bleeding..dishas eyessweel up with tears..they stand there for a few minutes they hear footsteps dk removes the finger from his mouth and holds dishas hand tightly both stare into each others eyes..the footsteps get closer and closer....disha lets go of dk hand ..he takes her to the sink and places her finger under the cold water.....

DK; then in his deep masculine caring vouice he says..disha dekho kya hua ...tum bhi naah..hamesha..areee choraa is bato koh..( lok disha what happened..you always..oh just forget it..) he then looks passionately into her eyes and says darad toh nahin horra hai...( its mot hurting is it) she simply shakes her head.....he then goes and gets some cream and a lplaster from the smalll box in the kitchen and apply it to her finger.....

aii walks in with rano with a  plates of vegetables to be cooked she smiles swwetly when she sees the love between them tooo and thinks..hamesha meri disha koh kush rakhna baghwan......kise kiy burhi nazaar nah lagne dehna ( oh god always please always keep mydisha happy never let anyones evel eye fall upon them)....and smiles...and rano ofcourse asusal breaks the silence with vedant

Vedant: mymymy brother ajjj dish ki barahi seewa ho rahi hai (oh wow dish today i see brother is at your service heyyy)

RanO: giggles away....

SUhas: arreh tum dondo mera beta koiy shertha rtho  and smiles sweetly at dk...areh dushyant beta tum andar ko neh jateh tum kitchen mehin kya karroge humare saath ( oii why do you guys all ways pick on my son..why don't you go inside dushyant waht will you do with us in the kitchen)

rano: aree aii tumhe pata hai humare jiju humari dee se ek second bhi nahin doorh rah sakte.....giggles away ( muj don't you know that our dk can't stay way from sis for even a second)

sushas: areee ranootum abb chuup ho jayo aur jakhe dee ke madate karo sara din bakha bakha karte ate hai....(rano thats enough now go and help your sister allyou do is ramble on all day long)

.she giggles and goes and hugs her dee dk levaves the kitchen he forced down with azuba to play a game of chess.....he hppliy plays away while all the guys sit in the lounge .....sukanya goes to the kitchen and is ignored by the ladies so goes and sulks while peeling some potatotes....LOL

they all finally sit at the dinner table alll happy for onmnce even sukanya and anil have shut up and with held the peace........they all laugh at the table...meanwhile dk phones home to see if his mum is ok the nurse inforrms him that she is finee..he happily goes and joins them on the table and plops himself next to disha......he likes the homely atmospohere and flashbacks occur of when he was a kid with his mum and dad..aww cutie...Embarrassed.....

suddenly he statrts practially coughing all over the place...... disha is dumbstruck everyboday looks at her reactionTongue

Disha: arreh dk mahine kahiya tah who maat kaho mirchie hai aur tumhe jada mirchie kahne addte nahin..loooh..pani piyooo..tum bhi nah dk..( i told you dk that was spicy do't eat it you know you can't eat spicy food ..here have some water) and gives him the water with her own hands...

everybody looks at disha sukanya eyes pop out seeing the romance between the two

Vedant: mymymymy......dish.....

disha gets extremely embrassed and walks of to the kitchen saying she'll get some more rotis she returns to the table to everyone back to normal she sits herself doen again.....and dk wispers in her ear i love you disha ..she goes red again and bites her lip...everyone finishes up the food... vedant decides to leave straightaway as he has a presentation in the moring and so do rano inder with hteir father inlaw...disha insists she stays behind and helps aii..dk also syas he don't mind as mummyji is fine....meanwhile dk and azuba finish of their game of chess anil thinks of a litel sacm

he offers a drink to dk infront of azuba who looks wide eyed at him

anil: are damat ji app nahin lange..app koh to bara shook tah nah peen kah..loyh to say...gautam cuts up his dad ( dear son in law won't you have drin kw e all know you've got a habitit of drinkin)

DK: shhonnkk tah mr bhosale ab nahin...waise bhi disha koh acha nahin lagte hai yehh sabb..so please..aur ab toh ghar meh pooja hoya hai aur appp..chi chi..mr bhosale meinhne socha toh app buzar hoko juch toh sharama karroge ( yes mr hosale i did but not now..... annyawy disha doen't like me drinking... so please....and didn't we just have a prayer in this house this moring and now were drinking please mr bhosale as a elder i thought you would have much more coomon sense)

gautam can barely stopp laughin and anil is angry and stomps off axuba smiles and says: uski bato kah burahna nahin maihna beeta ..loohh yeh toh mai haragyae...( pease don't take what he says to heart..ohh look i've lost)

DK; hai islye hai koy ki rani mera paas hai ( thats because i've got he queen)refering to his disha and suddenly disha walks towards him in her beutiful white see through suit.....sorry dk change karna payah who meera upper who halwa dulh gayah tah..chalye.....Sorry dk had to change i dropped some swet dish on my sari shall we go

DK; hai lookinag at her ache azuba fir kelghe gaye( ok bye azuba we'll play again)......azuba tells him he should come more often and takes of his chain from his neck and putss it on dk

DK : arree azuba yeh....( whats this..))

Azuvba: areh mujhe azuba beh kehta hai aur yeh ek chota sah toofa nahin leh sakte.....yeh loh aur hamesha meri disha ko kush rakhan( this is just a little gift from me...and always keep my disha happy)....they both touch his feet hug gautum and aii and leave

as they leave azuba says that none has won him in a game of chess after vijendear he says he felt like his son came back..dk hears and his eyes swell up with lil tears and he caries on walking towards the carr.....

they both sit in the car and drive away..disha continues driving away..she recollects the sences with dk in the kitchen and thinks to herself what she has done to deserve so much love of him...

DK areh kya hua disha..tum intini chup koy hoo....Wink..waisde tumhare hath toh teekh hai nah....dard toh nahin hora hai ( why are you soo quiet disha....is your hand ok hope its not paining)

Disha: is very shy at the moment and just focus on the road ..ha teekhh hai..( its fine)dk unddersands her silences and smiles swwetly to himself and lifts her duppta she carries on driving suddenly they stop there has been an acident ont he way and the road is blocked they are told to take the next route which meands it ill take them 2 anad half hourss to get home

Disha: arreh dk doosreh raste sai huime 2 ganthe lage geh aur maji bhi ghar par akhli hai ...mehin vedant ko phone karti tih i hope woh ghar piochnga hai..( it'll take us 2 hours on the other road wait i'll just vedant and see if he is ok no one is with mummyji)vedant picks up and tells her they all have reached home safely and not to worry hes with mummyji.....its ok - dk abb hum aii keh bhi nahin jaah sakte who saab sokghe hoghe hum dutra raste hai leh jaygeh ( dk we can't go back to my place they're all probably asllepp we'll just go and take the long way)...they drive away the other way is dark and desolate and through the forests disha siently drives..dk looks a her mesmeried ....

disha: ab kya hua dushyant......aise kua ghoor keh dekhro ho kya.. ( now whats a matter dushyant....now what are you looking at...)getting uncomforatable and then makes a joke out of it kabhi koi ladki nahin dekhi hai kya(haven't u seen a girl before or something)

dk: with a serious expression his face..nahin tumhare..jaiise es duniya..meiinn koiii nahin ho sakti disha..tum meri disha ho sirf meri (jno disha never one like you your only mine only my disha)and places his hand on her break where she also has hears he jolts..

disha; areh dk please mein dirive kariye huh (please dk im driving)

dk: toh ( so...)

disha: toh..choora ..naaa...aur hai tumhe ajj drinkk ne piyeh thank you tumhare ..( soo.. let go......and thank you for toady you didn't drink) and smiles sweetly at him

Dk: thinks to himself - arreeh disha tumhariye liyah mahin kuch bhi kar sakta huh....tumhariyleh yeh jaan bi hazar hai ( anyting for you disha ...i can give my life for you)

they smile and look a each other totally washes away in their silent love for each other

suddenly theres a truck coming on the otherside of the road itsss too late it hits they're car and jolts them off the road into the desolate hills and the car bursts into flames........../ INTERMISSION lolll hehheh

ok this is the translated one do hope you guys undertand it i did do what i could loll Tongue


love Asian princess/DK ki dewani


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divyagirl Goldie

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Posted: 03 April 2005 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Thumbs Upthanks bravo Clap
Bombgirl4eva Goldie

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Posted: 03 April 2005 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
AP...wow..u r doin sooooooooo goood..I just love yours .Big smile..

ok my version now....

Recap : last time I stopped at how the temperature went up..and up.Wink while Dk gettin closer and closer


So our hottile who looks like a million bucks in a see -thro black T-shirtLOL...and dish in a black see thro saree...l..So now both of their eyes are closed and DK was about to kiss her....when...

Vedant and inder enter...LOLLOLLOL

Vedant : dish dekhoto  tumse milne ka..u.n...(dish look at who's here to s..e..e.. u...)...when he notices the HOT scene..Wink his eyes go WIDE with shock and jealously!!!

Looking at the eager dk and the mesmerised disha..Inder turns RED WITH ANGER AND JEALOSLY!!!..Vedant and Inder are burning with Jealously...that it seems that they are goin to pass out anyminute if Dk doesnt move away from dish..haha..LOSERS!...

After hearing Vedant's voice...Disha quickly opens her eyes with shock and EMBARRASMENT  and pushes Dk away by his chest (and oh what a chest!Wink)....who is still in his dream world..eager to kiss her...

After the great push on the great chestWink..Dk too quickly opens his eyes and realises that Inder and Ved are here and that they have seen them in that pOSITION....

Looking at vedant and Inder's burning eyes... Dk gives a BIG BIG smile to thw two...with a " HAHA losers she is mine and only mine" type of a look...

Disha whos is totally embarrasedddddddddd.. ..makes an excuse and says "woh ...mein...amm..mein mummyji ko soup de kar aati ho" (...amm..I will go and give the soup to mummy...the one that she was holding in her hand...oh BTW even after along time...the SOUP is still VERy HOT...Wink..)..and leaves the room....

After Dish leaves Dk just again gives a wicked old smile at Inder and vedant....

Dk : to tum dono yaha kaise?? (how come u too are here?)

Vedant : woh mein to...Mujhse khud dish ne bolaya hain...( me?..I... Dish herself  has called me here) with a prould expression..

Dk : accha?? (oh really!)

Vedant : hain keh rehati ke koi bahut zaruri baat karni hai ( Ya she said that she wanted to tell me something IMPORTANT!) pata nahi dish kya kehna chahti hain mujhse ....I wonder (EVIL smile at Dk) (I wonder what she wants to tell me... shayad woh mujhse kehna chahti hain ke .......she loves ME ( Maybe she wants to say that she loves me)

Dk : (Oh my..does he laugh liek crazy)....I love you (bursts into laughter again)...haha ...aur woh bhi tumse ?( and that to she will tell YOU?? Vedant itna udna achi baat nahi hain..(ved..its not good to fly in the air ).( now in a ANGRY MOOD!)...Maine tumse kitni baar kaha ke woh tumhari bhabhi hain..aur kuch nahi..do u understand that? (how man times have i told u that she is your SIL..and nothing else..do u understand that???

Vedant : lekin maine meri dish ko kabhi apni ..( but i have never considered MY dish as my sister in law.)..before ved could finish his sentence..Dk interupts

DK : VEDANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT...disha tumhari nahi meri hain...SIRF MERI....(dish a si mine ..only mine!)

Inder ( the stupid he is says) EK Minute ...tum dono kyun ladrahe ho?? Disha to Mujhse pyaar karti hain...(actiing all OVERSMART)...tum dono se nahi..and starts laghing...

Dk : haha..(thsi guys laughs liek CRAZYYYyy) Disha aur tumse ( disha and u?)  apni shakal dekhi aine mein??/ (have u seen your face in the mirror)...LOLLOL...Disha loves me and only me..

Vedant : (rebelious)Disha mujhse pyaar karti hain (disha loves me!)

Inder: nahi ...mujhse! (no she loves me!)

Dk: Mujhseeeeeeee


Inder : MUJHSE!

Haha..lolz...i'll stop rite here..where one hero (our hero..Embarrassed) and 1 villan (MY MY MY) and I comedian ( blondie persoxideAngry...) are fightinf for one girl.....DISHA..


ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

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its realli good bombaygirl keep it up

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