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indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 April 2006 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
YAH ur fanfic is sooo good!! Can't wait till someone continues!!

ramas IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 04 April 2006 at 9:57pm | IP Logged

Recap Nahar takes sloni inot his arms. Nahar : Saloni I love you
Saloni : I love you too.

Episode 16
Saloni pretends to get out of Nahar's arm but enjoys being hold.

Nahar to saloni: I missed you so much. Makeover mei itna time laga. He started kissing her.

Saloni: AApne kuch khaya.

Nahar : Are aapne to khanapina sab bhula diya. AApne to hume diwana bana diya. Hunne subah se khaya to kya coffee bhi nahi lee. aapki chinta me mare ja rahe the.
Saloni covers his mouth.

Saloni: Aap shubh shubh boliye. Mare aapke dushman. Bhagwan kare aapko meri bhi umar lag jaye.She hugs him and kisses him.
She orders food and coffee. Nahar is in very good mood. they are both feeding eachother.

Nahar: Saloni aapne bataya nahi. Itni dare kyo lagayi.
Saloni: woh mei aapko bad me batana chahti hoo.Maine aaj surprise arrange kiya hai. Hume 7 baje kahi jana hai. Kya aap chalenge.

Nahar: saloni aaj hum aapko jahnam bhi le jaogi to chalenge.

Saloni: please call nilima and ravi and invite them. We are all going for dinner dance and show. we will pick them. tell them it is a surprise.

Nahar calls Nilima. Intitaly she says no then she accepts. Nahar and saloni goes to Nilima's house and pick them and then they goto this fancy hall. They are seated in front raw. Nilima coulnd't believe that Nahar will bring them to such expensive place and in the front raw.
She ask Nahar: How did you mange to get into this fashion show and this table.. This table is for the vip people in Zurich. Nahar I donot know anything. Ask saloni she arranged everything.

Nilima to saloni: You look beautiful today. Saloni how do you arrange this.
Saloni it is a surprise just wait and see and enjoy. Dinner was served with wine. some models come to see Saloni.
Saloni told Nahar I have to go for littlebit.  I will be back. She hugged him and went with models towards the stage.

The show staretd. It was international modeling contest.saloni was the first one with 2 handsome men each holding her arm.
The anouncer introduced saloni saying we are the international modeling agency. saloni came to our shop for makeover and tried so many outfits and most suited so well on her. we offered her to participate in tonight's show. initially she rejected then she said yes. she is a very fast learner. she learned everything that was only shown to her once.She is a good dancer and singer. she is a very talented girl.

Nahar was veryshocked but happy to see this side of saloni. But Nilima was getting jealous. She told Nahar: Nahar you were saying you wanted to marry sidhi sadi gharelu Indian girl. look at saloni walking holding other man's arms. From the stage she dosen't look likr sidhi sadi . saloni came quite a few times in gorgeous outfits and differnt hairstyles. crowd was clapping so hard. she came in beautiful indian clothes walking and dancing.Nahar was totaly mesmerized  seeing  Saloni looking so goregeous,. show was about to finish and the show guy came and announce saloni was the best international   model. She wants to accept the prize from her handsome husband Nahar. Nahar comes on the stage and put a ribbon around her and tiara and congratulate her. Nahar goes back sits with Nlima and ravi.

Nilima starts again. nahar your family is old fashion how would they react with saloni's modeling. Nahar didn't like saloni getting so much attention. saloni's doing this without asking him. saloni came back to table. Nilima said I have to leave now.
Nahar are you coming? Saloni says I can't leave now   I have to wait littlewhile.Nahar says to Niliima ok let's go. I will drop you. Saloni will get ride from a friend since sha has many friends here .

While Saloni is watching Nahar leaves with Nilima and ravi.  she is sad and shocked. Nahar reaches hotel thinking why did I react this way. saloni didn't do anything wrong I should have stayed and supported, Should I go back and pick her up?

Suddenly there is a  knock on the door. Nahar sees Saloni with one of the male model outside the room holding lots of bags. Nahar opens the door. Saloni asks Nahar to get bags since those are prizes. The model kisses Saloni on her cheek and gives her hug   and Nahar is fuming. Nahar and Saloni gets in the room. Nahar closes door very hard and throws all the bags on the bed and starts  yelling.

 Nahar: Ab pata chala Maharani  4 ghante modeling sikhne gayi thi. Mai yaha chinta se mara ja raha tha. kya ab mujhe chod modeling karogi?

 saloni : mai koi modeling nahi karne wali . Maine offer reject kar diya aap shant ho jaiye..

Nahar : I don't want to hear  anything. He starts throwing stuff in the room. Saloni gets very scared. 
Phone rings Saloni picks up phone it is bhabho.
Bhabho saloni beta kaisi  ho. All of a sudden saloni starts crying very loudly and couldn't talk and runs to the bathroom and locks her self inside.

Nahar gets the phone. Bhabho dhok du. Bhabho is asking Nahar :  beta kaise ho. .saloni kyo ro rahi hai.?Tumne kya kiya?

While nahar is talking  on the phone ,Saloni is thinking I was on the top of the world and look what Nahar is doing  now. chalo Nilima ko thikane laga diya. Mujhe nicha dikhane chali thi.   kher bhabho or taraji Nahar ko dantati  hi hogi.  Nahar ko mujhe manane ke liye mazboor karegi. perfect timimg. ye phone call ne mujhe aaj bacha liya. Verna pata nahi aaj kya hota. ye Nahar kitna gussa karta hai.  Gusse mei kaisa monster jaisa dikhta hai .Meri to dar se aaj  jaan hi nikal gayi thi.

Tara comes on the phone. Nahar tumne saloni ko kya kiya. Tum honeymoon pe ho or ise rulate ho. Bade gadhe ho. jao jake Saloni ko manao. Hum 2 ghante ke baad call karenge.  Hume Saloni se baat karni hai samje.

To be continued

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DeepaliC Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2006 at 6:00am | IP Logged
WOW saloni was modeling!!..nice surprise Ramas!!..holy   nahar over reacted about the whole modeling thing, that doesn't sound like him! Saloni called him a monster!LOL.. i hate that Nilima!..great Epi tho!..kahani mai twist Wink

Edited by DeepaliC - 05 April 2006 at 6:01am
ramas IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 05 April 2006 at 6:29am | IP Logged
who is doing next episode?
desi chic IF-Sizzlerz
desi chic
desi chic

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Posted: 05 April 2006 at 11:11am | IP Logged

hey guys! so I'm new at this fanfiction (well in relation to writing in it) so I hope it'll be ok... Confused
Episode #17

recap: nahar yelled at saloni and she runs into the bathroom and bhabho calls and both tara and bhabho scold nahar. now nahar has to figure out a way to make saloni happy again...
saloni is still in the bathroom, she's actually really upset and kinda scared. meanwhile nahar is being scolded on the phone. tara, "nahar, tum kaise budhu ho, honeymoon par apni pyari se ghar wali ko rularahe ho. chalo ab jaldi se saloni ko manao." (nahar your such a fool, making your wife cry on your honeymoon. now go and make her feel better) nahar tries to protest but tara will have none of it and quickly disconects.
nahar is thinking, "ye mein kahan phas gaya. waise mujhe saloni par itna gussa nahin karna chahiye tah. najanay woh mere baare mein kya soch rahi hogi. kaise manaoo use?" (what have I got myself into. but I must admit, I shouldn't have gotten so mad at saloni. I wonder what shes thinking of me right should I make her better?)
saloni is thinking, "waise, mujhe bhi aisa nahin karna chahiye tah...ek baar nahar se baat to karni chahiye teeh..." (I shouldn't have just done that either. I should have atleast talked to nahar about it first...)
just then nahar knocks on the door. saloni decides to make him suffer for a little while. saloni, "chale jaye mujhe aapse koi baat nahin karni."(go away, I don't want to talk to u)
nahar, "saloni, meri baat to sunno please. I'm sorry, mujhe aisa nahin karna chahiye tah. Please, bahar aao na". (saloni listen to me, I'm really sorry I shouldn't have behaved that way. I'm really really sorry, please come out) saloni, "mujhe kuch nahin sun na". (I don't want to hear anythign) nahar protests, "lekin..." (but...) and he realizes she will not listen. nahar gets an idea.
he calls the receptionist and orders something. meanwhile time is passing and saloni is getting sick and tired of sitting and she is also getting hungry. she thinks that nahar is not going to do anything and she might as well go out herself. so she goes and opens the door and she steps out. no one around...from where she can see. but she feels something on her feet, she looks down and there are rose pedals everywhere. saloni is so surprised and happy...
she looks up and sees a sign on the door shaped into a hear, saying "I'm sorry saloni, I really really love u. please mujhe maaf kardo"
saloni is too happy and impressed she walks towards the deck/sundeck thingy as she sees a light there. she stands at the door and sees a table with a dark red coloured table cloth and two red candles in nice candle holders. and there are matching napkins with silver wear and some dishes of food that smell irressistable. she loves the smell, but then thinks, where is nahar?
she steps out onto the sundeck and is about to walk further when she feels a hand grabing hers and she ends up in nahar's arms who has his back against the wall.
they look into each others eyes and are so in love. nahar, "kaisa laga?"(what do u think?) . saloni smiles, "sach bataoon?...bahut accha, you're so sweet nahar" (tell u the truth...I love it. your're so sweet nahar)
nahar, "woh toh mein hoon, waise aapnay bas tohri der lagadi pehchanay mein" (that I am, u just took a while to realize it) saloni lightly slaps her hand on his chest and trys to release herself.
nahar, "itni jaldi bhi kya hai, abhi toh bahut raat baaki hai" (whats the hurry, theres the whole night left) he takes her by the waist and saloni already has her arms around his shoulders and nahar holds tight. with one hand he puts on a cd player and soft melodious music begins to play. saloni and nahar are holding tight and move their bodies to the rhythm of the music. saloni puts her head on nahar's chest and they are completely lost in the music and themselves....
what do u think? what are saloni and nahar going to eat, etc. only the next writer can tell u. sorry if something didn't make sense


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ramas IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 05 April 2006 at 11:36am | IP Logged
desi chic way to go. good job very romantic. That sneaky Nahar

Edited by ramas - 05 April 2006 at 11:51am
desi chic IF-Sizzlerz
desi chic
desi chic

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Posted: 05 April 2006 at 11:49am | IP Logged
thanks ramas. tu bhi kuch kam nahin, keep it up!! I love reading these. you're awesome Wink
DeepaliC Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2006 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Desi chic that was sooooo cute!!! Embarrassed

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