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Kushi’s engagement!!! SPECIAL GIRL 4 Fam!

Anoli IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 February 2005
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Posted: 26 March 2006 at 2:44pm | IP Logged



Jem (Jem4Himesh)Jem (Jem4Himesh)

 Neha (~*Prinkzz4eva*~) Neha (~*Prinkzz4eva*~)

Puja (Puja265)Puja (Puja265)

 Maha (anjali207) Maha (anjali207)

 Amina (amina877) Amina (amina877)

 Tina (groovychick) Tina (groovychick)

 Kiran (Kimi_dost) Kiran (Kimi_dost)

 Khair (sweet_kp) Khair (sweet_kp)

 Himani (bigmouth) Himani (bigmouth)

 Noor (malkanoor) Noor (malkanoor)

 Sandy_01 Sandy_01

 Sana Sana

natasshafan natasshafan



 tafarruz tafarruz


 s.priya  s.priya


Jav (PakiPrincez)Jav (PakiPrincez)

 Soumya (radz2cool) Soumya (radz2cool)

 Indra (priya) Indra (priya)

 Dolly (Luckiegrl)Dolly (Luckiegrl)

 meghavi meghavi

Shireen (supergirl7)Shireen (supergirl7)


 Aryan Aryan

Khizer (Bunty4ever) Khizer (Bunty4ever) 

 Minnie Minnie

 lucky_lakshmi lucky_lakshmi


Kushi, jem, neha, Puja, Anjali207, Amina, Groovychick and kimi_dost r kushi's best friends!!!

All the rest are her friends!!!!

Kushi's Home!!!

Jem:- tera terat tera sururr.. La la la la la laaaa….

Kushi:- jem, I will definitely tell my finance to book a stage for u on our reception night!

Jem:- Kushiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… I love u!!!

Neha:- jem u lost dat right now of sayin 'I luv u'

Jem:- No I hv not!! Kushi I loved u, I wil love u and I wil always love u!!!

Kushi smiles!!

Puja:- heyyyy.. I m going to apply 'Mehendi' for kushi…

Amina:- No no no!!! Its me who wil do dat!!!

Groovychick:- I m a uk girl so I wil do 'mehendi' on d bride!!!

Kushi:- Stop it guyz!!!

Jem:- Kushi is getting all shy… ahem///

Phone rings!

Kimi_dost:- hello???

Boy:- can I plz speak to kushi!!!

Kimi_dost:- is dat jiju???

Boy:- kimi, stop askin me and give d phone to ur mate!!

Kimi gives phone to kushi!!!

Kushi:- hello???

Boy:- I love u!!!

Kushi feels shy coz al her mates (naughty girls) r standing near her!! She jus blushes!!!

Boy:- I love u!!!

Kushi:- me too!!!

Jem snatches d phone from kushi!

Boy:- wat me too?? I said I love u and u..

Jem:- I love u too!!!

Boy getz shocked!!!

Boy:- darlin, wt happened to ur sweet voice!!!

Kushi snatches d phone and runs to her room!!!

Jem:- hey Kushi….

Puja:- what happened jem???

Jem:- love love love talkings…

Kimi_dost:- hai hai!! Jiju is so romantic!!!


In Kushi's room!

Boy:- wt happened to ur voice al over sudden???

Kushi:- Ok Soory!!! Now its me Kushi!!!

Boy:- wt do u mean by NOW???

Kushi:- coz before u were speaking to jem!!!

Boy:- Omg!! Tel jem dat when she finds her lover den I too wil bug her like this!!!

Kushi:- forget dat!!! U tel me how r u???

Boy:- I m not feeling good at all!

Kushi:- y what happened???

Boy:- see, I really misss my finance!

Kushi:- Oh really??? Wt do u miss abt her???

Boy:- I miss her eyes, her lovely nose, her cute smile, her angry face, her lovely rosey lips and of course her..

Kushi blushes!!!

Kushi:- ssshhhhh!!! Ok bye bye I m going now!!!

Boy:- No listen…

Kushi:- Go on…

Boy:- I love u!

Kushi:- I love u too!!!!

Boy:- I love u three!

Kushi:- I love u 4!!!

Boy:- I love u

Kushi:- million times! Now bye!!!

Boy:- hey, give me a kiss!

Kushi:- on d phone???

Boy:- wel, ok say my name plz!! Atleast once!!!

Kushi:- & after that I wil keep the phone!

Boy:- dun!!!

Kushi:- I love u 'SAMIR'










Party hall!!!

Basically, der is a small party organized by Kushi's friends and guess wt??? Also 'SAMIR' is going to be there!!!





Sunny:- I need a dance patner!!!

Meghavi:- I here for u sunny!!!

Sunny:- Megs, wt type of dance wil u do wid me??

Meghavi:- classical…

Sunny:- Oh plz! Give me a break!!! I prefer being own my own!!!

Meghavi feels bad and so she leaves while crying!!!

Meghavi bangs wid John abhram!!!

Meghavi:- Oh sorry!!!

John:- sorry?? To me???

Meghavi:- huh???

John:- I mean I m sorry!!! Gorgeous!

Meghavi:- sorry???

John:- I mean, wil u be my dance patner???

Meghavi:- y not???

John:- letz go then!!!

Sunny:- Megs, found john, now who wil be my patner?????

s.Priya:- kiska hai yeh tumko intezar main hoon na….

Sunny:- Priyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

They hug!!!

s.Priya:- sunny??? U spoilt my make up!!!

Sunny:- opss! Sorry!! Bt u r so pretty! U dun even need make up!!!

s.Priya:- even u r very handsome!!!

Sunny:- No wonder v r made for each other!!!

s.Priya:- huh?? V r jus friends and jodis in dancing only!!!

Sunny:- yee yee, ur rite!! Letz go!!!

s.Priya:- Rock & roll!!!


Khair (sweet_kp):- wow, d party is gr8!!!

Himani (bigmouth):- afterall its organised by sunny, priya and her der gang!!!

Noor (malkanoor):- wer is kushi???

Sandy_01:- where wil she be??? ofcourse wid her finance!

Sana:- still, i dun think he is wid her at d moment!

Natasshafan:- Nop! she is in her room doing make up!

Vishesh:- aww.. just cant wait to see her!

Tafarruz:- i know!!!

Sana:- i bet she wil b too happy today!!!

Sandy_01:- where wil she be??? ofcourse wid her finance!

Noor (malkanoor):- aww... Oh.. m so happy 4 kushi!!!

Vishesh:- hey guyz, c'mon letz go and dance!!!


Ms.BB:- When wil this kushi cum out???

Samie:- Have patience!!!

Jav (PakiPrincez):- I cant wait to see our cutie jiju!!!

Soumya (radz2cool):- Kushi wil leave us now!!!

Indra (priya):- its not her vidai today radz!! Dun b sad!

Dolly (Luckiegrl):- awww… radz give me a hug!!!

Shireen (supergirl7):- guyz c'mon!! stop being emotional!!!

sweet violet:- excately!!!

Aryan:- letz go and dance!!!

Khizer (Bunty4ever) :- No I m hungry!!!

Minnie:- me to bunty!! Letz get sum chocolates!!!

lucky_lakshmi:- I wil get sum drink!!!




Jem:- Himesh???? Guru???

Ms.BB:- Hrithik Roshan???

Sunny:- Preity zinta????

s.Priya:- Hema Chandra???

Minnie:- OMG!!

lucky_lakshmi:- This is rocking!!!

Neha:- The party is mind blowing!!!

Amina:- Un believable!

Shaan:- Please put ur hands together for our lovely couple!

Rani:- Shaan, lovely to be couple...

SRK:- Sweet tumhari Kushi

Vinit:- and

Debojit:- S s S s

Hema Chandra:- Samir!!!

Shaan:- yes! Thats Samir & Kushi!

Kushi & samir cum on d stage!!!!

Shaan:- Mike is all urs!

Kushi:- Good evening!!!

Boy:- Thank shaan!!! & yee Good evening!!!

Kushi:- Its a really nice surprise!! I m so shocked to see Rani standing besides me!!!

Boy:- I knw!! its really a very cool idea!!! Thak u so much guyz!!!

Rani:- Kushi, u like me & i m here to make u happy!!!

Shaan:- so, Samir & Kushi d stage is al urs!!! Al the best!

Samir:- want to say that kushi is a very sweet girl and i m totally in love wid her!!!

Kushi:- Samir is just a perfect husband dat all the girls dream of!!! I love samir and i m totally happy wid my decision!!!

Shaan:- so, wil u plz exchange the rings now!

samir:- sure!!!

They exchange rings and r so happy & even all the rest of d ppl r happy and so u also be Happy!!!1

All the singers sing while actors dance and they all dance and enjoy der evening!!!

Hope u also enjoyed reading it!!!

Kushi, May God bless u wid all the very best dat u deserve!!!

Me, My Family & Also I-F Family wish u all the very best in ur new life!!!

Take Care



Jia IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 August 2005
Posts: 9311

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
i feel so special. thank u for includin me. Smile

just one thing anoli..its khushi and not kushi. Wink

u rock anoli Clap ...and meri khushi, and hawa ka jhoka jeeju, congrats once again! Hug


Edited by sweet_kp - 26 March 2006 at 4:14pm
heart girl IF-Sizzlerz
heart girl
heart girl

Joined: 17 July 2005
Posts: 10713

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
Awwwwwwwwww......That is such a beautiful present for her.. She ll love it for sure Embarrassed Embarrassed
#1 Bolly fan Senior Member
#1 Bolly fan
#1 Bolly fan

Joined: 26 December 2005
Posts: 362

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....That soo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
natasshafan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 November 2005
Posts: 6732

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
awwwwww..that's so sweet! Embarrassed my name's in there 2! Tongue Khushi di will be happy 2 see this topic. Tongue
Anoli IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 February 2005
Posts: 16803

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 3:08pm | IP Logged

Note:- All the members were selected by kushi!!!Smile

I jus made a story and sum pics!!!! Dead

Kushi wanted to inculde all the I-F members but dat was impossible!!Cry

i wil try to make it possible 'one day'!!!!Confused

Anywayz, Kushi... may God bless u!!!Big smile




Anoli IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 February 2005
Posts: 16803

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 3:13pm | IP Logged

Now dat u have opened d post so plz just atleast make a small reply!!!

i mean c'mon i saw 40 views and only 4 replies!!!

c'mon guyz, wish kushi a veryy happy life!!!

m sure u can make a lil small reply!!!

so join in guyz...

it wil make sum 1 happy!!!!

Take Care!!!


If u felt bad/rude my apologises!!!Cry

anku2cute IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 June 2005
Posts: 17842

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
hey khushi.......really u getting married..........
wishing u a bright future ahead n a very sweet n a prosperous life.........may u get all the happiness n all wht u want.......u deserve the best dear...........will miss ur jaani style...hehe...remember me

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