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PART 21 on PAGE 36


Khushi made her way in the kitchen. Her nausea concerning kitchen had decreased so Arnav allowed her to make breakfast if she wanted which she readily agreed.

In between, she heard the bell, turning the stove off, she went to open the door. As she opened the door, she was left shocked. Her past was standing there.

Only god knew how her past would effect her present and future.

Her husband 'Samir Saxena' was standing there. The shock had doon vanished and now her her face was expressionless. Was she sad, was she angry, was she hurt? nothing was shown on her face. Her face lacked any kind of expression.

Maybe she didn't need any expression to show for this man anymore as he didn't mean anything to her.

Meanwhile, Samir was also shocked to see her after so many years but then he remembered that bitter night and his face turned cold. Nonetheless, he scrutinized her and taunted "so what is Khushi Gupta doing here? huh let me guess you are working here as a maid". There was a sarcastic smirk on his face.

Khushi didn't reply him, she didn't feel the need to as the didn't have any relations anymore. Samir continued with fury in his voice "You know what, you won't stay here anymore as I am going to tell Mr Raizada what a bit*h you are"

"Mr Saxena, mind your language" Arnav shouted as he descended the stairs. A while back, when he heard the bell, he too made his way down. As he reached down he saw something which made him confuse.

Putting all the dots together, he understood everything. This Mr Saxena was actually Samir Saxena, his Khushi's ex-husband. He should have made sure about this man. He didn't want Khushi to get hurt again because of him.

He came put from his trail of thought as he heard spiteful words from Samir. He could never bear to hear anything against his wife, Khushi. Thus, he intervened in full anger, which he couldn't seem to control when it concerned to Khushi or Khushali.

"Mr Raizada, you don't know what kind of maid you have working at your place" Samir replied while glaring at Khushi.

Arnav came closer to Khushi and placed his arm around her waist securely. "Don't ever, I repeat don't ever say anything bad about my wife" Arnav's face was clearly showing his anger.

"wife??" Samir gasped hearing this. 'no this can't be possible. Khushi can't be his wife'

"yes, she is my wife, she is Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada." Arnav answered taking every word one by one in purpose to show his rage.

"She must be also cheating on you. I am sure, she didn't even tell you that she was married till few years back" Samir tried to depend, in order to have an upper hand in this situation.

"well, Mr Sexana, I know everything. Each and everything but the point is I trust her and I have accepted her the way she is" Arnav said, still with anger in his eyes but which also shew completely that he loved his wife a lot as well as trusted her.

"I too trusted her but she isn't worthy of it" Samir spitted fire. They were still standing at the threshold of the door.

"Actually you are not worthy of her and her love" Arnav said in the same tone as his present enemy.

"you'll regret" Samir said furiously. Seeing Khushi and knowing that she was married made him forget why he came there. He came there for one of his most important business deal with Arnav.

"I am not the one who is going to regret. It's you who is going to regret" Arnav said with a challenging look.

"By the way Mr Saxena. I will like to make you meet to someone" Khushi said something, after what seemed ages. All the while, she stood there silent, watching the exchange of words, which indeed made her feel proud of her husband.

Arnav looked at her and thought 'what is she up to' but he shrugged it off and let his wife do whatever she wanted.

After a while, Khushi came down with Khushali by her side. Suddenly, fear crept in his heart. He didn't want to loose any of them but what if he took Khushali away from them. He couldn't let this happen, he wouldn't.

"Mr Saxena, meet Khushali Arnav Singh Raizada. Mine and Arnav's daughter" this very sentence told him that he had no right on this little soul.

As Samir looked at the girl, he frowned initially but then the realization dawned upon her, she was his baby. He looked back toward Khushi and decided to take Khushali with him, she was his blood. Strange, he didn't trust his wife but he had accepted Khushali as his baby. Maybe, he just wanted to hurt Khushi.

"She is my baby and I will take her back" Samir said with wrath.

Hearing this, Arnav was frozen on the spot. The thing he was thinking a while back was actually happening but he was firm on his decision, he wouldn't let Samir take their princess away. Still, there was fear in the back of his mind 'what if he really take her away as biologically he is his father'. The more he hated this fact but this only fact was the truth, Samir was Khushali biological father but Arnav was her true father in every sense.

A father's job isn't only to make his wife pregnant but also to be their with her and their baby and in Samir's case neither was he here for Khushi nor for his baby, Khushali. From no angle, he was her father. Khushali had only one father: Arnav Singh Raizada.

Khushi shot up her eyes as those words sank in her mind, he was really telling her that he would take Khushali away. Could this guy be more idiot and stupid. First he didn't believe her, throw her out and now he was claiming Khushali as his when in reality he had clearly mentioned that he had no right on Khushali.

No doubt, Khushi was sure Samir must have forgotten the clause but she hadn't and would never because Khushali was her and Arnav's in every sense. Meanwhile, Arnav was still standing there but now with Khushali in his arms. He was hugging her tight, not wanting to loose her.

Not once, Arnav had asked Khushi about Khushali's father's right on Khushali as Khushali was his, Arnav Singh Raizada's daughter and he hadn't seen this coming up. Arnav didn't know about the clause as of yet as they never talked about this.

Seeing their lost faces, Samir smirked, finally he had defeated them, but he was in for a shock of his life. "I will take Khushali away and you would be able to do anything as I am her really father" he said with an arrogant look

Before Khushi could say, Arnav interrupted "you can't, you won't... I won't let you" his voice clearly shew his insecurities.

At that moment, Khushi realized that she still hadn't told him that Samir had no right on Khushali. Khushali was just her and Arnav's daughter.

Samir's smirk turned big, seeing Arnav like this which didn't last long "Arnav is right. You can't take Khushali away from us" Khushi said emphasizing on 'can't' and looking straight in Samir's eyes.

"we will see" Samir said in a challenging tone.

"There is no need to wait and see anything. I will remind you something when you sent me divorce papers you clearly mentioned that you have no right on the baby and thus Khushali Arnav Singh Raizada is mine and Arnav's baby. You don't have any right on her." Khushi said angrily yet with a cold smile.

As Samir heard this, his face lost all colors, he looked pale. How could he forget about the clause. He himself had made it added to the divorce papers as he didn't want to any relations with Khushi's baby.

On the other side, Arnav took a sigh of relief hearing this. This really sentence of Khushi made all his fear and insecurities vanish. 'yes Khushali is our baby' he said with a smile and kissed on Khushali's forehead who giggle din response.

Arnav took back his attention to Samir and said "Mr Saxena, there is no need for any meeting as I no longer want to work for you. You may leave now and if you create more problem, I won't hesitate calling police"

Samir's looked even more white now. How could he forget, he came there for an important meeting which would have been really profitable for him.

"by the way Samir, Thank, thanks a lot. If that day, you had trust me then I wouldn't have meet Arnav. Thank you once again and one more thing, If you want to live in illusion then do so but that day I wasn't the one at fault. Your friend is the guilty one. Now you may go" She told him showing the door.

Samir left the house still with a thought in his mind. The last years, he hadn't questionned himself once about that day. Now that he pondered over everything 'what Khushi really at fault?'.

Immediately, he called at his friend, Ashwin's house, whom he didn't call since ages as whenever he met him, he remembered that night so he stopped talking to him. As he got connected, a person from other side informed him that Ashwin was arrested as he tried to molest some other women and raped a few.

Hearing all this, he was shocked. He didn't believe Khushi when he should have. She was his wife, he claimed to love, he was the one that had blamed her and believed his friend and threw her out when she was pregnant and now he had lost all his rights on Khushi and Khushali, their daughter. He couldn't even face Khushi anymore. With eavy hurt he left, he deserved to be alone.

Meanwhile, inside Raizada mansion, as soon as he left, Khushi placed a kiss on Khushali's cheek "Khushali baby, why don't you go up and take your book out, we'll come in a while" As Khushali heard this, she got excited and rushed in her room.

Once Khushali had gone up the stairs, Khushi turned toward Arnav and hugged him as she knew Arnav needed her at the moment. She could feel what he was going through.

"No one is going to take Khushali away from us, we won't let" saying this, she captured his lips in a passionate kiss. They kissed each other like there was no tomorrow. How and when they landed on the ouch only they knew. Arnav was beneath Khushi.

They broke apart from the kiss and Arnav moved toward her neck, where he left a trail of kisses. "I love you Khushi so much" he said in loving tone

"I also love you so much my Arnav" she said back in the same tone.

This little gesture was something that made their life even more beautiful. They trio spent the whole day together, having fun.

Finally Arnav felt in peace, the fear which was nagging him was at bay. Now he knew why he was feeling like this. He felt that their love was strong enough to pass in obstacle.

Khushi's cravings were on the upmost level, even Khushali, being a baby, didn't whine so much for something than what Khushi was doing. As always, Arnav wished every single wish of her.

This time, Khushi told the doctor to keep the gender as a complete secret as they wanted to wait till the delivery date. On their appointments, Khushi and Arnav would just ask how the baby was.

Arnav and Khushali were full on shopping for the baby. Khushi could remember the time when Khushali was born. She could see the same excitement on Arnav's face but now the excitement in the house was double because of Khushali, who participated fully in all the choices.

"how about the green teddy bear" Arnav said, picking up a teddy bear.

Khushali wrinkled her nose and said "no papa, this isn't good. See that blue one" she pointed toward another teddy bear.

"Khushali this is great na" Arnav said, trying make Khushali agree.

Khushali crossed her tiny hand across her chest and whined "no, this isn't good"

"ok ok, as my baby wish" he said, picking up the blue one up and kissing on Khushali's cheek.

"Papa, you can take the red one too" she said ssweetly as she was happy to get the blue one for her little sibling.

Khushi stood there, admiring them completely. Only two months were left for Khushi's delivery and she was advised from the doctor to take a complete rest which Arnav and Khushali made sure that she did. Their life was beautiful.

Hey guys,
Here is the part, I hope you will like it. Next part will be updated shortly :)
Thanks everyone for your comments and likes, please keep doing both these things as it encourages me writing further.
All comments, suggestions, questions and criticism are more than welcome. :D (please have a look on the T:Note) :D

A very very happy birthday for everyone who is born in June :D
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Luv u<333

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PART 22 on PAGE 38


Khushi stood there, admiring them. Only two months were left for Khushi's delivery and she was advised from the doctor to take a complete rest which Arnav and Khushali made sure that she did. Their life was beautiful.

Few more days passed away, everything was going as smoothly as possible. Arnav was always there for her two babies. For sure, both the girls were babies, especally at that moment. Arnav was having a tough time bearing Khushi's mood swings but again he was content. His happiness was to see Khushi and Khushali happy and if the condition of that was to make him tired than it was nothing in front of their happiness.

As usually, Arnav or Khushi picked Khushali up. Nevertheless, Khushi told to rest so Arnav proceeded this duty happily. He spent very little time in his office, most of the work he did from home as he wanted to be with his wife in that time.

When Arnav picked Khushali up, he hugged her and she too hugged her back but Arnav could something disturbing her. "what happened? my sweet baby isn't looking happy" he asked cutely, giving a kiss on her cheek.

"nothing" she replied in a low voice.

Hearing this, Arnav knew it wasn't a matter of someone teasing her but something else. As whenever someone annoyed her, she would tell her parents directly and also add that she too annoyed them more. Arnav and Khushi would laugh hearing her talks.

This time, he knew it was something serious, which was bothering her daughter a lot but he didn't know what. He decided to talk once they reached at home.

Once they reached at home, Arnav picked Khushali in his arms while she just rested her head on his chest cutely. He didn't know what was disturbing her, his daughter was never so calm. He just knew that he had to find out, he couldn't see his daughter in this state.

Taking her in the same room where Khushi resting, he made her sit next to Khushi. Khushi greeted them happily in response Arnav kissed her on her cheek and sat on the other of her. Kissing Khushali on her cheek, Khushi asked her worriedly "what is the matter princess, you are really quite". Of course, she too had noticed the glumness on her daughter's face.

"Nothing mama" Khushali's response was the same, she just laid there hugging her mother.

Khushi raised her head and looked at Arnav. She asked him with her eyes, if he knew what happened to her, he shook in no. At that moment, she realized he too wanted to know what happened to her. Both were equally worried for her.

"princess, won't you tell us what the problem is?" Khushi said, patting Khushali's back.

As she didn't reply, Arnav walked to them and took her in his lap. "please Khushali tell us what happened? we can't see you so quite" he said with his eyes moist. He loved them so much that their quietness made him worried to this extent.

Khushali didn't like her father getting emotional, so she said "papa, my fliend said that once my sistel ol blothel would come in oul family, you'll folget me, is it tlue(my friend said one my sister or brother would come in our faily, you'll forget me, is it true?) ?" her voice was full of pain. She didn't want to be ignored by her parents.

Arnav and Khushi were flabbergasted, they could never ever think in their worst nightmare to ignore her than in reality it was impossible. Still hearing this from their baby, made them sad.

Kissing on her forehead, Arnav said in sweet tone "never baby, we love you so much we can never ignore you. You are our life, our baby". He hugged her tightly, where she felt protected, her father's arm were her shield, she knew she was safe there.

"Khushali baby come here" Khushi said stretching her arms out to her daughter. Khushali looked at her mother and went to her.
Making her sit comfortably next to her, in a hug, she said "you dad is saying right. You are our life, our baby, we can't think to leave without you being close to us and you know what, you are not going to be ignored but be loved more because you and your little sister or brother have already a strong bond, whenever you talk to the little little baby, doesn't the baby kick?" she finished with a question.

Listening to her parents her worried vanished away, her face had ligtened up to the fullest. Even what Arnav told her was enough to make her feel happy but now what her mother said, she felt really really happy.

"you ale light (are right) mama, we both love each other alleady (already), light (right) little little baby?" Khushali asked placing her hand on Khushi's stomach, from where she felt a kick and instantly a big smile came on her face.

Both her parents felt content to see her smiling, her fallen face and her words full of insecurity had left them gloomy but now their face were full of colors. They were now blithesome seeing their daughter happily talking to her little sibling.

In the night, making Khushali sleep on her bed, Arnav picked Khushi up and took her to their bed. They had put a stop to their love making for the time being. Taking out the ointment for feet, he massaged her s bit swollen feet. It was only due to his massage that her foot's swollen had reduced.

After that, they slept in each other's arm. As in the night Khushali woke up, Arnav took her in their bed and made her sleep in between them, making sure to keep her a bit away from Khushi's stomach.

Some days later, Arnav was confused thinking "why isn't Khushi talking to me?". In the morning, she just passed him his purse and said bye. He was baffled but then shrugged it of thinking that it must be her mood swings.

Before going, he tore a flower from the back of their garden and placed it on their bed as he knew she would see it and call him.

Now it had been about three hours but still no call. He was getting worried, as he has expected to receive a call in less than 30 minutes but there was no trace of it. His face was clearly showing his concern for his wife.

He was sitting in the meeting for the last two hours, why he had been able to bear all this hours, it was because he received a message from Khushi 'thanks for the flower'. Yet he wasn't to concentrate on the meeting.

That day he was held longer than usually. He so wanted to rush home and talk to Khushi and know why she didn't call him the whole day.

As it was time to pick Khushali up so he left the office and everybody knew not to stop him at that time. He picked Khushali up and went at his home, wanting to see his wife badly.

Entering in the house, as per routine, he took Khushali in their room but the door was locked. He frowned and wondered where Khushi had gone. He decided to check other room and he indeed found her two rooms away.

"Khushi, I was so worried for you" he said hugging her tightly, meanwhile Khushali was crushed between them.

"papa, please stop hugging me" she said childishly, Arnav smiled at her sweet talk and put her down.

"go shona, play in your room" Arnav said patting her head lovingly.

Khushali smiled and rushed away. Arnav hugged her again and asked "why didn't you call me?, I was waiting for your call the whole day, are you angry with me? did I do something to hurt you" his tone was filled with anxiousness.

Khushi hugged him back and mumbled "I am fine Arnav and you didn't hurt me. huh and we are going to stay in this room today"

"but why?" he asked, with a confused look.

"I am tired, we'll talk later" she said and closed her eyes.

Arnav didn't know what happened to her, she was acting really weirdly. She had never behaved like this. He thought to wait a while and get to know from her.

By dinner time, he got immensely worried. The whole day, Khushi said as minimum word as possible. He was restless.

After the dinner, Khushi retired in the room she was staying at the moment. Arnav was left with his face fallen. He wasn't like his wife not talking to her. It hurt him to see her like this.

By midnight, all of them were asleep expect Arnav, who was still awaken up lost in his thoughts about Khushi. He tried talking a lot to her but she wasn't listening, it was unusual as otherwise she would always listen to him.

As the clock struck to 11.59 pm, he sighed and closed his eyes. In hope to catch some sleep whivh didn't last long as he felt smooth lips on his owns. He knew it was Khushi. Still with his eyes closed he moaned and responded back. He was feeling content after a full day of torture. He encircled his arms around her and kissed her with all the passion.

Khushi could understand how much hurt he was but what could she do, it was his birthday. At first she thought to be lovely but then in her mood swings she thought to torture him a bit and then make it up for all of her torture and that was what she was doing.

Breaking apart, they heard the stuck to 12 clock. She whispered hoarsely "happy birthday"

At that moment he realized it was his birthday and she more or less did what he had done on her birthday.  Now he truly promised to never repeat that thing again. Though he was sad all the day but her kiss had made up for all of it "I love you" he said before taking her lips again in a kiss.

"I love you too" she replied back between the kiss. "ok, now let's go" she said standing up from the bed.

"where?" he asked with curiosity.

"hmm you just follow" she grabbed his arm and took him with her to their room.

"this is our own room" Arnav said with a frown.

"yes it's our room" she confirmed while opening the door. Arnav gasped, the room was beautifully with lights and candles. In the between, the cake was placed.

As he felt a tuck on his pant, he looked down and found his princess, Khushali. He picked her up, who pecked on his cheek "happy bilthday (birthday) papa" she said happily while clapping her hands.

Arnav smiled widely and kissed on both of the cheeks. After that, Arnav cut the cake along his two babies and then they fed each other. They truly had a blast and Arnav was presented with loads of gifts, that Khushi bought with Nikkita, who had teased her a lot by saying 'huh so wanting to spend his birthday night in private' she was crinsom red at comment.

Once they put Khushali to sleep, Khushi really made it up for all the torture. How many times they made out that day, he didn't know and that was all they did the whole night.

Only few days were left to her delivery, Arnav and Khushi were cuddled up on their bed. Khushali was at her nursery. "Arnav would you promise me to not cry during my delivery" she asked while caressing his cheek.

"Khushi, I can't promise you this as I have no control over my emotions and heart" he said matter of factly yet romantically.

Hearing this, she knew there was no need to talk about it as she knew he loved her a lot thus seeing her in that state made him weak so she just kissed on his cheek.

As she moved back, Arnav slowly cupped her face and kissed on her lips. Her luscious lips always tempt him to kiss her, how he controlled himself at times only he knew.

The heat of the moment made them kiss more passionately. The room was filled with low moan, they were enjoying swallowing down each other's saliva, dancing with each other's tongue and exploring each other's mouth. As they broke out from the kiss, they looked at each other with their eyes full of passion. Moving toward her neck, he nuzzled them and left a trail of kisses their, Khushi's moans turned louder.

Arnav stopped kissing her and hugged her. He just knew to control himself around herself which was really hard. Even Khushi knew, if she hadn't been pregnant, they would have made hot sizziling love. But now as she was pregnant, he didn't try to do more than kissing as to him his wife and baby's life was way more important.

After a while, they were still cuddled up to each other, Khushi was snuggling on his chest. From few months, she was having difficulty doing anything because of her bump thus Arnav  didn't let her do anything.

Like Khushali's time, he took her on walk for a little while as fresh air was necessary, then he would tell stories to his two babies and one upcoming baby.

"Arnav, you really don't want us to know anything about the baby except the condition of the baby?" Khushi asked, with her eyes closed.

"Yes, I really don't want to know but if you want to know there is no refusal" he said, giving her peck on he forehead.

Khushi smiled and pecked him back on forehead "so I am going to name the baby this time" she said with a wide grin.

"absolutely" he said capturing her lips in his.

In the evening, Arnav picked Khushali up in her arms, who was back in the afternoon. As for Khushi, he side hugged her and took them down for dinner. By then, he had become a professional in cooking and his babies just adored his foods.

As they stepped down carefully, Khushi's eyes raised up and she looked at the ultrasounds. When they shifted here, Arnav had shifted Khushali's ultrasounds too and now they were joined by the upcoming baby's ultrasound.

Arnav noticed her stare at the beautiful ultrasounds. He still wondered what great power God has given to woman, they created miracles by giving birth to babies.

"Khushali go and take your place" Arnav said to Khushali, kissing on her cheek and she too kissed back but her kiss was a sloppy one which made Arnav laugh. He so loved his baby's antics.

Once her daughter had run down, he hugged Khushi more tightly "what are you thinking?" he asked her in soft tone.

"Arnav, I still can't believe that in few days, we'll be parents of two kids. This feel so great" she said with her eyes moist. It felt to her that till a day back she was a baby and now she had a beautiful baby, Khushali and one was on it's way.

"I know jaan, It feels magical" he said squeezing her back. "So have you thought about any name?" he asked curiously.

"hmm, let it remain a surprise" she teased him, with a smile on her face.

As usually her smile lightened up his soul. He just felt to keep looking at her. "papa mama" Khushali called from the dinning table.

Arnav shook his head with a sweet smile and took Khushi there. He served both of them and then sat down and served himself. "you know, I can at least serve all of you" she said with a frown.

"I know Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada but this Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, as in husband of yours loves being at your service" he said with a grin. He knew really well how to handle her wife. He really loved being at her service but he also knew that she loved doing all this so he always let her do that but right she was on a strict rest so he was doing what he loved the most. Being at the service of his family.


Hey guys,
Here is the part, I hope you will like it. Epilogue will be updated, hopefully, within two-three days :)
Thanks everyone for your comments and likes, please keep doing both these things as it encourages me writing further.
All comments, suggestions, questions and criticism are more than welcome. :D (please have a look on the T:Note) :D

A very very happy birthday for everyone who is born in June :D
Please add me in your buddy list as 'kashishkpm' if you want PMs :D

Luv u<333

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Hey my beautiful readers,

An important message: if you want to receive a PM and if you are not in my buddy list, please add me as 'kashishkpm'

Please don't forget liking the parts and leaving yours comments, they mean a lot to me :D

Luv u all<333

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oh nice part dear...
thanx for writing the beautiful story...

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beautiful updates

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beautifully written
loved it

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Beautiful updates
These two are rock solid.nothing can break them apart

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Great update!

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