my final analysis....

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..............of SPA 2006.......

hey saarrthiansBig smile

I know that we have had many discussions and posts on star parivaar awards......but don't worry....this is a little different, because I am posting my analysis on the whole issue.

I shall warn u in advance, my post might be long, isliye chai-pani ka intazaam karlo....!LOL sorry, it's an gonna be longEmbarrassed Also, since this is my opinion and not fact, if u disagree, plz feel free to say so...I'm ready...Evil Smile LOL!LOL read on....if u can stay awake...WinkLOL

I have come to the conclusion that saarrthi's trps, its timing, its storyline, and it's failure to get any awards, are all linked together.......

First of all, we are all aware that saarrthi is a day-time show, so to compare it with prime-time shows would be unfair. lekin hum sub jaante hain, ke saarrthi prime-time shows se bhi ziyada acha hai...Clap I also once read a long time back, the saarrthi director was quoted as saying that the shows timing has caused the trps to be a little under what he wants, but felt that they were still good. I agree with his point.  But despite its timing, I strongly feel that its trps should be much higher. For this, I blame viewers. kya yaar....pata nahin  viewers kya chahte hain...Angry saarrthi doesn't lack in anything, magar phir bhi....its viewership amazes me....Ouch

But if timing is the case, then how come kumkum...which is a day-time show, has been getting such high viewership?Ermm Now, no offence to kumkum fans, but I have to say this. kumkum gets high viewership because kumkum is no different than ekta aunty's stuff. (and coincidently, kumkum.....with a K!!!LOL) Maybe, it's the K factor!!! Seriously, kumkum is very much like balaji serials, with all that melodrama, rona dona, suger-coated coochy-coo stuff...with the whole saas-bahu element too. Sorry to say, there is nothing different in kumkum.Ouch However, it still gets high viewership, and Star parivaar awards.....Angry uff!!!!

And sumit-kumkum jodi is liked by soooo many, but I'm still trying to figure out the reason behind that...ErmmLOL Frankly speaking, I see nothing special about their jodi......well, that's just my opinion, so sorry to kumkum-sumit fansSmile But I strongly feel that the chemistry between arun-bhavri is amazing! And the standard of their scenes together.....zabardast!!!Clap They are very natural indeed!Wink

And correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't kumkum win best bhabhi last year? Now that shocked me!! manasvi was nominated in the same category, but lost out to Kumkum...Confused haila.....aakhir kyun? Are people forgetting that you are voting for the character....and not the actor, actress or serial? which leads me to my next point......

Now, this is another reason why saarrthi loses out on awards, because people are not voting for characters. As I said  above, kumkum won best bhabhi last year, when clearly manasvi should have received it. And I back this up by saying that manasvi has been a fantastic bhabhi....manasvi bhabhi ka jawaab hi nahinClap The way she has supported her devar arjun, and devrani bhavri....wah....she has always fulifilled her duties as bhabhi. But kumkum? Now, I dont watch it but what I do know is that she can not be compared to manasvi...when we are talking about fulfilling duty as a 'bhabhi.' Who won the award this year, I don't know. But after hearing that it's not manasvi...frankly speaking, I dont care...Confused

And jaise maine pehle bhi kahaa....people also vote for serials, which means that deserving candidates lose out. For example, this year, Rishi of KTH won best devar....and arjun loses outCry How come? The way arjun has sided with his bhabhi....too goodClap he has always respected her, and has given her the status of a mother. on the other hand....rishi.....who seriously needs to wash his hair!LOL, really made his bhabhi's life hell......aur kya kya nahin kiya usne.....can u call him fav devar? Do people really want a devar like him? uff....kya ho gaya hai humare society ko....?ConfusedLOL

And this year...without being biased (coz she's my fav actress), I would say that Bhavri is patni of SPA 2006....and I don't care if Nandini has won. Bhavri.....look at the things she has gone through....just so that her husband and his family are happy. bichari ne judaai ka ghum bhi uthaya.....just for arjun.Embarrassed Bhavri, who never let her arjun out of her sight....she went away from him just so that he could get back whatever he that is what I call an IDEAL patni..!Thumbs Up but who wins.............NANDINIShocked how can she win? unse patni ka farz kub nibhaya? actually....that's not even her fault.....coz she was in a coma for God knows how long....toh farz kaise nibhati....LOL!LOL and now she is in when did she fulfill her duties??? I rest my case! She got the award because of the gauri-hiten show. The 'real' life husbnad and wife have a strong fan-following. And they always manage to secure votes....because they are a buy one, get one free package!LOL I get to Ekta aunty...Angry (hope u guys are still reading, and that u haven't fallen asleep yet!LOL don't worry...I'm getting to the end of my post!) we all know that ekta has a huge stake in star plus. After all, ekta serials are the reason why star is doing well (although I say yuck to thatDead) And star plus would never want the balaji camp to go empty-handed.....therefore they have to win awardsOuch And ekta has an unfair advantage....due to the fact that most nominees are characters from her serials.....Angry This will never change.....come 2007, 08, 09........ekta's camp will always win the maximum awards.....ab toh yeh SPA ka rule bun gaya hai.........

Now, coming back to saarrthi....although there are many things that makes this show unique, its USP is its concept. The fusion of two different eras is simply amazing and the backdrop of mahabharat has given saarrthi an edge.Wink par afsos....yeh ek advantage bhi hai...aur weakness bhi......Ouch why a weakness? well, because sadly, we live in a superficial and shallow society....Confused it's true......because these days....most people want to see masala in serials....with middle class girls, getting married in to rich families and then the tussle begins between the main heroine....and the evil saas, devrani or bua....LOLAnd people want to see king-size bindis, heavy saris, DNA report swapping, fake pregnancies, and double....triple weddings.....and the all time fav....people coming back from the dead!!!!LOL And the worst thing is....people like to watch stick-thin heroines.....and some may have a problem with say Neha's weight. But that doesn't bother me....because weight and acting have no connection....and how much weight there is in ones acting is more important than how much weight an actress has around her waist....Smile

I know I am also a viewer...we all are. but I can honestly say that I don't fall in that shallow category...and I'm quite sure that u guys dont eitherSmile But sadly, there are many viewers that want to watch such bakwaas....Confused seriously buddies, the day people stop watching such nonsense, will be the day when the balaji empire will fall...and ekta will be lining up outside some company hope of a new job!LOL but right now that seems unlikely....kyunki aise bahut log hain, jo kehte hain...."arrey, aaj kahani mey kya huwa? suna ke ghar walo ne parvati ka saat nahin diya..." WinkLOL 

I can only hope and pray that saarrthi gains more viewership, and grows in popularity. I love the serial, it's fresh, unique and is a great concept.Clap There is nothing quite like saarrthi on television, and I can swear on that!Big smile no melodrama, no over-acting or balaji bakwaas. Only natural acting, unique storyline, human emotions and feelings...nothing unrealistic at all...Smile

The only thing we can do is keep on watching our fav show, and to keep the saarrthi forum alive!Thumbs Up saarrthi may not have won any awards.....but it is a winner for sure, and we all know it.Wink where there are actors like karan grover, Neha Devi Singh, Mansi Salve Prabhu and Rahil Azam.....who cares about the other barbie doll heroines and the wooden hereos of other serials? The only exception is Rajeev Khadelwal...who had the guts to admit that KTH was not making any sense. Now that's what I call guts. And hats off to the makers of saarrthi, for daring to be different and for SUCCEEDING in that. And of course, for providing us with entertainment that has class!Clap

And last but not the least....I have written up some new rules and regualtions for SPA voting......

Along with the usual that you must be a resident of India....etc etc.....these are three rules that I think should be included next year.....

1) voting only applies to those who intend to vote for a balaji serial....anything else and ur wasting ur time....Wink

2) Don't vote for characters that deserve it, remember, ur voting for heroines that wear excessive makeup and extra large bindis...and heroes that have married more than twice....Wink

3) Voting does not apply for saarrthi...votes for such a unique show will not be counted. This is only applicable to 'K' serials....Wink

once again, I did not intend to hurt anyone that is a fan of 'K' serials, and if I have mentioned an actor or actress u like, I'm sorry for that. But this is just my honest opinionSmile And so sorry for the long post....but this was bound to be a long one, since there was sooooo much to cover!Wink 

Well, now that concludes my last sentence is........rock on saarrthi.....!!!!Big smile

('s 3.44 in the morning!!! I better get to sleep....Karu is waiting for me in my dreams...EmbarrassedLOL)





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ur too gud shazy...i agree wid u Smile
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agreed with ya Thumbs Up ..chai pani bhi padhte padhte khatam ho gaye LOL LOL
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I agree with you.
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Calm down Shazy Smile .We all know that spa was sponsored by Balaji Dead.Arjun Bhoomi not even nominated in fav jodi & u know who won the award?Kavya & Anjali!!!!!! Angry That is the joke of the millenium.Because the are now no longer pati patni(divorce ho gaya donoka). Bhabi award goes to Bhabhi of every viewers"Parvati bhabi"(sayad uska pati bhi use ab bhabhi bulayega LOL   LOL ).Aur bhoomi ko to fav patni me nomination nehi mila srif fav bahu category me mila tha Angry. Every year same thing was happened(aur ye chalta hi rahega).Ye sab sochke aapna dimag mat garam karo.Best method is just ignore spa award Big smile.Kaisa laga mera solution?

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i agree that saarrthi is really good show but the important thing is the viewers...and there the K factor works that's what i believe....look at other forums....they are busy from begening....this show is perfect from starting..but we had not many members in starting....and if we talk about K shows....people expect that they will be good and so people rush there even bofore its's just about the name....and frankly will take time for people to accept that there are excellent shows other than kshow....

i was so upset..(didnt feel like doing anything) when i heard about the awards....but manybe by next year...people will realize about saarrthi..lets keep up with the hope...atleast we know we are watching good stuff...not the crap which has nothin to do with reality....

shazy...i noticed, tusi kitne hours sote ho....i bet you will be on top 10 for addicted members...yaiiii Big smile
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Originally posted by boomerang123

agreed with ya Thumbs Up ..chai pani bhi padhte padhte khatam ho gaye LOL LOL


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Innocent angel
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agree wid u shazy Smile

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