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MG:Shetan Ka Ghar-Thread 6 (Page 62)

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sona-rai

Originally posted by mrs.msk

Originally posted by sona-rai

Hug Hugsimi awesome update yar  Big smile
aha PC CHOR ajjkal bohat busy hai LOLyar bohat kaam hai uni bhago phir project study ke liye friend ke ghar researsh paper ke liye offices ke chakarD'ohmera too haal hi bigar gaya haiLOL
haha sona
its okay
yaar yeh kiya kar rehe hai meri bacchi ko?Cry
main baat karoon kya?LOLWink
LOLsach main yar itni tired hoti hoon but ur updates Deadhaey specialy HAHKWinkDeadLOLenjoyed it a lotLOLlate night phone se read kerti hoon aur pc miltay hi LIKE aur comment kerti hoonLOL
wah kya planning ki hain tumneLOLLOL

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Okay guys,

1.) After today I will be on my vacation..I will not be able to update until January 9th, 2012...two weeks I wish you guys happy new year and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
2.) make sure you guys miss meWink

  Evil Smile SHETAN KGHAREvil Smile
                      Chapter 53

Geet sat home..worried and scared...something was going to happen...she waited for Maan..she even called him but he didn't pick up the phone..for the first time...and not even once did he call back...she goes downstairs to the kitchen to keep her mind occupied...she was ready for whatever result it may come from Maan..but she can't hide this important part from him..she was willing to face his anger of not telling him any sooner...

Geet held the counter for support when she felt dizzy...she shakes her head and grabs some fruits eating banana made her feel better..but the pain inside her heart and the fear inside her heart didn't go away...her Shetan is very unpredictable...he can do anything to himself or anyone that stands in his way...she knew he won't hurt her not even in anger but will that stay true for long?
Pammi came downstairs and saw her busy...she quickly goes outside to meet Ranjvir..even though the plan was for tomorrow she had to go see him today no matter what...she just can't stand seeing Maan and Geet happy...she wanted to ruin their peace especially Maan's but before that she wanted to find Dev..she needed to know where he was...and only one person that can help her in this...

They had decided to meet on the was a public area and she did not want to take any chances...she smiled when she saw Ranjvir coming towards her. He sat down on the bench little bit father away from her. Pammi looks at him with a pained face...Ranjvir looks at her and smirks

Ranjvir: Don't act in front of me...I know your true colors now

Pammi: Took you long enough to know the true me

Ranjvir: Just get to the point...why did you call me?

Pammi: Dev, your son, is missing

Ranjvir: And what do you want me to do

Pammi: Find him...I don't know who kidnapped him or why...we have no money or anything then why...I am relying on that son of yours Maan (she says the name with disgust...)

Ranjvir; don't you dare take his name from your mouth..

Pammi: Ohh really...that's you talking...the person that didn't hesitate to push his wife down the stairs

Ranjvir (looks away) it was an accident

Pammi: Yeah am sure..

Ranjvir (gets up to go) I don't have time for this

Pammi (stands in front of him) please help find him..who would do this? What enemies did he have?

Ranjvir: If I do this favor then you have to leave Maan alone

Pammi (looks at him shocked and thinks about it...) fine..I will...

Ranjvir: Okay I will let you know where he is (He leaves..Pammi smirks..." should've been more specific...what will happen to Geet now?" She laughs)
Geet sat on the dining table waiting for was after lunch now and still no news of him..many thoughts ran inside her head..she called him so many times but still he didn't pick up..his phone was not off...then why?

What if something happened to him?

She just wanted to see him..without him this house felt so lonely...she needed him in front of her..just like him..he has become her shadow...without him..she feels so incomplete...she folds her arms on the table and rests her head on it...she lets her tears flow as she waited for him, slowly closing her eyes...

She wakes up when she heard some noises..she saw Maan entering...holding a liquor bottle...his eyes were blood red with anger, fear ran through her body...he drinks some more without breaking any eye contact...slowly he makes his way toward her...Geet slowly gets up...she covers her mouth feeling like throwing up the minute she smelled the alcohol...

Geet: Maan what is this...(she tried to take the bottle away from him but he pushes her in anger..she falls on the chair..she gets up again to help him but he holds her arm with anger..she yells in pain...) Maan...what happened

Maan: Like you don't know...why Geet..why did you do this to me?

Geet: what did I do?

Maan lets go of her and walks away toward the stairs...Geet follows him...she holds his hand...

"Maan tell me...why are you behaving like this..I was so worried about you since morning"

Maan (stands in front of her and lets go of her hand) why? 

Geet; What kind of question is this...I am your wife...

Maan: wife?! WIFE?! (he yells..Geet moves back a little..Maan comes toward her) A wife? HA...

Geet: Maan..(she says in disbelief) 

Maan: If you were truly my wife then you would tell me why you met with my father...(she looks at him shocked) why you decided to hide that fact from me...(he holds both her arms and pulls her closer) DID YOU REALLY THINK I WOULDN'T FIND OUT? I may be in love with you but I AM NOT STUPID! And I will not let you or anyone make a fool out of me

Geet (looks at him with tears) Maan please listen..I wanted to tell you today...I was going to tell you today but I was 

Maan: What? You thought that you could meet him behind my back?

Geet: NO Maan...he came up to me..when I was shopping for me


Geet: No I didn't...(she goes near him...) I just didn't want to see you hurt...

Maan: you have given me more pain by hiding this fact from me...

Geet: That was not my intention...believe me..(she holds his hands but he comes out of her grip) I Love You..I just wanted to protect you..I wanted to make sure that he doesn't hurt you again...

Maan (he holds her hair in a fist making her look at him..) If you think that I will let you go after this then you are wrong...

Geet (shakes her head no) I don't want to go away from you..I can't live without you..I love you

Maan: Then you wouldn't mind being trapped here are NOT allowed to go anywhere (she looks at him shocked) I will not let you are only mine no matter what (He lets go of her...)

Geet: Alright Maan...if you think that I did wrong and broke your trust then I am willing to stay here forever...(he smirks and proceeded his way upstairs until he heard a noise..he turned around and saw Geet lying on the floor...)

Maan; GEET (He runs downstairs toward her..he carries her to the sofa...he immediately calls the doctor) Geet open your eyes..Geet...(she didn't move...he started panicking...)

He looked at Geet while the doctor checked up on her...


The doctor gets up and smiles

"its nothing to worry...congratulations she is pregnant..." Maan looks at her shocked and then at Geet..the doctor leaves...Geet slowly opens her eyes and tried to move but Maan held her...

Geet: Maan..what happened?

Maan: You are pregnant...

Geet (looks at him with happiness...and then touches her belly) really? (she takes his hand and places it on her belly...Maan just looks away) Maan aren't you happy? (he gets up...and calls all the servants...)

Maan; I want you to shift all the stuff from our room downstairs...make sure she gets whatever she needs and does no may leave

Geet (gets up) Maan what is all this...

Maan (looks at her) What you heard..I will not let anything happen to the baby

Geet: But

Maan: I don't think you are in a position to tell me what to do...(she looks at him with tears..he leaves)
Pammi stood outside shocked to hear the news...she smirks...

"So Maan how long are you going to keep her safe? Just let Dev come back..."

Okay guys I know you guys must be shocked with this update but now its time for Maan to make upWink

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-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Fab part
Maan's anger can really make him do stupid thgs
Pammi will be dead if she evn thought of touching Geet or the baby

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change12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:15am | IP Logged
hope nothing happen to geet and the babay ...
well i know you and maan won't let any thing happen to baby  and geet

Edited by change12 - 22 December 2011 at 9:15am
meettu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:17am | IP Logged
loved it

omg omg

maan believe ur wife yaar

dev u bitch

when maan is here nthg to fear

want maan father to be wid maan

nd pammi ka real face sabke samne aaye

maaneet ke baby ko kuch mat krna

nd maan geet ko maaf kr dey
tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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maan angry on geet to meet his father so finally sh is pregnant and this pammis so evil want dev to harm maneet aane do dev ko maan is baar acchi tarah se theek karega usse and happy holidays
kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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wonderful update

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