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Tumhari Disha

Tumhari Disha 30.03.2005 (India) Update

swathi Goldie

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 9:50pm | IP Logged

Tumhari Disha India Episode update dated 30 March 2005.


Nice episode with some exquisite scenes between DK, Dish. Dish and mummyji. We get to see that Disha is having feelings for DK but she still refuses to acknowledge it openly. Pori is beginning to make life difficult for Dish. For more details read on...




DK telling Disha that she is pregnant with Vedanth's child and Disha is shocked. Disha telling Aai that she was feeling dizzy thanks to those bhang filled sweets and this is overheard by DK. DK tells sorry to Disha for misunderstanding her and Disha tells DK that if he trusts her then he would haven never even believed that She was pregnant and asks him about Pori and Pori comes along with Gargi.


Today's Episode:


Same scene starts and Disha and Dk and shocked at seeing Pori entering house with Gargi. DK in his anger asks Pori as to what made her come to his house and she should just get out. He also says that I am telling all this for the good of Ved only. Gargi interrupts him saying that Sonny, remember this is my house and she is my guest. You have no right to ask her to get out of this house. Gargi continues saying poor girl where will she go. When I met her she was ready to end her life and her mental balance is also not proper. Pori sheds some crocodile tears and Gargi continues If only you had not come in Between, 'Aaj Pari Sehgal khaandaan ki bahu hoti' (Otherwise today Pori would have been the DIL of Sehgal family.) Disha is shocked and looks at DK' face. Ved comes there (this scene is taking place downstairs while Ved was in the upper floor). As soon as Pori sees Ved she rushes towards him. Ved looks at his mom with surprise and says 'My My My what an unpleasant surprise'. Pori tells him that she is happy to see him after a long time. She was ready to take her life and only Gargi auntie asked her to come to this place. Disha looks at them open mouthed and is not able to decide what to do. Pori once again sheds her crocodile tears while speaking with Vedanth. DK is also shocked and leaves the place in anger. Gargi thinks to herself that this Pori is a better actress than myself and then tells Pori that she would show her room. Pori declines saying that she needs to speak with Ved. (btw Pori was wearing this shocking pink top and some kind of midi or whatever you call them with slits)



DK comes back to him room and plops down on his bed (btw he was wearing a blue shirt and cream colored trousers and I have always loved this combination. Do I need to say more?). He thinks back. DK (now in full black with his earrings and a fat chain around his neck. The old menacing DK) is agitated and asks Pori as to why she did not tell him her original name. Why did she always tell that her name is Neeta and she also did not tell him that his brother loved her. Pori has this 'give me a break' expression and tells that would he have helped her with a film then. Don't forget that you also do a lot of things (I guess she meant his crooked way) to get your job done. DK is all the more angry and warns her to stay sway from his brother. Flashback ends.


DK comes to Disha's room. Here Disha is rearranging her bed and setting right her bedcovers and pillows. As it is night time, there are minimal lights. (Disha was in a lovely light blue sari) DK tells her ' Aaj main apne aap ko bahut akela mehsoos kar raha hoon. Shayad isliye ki yeh haalat mere bas mein nahin hain. Mera business mujhse choot chuka hain. Meri maa yahan bimar padi hain and aur mera bhai mujh par vishwas nahin karta' (Translation: I feel that I am very lonely today. I guess that is because I have no control over the situations around me. My business is snatched away from me. My mother is very ill and my brother does not trust me).

Disha: Are you being tense because Pori is here.

DK: Am only worried for you. I wonder why Pori has come here after so many years.

(Disha keeps on rearranging things listening to DK).

I don't know what Vedanth has told you about mine and Pori's relationship. I can only say that he has misunderstood my intentions.

Disha: I trust both you and Vedanth completely. Your past and Pori don't affect me.

DK: Can I then hope that you will not leave this house then.

Disha: I will not leave this house because of your past or Pori. I am here only because of Mummyji and the day she is all right I will leave this house.

DK: Disha...(calls out her name with an emphasis)

Disha: (cuts him off) Good night DK.


Dk then leaves the place.


Pori is there in Vedanth's room trying to convince him. Vedanth asks her what she is doing in his room so late. Pori asks how he is doing and he replies that he is doing well. When he asks back the same thing she says that 'Sirf jee rahi hoon'. (Translation: Am just living my life) Pori tries to act smart and mentions that she is very sorry for what has happened. She wanted one chance to explain her stand and that was denied to her. She asks Ved if he still hates her. Ved replies that no one can forget their first love so easily but now he is not interested (in having any kind of relation with her). Pori says that she made a mistake she should have kept her personal life and career separate. She is not the same old Pori. After missing him only she has realized as to how important he was to her. Ved listens to her in a very disinterested way. Pori says that DK threatened her that she should not meet him and he himself knows how powerful DK is. Just then DK comes to their door and asks Pori to meet him. Pori refuses. DK then says that he is not used to hearing NO and she knows that very well and that he is waiting for her in his room.


Pori enters his room and just then Dish is coming down the stairs. She is absolutely shocked to see Pori going inside DK's room. Here DK asks Pori to come inside and close the door. Disha is shocked (and jealousy was written on her face). She remembers "the night" scene when DK had taken her in his arms and had said 'I love you. I really really love you and I mean it". Cut to present. Gargi sees Disha standing and mocks her saying that she must be really sad that Pori has come in to their house. But then Pori was DK's past and they really cannot do anything about it. Disha is still shocked and is kind of disgusted with the whole thing.


Disha goes to Mummyji's room and is feeding her something. She is preoccupied with Pori being in DK's room and Mummyji notices that and asks her the reason. Disha replies that whenever she tries to do something right it always turns out to be wrong. Her own sister has misunderstood her. Then mummyji gives her a pep talk (frankly speaking I did not concentrate here that much) and in the end tells her that she looks nice only while smiling. Disha smiles and both of them hug.


Here in DK's room he is asking Pori the reason she has come after so many years and asks her to leave the house. Pori says that she has come here coz Gargi asked her to (DK anyways knows this but is still shocked) and she will leave only when Gargi allows her and leaves the place. DK does not know what to do.


Gargi is in her room and Pori comes there and sits along with her. Gargi compliments Pari on her acting and Pari says that her name is Pori and not Parineeta.' Is it so difficult or what'. eeesssssssssshhh....Gargi tells her that the reason why she brought Pori is to create misunderstanding between DK and Dish and then only Dish will leave this house. Coz if Dish is there Sumitra will regain her memory. Pori very innocently asks her why she is afraid of Sumitra getting her memory back and Gargi cuts her short. Gargi also says that 1st day itself she has created some hard feelings between Dish and DK. Gargi also warns her not to get so cozy with Ved. Pori does not look convinced with what Gargi is saying but then says that Disha's days in this house are already over.


Disha enters DK's room (she is wearing a lavender colored sari and looking lovely). DK is reading something and looks up to Disha surprised. Disha says that you said that you were worried about me then what were you doing with Pori in that closed room. How many women do you have in your life DK? There was this Sanya and now Pori. DK is taken aback and stands up and says ' I have only one woman in my life. (echoes)' Suddenly Disha is all coy as if she knows what is coming next. DK then approaches her holds her by her shoulders and says ' and that is you'(echoes). Disha is momentarily stunned. But then regains her senses moves back and says. I am not really worried about what you do DK. But you should remember that your mother is next door and is not well. What if she comes to know about all these things? You have to maintain the dignity of this house. And walks away. DK is stunned at Disha's sudden outburst and just remembers whatever she had said just now and thinks 'Once again I have hurt you Disha and am sorry for that'.


Disha is going back to her room and Pori is sitting. She introduces herself that she is Porineeta..Pori and Disha can also call her as Pori. DK is very naughty. I thought that he would have improved after so many years. But that is not so. You know when I met him today he asked me to close the door and....Pori says that she is big hearted and tells Dish that she can give back DK to her. Disha is already angry and retorts back....I am least bothered about what DK or Ved does...But whatever you do, do all your dirty things outside the house and maintain the decorum of this house. Saying this she goes out. Pori thinks to herself that it's good that your enemy is 'damdaar' (strong willed). and the episode ends on her face.




My take on this episode:


It was clearly shown that Disha does have feelings for DK as you could see the look of jealousy in her face. But she tries to mask it by saying that she is only bothered about the honor of this place. I don't know if DK also realizes this fact.  The way she was questioning DK, only a wife could do that. Also Sumitra maa seems to be on the road to recovery. At least she is able to speak well and not staring at the walls as before.


The scene wherein DK expresses that Disha is the only woman in his life was very good. It was not an exceptional romantic scene as such but then it was an endearing scene and you could see DK's immense love for Disha and his honesty came across very well. This guy is a fantastic actor and does not need dialogues to express his emotions (oft repeated dialogue). Also when he goes on the flashback mode and comes back to present his emotions were very well shown. Myriad emotions like frustration, anger, insecurity were all shown in his face in a matter of few seconds. You could see the emotional turmoil that he was going through.




Thanks to Lata for giving me the idea that I should also attempt writing an update. (well this is my 1st attempt of writing an update...)





.....Lata..... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 10:05pm | IP Logged

Wow Swathi thanks a lot for relieving me for today. Friends I really apologise since its my 1/2 working day and hectic schedule today.

Swathi fabulous update goes without saying. Yeah this Pori really needs some Pora now and needs to get lost. Disha is a tough nut to crack though.

I loved the scene in which Disha feels jealous when pori goes to Dk's room and remembers the night scene. Wish Dk had come to know about her feelings. But we audience have to just keep boiling our blood to know when the two D's will get together.

Once again Swathi good job.Clap.

Love Lata

keshp15 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 10:09pm | IP Logged

hey swathiClap

great jobSmile

keep up the good workBig smile

love KPWink

.....Lata..... IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 February 2005
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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 10:11pm | IP Logged

And Swathi comeon no need to thank me. Everybody have to be given the chance to try our unearthed potential here and with DK as our inspiration Embarrassed, I am sure its not going to be difficult for all of us. Already Diksha, Veda, Dkaddict and other friends of ours can write a full book on DK, right Wink.

Anyways thanks to all my dear friends here. Love you all.

Love Lata

lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

Joined: 07 May 2004
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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 10:12pm | IP Logged
thanks swathi.. it was very good for a first timer....
krazee_gurl Goldie

Joined: 20 January 2005
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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 10:22pm | IP Logged

Swathi, who sayz its ur first time writing an update?Wink 

thanx Swathi, that update was written very well.  I don't know what we would do without you, Lata, and Disha.

keep it upClap

sarina_202 Senior Member

Joined: 15 January 2005
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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
i love it wen vedant says my my my...sho sho cute
queen-bee Goldie

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 11:13pm | IP Logged

Hi swathi,

Thanks for the wonderful update. Your narration was excellent,I'm sure our hottie acted equally well and that inspired u to write so beautifully.

Good Lata, now swathi can relieve you once in a while by giving us "Dukhi atmas of US" spicy update.

minkBig smile


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