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Shanak FF Pehla Nasha Part8 page15-17th July (Page 15)

IF_rida Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2012 at 10:16am | IP Logged
that was a emotional update but penned nicely
she is in luv and has realized that i hope he realizes that soon
em sure on the trip he'll miss her like hell and will realize
their conv was shweet and emotional
well koi masla na ho shaan k saath and he the hero cums back to his rakjkumari
update soon

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ktym Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged
nice update...

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payalmehra Groupbie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:47am | IP Logged

Thank you friends for loving my FF. I am late because no ideas were coming. Please bear with me. I will try to update at ~15 day gap, if possible earlier.

Thanks to aasma1janavi07heer_85niki_rboAwesomeYashArank.krithikasnigdhanagarIF_ridajaisyjazz, maneesha28889, ktym very muchHug

Precap: Shanak were friends, and Khanak was slowly falling in love for Shaan. But Shaan had a big problem in his life. He was minister's son and he had body guards. He hated his restricted life so he decided to go for an adventure trip without informing his parents/bodyguards.

Part 8

College Terrace

After Shaan left Khanak sat down and broke into tears.Cry

After some time, she came down, the best thing she could do was to divert her mind; she came down to attend her classes. Her mind was crowded with sadness, anxiety, emptiness. She sat quietly completely unaware of everything around her. But she was actually noticed by the whole class. Nobody knew that she looks so beautiful. Some boys who never noticed her started thinking "kuchh to baat hai is mein".Smile

The class started. Khanak was still lost. Her trance was broken when her friend poked her and whispered "Shaan is calling you, he is at the door".  Khanak saw Shaan waving his hands, asking her to come. She stood up and almost ran towards the door shocking the professor as well as the whole class. Khanak almost bumped into Shaan and held her tight, so that she didn't fall. It was a picture perfect moment where the whole class incuding the professor were ogling at them. The professor forgot that he needs to scold Khanak.

Slowly Khanak moved away when Shaan held her hand and said "I will miss you yaar". He sounded pretty emotional. Khanak lost all her words, she said "me too".

The romantic scene for the viewers (students and the professor) got more romantic as they saw Shaan instantly hugging Khanak (like the hug before Jab se tere naina song). But it lasted few seconds as Shaan whispered something in Khanak's ears (while hugging) and left within few seconds.Embarrassed (he said "take care").

Khanak came inside the class and sat on her place, her mind is so preoccupied that she didn't even notice others reactions. The professor, no doubt a smart person waited for few seconds and then again started teaching.LOL


World moves really fast. Within 5.30PM Shaan's new bodyguards came to know that Shaan was missing. Enquiry gave them Khanak's name. "Love birds hai dono, ek dusrese se chipak ke rehte hai". Not only that they were showed an MMS where today's *Shanak romantic scene* was very well captured. Not only Shaan but Khanak was also not found anywhere. "Kya Shaan aur Khanak ek saath bhag gaye?" Rumors spread within seconds and this time there were no exceptions. Shantanu or Khanak, both of their mobiles were switched off. Where were they?Ouch


OK, somethings I need to say here. Khanak lost her mother when she was 5. Her father brought them up but most of the time he was busy with his business. Khanak and Ducks grown up together, taking care of each other.

8 PM: Khanak's house.

Introducing: Mr. Ravikrishan Bansal, secretary, right hand man of Shaan's father, very shrewd, a typical politician.

Mr. Bansal: Dekhiye Mr. Khanna (Khanak's dad): Aap sach sach bata dijiye, nahi to hum e sach ugalwane ke liye bohut saare tariken aate hai

Khanak's dad: Mr Bansal, maine aapko pehle bhi kaha hai ke hum e iss bare mein kuchh nahi pata aur meri beti hum e bina bitaye aisa koi kaam nahi karegi. Aap dhundie Shantanu ko, meri beti gayi hogi kisi dost ke ghar, abhi wapas a jayegi.

Mr. Bansal: If I am not wrong, aap Maheshji (another politician of opp party of Shaan's dad) ke bohut kareebi dost hai. Mujhe lagta hai yeh aap dono ka koi plan hai Shantanu ko agwa karne ka.

Khanak's dad: You mean hum kidnapper hai?

Mr. Bansal: Business man log kaise hote hai yeh hum e achchi tarah se pata hai, then in a very low tone he gave a gaali, which didn't reach Mr. Khanna's ears but he understood.

The heated argument was going on. In between phone calls came to Mr. Bansal, some from Police who are searching Shantanu, some from Shaan's dad.

But where was Khanak?


8 PM: Slum

Khanak came here straight from the college. The kids here are her best friends (after Shaan). She chatted with them, played with them. Yes, she was missing Shaan, how much?

A bike came and stopped there.

Ducks: Hey sis, you are here, this time? (Ducks knew about Khanak's lil friends, he was passing from there and saw Khanak)

Khanak had a broad smile in her face. Duck is the closest person in her life. She came to him and said "ghar chale bhaiya?"

Ducks: Ya, lets go.


9 PM Khanak's house. Khanak and Ducks entered shocking Mr. Bansal. Khanak and Ducks never saw this person.

Khanak's dad: Dekha? yeh lijiye meri beti, apne bhaiya ke saath thi. Phir kabhi yeh mat kahiyega ke Khanak Shantanu ke saath bhag gayi

Hearing this both khanak and Ducks looked at theit father with shocked faces.

Mr. Bansal (ignoring Mr. Khanna) : Hey Khanak, I am Ravikrishan, Shaan ka Ravi uncle. Kya tum bata sakti ho Shaan kahan hai?

For few seconds Khanak couldn't say a word, she looked afraid, nervous.

Mr. Bansal (rude tone): Where is Shaan?

Khanak (stammering): Mujhe nahi pata

Mr. Bansal (yelled): Tum jhoot bol rahi ho Khanak

Khanak was very afraid and tears came out of her eyes. Ducks became very angry.

"Aap aise kaise Khanak se baat kar rahe hai? Khanak ko Shaan ke bare mein kuchh nahi pata, he is not even her friend"

Mr. Bansal: I know these types of families jo apni beti ko use karte hai Shaan jaise ledke ko pyaar mein phasane ke liye aur''.

He couldn't complete the sentence as Ducks punched him heard and Mr. Bansal fell down from the couch.

The next moment Mr. Bansal's bodyguard (a very strong one) picked up Ducks and threw him on the centre table, the glass table broke into pieces. Ducks was shocked, he was bleeding.

Khanak shouted: Ha, main janti hun Shaan kahan hai.  She was traumatized seeing Ducks condition.

This made Ducks and Khanak's father shocked and a cunning smile came in Mr. Bansal's face. Khanak told them about Shaan going for a bike trip.

Shaan kept her phone switched off, but Khanak had Vickey's number. She switched on her mobile (she had switched it off in the morning, and totally forgotten about it, a thought came to her mind, kya Shaan ne call karne ki koshish ki thi?)

Mr. Bansal: call him

Khanak dialed Vickey's number, after few minutes he picked up, Khanak with shaking voice asked for Shaan.

Shaan: Hello Khanak? (his voice made her melt, tears kept falling from her eyes).

Khanak (crying): Shaan''

Shaan understood something is wrong but before he could speak Mr. Bansal snatched the phone from Khanak.

Mr. Bansal: Shaan beta, main Ravi uncle bol raha hun, tum abhi ghar wapas aa jao (with a cold voice)

Shaan: par Khanak'.?

Mr. Bansal: Khanak ke bare mein tumhe chinta karne ki koi zaroorat nahi

Saying this he cut the phone call.

Mr. Bansal: Achha hum ab chalet hai (then making "I'll watch you" sign with his fingers) Meri aankhein humesha aaplogo ki upar hogi, agar kal tak Shaan wapas na aye to''''

He didn't finish the sentence and left.


Shaan was very much worried. Khanak didn't sound well, she sounded scared, sad. He knows about Ravi uncle and is shrewd nature. He cursed himself for coming to this trip, for him innocent Khanak was suffering.

He dialed Khanak's number (he was not carrying his mobile as he knew his father knows ways to trace him through mobile). Nobody picked it up. He kept calling, after sometimes it was saying "switched off".

He decided to come back to Mumbai as early as possible. He has to wait until morning, before there was no bus. He called his mom, told her that he was coming back by next morning bus.

Morning 7am, Shaan got a bus for Mumbai.

@9.30 am

"yeh aapki photo hai na?"

The person sitting beside him showed him a photo, third page of a Hindi news paper. It says:

"Mantrion ke jivan mein film jaise rang, Mr. Sunil Khandelwal ka beta bhaga apni premika ke sang"

With a photograph of Shaan and Khanak hugging each other and in inset there were face pics of them (reporter got a group pic from someone from their college, on which he added his art skills).


Khanak's house:

The last night went silently; three of them were shocked, not in a condition to discuss anything. Ducks was upset with Khanak. She hid her friendship with Shaan to him. Is it only friendship or even more? He always knew Khanak shares everything with him. He didn't take dinner and went off to sleep. Khanak's father only said one sentence to Khanak: "I hope tum aajke baad Shaan ke naam kabhi nahi logi".

Morning was more shocking- the newspaper is the reason.

11 am

Yes, time was really running fast. And more shocks were waiting for Khanak's family. They have a visitor and its none other than Sunil Khandelwal.

Mr. Khandelwal: Mujhe maaf kijiyega, mujhe kal hi aana chahiyetha, I am sorry for whatever happened yesterday. Ravi ki baton se bura mat manna, wo hai hi thorasa garm mezaz ka.

Mr. Khanna, Ducks were thinking: kal teekhi baton se beizzati kar gaya aaj meethi baton se phirse beizzati karne aya hai kya?

Mr. Khandelwal: O, main to bhul hi gaya, yeh mithai aap logo ke liye, meri biwi ne bheji hai

Getting no answers from them Sunil said: Aapki beti Khanak dikhayi nahi de rahi hai? Meri biwi keh rahi thi bohut pyarisi bachchi hai (whatever he wastelling about his wife is true; Shaan's mother really likes Khanak).

Khanak entered the room and she was shocked to see Shaan's dad.

Sunil thinks (yeh hai Shaan ki pasand?... as Khanak was back to her tom boy get up)

Then Sunil said: Dekhiye main waqt barbad nahi karna chahta, aapki beti ka haath mangna chahta hun apne bete Shantanu ke liye

All of them were shocked, especially Khanak.

But still more were coming.

Shaan: Nahi dad, main Khanak se shaadi nahi karunga, aapke gande politics ke shikaar hum nahi banenge

It was a filmy entry, just like typical hindi movies the door was open and nobody noticed when Shaan came in. When Shaan reached his home his mom told him about Sunil's next political plan: Shanak marriage'''.ajkal ke mantrian modern hote hai.


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heer_85 Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 7:12am | IP Logged
 lovely update Payal
 shaan left n before dat he came to c khanak 
 they both hug each other n the whole class n their professor watching them lolzzz! RLB's
   Mr Bansal cruel person hw can he talk rubbish abt Khanak 
 n all dat abt trapping shaan 
 Loved duck's love toward her sis good dat he punched dat Bansal 
  khanak called shaan's friend n before she said anything dat Bansal snatch the phone 
 Shocking  Sunil Khandelwal want khanak as his DIL as her next political plan 
 shaan entry was really filmy loved it lolzzz
 he refuse to marry her coz his mother told  his dads plan 
 Aab kya hoga 
 update soon 
AP... Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 8:09am | IP Logged
oooh no worries bbz take ur time im not giing yo be really active for a few weeks because I will be working but I will defo comment and pm mee plz x
IF_rida Goldie

Joined: 24 April 2011
Posts: 1611

Posted: 17 July 2012 at 8:14am | IP Logged
amazing update
haye i thought their terrace meeting is the last
but shweet he was waiting ... hmm shanak hug has to be a pic perfect moment
awww i felt so bad for khanak and her family
they must be traumatized yaar
but gud that she came back with ducks
may be ducks will make her realize that is is love
wow hero ne hero wali entry mardi
but getting married coz of a plan will spoil their relation
but lukin fwd to what u've stored
update soon
jaisyjazz IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 March 2012
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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 8:36am | IP Logged
totally amazing
aww shan and khanak's hug was so emotional man
omg all blame came to khanak for shan's escape oh this world imagine ridiculous things like this and create such humors for thier entertainment
loved how shan worried for khanak and instantly came back
sunil i hate him me bhi sochu ye khanak ka hath kaise mangne aaya all bcoz of politics arghAngry
and shan ne kya entry mari hai lekin shadi ke liye mana kar diya now khanak will be totally heartbroken but shan knew that his father was doing this for all politics and not for his sons happiness and for a good purpose so bcoz of this its ok but sunil wat a selfish person he is
u will update in 15 days OMG yaar mat karo aisa plzzz
try to update frequently man waiting for next Smile
niki_rbo Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 8:41am | IP Logged
hey payal update was lovely..i loved it..there hug was simply super...but last line he is not accepting for marriage...shocked yaar...waiting for next update..

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