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reema_19 Goldie

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Posted: 25 March 2006 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
congo shobhaaa Clap

shobha Goldie

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Posted: 26 March 2006 at 12:13am | IP Logged

So the guesses are over and the first one to guess was Saff.Congrats Saff Clap.

This week's Member Of the Week is


Congrats Shobha. Shobha is 15 yrs old. She has a cute Tia avatar. She is a fun luving girl. She is sweet and she loves to talk with guys in a private messenger in Yahoo. Wink.

The five good things about her are -

1)She is very helpful

2)She is a great fan of Tia

3)She is very friendly

4)She is a bit khadoos like me Embarrassed

5)She is awesome Clap 

To know more about her let us ask her  hard questions which she won't be able to answer.

1)Suru ji or Lalaji???

2)Your best five friendz-

3)Which songs come to your mind when I talk about Tia and Ranveer?

4)Which other serial you see besides Remix??

5)Veo or me??Wink

6)Your most embarrasing moment

7)Is my post blue and pink Embarrassed

firstly thanx a lot khadoos soumya for writing such gud things abt me...

secondly im 18years and not 15LOL 

chalo lets answer now....

1}obviously suruji...coz he was my first fren in forum,who offcourse lalaji...see i can't choose b/w two gud boys...they r very sweet...and sometimes helpful....

2}ummmm very tough question...i cant answer really answer this......but still i vl write other frens puhleese dont mind.....

its esha,kavita,tia_mehra,avani,lalaji(ok i am not writing others name coz...they all come in my another category....and that category is my sweeetest guys,gals need not be angry...)(this is special note: veo u r not my best fren.......but u r my best bhaiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

3}which else,its naa jaane kaise....and one more song..its from the movie ishq vishq:the song is ishq vishq pyaar vyaar

4}besides remix i watch sarabhai, friends,lizie mc-guire,that's so raven,india calling.

5}argggg this is the tough questionAngry but still i vl answer...u must be knowing that i got u people marrried so now u both r both r equal for no asking b/w u and veo....

6}my most embarssing moment was in thz forum itself...there was a guy named killer-47(prashanth),who insulted me soemtime ago....i cant write more....

7}ummmm its pink and blue.......


i hope i answered everything no i was kiddin..i hav answered all frankly....


poeple free frankly to ask me questions...i am always ready  to answer for all ur lovely questions....





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shobha Goldie

Joined: 18 June 2005
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Posted: 26 March 2006 at 12:15am | IP Logged

Originally posted by veonal

whos yr best bhai Wink better say me warna Angry

btw congo will post more qts later Embarrassed


obviously bhai..its u..whoelse can be.....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

apple14 Goldie

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Posted: 26 March 2006 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Congrats Shobha!!! Clap Clap Clap

Inn logon ne saare sawaal punchliye. SO I have no more questions!!!

Just congrats!!! Smile
shobha Goldie

Joined: 18 June 2005
Posts: 2174

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 6:54am | IP Logged
no probs present no one knows me im not active........

so me not expecting many questions....jitne bhi milenge..usise ghuzaara karenge LOL
ritika_roxx Senior Member

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Posted: 26 March 2006 at 7:43am | IP Logged
congrats shobha!
well i dont kno u but wud'nt mind knowin u wat say? Embarrassed
anku2cute IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2006 at 4:34pm | IP Logged

congrats a new member.well questions ill do post

r u sweet nd smart just like all of us here?

do u like me?

do u like india?

hav u ever been 2 chandigarh?

do u like nature?

r u in luv?

do u hav any secrets?

r u dreamy/liv in reality?

r u pink nd quiet/red nd hot?

u prefer dreams ya neend?

u r adventurous/docile?

ur romanti/realistic?

u like 2 date hussain or srk?

*ur most cherished moment wit ur if frndz

*ur dream u saw nd if remember it bring a smile 2 ur face

*ur dream u saw nd if remember it makes u fell shy

*ur dream u saw nd if remember it makes u blush

u were on cloud 9 when......

*1 thing missing in ur life is?

*u define luv as(proper defn chahiye mujhe)

*oops !u made a mistakewhen?

*ull blush if ranveer does/say?

*movies u wuld like 2 watch again nd again

*u cant live without?

*the ideal proposal for u wuld b?

*u wuld go on a date 2 a beach/hills?

*u trust any1 easily/after a long time

*if u go out on a date nd see ranveersitting a small dist. frm u, u wuld ?

*aapne kabhi apni zindagi mein kaash kab bola hai aur kyun?

*kabhi laga ki zindagi ne ya kisi insaan me aapko hurt kiya hai?

*koi incident aapk school ka jisne aapko kuch lesson teach kiya ho?

*which of the pair u thin is hotter ranveer tia ya ashi yuvi??

*wht r ur university timings?(i noe this is stupid it?)

*when do u watch remix,2 times or 1 time,for hussain or u really like the show?

*whats the best thing abt *india??

*if u get a chance 2 visit india besides ranveer whu wuld u like 2 meet(name any 2)

*whts the best thing abt tv?

*whtss the best thing abt if nd any other grps u hav joined?

*hoe did u cum 2 know abt if?

*wuld u lik 2 go abroad for higher studies nd where?

*r u an early bird /late nighter?(i noe par still want 2 noe)

*wht does a late night greeting mean?

*whu is a true frnd?

*letter A se apne fav 5 shabd batayiye

*how will u xplain tht a black cloud has a silver lining

*har aasmaan mein sitaare kyun nahin hote

*aapko kaise nazrein pasand hain romanti/shy/smiling/blushing/guisse se bhari nd aapk chehre par kaun si sabs common hai smiling ko chord kar?

*chaand ko guroor hai ki usk paas ek noor hai aur aapko guroor hai ki aapk paaas..........

*xplain hoe true frndz r like MORNINGS?(try try....nd ill giv u the correct ans)

*how iz life like a piano
(the above 2 q wuld reflect ur creativity nd ur deep sense)

*saawan ki raaton mein aapk man ka pehla khyal hoga?

*ur cell model

*if u wereranveerthen kya aap ek star hote hue apne fan grps forum visit karte nd kya rxn hota crazy posts pardhkar?

*u noe driving

*ur mr right shuld hav 5 qualities namely?

*hmmmmm chalo the last q 5 Words 2 describ me

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anku2cute IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2006 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
shuld i post sum more.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....ok i willllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

*ur cell/phone bill bcoz of u

*the weirdest person u met online(hm kahin main to nai)

*u had ur 1st crush on

*u can tell lies for....

*skol mein kitni baar maar padi hai

*u wuld giv these persons which rose

=pinkrose-special frnd/person
=oangerose-like the person
=redrose-luv(can b given only once)

persons u hav 2 giv:
+2 d forum

answer honestly dear

*2 which colour u wuld asssociate

=orange-strong headed,bubbly

=white-calm nd balanced

=violet-reserved nd caring



=red-bold,open minded




+just name d persons for each colour best suited for

now associate these persons 2 as many colours u want 2:

+2 d forum

*ur strength

*fill in with the 1st thing tht cums 2 ur mind:-


*ur shampoo

*ur craziest act(name any 2)

*ur nails length

*ur :-
=hair length-
=eye colour-
=nose length-
=neck length-
=finger length-
=shoe size-

*ur dresses r mostly in which colour

*u dress:-
-normally in
-for parties
-for hang outs wid frnds

*ur soap

*ur watch

*do u wear a livestrong band?

*ur watch strap colour

*ur house colour

*ur screensaver in ur pc

*d wallpaper in ur pc

*ur siblings names nd age

*ur net connection is fast/sloe

*ur net bill per month nd charges per hour

*ur university name

*when do u plan to get married?

*after marriage will u remember us

*after marriage will u log in daily

*do u pray for any1 else other than for urself

*if u r tired sum day nd ur frnd wants 2 talk 2 u wht wuld u do

*u sleep with a small/big pillow

*on which side u sleep

*u can share everything with(besides ur siblings nd parents)....

*if u talk 2 ranveer wht will u say nd u r given only 1 minute

*describe tia ranveers chemistry in a paragraph

*wht talk u hav with ur frnds...i mean abt ur work/study/fun/gossip

*u cut ur hair how many tyms in a month

*do u lyk windchimes

*do u lyk keychains

*u luv songs sung by

*wht kind of songs do u lyk

*ur fav cd

*ur 1st date was in class

*where did u go ffor ur 1st date

*ur 18th bday will b ....

*do u lyk reading fan fiction on tia ranveer nd wht type

*do u noe punjabi

*name atleast 20 things u can c around u now

*u r most irritated by

*ur fav teacher

*u r frightened by

*worst animal

*sweetest animal

*fav subject

*fav scientist

*u score d best in

*in which city u live

*ur city code

*ur country code

*d most common car in ur city

*the best restaurant in ur city

*ur cd holder colour

*ur pc colour


*ink pen/gel pen/ball pen



*lays/uncle chips/cheetos


*braded wear/unbranded

*do u lyk jewellery nd if yes wht type

*how long u surf everyday

*ur fav holiday spot

*languages u noe

*ur night dress colour

* Describe urself in one word (no cheating....ONLY one word)

* One thing u love abt urself??

* One thing u hate abt urself??

* What is ur biggest strength??

* Who do u admire the most and why??

*How many crushes u had??

*How many guys proposed u??

ok define the followng in 1 word![tough job]lol..tumney kiya socha tha k tumhe esey hi janey doungi easy easy ques pooch kar! hehhe

1.friendship                          2.remix          ; ; ;        & ;nbs p;  ;        4.hap piness

5.sleep          ; ; ;        & ;nbs p;  ;        6.Sum it

7.anger          ; ; ;        & ;nbs p;  ;        8.ur home


* memorable incident from school days??

* Any unfulfilled desire??

* If u had to choose between ur cell ph and ur laptop, which one wud u choose??

*rapid fires:

1) maxi or mini

2) Pizza or burger

3) what country would you like to visit most

4) who would be your ideal man (excl hussian)

5) milk/coffee

6) what age would you like to settle down

7) shower or bath

8) Ice cream or ice lolly

9) who is your best khan acter

10) coke/diet coke

11) Meat or vegetarian

12) beach or swimming pool

13) how tall would you like your future hubby to be

14) the best birthday present you gave your mother.

15) silver or gold jewelry

*you are close to more ur mom or dad?

*if u get a magic lamp n u could ask 4 three wishes from genie wat would b dose 3 wishes?

*wats da best place on earth?

* your fav word which u like the most

*rFriend or Love

*which is ur Fav magazine and y?

*Ur first crush in uni <no lieing>

*Fliritng or True lover

*CD rom or walkman

*which hair conditioner do u use?

*which is ur fav. name in girls other than urz& in boys too

*who is ur fav. villain [ in indian movies ]

*which movie is good;hum aapke hain kaun or hum saath saath hain[hope u must hav seen both of the u watch every movie]

*wat feel wen u stand infornt of a mirrior?

*decribe star plus in 3 words?

*wen u cried last time?(i hope dat u always keep smiling in ur life n tumhari ankhon mein humesha khushi k tears aayein)

*ur fav quote

*which is ur fav remix song?

*do u watch cartoon movies?which1 is ur fav?

*if u were given an offer to play a role of either tom or jeery ,which character wud u choose? & y?

*u fight more wid ur sis or bro?

*u lyk ur sis more or bro?

*ur first crush on which actor?

*did u ever had crush on ne of ur teachers?

*do u hv pets?

* u lyk birds more or animals>?

* ur fav director/writer?

*tell me 3 reasons y u make me ur friend?

*wats da things dat turns u off in a person?

*wats da last thing dat u do b4 u go 2 ur bed?

*ur necessary accessories dat u always take along wid u?

*wat was da worst thing fight dat u had wid ur siblings?

* u like ur hair tied up or open?

* if u c sum1 bulky n fatty(i hv 1 in my mind but don wanna take dat persons name hope u can guess whom m tokin abt) wat would like 2 say abt dat person:

a> humty dumty sat on da wall

b> dekha hai pehli baar cycle b haathi sawaar

c>wuld behave normally as looks dunt matter 2 u

* if sum1 purposes u n u don like dat person wat would u like 2 say:

a> koi pathar se na mare mere deewane ko nuclear zamana hai bomb se uraday bechare ko.....

b> voilets r red sky is blue i was born beautiful but wat happened 2

*few rapid fires again:-

*Hairdryer or wet hair ?

*Windy day or Aircone?

*Did u evre bullied with someone?

* Why does a rose represent love, when a rose always dies?

*If our heart is the strongest muscle why does it break so easily?

*If love makes us cry why don't we leave ur lover?

*Will u ever fall in love, and if u do...will who it will be ?

*What happens if you get scared to death....twice?

* If love isn't a game, then why are there so many players?      

* Love makes life so confusing but without love would you want to live?    

*which actress in bollywood/hollywood u resemble?

*which vegetable u resemble?

*which friut u resemble?

*ur dream tht has been fulfilled?

*do u lyk excercising? if so then ur fav excercise?

*do u lyk make up?

* are u party animal?

*ur fav one-liner?

*complete the following incomplete sentences

* indian movies r

* Anjilena Julie is

*science is

*i am

*Ur IF friends r

*ur grp frnds are

*this universe is

*donkey is

*Cockroach is

*will u recognize me if i meet u 1 day nd wht will b ur rxn

*wht will b ur rxn if u talk 2 me sumday on d phone nd wht will u say

*wat r ur feelings rite now after answerin my questions? agar main abhi tumhare samnay aa jaon tu mera kya haal karogi?(hehe hope u,ll entertain n feed me well)

i noe u must b thinking 2 kill me par kya karun.prepared mant q myself wont say all par starting k to kiye hi .yesterday was doing this work only.wanted 2 noe soooooo much abt u

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