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Unsaid...AR OS on pg -8 (Page 11)

LilApple IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by angledesire

hi bhena ...
love u yar
update is just awsome loved it very muchSmile
u have improvrd a lot bhena HugThumbs Up
armaan is so cutee yar 
he is doing all this 4 his basket
n feeling bad 4 armaan 
ridz is going to get married to sid y soAngry
she loves armaan na 
and this is beautifully written 
loved it
and coming to punishment aise punishment pura karegi to 
i wish tu week mein do teen baar aisa kare so we will get 
beautifull writing from u

n remember ur promise ok its pinki promise

n dekha bhena i gave u bada wala comment naLOL

love ya

pout bada comment manga toh font bada ker diya ab bada update mang tu mujhseOuch

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Originally posted by pinky.padda

brilliant please pm me when you update next
thanksssBig smile
LilApple IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Redrose21

Awesome Start
Nicely written
The song is one of my favorite
Looking forward to read more
Cont Soon
Thanks for the PM
thanksssBig smile

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LilApple IF-Dazzler

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LilApple IF-Dazzler

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Big smile

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I was walking o on road''my heart was not ready to believe what happened just some moment ago'

My basket is getting married to someone else'how'it can't be possible'..bas thora sa intjar aur tha basket''.i dsnt know how far I reached walking along the road coz I was to much lost in my thoughts'.when I looked above '.I reaches the beach'.the same place we used to come regularly'.i sat on send '..and closed my eyes to fell the old moment''.

As usual I came on the beach just to get some fresh air'.it was 7pm sun was just went back home and moon was coming out to take over the sky'..i took a deep breath''.and tried to inhale some fresh air''..just then a sweet and seductive fragrance touched my nostrils 'ohhh'it was so soothing'I felt like lost in some other word''unknowingly my foots started moving  in the direction of that fragrance'I was moving with closed eyes and coz of it I banged in some one'I felt a pity figure in my arms'..i opened my eyes all of sudden and again got lost in two green oceanic eyes'.those eyes contains depth more than any ocean'.i was caught by them''I was really not in mood to break that eye lock'but she pussed me a lil and settled herself'.i saw her eyes were smaller then before'..ohh toh ye apni ankhe badi kerke mujhe ghoor rahi thi'..i passed a small giggle'and she frowned on me'.ohh god..she looks so cute with that frowning face''she left the place making some funny face'..i think she was trying to say she dsnt liked me'.pout'.but I really like her'I smiled '..and watched her going till she was visible'

From that day she mostly use to come there'.and I use to wait for hours just to get one glimpse of her'..i use to stare her when she use to walk on sand or play with water'.and one day she smiled ''she smiled at me'..oye hoye hasi toh fasi'.yippieee'.i done some happy dance in my heart that day''and my love story begin from there''

Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya
Pehli Nazar Mein Pehla Pyaar Ho Gaya
Dil Jigar Dono Ghaayal Hue
Teere Nazar Dil Ke Paar Ho Gaya

Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya
Pehli Nazar Mein Pehla Pyaar Ho Gaya
Dil Jigar Dono Ghaayal Hue
Teere Nazar Dil Ke Paar Ho Gaya

And then we started  talking  and going out''

Hum ghanto sath chalte rahte per ek dusre se kuch bol nahi pate the'..humesha se humari ankho ne humare dil ka haal btya '..lafz toh the hi nahi kabhi'

Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya

Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya
O Raahon Se Raahein, Baahon Se Baahein
Milke Bhi Milti Nahin

Ho, Hota Hai Aksar Armaan Ki Kaliyaan
Khilke Bhi Khilti Nahin

O, Phir Bhi Na Jaane Kyoon Nahin Maane
Phir Bhi Na Jaane Kyoon Nahin Maane
Deewana Dil Beqaraar Ho Gaya
Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya

Once we planed to go out'

I stoped my bike actullt rahul's'..she was standing on the bus stop waiting for me'.wearing sauce wala read'.looking beautiful''hemm I am so lucky'..she was looking realy nervous ..i can see her nervously playing with her bangles 'she looked at me and smiled shyly.

Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya

Rani Ko Dekho, Nazrein Mili To
Aankhein Churaane Lagi

Ho, Karti Bhi Kya Voh Sar Ko Jhukaake
Kangana Ghumaane Lagi

O, Raja Ne Aisa Jaadu Chalaaya

Raja Ne Aisa Jaadu Chalaaya
Na Karte Karte Ikraar Ho Gaya

We went on our first date'..waise toh I arranged money for lunch at hotel but she asked to have panipuri only'.ohh I love her'she cares for me a lot.

Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya
Pehli Nazar Mein Pehla Pyaar Ho Gaya

Dil Jigar Dono Ghaayal Hue
Teere Nazar Dil Ke Paar Ho Gaya

And we fell in love '..she never complant me for any thing'.but I wanted to give her every thing..and when I met her fahter and he asked me what I do'and how I will take care her'I stud up and left that they I promissed my self that I will meet her when I will be able of it'

I lied down on sand tears were unstoppable for me''.

Driver ' mam I think car mai kuch problem aa gayi hai '..thora time lagega'mai check kerta hu..

Riddhima nodded in yes'.after some mins she came out of the car'.and started looking around ''it was a cold night air was blowing  on its highest speed ''riddhima's ruptta flew away coz of it''she ran after it to catch it' stopped after traveling  at least  2 or 3 meters distance ''it got settled on some something it was dark and gloomy '..she stopped in her place tried to know what was it'.

Ri ' ohh god 'who's there '.excuse me wo mera ruptaa apke face per'.

She waited for some mins'.but the person didn't moved a bit'she was feeling uncomfortable with out ruptta but she moved forward and she recognize that figure '.again that pain got alive in her heart'.she slowly pulled her ruptta from his face'.

Ri ' armaan''

She whispered in mere voice.

All of sudden moon increased its light on earth so that I can see her'..she was standing in her yellow chudidar as always looking beautiful and elegant''I can see water forming in her eyes which she trying to control but vain it started rolling down here check '.i felt a sharp pinch in my heart seeing here crying in front of me'she was holding her ruptta from one hand which was flowing over me'..

This is the same place where we met  the very first time 'the place where our love story started'where we shared  each and every  feeling 'and also so many which were still UNSAID from passed three years''she was staring at me  '.waiting for me to say some thing''I really wanted to tell her how much I love her how much I craved for her in these 3 years '..but words were stuck in my throwt  '..but if today I didn't said any thing then every thing will be Unsaid between us'..

I closed my eyes to let those tears roll down which were blocking my view'.. I spoke  in a shacking voice

Riddhima''did u forgot me'. I dsnt matter for u any more'.u dsnt love me now'.

I was looking at her for an answer 'only I know how much pain I felt when I asked this'.she was standing there not saying any thing but the water in her eyes was rplying me that answer of all my questions is a no'.she still love me and only me'.why u r marring siddhant'.i know I was not there for u but I was working day and night just to be able to ask for ur hand to ur dad'.mai bas iss kabil banna chata tha ki mai tumhare papa ke samne khare hoker ye keh saku ki..mai unki beti se pyar kerta hu aur ..unse bhi achhi tarah uska khayal rakunga''why basket bas thora sa intjar aur ker leti'.

Bolo na basket plzz se something ur silence is killing me'''

She stopped me by placing her palm over my mouth ..tears were coming from her eyes more frequently''

Holding her tight from her from her arms '..i again asked her'.why basket'.

I looked in her eyes ..those green eyes were reflecting same love which I use to see three years before'.i can see my face reflection in her eyes'in her heart'.but still why'

She spoke in a shacking voice''arrrmmmaaan'.mai''i'.

Just then someone pulled me with a jerk from behind'.. I was shocked with a sudden attack''he punched me hard on my mouth and I fell on the ground'..

I saw her trembling in fear'.she screamed seeing blood coming out of my mouth'.

Ri ' sidd no'pllzzz stoppp'..plllzzz

Sd ' how dare u malik'tumhari himat kaise hui meri wone wali wife ka hanth pakerne ki''

I tried to stand'.no mr. modi u r getting me wrong'..

Sd- noo I am getting u right now'..and now u will have to pay for this '..i will make sure that u losse every thing u had'.

And he left from there holding riddihma's wrist '

Ri ' sid plz listen plzzz '..

And she fainted there I ran near her but before I can reach siddhant took her in car and left'

I sat on ground'..why god'..

Ri ' armaan why u r laughing film kitni achhi hai aur kitna emotional scene  chal raha hai'

Ar ' ha ha ha aur tumhari film ka hero ro raha hai'ha ha ha'.

Ri ' its not the hero who's crying its his heart''

Tears flowing out from my eyes reminded me an old memory'..and some more tears form in my eyes''yaah basket today I can understand why he was crying coz today my heart is also crying for his love'..and rain started heavily''I faintly smiled see'.god is giving me company'..

U cant made me lose everything sid coz I already lost every thing even my hope to live'..

why did you break my heart, why did we fall in love
why did you go away, away, away, away...
(dil mera churaya kyun jab yeh dil todna hee tha
hamse dil lagaya kyun hamse munh modna hee tha) - (2)
why did you break my heart, why did we fall in love
why did you go away, away, away, away...

ho, dil ko dhadakna tune sikhaya, dil ko tadapna tune sikhaya
ankho me ansu chhupe the kahee inko chhalakna tune sikhaya
sine me basaya kyun dil se jab khelna hee tha
hamse dil lagaya kyun hamse munh modna hee tha
dil mera churaya kyun
why did you break my heart, why did we fall in love
why did you go away, away, away, away...

After two day''in armaan's home'..

I was sitting holding my head in my hands''

Sab kuch khatam o gaya rahul '..every thing is finished now'.

Ra ' siddhant aisa kaise ker sakta hai'..

I shoke my head''wo kuch bhi ker sakta hai he has money 'usne humari company humse cheen li'.

At ' but tu ye ghar kyu bech raha hai'

I looked at atul''bro hume debts toh pay kerne padenge na'..aur koi rasta hai humare pass'..

Just then mushkan came running there with anjali'.

Mu ' armaan did u saw the news'.

I shoke my head'.

An ' siddhant is going to marry ridz today'.

At ' whaattt''.

Ra ' hume kuch kerna padega armaan kuch toh'.

I looked at rahul and taking a deep breath I spoke''hum kuch nahi ker sakte rahul riddhima khud use shadi ker rahi hai'.agar wo nahi chahti toh mana ker sakti thi na 'aur wo uske saht jyada khus rahegi mere pass hai hi kya use dene ko  '.ab mai yaha nahi ruk sakta yaar maine wo Barcelona (spain) wali company ko haan bol diya hai aur mai ja raha hu yaha se bahut door'.

They all looked at me with shocked faces ''I hugged every one'.mai janat hu I hurting u all but mai nahi dekh paunga ye sab iss liye jaa raha hu'..pllzz bid me biii'.

Rahul and atul hugged me tightly'.and mushkan smacked me lightly'she smiled in tears'

Mu ' stupid rula diya na'.take care hero'.

And I leaved for airport'.

An ' no armaan mai ye nahi maan sakti ki ridz tumse pyar nahi kerti mai ye jaan ker rahungii wo aisa kyu ker rahi hai'..

In a lavish hotel ''..

Everyone was enjoying their selves ' was a grand affair '.siddhant modi was getting married there after all''

Just then pandit jee  - kanya ko bulaiye'mahurat ka samya beeta jar aha hai'

In riddhima;s room '

Ri ' anji dii app yaha'..

She hugged anji'

An ' what is this ridzi'why u r marring sid'.u love armaan naa'.

Tears rolled down her checks'.she spoke in a choked voice..

Ri ' fir use yaha hona chahiye tha apki jagah''per wo aaj bhi nahi aya di'

An ' nahi ridzi he thought u want to marry and fir '.use laga sid can give u a good life'

Ri ' and he snatched my life''when will he understand he is my life'

An ' he was doing all this for u'..thora sa intjar aur ker leti ridzi'

Ri ' mai sari jindgi uska intjar kerti di'woe k baar aa ker kehta toh sahi'wo toh pichle 3 salo mai kahi tha hi na'..mai papa se kya kehti mai kisse pyar kerti hu'.kisse unke samne khara ker deti'.koi tha hi nahi mere pass di'..phir sid ka rishta aya mere liye aur pap ne han ker di'.mujhse kisi ne kuch pucha hi nahi'aur puchte bhi toh kya bolti mai'.

And she broke down on the floor'.

An ' aur wo kuch ban ker tumhar papa ke samne ana chata tha'pata hai uski company ka naam kya hai'..RM enterprises's'riddhima malik'.

She was staring anji with helpless eyes'.but before she can say anything'.her mom came in the room and took her out to the mandap'.

In airport'..

There is a final announcement for armaan malik passenger of Barcelona flight'.

I gave them a final hug and moved towards the enquiry counter'..

In wedding venue'.

Pandit jee ' var vadhu phero ke liye kahre ho jaye'..

And they stud up'..and stared taking round of holy fair'.

In airport'..

I waved my hand to my frnds and moved ''

I again turned to them a looked at the place my place'.i closed my eyes for once to feel 'and again her face came in front of me'..ab chahe mai tumhe khuli ankho se kabhi na dekh pau basket per band ankho me mai tumhe humesha chupa ker rakhunga'.and a tear rolled down my cheeks which I wiped silently'.

ho, milti thi najre jab bhi najar se, uthte the shole jaise jigar se
sanso se nikla jaise dhuan sa banta tha mujhse jite naa marte
aag kyun lagayi jab bujhaye dil chhodna hee tha
hamse dil lagaya kyun hamse munh modna hee tha
dil mera churaya kyun jab yeh dil todna hee tha
hamse dil lagaya kyun hamse munh modna hee tha
why did you break my heart, why did we fall in love
why did you go away, away, away, away...

Some police man stopped me ''I asked them why'..they said I
have to pay some debt and before it a cnt leave'I was confused'.debts
kiske'.and they signaled me towards a man who was coming towards me'..i looked
at him with shock 'siddhant.

He smiled evily at me'.

Sd ' kyo malik tumne kya socha tum itni asani se chale
jaoge'.mai apne dushmano ko kahi ka nahi chorta'..

Atul , rahul and mushkan came running to me'

Ra ' tu sun kya raha hai isse de ek rakh ke isko'

I signaled rahul to calm down'

And asked sid'.ab kya baki rah gaya hai mr. modi'.

Sd -  meri shadi ka
reception'yaha maine
riddhima se shadi ker li hai'.

At ' okk bro if u will not punch him I am gona beat him

Siddhant laughed just like a villain of hindi movie'.

Sd ' okkk u can go'but meri aur meri patni ki taraf se ek
tofa toh lete jao'

He signaled to then door''

I bend my head lil and looked at the door'..and my hear
stopped beating'.i saw her'.she was looking just like a angel in that golden
pink bridal attar ' beautiful just like a angel of heaven '..

I turned to sid and looked and him with confused face'he

dude ..she loves u how can she marry me'.usne mujhe sab kuch bata diya'.bahut
jaldi u know phere bhi start ho gaye the'(he laughed ) yaah maine use shadi
nahi ki'wo tumhari hai'and u dnt need to go any where dude these r ur company
and house paper's'.take care and he started leaving'

I laughed with shock and confusion'..i was so happy dnt know
what should I do'

I called sid and he turned'.

Sd ' what'.we r not frnds ok'.i am the boss yet..and I want
my contracted done with efficiency .

I smiled fulliest and he left smiling I moved toward her'she
was standing there with small tears in her eyes and a small smile on her
lips'gosh I can faint with the happiness at the moment'.i reached her and took
a deep breath'.i smiled at her ..she smiled with her tears seeing me smiling

Ri ' I '..i  ''

Now my smile was a big one reaching one ear to other'

Ri ' I hate u armaan malik'

My eyes popped out with shock'..whttt

Ri ' yaah I hate u 'stupid moron ek baar aa nahi sakte the'u
always do this to me'khud hi sab soch lete ho'.aur fir itna pagal pan kern eke
baad bhi tumhe ye lagta hai ki mai tumhe mil jaungi''I hate u'but I love u more
then any thing'and I  will kill u if u
again tried to leave me'.

I giggled and sat on my knees'she looked at me with so much
love in her eyes'

Miss riddhima gupta '.mai armaan malik tumse promiss ker
kerta hu'chahe kuch bhi ho jaye mai humesh tumhare sath rahungga'and I will
love u till my last breath aur uske baad bhi'I know I am stupid fool and lot
more but if u can tackle then u r welcome'.toh will u marry this stupid''.

She smiled in between her tears and nodded in yes'I stup

I know basket I dnt have money like sid but one day'.

She gave me a deadly glar'.

Ri ' arrmmmaaannn

I gave her a nervous laugh'.sath mai mil ker banynge na

She shoke her head and smiled'.

And hugged me''.

And ppl all around including our frnds and family started
whistling and clapping for us'

I hugged her tightly'.i love u basket'


Few done'soo tell me hows it'.do comment long'.pout

It was my first attament of witting os hope didn't
disappointed any one'.love u all so much.

Do press the like tab and if u want me to pm u 'then plz add
me to ur buddt list.

here is the link of both the songs

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Finally you completed it...Loved the OS to the core...Everything is written just too beautifully..AR feelings, their pain , their love for each other...Remarkable...So they are together...hon ahi tha yaar..After all they are made for each other...Sid is a good guy...Like him too...the song is too good...Do write more OS's in future...Take care

Lots of Love

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