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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin General Discussion


Sidlum Goldie

Joined: 15 April 2005
Posts: 1856

Posted: 24 March 2006 at 11:26pm | IP Logged

Hellowww my lowesss..so I FINALLIE saw Wednesday's episode & it was just soooooooooooooooooo queet! Tongue I heart it. LOL This is my combined commentarie for Wednesday & Thursday both. I'm totallie in lowe w.JandA..it could be kinda sick! Wink LOL

1) MARV MONA: OOOMMMGGG..honestly, I think that Shrieky's entrance into JJKN has catapulted Mona into hottie mode. She has been looking extraordinary in the past few episodes and on Kandy Floss as well. She's slimmer, gets to wear actualll lipstick, & her new eye makeup is definitelyyy doing it for me, dudes (especially the blue look on Kandy Floss..ummm..Shrieky, PLEASE take note, THAT is the way to don blue eyeliner w.out looking like you forgot to wash some of your Holi rang off..Confused). Mona's new clothes..aka the strappie topped salwars & the strappie bloused saris are simply amazing & they make her look reallieee good.  Her earrings were fabulous (I definitely WANT those diamond-y ones!) Plus, her straightened hair on Thursday's episode made her face look slimmer as well.  So whatever the reason may be for this change in appearance & ensemble, she, IN MY OPINION, is totallie winning the competition that I have going on in my home b.w her & Shrieky. I mean, she wouldn't have had to try much anyway, but the new look's working..so YAY! Big smile Clap Thumbs Up

2) SWEET SAMDHIS: Awww..in Thursday's episode, I don't think that any of the 4 samdhis could've gotten queeter. I just wish Bebe had been there..she reallie shines on screen (& off). Who would have thought that Mama Ila would be singing happily w.Billster on her team & Papa Puru would be embarassing Amrit from Amritsar. THE QUEETESTTT part though was when A from A started singing "Dum Maaro Dum" w.the little dance..it's the first time I've seen her like that & not in front of Babaji praying for a miracle for her Wallie. Wink Tongue

3) TOUCHIE FEELIE: Ummm..I dunno..I know I'm a little late in this b.c my commentary's being posted late, & I've read all of the posts on the whole extra touchie feelies going on in JandA land.  Seriously, there's like a Shoulder Psychosis going on..I wish someone would have counted how many times my Dimpie was grabbing onto Wallie's shoulders for dear life..especiallie in Thursday's episode. And yisss, I mean JandA & NOT MandA..but whatever it is, regardless, I am soooo not complaining. They are by far the most adorable on-screen pair..I don't see how anyone could compare their unbelievably natural & raw chemistry to couples like Angad & Kripa, Anurag & Prerna, Nikhil & Anu (OMG, EWWW!), & whoever Nimmo's man is going to be (Kunal, I believe). They don't hold a candle to our pair. The JandA huggies have increased as well..I feel like they're hugging in every other scene..againnn, OBVIOUSLY not complaining! Wink LOL Even the preview for Monday had them practicallie nose to nose..I find it odd considering all of this is happening post-Shrieky's entry, but hey, whatever works. Confused I reallie don't care about Shrieky's role or her inner world..I just want my JandA to be chillin' w.out trouble once & for all..Ouch

4) NOBS (CC) QUEEN: The award for both days goes to Mona/Wallie. YIS, I know that Shrieky had prettie clothes on..(THANK YOU BHARTI DESIGNS..OUR EYES OWE YOU THEIR LIVES!), however, I still believe Mona carries hers better. I lowed every one of her outfits which hardlie ever happens so she gets the NOBS (CC) Award & a special Queen award for the whole week! Clap

5) EMMY for Wednesday goes to the ENTIREEE cast during the antakshri scene. Even my brother, who thinks that I'm clinically insane when it comes to JJKN (I somehow managed to leave my socks in my shoes & get my shoes off of my feet w.out actuallie breaking my stride on Thursday b.c I got home @ 9:28PM. LOL), said that everyone looked like they were truly having a wonderful time..they didn't even look like they were acting. I lowe when that natural feeling comes off of the screen into my living room..that proves that these people KNOW what they're doing (which is SO much more than I can say for the cast of ELAS Confused).. Tongue

6) IOTE for Wednesday goes to no one reallie b.c it was such a light & fun episode that no one had time to be retarded. LOL

7) EMMY Award for Thursday goes to absolutely no one b.c the episode was kind of bland. I reallie don't care about Vidhi or Aniruddh, I've got to be honest. The show needs to end..& as sad as I will be to see it go, I'd rather see it go on the upswing.Embarrassed

8) IOTE for Thursday goes to EVERYONE. SHREW-li for being her..Aniruddh for talking to himself in the car w.JandA & wasting SO much time lying about his identity..Wallie for hearing Rohul's "dil ki dhadhkans"..Mr. Clean aka Dhanraaj for being a Bollywoodie daddie..etc. You get the picture. Thumbs Down

9) NOBS (CC) NOTE: That HIDEOUS red shurt of my Dimpie's has returned! WHY would anyone bring that back @ ALL??? At least it wasn't @ 3/4 length like a girl this time. Dead But seriously..burn it..please..it looks like a giant beating heart w.the blue collar as the veins..yuck..reminds me of my biology textbook. PUT IT AWAY DIMPIE!!! FIGHT BACK!!! Dead LOL

10) Mr. Clean's everpresent pipe makes him look like that dude who used to be on Masterpiece Theater..the funnie thing is that he's never actuallie smoking it. It's never lit, it just hangs from his mouth like a lip ring gone wrong! Smile

11) Now, everyone knows how much I heart my Dimps. He's adorable & awesome & has dimples that are to die for..even his gummies touch my heart b.c I have them too! LOL BUT, his "WOOO"s are reallieee getting on my nerves. It's like he's a little girl who just got his first Barbie doll. They're so soprano for a 31 year old man! Dimpie, I lowe you..don't do this to me..I don't WANT to think of you as a Barbie-toting little gurl..Cry

12) I agree w.the basic I-F sentiments that the JandA scenes seem to have gotten even more natural than before, if possible. The chemistry, level of comfort, camraderie, everything shows on screen & jumps off of it as well. YAY! Too bad that the show is going to end & I'm going to be sad w.out my daily JandA dose. Cry

13) Okieeee..I remember hearing Dimps sing in earlier episodes & Mona too (Ali Bagh) & I knew they had nice voices..but antakshari just clinched it. My brother heard Mona's "O Mere Chonu Re..sorrie..SONA Re" Embarrassed & was like, "Dudeee..she has a good voice!" Big smile In my opinion, Dimpie's voice was AWWW when he sang..Mona's voice was AWWW when she sang..Shrieky's voice was AHHH when she called Vedika. Kind of like the WSL, just less melodious. Dead

14) Homie G.'s version of "Rang Barse" was soooo queet! LOL I can reallie vouch for the fact that he gets SOOO into the character of Nandu & he knows exactly how & when to step in & out of his role. And Mona & Dimps' reactions to his fake pichkaaris were so sweet as well..I reallie hope that they show more scenes like this where everyone is so happie & relaxed..I know it'd probably make for as interesting a plotline as watching "Barney & Friends" but awwww, who cares!? Tongue

15) NOBS (CC) NOTE: Mona didn't have CHLIPS! YAYYY!!! Clap I think I'm going to send over a huge box of varied lip glosses in COLORS just to make sure that the non-CHLIPS stayyy that way! Wink

16) Aniruddh isn't the dude who was Vicky..I was almost sad. LOL And I hope that when the show ends, they show GTD taking someone on a ride somewhere..he had reallie nice eyes! Wink LOL

17) NOBS (CC) NOTE: Orange hair that matches your husband's undertones is not cute. Nuff said.

18) I HAVE to agree, however, that Shrieky did look pretty. It's amazing that the same white panted woman looks as beautiful as she does on screen b.c in person, I don't believe she looks as good. I guess that's what they say about screen presence. Even my brother was like, "OMG who IS that? She's HOT!" Confused But you know, a wardrobe change makes a world of difference..now why can't she dress that way in real life? It would be SO much harder to make fun of her then! Embarrassed But I did think there was WAY too much makeup going on & the earrings should have been shortened..but I could also just be picking on her.

19) I LOWE Chinky Jaiswal. She's the one who plays Bhumi on Kyunki & played Gaurav & Maninee's daughter on Woh Rehne Wali & keeps winning all of her li'l Star Parivaar awards..I WANT TO EATTTTTTTT HER!!!!! Tongue

20) NOBS (CC) NOTE: PLEASE enforce a MANDATORY cast haircut!!! My Dimpie's hair looks like it doesn't know which way to grow!!! Ouch Long nappie hair is sooo Dead (L.S. Wink).

21) SHREW-li was @ the same spot that JandA had met secretly behind Mindless A. Senior's back. Just a stoopid thing I noticed. Smile

22) The highlight of my episodes besides JandA are the Maddy & Jaggy scenes. When Maddy chased J.B. during antakshari, I was laughing like a retard..anyone else think they'd make a cute couple? Embarrassed

23) When Dimpie asks Wallie what she'd do if he lowed someone else, I hated this show. Seriously..I am already dreading whatever that dialogue is forewarning!!! Angry

24) Finallie, I must admit that as much as I didn't want to, I tried to see if there was any animosity in the MaSS (Mona and SS) scenes..like lack of eye contact or whatnot..buttt, if the media is to believed & there IS something of the sort b.w the two, then both are brilliant actresses (well, Mona is anyway). Clap I feel bad b.c I feel like a gossipmonger but it reallie seems to be a natural thing for people to "want to know" about things like that..hehe..I'm just justifying myself. LOL

25) One thing I don't understand is that this storyline is so skewed. During Shrieky's entry, she looked @ Dimpie like she knew him when he got out of the car. THEN, she looked @ that stoopid article which seems to be like the COOLEST thing to have in Mumbai apparently since Aniruddh had it as well..so she could have recognized him from that..but THEN when she was @ the doc's office, she was babbling on & on about how she knows someone that she has to talk to but she DOESN'T know him but she has to tell "Armaan" a raaz..uh..how can she have a raaz w.someone she apparently doesn't know?  It's too muddled & I hate it alreadie.Angry If you want to have a storyline as such, then have it..but PLEASE clarify!!! Pinch I don't wanna end up like: Wacko

26) As for the news I had gotten about Vedika being Dimpie's daughter & Shrieky dying..I hope whatever this climax is, it happens soon..I reallie can't wait & watch JandA deteriorate. Cry 

Okie lowes..hope you're enjoying your weekends..Hug




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Ambrosia IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 August 2005
Posts: 18063

Posted: 24 March 2006 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
oh sidh that was superb. i was actually waiting for smth like this.
ZOOR Goldie

Joined: 26 February 2006
Posts: 1107

Posted: 25 March 2006 at 12:06am | IP Logged
i despiretly waiting for dis episode...i hope so not that this girl is not armaans daughter..........i wish cuz armaan is only loves with jassi and always with her ,jessi is too..did u guys notice thatbefore that armaan said to jessi before shaadi that i was waiting to marry with u long time time ago armaan
priyaaa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 December 2005
Posts: 4705

Posted: 25 March 2006 at 12:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sidlum

I wish someone would have
counted how many times my Dimpie was grabbing onto Wallie's shoulders
for dear life..especiallie in Thursday's episode.

in wednesday's eppy: 10
in thursday's eppy: 11
chatterbox IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 May 2005
Posts: 23446

Posted: 25 March 2006 at 12:54am | IP Logged
wow sid good commentary
and i agree with each and everyword of urs
i liked the scene where maddy goes after jaggy

seems the plot might change who knows

thanks sid ur commentaries were missing
Sharila IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 March 2005
Posts: 3266

Posted: 25 March 2006 at 1:07am | IP Logged
SO Meena how did you spend your 7 Lac, or u still have it
hippi2go Goldie

Joined: 14 June 2005
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Posted: 25 March 2006 at 1:08am | IP Logged
The antakshari episode was like re-living Hum Aapke Hain Koun all over againEmbarrassed...It would have been awesome to see Jassi singing "sona re" after Arman gets upset with her like the movie but AA blusing like Mona's sari was cute enoughWink   
Sidlum Goldie

Joined: 15 April 2005
Posts: 1856

Posted: 25 March 2006 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hippi2go

The antakshari episode was like re-living Hum Aapke Hain Koun all over againEmbarrassed...It would have been awesome to see Jassi singing "sona re" after Arman gets upset with her like the movie but AA blusing like Mona's sari was cute enoughWink   

Number one, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?!? Ouch Number two..heeheehee..LOL Number three, thanx guys. Embarrassed




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