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Guys u have made me want to write a lil prediction of my own just wana know ur thoughts i am definantley sure it's not better then dkdisha's and bluefishes but i tried. Starting from the holy scene

Part 1:

Disha and Vedant are having a good time Vedant forcefully puts colour on Disha and Dk does not like this so he comes outside and slaps Vedant. Everyone is shocked and wonder why Dk slaps Vedant. Vedant shouts out Brother!!!. (Embarrased) Disha says: "Dk what is this? , what is wrong wit you?.... Dk then replies: Disha he was forcefully putting colour on you. Disha: " Yeah so he was putting it on me why are you slapping him you have no right to do that!! (Tumhe os ko marne ka kohi hak nahi hei DK!!)Dk turns around and wonders why he done such an act leaving the place and going inside sliently. Vedant after walks inside and Disha follows after him everyone is shocked however remain in silence.... Disha says "Vedant (mujhe maf kardo yeh sab meri vaja se howa hei mei Dk se bat kar ke atte hoo!) Translation:(Forgive me Vedant this happened all because of me let me go and talk to DK)  Vedant holds her hand and says "Disha it is ok i think that mabey i was doing the wrong thing i shouldn't have done that" Disha gets out of the room and with a furious and angry look goes to DK Disha says: DK why did you ddo that to Vedant that wasn't right you created a scene now people have questions why you slapped him everyone was there! Dk says:"Disha you know why i done that he says you know the reason why i done that to Vedant why do you ask me silly things. i don't want to give an explanation just tell Vedant i am sorry. Disha turns around and walks of. Dk carries on thinking Why Disha why have you turned me like this you know i don't like when you act like that. Suddenly Sumitra shouts out with a terrified look and Dk hurries of to her 2 minutes later Disha comes in. Disha looks at DK in a sympathizing way. Dk says hurry up! call Gargi call her. Disha scared of the situation calls Gargi. Gargi comes in and says move Dushyant move who done this to her?(It was her she brought the red colour in front of Sumitra's eyes)

Gargi wishpers to Sumitra saying: Tumnhe kohi be natak kiya to mei sunny ko barbad kardongie behtar ho gai ke toom apna mooh band kar lo Sumitra shuts up and everyone leaves expect Dk and Disha who keep looking into each others eyes suddenly Dk walks off and goes to sit in the balcony. Every scond he thinks of Disha when Disha comes on the balcony(Not knowing Dk is there) and see's Dk there Dk says :" Disha come here sit with me  Disha in her matured manner goes to sit with Dk and they start talking about mummy ji wondering what happened to Sumitra when Disha says lets go inside it's getting cold Dk takes of his coat and puts it over Disha(In the most awesome manner) Disha smiles and says it is ok Dk and Dk says don't worry lets go inside Disha goes inside with DK. Disha goes to her room and when she see's Dk go into his room she goes to Vedant's room. As Vedant usually is bouncy he today is also the same. He says My My My Disha come inside Dish!!. Disha says Dk said sorri!, Vedant puts his hands on Disha and says i don't care about brother that is his nature. Vedant touches Disha's hands and says Disha I love you!

Soz  guys if it was boring or if you didn't like it i am realli sorri for wasting your time just wanted to write my own little prediction! Anyways just hope ya find it okay



HI Miss-england,congrats!job well done.

 Now my story will start from where you left i.e Vedant saying ILU to Disha-----Disha reciprocating by giving him a hard slap & yelling Vedantttttttttttttttttttttt "tum pagal ho gay ho" I'm your bhabi & will remain that.That truth can never be changed."Mai kal bhi tumhari bhabi thi or aaj bhi hoo aur kal bhi rahangi" Whether you like it or not  "yahi sach hai or rahega." Now Vee who has just overcome the shock & speaks in a soft voice  says, "What abt the contract,I thought you had a contract marriage with brother". Disha, ---"you don't worry abt that.It is b/w me & DK & you stay out of it."Vee says my my Dish, Just to hear your feelings for bro I was just testing you,gives a faint smile & says Dish you are too much "Bhai say pyar karti ho deewane ki haad tak par kabool naahi karogi, Disha kab tak!" For how long you both will keep hiding your feelings from one another it will just drive you crazy.Please listen to me & accept one another I'm with u saying this puts his hand on Dee's & Dee returns the favour & then DK who is crossing just looks at it & gets it all wrong & yells Disha,"If u want to do all this u can as well leave my house & go".Poor girl who is now openly crying says, "Dk tum nahi samjhogay",DK you'll never understand me or my feelings.Dk by now has left the scene in huff & puff.

Back ground music the title track in male voice "Man ka man say---going on & Dk sitting in his room & trying to play the piano but just can't get the notes right & in disgust pushes the vase which is kept next to it.Disha is just entering the room does not get hurt ,she misses the vase by fraction of a second, but Dk just gets up & says tum -----------silence they both look at each other with hurt & pain in their eyes but for different reasons.Disha looks at the broken vase calls the maid to clean it & makes a U turn & goes to her room starts to cry profusely.

Sumitra Ma comes to her room & goes & sits next to her & says, Beti u have been so patient with Dushant for so long I think he needs a lil more time to come around but in the mean time if u want to leave him & go sure I'll not stop you.I know u have gone through a lot & now if u want to go & spend a few days with your mom u can go.Now Gargi the witch who was standing at the door & listining comes in & says,"Disha your contract is getting over Tomorrow so get ready to pack your bags & leave.We don't need u here anymore.


Gargi---------"Ya! contract , oh didi u don't know Dk picked this orphin from somewhere to take care of u for 6 months.But now u r doing fine nurse Meera is there to take care so we don't need any help!!!

Disha---------"Chotima please stop it !

episode ends on disha's Stunned & pale face.

I think if u find my writing not up to the mark Blame it on my BHang filled brain.I just returned from holi party & started to write--------------------------

See U guys here tomorrow


carried on from when Mink left:



Part 3

Sumitra----------- Beti kya yei sach ha ki Dk or tumhari shaadi ek contract se bandi howe hei or kal tumhara or Dk ka contract katam ho jaeyga.

Gargi---------(Oof Gargi your just too much) Disha batawo didi ko (tell sister disha)Disha-------- Mumiji aap so jayo app bhoot taki howe hei ap mera kamre mei so jao apko to pata hei ki choti ma kasi hei ( Mum your feeling tired go to sleep in my room you know how Gargi is)

Gargi--------- Kesi hoo main Disha betai.(Tell me Disha how am i)

Sumitra starts to feel tense because all this time she thought disha was her daughter in law and all of a sudden i hear this is a contract i am definantely sure that if disha stays with Dk sunnie's life will go back to normal.  Disha puts the blanket over Sumitra and is about to leave when Gargi says" Disha you played with Gargi now you know what status you have in front of me Disha says" Chooti ma aap kya soch thi hai kei Dk mujhe janei dei gai yeai tomhari saab se bari bavakoofi hei,Je app mujhe abb tak nahi nikal sagi to ab kya nikalo gi. (Gargi what do you think Dk would let me go this is your biggest mistake also if you couldn't kick me out before how can you kick me out now.) Gargi goes out thinking actually how would i be able to kick disha out would dk let me.

Dk sits in his room thinking Disha you know i don't like all this then why do you and Vedant do things which hurt me.

Disha sits in the lounge and thinks about all the nice times she had with Dk recaping all the good and old histories. Suddenly she thinks why don't i go and tell Dk the truth after all he does love me and why should he always misunderstand mine and vedants relationship. Here they sing the song:
Chalte Chlate Meri Jiwan Mein
Yeh Mod Kaisa Aaya
Na Toh Hai Manzil, Na Hai Karwan
Na Toh Pyaar Ka Hai Saaya
Dekhe The Jo Mere Aankhon Ne
Woh Khwab Sunahare Bhikre Hain
Har Waqt Magar Unh Yadoon Ke
Kuch Dard Dil Main Ubhre Hain
Un Yaadon Ko
Bhoolon Kis Tarah, Kaise Main Bhoolaon
Disha hurries of to Dk's room when she gets there she see's Vedant and Dk fighting over Porinita (OMG will these two ever stop their hatred). She goes inside and stops the fight and says  Dk and Vedant stop it!!! try to forget the past and move on you two are brothers! After Disha says this finally they stop their childish behaviour and Vedant leaves giving a furious look.

Disha says: "Dk i have come to say that whatever you see happen b/w me and Vedant is all wrong its just a coincidence that when you c us two where sharing a sister in law and brother in law relationship however you always misunderstand us.

Dk says" Splendid now your saying what i saw with my two eyes is wrong and why does it always be a coincidence when i am there you know i don't like him eventhough you know that you go to him. Do you remember when I slapped him you started argumenting and I also saw him telling you to smile and you did and then what  he put his hands on you I saw that with my two eyes and that is also a coincidence ain't i right Disha? (Giving a bad look)

Dk look i have to come to tell you because i think you have the right to know thee truth if you misunderstand a relationship then their is nothing I can do however I do want to try and get you out of the misunderstanding.

Dk with a jelous look says ok Disha i trust you however just try to keep your brother and sister in law relationship to a limit. Disha calmly says: Thanks Dk for understanding

Disha then says Dk i want to tell you that I.........

Ok guys wait for the next part until then leave it a suspense plz tell me if u like the story however if you do not then i will stop writing thanks a lot


Part 4. (Not so good but it's ok just hope you guyz like it

I wanted to say that I………… suddenly Gargi comes in and says "Disha didi ke sath bet jawo kyonke mein bahar jai rahe hoo or Meera didi keliya kana bna rahe ha!.

Gargi "(Oof Gargi your just too much) she thinks in her mind thank God I came or their love story will have started phew!

Dk--------" Disha what did you want to say to me earlier?

Disha------ "  Nothing I think we should talk about that later right now mummy Ji is more important

Disha hurries off to mummy Ji thinking today I would have told him I love you but Gargi had to come in she had to ruin everything she has ruined mummy Ji's life now she is trying to ruin my love life I have only one more day before the contract ends otherwise me and DK will be separate for the rest of our lives she decides to go back but then thinks why am I here for mummy Ji so I should be with her.

Dk also starts thinking what did Disha want to say I love you before Choti Ma ruined everything. Maybe she wanted to say I love you can Disha actually love me God knows I just hope she says it.

Meera Meera!! Where are you?

Meera-----"Mam I am here why?

Disha------- Omg that means Gargi!, don't worry meera you stay here I will come back in a minute.

She walks out and hurries off to Dk's room and says" Dk I want to tell you that I…. Em I just want to say that em I em

Dk------ " Disha why are you hesitating just say it don't worry I won't shout.

Disha-------- " (Disha turns nervous and finally says) I love you DK all this time you have been saying you love me but I realised my hatred has changed to love and therefore I want to stay with you and mummy Ji.

Disha hurries out of the room and Dk starts thinking Disha loves me all this time I thought I was stupid for loving her one sided but she also loves me was that actually Disha Omg Disha loves me she doesn't love Vedant she just loves me.

Disha sits in her room thinking what  would DK be thinking did I have to say that. What if DK doesn't love me any more what if that all was an infatuation Bappa please help me. All this time I wondered why I never wanted to leave this house was it because of mummy Ji or Dk she turns around and starts to touch her mangalsutrar and all the feelings make her want to smile and forget the world.

Here they play the song:

Chalte Chlate Meri Jiwan Mein
Yeh Mod Kaisa Aaya
Na Toh Hai Manzil, Na Hai Karwan
Na Toh Pyaar Ka Hai Saaya
Dekhe The Jo Mere Aankhon Ne
Woh Khwab Sunahare Bhikre Hain
Har Waqt Magar Unh Yadoon Ke
Kuch Dard Dil Main Ubhre Hain
Un Yaadon Ko
Bhoolon Kis Tarah, Kaise Main Bhoolaon

The next day however Gargi tells her the contract has ended and she better leave before Gargi has to kick her out however she doesn't want to do that so Gargi says start packing and leave right now.

Do you guys think Dk will let her do that lets wait and read the next episode to find out till then leave it for suspense. If you didn't like it I am really sorry if you did then thanks a lot for your support.

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wow amazing plz post the next scene tooooooooooTongue
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  hey miss england..ur doing goos interesting story line..pl continue..

and nobody is better writer than anybody..creativity stops with comparison..so dont worry about that..ur line of thinking is lovely:)

best wishes


Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

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great miss england Clap- can't wait till the next part!!!

Love Asian Princess/ DK ki Dewanni Winklolll

keshp15 Senior Member

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great job miss england

cant wait 4 the next scene

love KPLOL

ugababe Senior Member

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WOW Guys!!!!! You're brilliant!!!

we need more!!! don't leave us hangin!!

can't wait for more!!


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whens the nxt post soming in ... HURRRRYYY ....

waiting eagerly for it

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