Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Update for 30 March 2005

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

I dedicate my first (and hopefully not last, unless everyone drops dead with boredom by the end DeadDead) update to Daisy Hug… to her phenomenal memory, tremendous writing skills, meticulous attention to detail, generosity of spirit and last but not the least – to something we all share – Her love for Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin! Embarrassed

Today's was an uproariously funny episode… forgive me for exaggeratingSmile, but can you imagine Raj going crazy for Jessica and turning on all his charms to impress her?? Wink And Jassi has found the perfect vehicle to lead her back to Gulmohur….

THE MALL – Raj standing outside the shop and Jassi holding up dresses against herself in the mirror

Raj does a double-take when he catches sight of Jassi in the mirror, and Jassi does the same. She is shocked! Jassi thinks to herself, scared, "Raj! He has seen me!!" They both stare at each other for an endless moment. Raj is open-mouthed. Eventually, when he gives no sign of recognition, Jassi wonders to herself, "You, who left no stone unturned to ruin me, now you cannot even recognize me!" while Raj is preening "God, she is going on looking at me…! Raj beta, tujh mein koi baat hai yaar…!" Then Jassi gets flashbacks of those times at Gulmohur, of reading Raj's cruel words in his famous letter to Armaan "..apni badshakal Jassi ke saath .." Raj tries to attract her attention by waving but she doesn't acknowledge him. Then he passes his business card to the watchman standing next to him and tells him to give it to the Madam afterwards. What luck.. at that very moment, Purab was passing by inches away from him but they missed seeing each other by just a whisker ….Wacko

Raj leaves. Purab walks inside towards Jassi and gives her a sequined pink outfit to try out, telling her how good it will look on her. They walk towards another mirror where she holds the dress against her body and stares at herself. Purab compliments her and smiles to her about how people are dying to capture her looks on their cameras… and these elaborate arrangements, this craze.. it's all for her, for Jassi… Jassi gives herself a victorious smile in the mirror.

As they are walking out, people rush up to them to congratulate them. The watchman hands Raj's business card to Jassi and she hastily puts in her purse, trying to conceal it from Purab.


Jassi removes the card from her purse and stares at it. She is talking to herself, "I thought Raj Sir would recognize me, but my luck saved me. Raj Sir, you will take me back to Gulmohur. My kismet has brought me till here, now it is showing me the way back to Gulmohur…." She vows that the doors leading back home will open by themselves from now on…


Raj is pestering Menaka, the model that Purab fired, to tell him about Jessica. She is outraged that he wants to know about JESSICA Dead Raj pleads with her but she is angry that though they have met after so long, he didn't once ask her how SHE wasOuch. She shouts at Raj to Shut Up! And that she doesn't have the time to introduce people like Jessica to him.. that NOTHING interests her about that Jessica's life!! Raj begs her for some morsels of information, saying that at least you must be knowing something about her, but Menaka stomps off in a rage and Raj is left sighing to himself, "I WILL find you, Jessica!"

RAJ'S HOTEL ROOM – The Next Morning

Raj is having some majorly exciting dreams about Jessica and talking in his sleep, "Come to me, my darling" DeadDeadDead and falls off the bed while trying to catch hold of her (sheeeesh!!) He picks himself up sheepishly and says now all I can see is YOUR face, Jessica….

He walks over to the table and sits down to have his tea and read the newspaper. Jessica's face jumps out at him from the front page. He exclaims, "So now the whole world knows about you! Raj, kuchh toh karma padega… Something…" and gives a naughty grin..



Armaan is sitting at his desk with Jessica's face staring out at him from the newspaper on his table.. and muttering "Kahan ho tum, Jassi?? Where are you?" (oh GOD, look down, Armaan!! Damn!OuchOuch)  Mallika calls him on his cell. She cheerfully wishes him Good Morning and asks him what he's doing...grrrr… and if he's had breakfast. He says, "Breakfast? For now, I'm wondering if the entire staff has taken off on holiday here!" Mallika tells him to stay where he is and that she is coming over. He cagily asks – Kyon? She says she has a surprise and he should wait till she comes. He hangs up and grits his teeth with his head in his hands (u poor babyCry)


Purab is very happy to see Jessica's pic on the front page, calls her immediately, and greets her with the words "Happy Birthday, Miss Jessica!" She is surprised. He asks her to take a look at the days' newspaper and tells that today, a new star is born.. and this is only the beginning. Very soon, he promises, this star will shine brighter than any other… Jassi is happy to hear this and smiles broadlyBig smile.


Jassi goes over to her dressing table and picks up a picture of Babaji. She talks to herself in the mirror and her eyes are burning with a strange fire. "You only have shown me this way, Babaji. And today you only have helped me move closer to my goal, by making me meet Raj." She prays that she will be able to absolve herself and her family from the crisis that Gulmohur has put them in, and that she wants to just go home now. She asks Babaji to protect her.


Raj is walking along the beach, breathing in the crisp morning air. Jassi is standing on the balcony of her hotel room, her eyes riveted on him. (Did I mention they were staying in the same hotel? Height of co-incidence..!!) Suddenly, she takes off from her room in a sports shirt and jeans and starts jogging close to where Raj is. He can't believe his good luck when he sees her, and immediately starts drooling… "bhagwaan, aapne prove kar diya ki mein aapka favorite bhakt hoon!" (The next scene is toooo funny..LOLLOL) .. she is jogging and he is jogging around her, back and forth… trying to get her to notice him.. huff-puff, huff-puff.. then she does this amazingly comical aasan and breathing exercise, and he is left gasping for breath just looking at her.. she starts sending out cold vibes but he continues prancing around her. He can't hold back and comments, "you are very flexible.. looks like you have been doing this for years!"  She gives him a chilling look and thinks, "not so easy, Raj..".. he tries again, "I saw your pic in the newspaper! You look really good!" She tell him coldly, "I don't talk to strangers! Please don't follow me." He protests that they are not strangers since they know each other's names. She smiles wickedly to herself and makes a snide comment - did you think I'd be impressed so fast? "shaayad aap ladkiyon ke bare mein zyaada kuchh jaante nahin!" (Very good JessicaTongue)

Jassi walks away with a haughty face and he follows her into the hotel's caf, apologizing blubberingly. "How DID I make such a big mistake! I gave you, Jessica, my business card!? I deserve to be slapped! Warna mein aisi galtiyaan baar-baar karta rahoonga! Slap me! Maariye!" And next thing we know, Jassi seizes the opportunity and gives him a tight SLAP!!! (Oh God, Raj's face….!) He is shocked and deflated. She sweetly asks, "doosri gaal par?" He jumps, "Nahin! Err.. sudhar gaya hoon mein!" She warns him to keep away from her and is almost out of the door when he says, that he will not be able to keep himself away from her but will definitely not make such a mistake again. And then he shouts out loud, "And this time you WILL like the card!!!!" Jassi freezes and has another flashback of Gulmohur.. and Raj's sugary-sweet cards. She thinks, "Card dene ki aadat abhi gayi nahin aapki!" looking positively EVIL… (I must say, this is where I let out a huge guffaw!!!!)



Armaan and Mallika are having breakfast together. There is fruit juice and she is plying him with heaps of food. When Armaan protests, she says that since they don't share anything else, at least they can share a breakfast together this morning. He comments on how his favorite dishes are all there and Mallika encourages him to gobble up. He takes a bite of the sandwich while Mallika looks hungrily at him (she looks like she could eat HIM up… burp). He asks her what she's looking at and she says, "oh nothing.. just thinking that seeing us here like this, it feels like we never broke up at all. If we had got married, we would have sat together everyday and.." Armaan silences her, "No! You know very well that cannot happen." Mallika says gently that she knows, but that she can still dream, can't she? Armaan thinks to himself, "Mallika is right. She loves me so much – maybe that's why she did what she did to Jassi's family. For me, she even apologized to the Walias. Even though she knows we can never be together, she still loves me… I can't return her love but at least I shouldn't break her heart!"



Amrit is telling Billu in an irritated high-pitched voice to quit reading the paper and have breakfast. Nandu enters with a morose face and looks like he's just about to burst into tears. With choked tears, he tells Billu that by telling Jassi to get out he has robbed the home of all its happiness. Bebe comments that she still cannot believe this – if Jassi had come there, she would SURELY have met Bebe. Nandu tells her that she did come! Armit asks how he knew. Nandu says that the night you guys were all busy throwing out Jassi's samaan from the house, I found Jassi's Air Mauritious ticket the day after that. Everyone looks flabbergasted and distressed. Bebe starts shouting, how could Jassi have entered this home after hearing what was said that night? Where could she have gone, how will she be? This is all your fault, Billu! Billu defends himself saying that this is the result of Jassi's actions. Bebe asks him who is Billu to throw her out? Billu says, if Jassi had come, she would have talked to me! Bebe scolds him that he had gone insane in his anger, how could Jassi have talked to him? She says he never listened to her, though she begged so hard… that he only does his own manmaani and does not listen to anyone! He tells her not to talk to him then.. and she swears that she will never ever talk to him again and storms off!! Billu is left looking after her with a hurt expression, and Amrit is left fretting…



Aryan enters Armaan's cabin. He asks bluntly, familiar snigger on his face, "What happened to the money?" Armaan asks, "What money?" Aryan smiles silkily, "Kaunse paise!!?Confused The money that the suppliers and distributors want! Your money, my money, the money Jassi ran away with! That money!" Armaan says that he is trying to get it back… Aryan laughs at him and says, YOU are trying? No, it's me who will have to try, beause this is all getting too much! Armaan stands up and comes over to Aryan and asks him softly, what he will do.. huh? Aryan replies that if the money is not handed over fast, he will be forced to put the Walias in jail so that Jassi comes running back. Armaan grits his teeth and says that he will do no such thing. Aryan says yes, he will, and he will do a lot MORE than that. "No one can stop me now." Then Aryan thinks to himself, "Looks like I'll have to bring out my paaltu policemen once again…"


Raj calls for the bellboy and gives him something to deliver to Jassi.



The bellboy hands over the card to Jassi. Reading it with her eyes open wide, she gets a sense of deja-vu… (lolzzzz) and then she looks positively WICKED.. and talks to herself, "Lagta hai abhi aapka pet bhara nahin! Theek hai! Mein banaoongi aapke liye ek mazedaar dish…!!"

A while later, Jassi gives the bellboy something to deliver to Raj.



Raj enters with a wide smile on his face and a bouquet of big red flowers and a gift. He sneaks up on the beautiful lady sitting with her back to him, thinking it is Jassi… with a sweep of his hands and a knightly smile he bestows the gifts on the lovely lady and then sees.. oh HELL! It's Menaka!! (Naughty Jassi who is responsible for all this is standing behind Raj watching his embarrassment) Raj watches with disappointment and scratches his head. Menaka asks him if something is wrong? Looks like you were waiting for someone else? Raj says with a fake smile.. heheh.. of course not! She says, "You know, I got your card, that is why I'm here! I knew you would come up with something special to treat me! I'm rather surprised though!" She takes the card and opens it with relish, and starts reading aloud, "To the most beautiful girl in the world… JESSICA!?!?!?AngryAngryAngry" Menaka is oh so-mad at him and walks off in a huff. Raj sinks into the chair and looks defeated again. Jassi smiles to herself.

A minute later, Jassi enters the room through a door near to Raj's seat and seductively and slowly lowers herself into the opposite seat. She gives him a long, deep look.(Will Armaan ever forgive Raj for this? ConfusedConfused)

Raj congratulates her wryly, "Very good! I like it!" Jassi says, Oh well, at least you will stop following me now. Just then Raj's mobile rings. It's Armaan. Raj says, "I may or may not leave your peechha but my friend Armaan will not leave mine. And trouble will not leave him alone.." Jassi freezes when she hears his name but tries to act nonchalant. Raj talks into his phone, "What's the problem now?" Armaan tells him that Aryan is going crazy for the money, and is threatening to put the police after the Walia family. Raj makes some crack about "You and your Jassi not being able to leave each other alone." When Armaan objects, Raj says ok, ok.. I'll think of something, and hangs up. Raj then explains to Jassi that he was speaking to his dear friend and business partner Armaan, and they run a biiiig company together, a fashion house called Gulmohur. Jassi says she knows about it – because she is a model, remember? Raj looks a little perplexed and takes a deep breath. He tries to impress her by saying they do these very, very big fashion shows… Jassi sweetly asks, "Really? I had heard it's gone bankrupt!Big smile" Raj hears drums and tablas in his head. Raj tells her.. err… well not exactly bankrupt and makes up some story about the money being stuck at Production.. Jassi gives him a lightning-fast solution about doing something with the insurance and paying off the debts, that's all! He is Zonked, and Jassi looks like she knows she said too much, but keeps smiling coolly. Raj comments, you should be a financial advisor! Jassi retorts that she is fine as she is, but that sometimes you really have to search for people like him… Raj tells her, "You know what! The problems started when my friend Armaan fell in love with the wrong woman, who put him in great financial trouble.." Jassi is zapped! She thinks to herself, I must find out somehow if Armaan is behind the police landing up at my parents' home. Raj says, there's no hiding it from you since it was all over TV.. and since you belong to the modeling world… She mumbles vaguely about seeing Armaan.. Raj explains that he made the mistake of falling in love with the wrong girl… and an even bigger mistake of trusting her.

While Raj is explaining, Jassi sees Purab walk into the soffee shop from the corner of her eye, his eyes fixed on her. Eventually Jassi and Purab are looking at each other and he is standing very close to them. Raj breaks off suddenly in the middle of a sentence as he catches sight of PurabShocked. The two men stare at each other for an interminable moment. The camera freezes on Jassi's face, looking a little perturbed.

Please forgive the late update... CryCry

rose85 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
oh thnx a lotSmile...funny how raj is trying to woo Jessica LOLLOLLOL she actually slaps him..LOLcant wait to watch tonites episode...
bystander IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
boy! all of you are so good in giving detailed updates! thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
loveneha_r Goldie

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by queenbee

He takes a bite of the sandwich while Mallika looks hungrily at him (she looks like she could eat HIM up… burp).


Originally posted by queenbee

 .. Raj explains that he made the mistake of falling in love with the wrong girl… and an even bigger mistake of trusting her.

so didnt Jassi get shocked hearing this??? Im confused abt this part...Confused
thanks soooo much queenbee!!!Big smile
Emaa Senior Member

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
queenbee tussi the greattttt..i have been waiting for the update..thankoooooooooooooooo...
love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu
and i hate jessica..
by the way guys..jasmit walia's nick name is jessi...
and jessica's nick name will be jessi also
i hope armaan calls her jessi when he first see her...coz i am sure he will have this one kinda feeling telling him ..she is his jessi..
i am melting thinking about this...
hope it happens...
again thanko for the update
punjabiprincess Senior Member

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update. You are doing a good job with the update.ClapCan't wait to see today's espoide.Smile
urmajesty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 12:20pm | IP Logged

 Thanks a lot, Queen bee. Awesome update. Cant wait to see Raj being slapped.

When did Jessica move to the hotel......

vijay Admin Group

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 12:21pm | IP Logged


Great update Queenbee.

I missed today's show as I returned late from office as I had to finish our company accounts work as its year ending along with my cousin (who helps me in auditing the accounts).


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