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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 6:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanthya

A Decisive man, A irresolute Girl, A girl who had to  face the mirror n see  the pimples, acne's n all , A Woman who continues to exist with her head in the clouds ...they made the ensemble of what was essentially slow episode but when looked overall.. the story progressed  a bit  but just a bit !!

haha i felt it moved a lot may be because ASR finally realized that he has feeling but not for blah LOL  yeah he wont agree or now say to kushi but at least he realized to himself Embarrassed

Arnav Singh Raizada finally realized two points ..1.) he does not feel anything  for Lavanya Kashyap . 2.)..He never did anything right where she was concerned ...decisive man that he is, he forthwith proceeds to set the house in order ...He enters Lavanya's room  and  endeavors to clarify his stance , not with clinical precision neither with cold detachment but with gentleness , firmness and above all  with compassion ..A compassion which soon mingles with respect for a supposed vacuous girl at her thoughtful gesture..

I loved the fact that Arnav Singh Raizada  who has decided to end the farce is moving determinedly towards Lavanya's room to acquaint her with his decision  Pauses the moment he sees Khushi, looks her carefully to check whether she is alright, whether she is still in the grip of powerful emotion .. on noting that she is almost  normal..He  moves on His errand..Good directorial touch that !!

yet again CVs proved that ASR is well sketched character, he is damn slow when it comes to the matter of heart but when he realized that he does not feel for blah he went and broke up ShockedClap   yeah barun acted well Clap  

Khushi Kumari Gupta ..A girl firmly intent on telling the truth to the concerned person, fearful that her disclosure might bring about  another stalled marriage for Payal  but that  fact does not allow for any deviation from the  course of truth that she has chosen ..But the moment the Mangalsutra falls and Anjali begins her lamentation , Khushi's  toughness melts and turns to jelly ..leaving her wavering on her intention...Not just that she promises to  save Anjali's marriage at any cost...Pray tell me How ??..Is she going to be shadowing Shyam on his every nightly rendezvous..will she be ordering her DM to immobilize him and keep him near Anjali Always..I'm flummoxed ..

Now the loving part ..even when she must be hurting rotten inside..her only concern is that her broken engagement shud not throw  a pall of gloom on the upcoming  E' ceremony ...Khushi  Kumari Gupta...Ur  heart is a ocean of love , unselfish love...

oh dear  hmm when will she standup for herself Ouch but sattu do you remember  that judge scene.
why she had buaji in her dream Embarrassed i hope buaji does all the work now that she knows her nand kishore
is not nand Ouch

Anjali ...The cuckoo Girl... Her Mangal Sutra breaks ..and what does she do?? does she take it to the Goldsmith to get it repaired ..No !! She immediately  Dials Devi Mayya  n starts her next round of Vrats to ensure a long life  for her hubby ...From the Panic attack she goes into as soon as the chain breaks..One would have been pardoned if one thought that she just received the news that her Husband came under a 100 ton Lorry  and turned into a pulp ...But it also underscored, nay triple scored how  clingy , how dependent she is on that husband of hers..A husband whom she considers to be  her foundation but does not know is a marshy swamp who will suck her down ..

 Some tough Love for Anjali too ... Anjie Baby... Stop doing so much Vrats, pooja's ...U r polluting the RM with the constant smoke emanating from the Havan's ... U r prolly turning anorexic  and tired , incapable of being active where it actually matters *ahem, Ahem**  focus on that area ...n Ur Hubby will not even desert u for a sec...  Loved the fact that despite  facing a cataclysmic  disaster of cosmic proportion  [ Mangal Sutra breaking ] ..she still had enough wits and concern to note the empty finger  ...And A Muhwazz for the simple fact that out of all the ppl, she was the only one who openly expressed her concern for Khushi's feelings, her battered emotions ... Just for that Anjie Baby, will forgive even ur  365 days Vrats n Pooja's..

oh i do not know what else to say  except daljeets cute face which helps me sail through these dramas LOL

Lavanya Kashyap ...A girl who has seen the truth, faced the truth , refuses to acknowledge the truth !! ...  desperately clinging on to the last shards of her bubble wrap...When A persistent Arnav finally tears down her last illusion .. She reluctantly but with grace  faces the music..She musters  up her courage and confesses that she knew  all along that ASR never did love her  but she was lying to herself , such was the  power of her lies that she herself was beguiled into believing it too be truth ... Lavanya  understands that Arnav does  not love her ..does not hold him culprit for jilting her ... courteously tells him that he must never feel guilty ...Earns Arnav's respect by magnanimously   requesting him not to reveal the broken relationship thereby spoiling the happy atmosphere ..This girl has traveled long  way but is it for keeps ??..Also found it odd that she said that she loved him so so much ... it did not sound convincing cos we never saw the ' So much in love ' girl ..we saw a empty headed  girl wanting to become Mrs.ASR ...Hmmm.. Lost in translation or badly conceived plots ..Take ur  pick...

 Today..Lavanya  towered over everyone ... The amazing changes  that she has undergone, the way she has grown  was truly astounding..from a girl who thought  and lived only for herself and her next appointment with the beautician  to a girl who pauses to think about  the happiness of a family of whom she is not even a member instead of  wallowing in deepest anguish , who quietly  accepts ASR's decision without any pleading, tantrums ...and with immense dignity forgives him for playing with her heart ...Lavanya  turned out to be a Lady ...A lady with a golden Heart !! ..

The relationship appears to have come to a closure  with Arnav finally embracing her, trying to comfort her, conscious, restless even when he was hugging her, and not swept away  or lost like the way he is with Khushi..After a decent time elapses ,,He initiates the moving away too ..But has the relationship really come to a closure  or will it continue with the two of them becoming friends n Lavanya playing cupid or will there be a  brief fling in the future  or will she be the one to bring Khushi back into Arnav's orbit again ...  Was this a closure n yet not a closure ?? .. The scene rankles for instead of  putting a lid , it actually opens a can of worms  in this case can of unpleasant speculations !!

The episode was beautifully directed .. with  Arnav walking out of the doors  to end a relationship , Khushi entering into the house after ending a relationship ...  The clever juxtaposition of two parallel happenings in the same house ..Questions posed by one couple answered/elaborated  by another duo ..The truth hidden  from  the others ..whilst each will continue to think the other is committed ...Also loved the fact that there was no melodrama or OTT emotions between Arnav and Lavanya , if anything the scene was underplayed evoking our sympathy which a OTT Lavanya would not have been able to do... With her restrained and dignified retreat Lavanya earns our respect too..

@bold sattu you said it so well  , yeah why hiding,  will it fit the hate marriage well
because arnav will not know she broke the engagement and kushi will not know that he had already broken and that  he had realized that he did not love blah Ouch
CVs have their game plan ready Confused  yeah i loved the parallel breaking of the news Clap

My Only Request to the CV's..Let ARHI romance track start after Shyam's exposure..cos after such a  lengthy famine of ARHI Moments ..We surely deserve a long spell of ARHI romance ..CV's..Do u Understand the word LENGTHHHY ..I M sure u do...well understand another point .. when I say Romance after Shyam's exposure..I mean that the he be exposed most expediently  ..LET ARHI ROMANCE TRACK BE OUR NEW YEAR"S GIFT N LET IT  ROLL ON WITHOUT A ROADBLOCK NAMED SHYAM !!

i think you will un interrupted arhi romance for quite sometime now LOL till shyam is seen by arnav
then will the hell break loose,  or will anjali realizeConfused

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-Deepali- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
Beautiful Post SathyaHug
Supperb Analysis of all charactors and I am fully agree with your Post
Todays Arhi and Khushi is the Best..but lavanya  stole the  episode
I fell bed for lavanya todays...she Looked very innocent and great
finaly asr reliaze that he not feel for lavanya and decide to break the reletionship
khushi also broken her engagement
Now Looking forword for More Arhi Track and waiting when they will be shown their
felling to each other
Thanks sathya for nice postClap

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jasw Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
Yeah, it was an awesome episode, tanthya. I am really liking the way CVs are keeping us in loop much like their favorite jalebsi! Wink Unwanted engagements broken but the complication is maintained! Brilliant work, CVs! 

I was really touched by La's initial reaction of not wanting to hear the unpleasant truth! One's heart just reaches out to the poor soul. But her decision to continue with the charade gives rise to apprehension. 

I would have liked her to leave RM and Arnav upon hearing his confession! The fact she is lingering tells us CVs might have other plans. La on her own is harmless but Shyam if he comes to know about Arnav's affection towards Khushi, the guy will burn in jealousy. And he would surely block arnav's path with a roadblock called Lavanya! 

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mishti_17 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
Lovely analysis..

Its such a treat reading your posts... Thumbs Up

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tanthya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mishti_17

Lovely analysis..

Its such a treat reading your posts... Thumbs Up

Thank You, Mishti..Tongue

Has been a while since I saw u..Lovely to have u back Big smile

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SillyPepper IF-Sizzlerz

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Hiya Sathi!

Awesumly Excellently Wonderful Analysis!

Except dat I don't think I can forgive Anjali for her looney toon show...She s beauty with no brains!
Actually she conformed dat she s in no way less than her drame baaz, nautanki baaz hubby in obsession...only thing s he s obsessed over a Mohalle mein mili devi and she s over mandir mein milti devi (Ok dat was a PJ!)

I mean seriously, she has no problem in udaofying her bro's money on Kamlaji or watever..why can't she take it Gold smith or even better new one! (pun not intended)bro s not going 2 say no...but all she wants to do is, pooja,paat, vrats... (Another PJ from Barun AT- She shud have married mandir pujari but some wrong connection she married a Prem pujari LOL)
And Khushi...I don't think it was a gud idea 2 hold but yes, with psychotic like Anjali, with whom nothing better can be done...

Well let me stop Anjali rant here...Moving on to La, She was show stealer today...
Her feeble attempt to hold on to the facade when it was crystal clear dat she s losing cos it no choosing  suit for him and her dialogs...
She s modern version of Anjali with some senses...who had illusions about Love...
I don't want spoil the beauty of dat scene with my words... it was beautiful...painful...loved it

I was there...only to realize that .I was never there and not there any more...

If we must part forever,
Give me but one kind word to think upon,
And please myself with, while my heart's breaking.
~Thomas Otway

Ha! Sathi...dat was quite a long rant!

Edited by cindrella255 - 14 December 2011 at 8:49pm

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HeadOverHeels Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
I enjoyed your post, but really, REALLY hope you were not serious when you wrote the following.

 U r prolly turning anorexic  and tired , incapable of being active where it actually matters *ahem, Ahem**  focus on that area ...n Ur Hubby will not even desert u for a sec...

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tanthya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by HeadOverHeels

I enjoyed your post, but really, REALLY hope you were not serious when you wrote the following.

 U r prolly turning anorexic  and tired , incapable of being active where it actually matters *ahem, Ahem**  focus on that area ...n Ur Hubby will not even desert u for a sec...

Thank You , HOH Big smile

ROFL  Nope !! I wasn't..It was merely  a frustration on my part  on seeing the ever praying n fasting head in the clouds , always cooing 'MHITHB " Anjali...Now that Shyam Babua did bring up the closed door matters..Just thought may be he wanted a feisty roll in the ...WinkLOL

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