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Her Secret Santa (MG) page 27 - see Mod note pg 29 (Page 6)

anshra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 1:35am | IP Logged

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Dazlingdivya Senior Member

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Sounds grt, Pls contiune soon. Plz add me to ur PM list.

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--Ratna-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Sulogna   Hug...thank u for starting a new FF and keeping the Maaneet magic alive...prologue looks interesting...plz continue...TC  Smile

       Thanks Girl Hat

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Maaneet4eve IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Hi Guys!!! First let me tell you that I am very very very sorry that I was not able to update earlier... I was in a camping trip you see and I did not have any connection to the outside world... i will be leaving again on the 24th for Bangalore but till then I will update all my ffs for you...Smile


     HE'D FOUND HER!!!!
     Maan Singh Khurana allowed a small smile of satisfaction to touch his mouth. After all these months, he'd finally found Geet Hnada. The discovery brought him one step short of his goal- to prove that the elusive Ms. Handa was the even more elusive Muskaan Chadda, author and illustrator of the most popular line of children's book currently on the market. His client would be very pleased top hear the news.
     Very pleased.
     How interesting that he had run her to ground in Seattle of all places, hiding right beneath his very nose. The fact that she had turned out to be Mohinder Handa's daughter was even more ironic. Mohinder's public relations firm had been attempting to snag his attention for two solid years. It was a coincidence Maan intended to use to his full advanteage- once he came up with a client in need of a PR firm. Did Mr. Handa know that his daughter was also Muskaan Chadda? If not, it offered great possiblities.
     After all the research he had done, he was intensely curious to meet Geet, which is why he had accepted Mahinder Handa's invitation to this party. Maan had hoped to meet her in an informal setting. The sketch facts that he had gathered had captivated him, stirring an interest he had not felt in years. Studying her artwork- assuming it was her's- had only served to magnify that interesty. She was twenty four, described by those who knew her as both strong and dainty, brilliant and vague, stubborn and easygoing. The contrasting commnets intrigued him. Only on one factdid they all agree. Geet Handa guarded her privacy with ruthless determinatin.
     He folded his arms across his chest and waited patiently until the glittering array of guests cleared from his line of vision. He had been forced to ask someone to point her out, but fortunately such a large party allowed him to maintain a certain level of anoynimity. It gave him time to analyse the situation at his leisure, while searching for any vulnerabilities that he could use. As the tide of humanity finally ebbed, he spotted Geet by the buffet table and fought a sense of amazement.
     He found it hard to believe that this bit of whimsy was Mohinder Handa's daughter. She looked nothing like her father. For that matter, she did not look anything like her sister or brother, either. To  one they exuded a brittle sophistication- tall and handsome with sleek black hair, sleeker figures and brilliant jet hued eyes.
     But not Geet.
     She was as delicate as spun glass. Almost coltishly slender, she had caught the weighty mass of streaked brown hair at the nape of her fragile neck. As she bent to sample the hors d'oeuvers, her scoop necked dress revealed the fine bones of her shoulders and offered a tantalizing glimpse of her sweetly rounded breasts. His mouth tightened. Didn't they ever feed the woman?? Apparently not, considering the way she devoured the bite size appetizers, her greed as unconscious as that of a ravenous child. She peeked round just then, as though checking to see if anyone observed her voracity. Huge hazels dominated her triangular face. They stared out at her surroundings with an avid curiosity so reveling, he longed to shield her from a world waiting to consume her.
     And then it hit him.
     He was the only one waiting to consume her. He was the one destined to hurt her.
     Too bad, came the regretful thought. He had not felt this attracted to a woman in a long time. But as much as he might wish it otherwise, his client's need took precedenc. There could be no doubt about how this chase would end. Like the rest of the Handas, this woodlant sprite did not stand a  chance against him.

     Rajji Handa caught her brother Brij, by the arm. " You are not going to believe this!!!" she said in a gleeful undertone.
     " What? What did I miss?"
     " Maan Singh Khurana is here." Rajji towed him towards their father. " No, no, you fool. Don't look. He'll see you."
     " He came? Maan Khurana actually came??"
     Mohinder Handa joined them, a broad grin spreading across his striking face. " Oh, he came, al right."
     A sardonic expression gleamed in Rajji's dark eyes. Her father was practically salivating over the unexpected coup. But then, why shouldn't he? He'd been striving o gain Maan's attention for two solid years. To have such a man connected to their PR firm would be worth a fortune.
     " the interesting question is... why did be come??" Rajji commented.
     " What do you mean, why?" A frown marked Mr. Handa's chiseled features. " He must be interested in using Limelight International. What other explanation could be thre??"
     Rajji shook her head. " I don't think so. He is here for a reason, alright. But not the one you had hoped. Look who's snagged his attention"
     Like puppets on a string, her brother's and father's gaze swiveled from Maan to the source of his scrutiny...
     " Damn."
     " we're sunk."
     " What the hell could he want with her?" Mr. Handa complained. " She does not even work for the company."
     " Not anymore," Rajji could not resist needling. She studied maan, adding sagely, " And I think his interest is obvious."
     Her father' brows jerked together. " You can't mean he's- You don't seriously believe that he'd want-" He gritted his teeth. " Don't be ridiculous."
     " Wait a second dad. I think Rajji is right." Brij inserted. " I think Maan Khurana wants Geet. It's a man/woman type deal. You know??"
     " only too well. i am fifty, not dead," Mr. Handa snapped. " it just does not make sense. Why would a man of Maan's calibre want someone as artless as Geet??"
     Rajji smiled sadly. " How can you say that? She looks and acts exactly like mom."
     A momentary anguish flickered deep in Mohinder's black eyes. " She is like your mother," he wishpered. " Is'nt she?"
     " And every bit as attractive in a pixieish sort of way."
     Mr. Handa's mouth firmed. " You both think that's whta he is after? You think he wants Geet?"
     " Without question." Rajji responded.
     " Absolutely," Brij seconded.
    Their father inclined his head. " in that case, let's make certain Mr. Khurana gets what he wants."
     Geet examined the buffet table with unconcealed greed, popping something round and vaguely green in her mouth. Not bad. But then, considering that she could not remember her last meal, she wasn't inclined to be choosy. In fact, if it had not been for severe hunger pangs, she'd never have ventured within a thousand miles of her father's public relation 'do'.
     She risked a quick glance in Mr. handa's direction and frowned, a shrimpy something or the other halfway to her mouth. Uh oh. No question about it. She had chosen the worst possible party to crash. Her dear relatives- jungle cats to a one- were definitely on the prowl. They'd slunk to the far end of the room, amassing like black storm clouds, their joint gazes glued to... She craned her neck to catch a peek and nearly choked on her shrimp.
     Dear Heavens!!! have they completely lost their collective minds??"
     The source of their fascination had to be the most dangerously attractive man she'd ever seen in her entire life. Just a single glimpse made her itch to grab a sketch pad and set to work- from a safe distance of course. Tall, beautifully proportioned and leanly muscled, his hair was a rich ebony. And his eyes... Even from across the room she could see that his eyes were an incredible shade of ice green. They were cool- too cool for her taste- with a sharp intelligence that told her that he did not miss a trick.
     He turned that gaze in her direction just then and she froze, seeing the fire beneath the ice, sensed the power and detremination that ruled his keen intellect. It was then she realised how throughly she'd overestimated her realtives. They were not jungle cats, but yapping scavengers, fighting over food scrapes this lithe, dragonesque creature spruned. Whatever they wanted from him, they were way out of their league.
     This is a man to be avoided at all costs.
     The instant he turned his attention elsewhere, Geet scooped a handful of hors d'oeuvers into a linen napkin and beat a hasty retreat. Limelight Intrnational hoped to get something from this man-dragon and the safest place for her was to be out of the line of fire. Besides, she could not wait to get to work.From the moment she had glanced his way, a thousand images had leapt into mind, followed by a thousand story ideas- all inspired by only one man. She had to get to her studio.

     " Mr. Khurana," Mohinder handa greeted his guest with a meticulous blend of jovial friendliness and careful deference. " How kind of you to attend our little get-together."
     Maan inclined his head, his attention centered on Geet's hurried exit. " Mr. Handa."
     Mohinder Handa noticed Maan's interest. It would seem that Rajji was right. Geet had definitely captivated the man. Damn. Without question, that would complicate the situation. Knowing his eldest daughter, she'd make matters as difficult as possible. In fact, she had a singular talent for it.
     " I hope your presence means that you have at long last to utilize our firm," Mr. handa said, detremined to seize the opportunity at hand.
     " Not quite. i have decided to give your firm a trial run."
     Not as much of a concession as Mr. Handa had hoped, but still definitely  coup. " I am delighted to hear it. Might I suggest a meeting to discuss specifics??"
     " Excellent suggestion," Maan turned then and focussed the full power of his pale green eyes on Mr. Handa. " Tomowwor six at evening would be convinient."
     " Fine, fine.Shall we meet at your office or-"
     " I'd prefer we meet here. I would like to gt acquainted with the rest of your family. Your entire family." 
     " Of...of course." Damn!! It did not take a genius to read the underlying message. Maan expected Geet to be there. " You'll join us for dinner tomorrow?"
     " I'm afraid that won't be possible. i have oher plans."
     " I see." For the first time in a dog's age, Mohinder Handa found himself at a loss for words. Only thirty years worth of experience dealing with difficult situations saved him now. " Tomorrow at six, it it then." He said offering Maan his hand. " We look forward to meeting with you."
     Maan inclined his head. " And I look forward to meeting the rest of your family."
     He departed without another word, leaving Mr. Handa cursing with equal virulence Maan's disconcering personality and his daughter's contrary nature. Neither boded well for Limelight International's future.

So guys, this is it for today. Hope you like it. Please hit the LIKE button and comment. It makes my day.
P.S : I am really happy about the number of likes I have got for this FF. This is the highest I have got for any other FF of mine in the first update itself...

Love Sulogna.

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anisha_maaneet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
very nice dear!!Big smile...
loved it...Tongue
thanks for pm...
continue soon...

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-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
nice seems to me that geet's family doesnt really appreciate or like her...n i guess they gonna all their best to get rid of her...i mean to have maan get her...this is very nice...continue soon and thnxxx for the pm...

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Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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oh jeez!but wat s it b/w dem?
waiting 4 more...

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love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely update...
keep it on...looking forward...
thank u fr d pm...

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