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Lily201 Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged

There are so many things to be said about a show that I loved,revered so much -it would take an arsenal of words to describe each and every facet of all these characters that reside in my thoughts,memories and heart.

Geet said to Maan that fate had inscribed her existence in Maan's destiny with permanent ink,that it wouldn't fade off even for next seven lives...
Well such is the prowess of this magnificent journey called GHSP-that its going to be cherished way down the memory lane for me.
They will always be alive for me -there's no putting "stopper" to their story and just imagining to be apart from them feels like something is threatening to break out of me -something greater than sorrow like lava forces itself out in a volcano.
Maaneet -I love you from cockels of my heart and no way do I feel like letting you go-and who else will know other than peepz like us-who've been with you throughout this roller-coaster ride.
I don't know the exact reasons-whether the channel re-vamp,PH-decision making or other factors that cut short our GHSP-experience but as a plain viewer I stand firm in my opinion GHSP team-with talents like our Gurti,Praneet,or behind-the-screen maveriks like Sundeep Sharma,Barry Dhillon,Hrishikesh Gandhi & Raju Singh-who've been holding the fort till the end--deserve a season 2.
They've created pure visual magic-thats went straight in our hearts-its too early for farewells-we want much more-oh yeah!!
I'd also like to thank-all those who've been from the initial stages-here's a few I remember-Nissar Parvez,Noel Smith,Vincent Franklin,Swati Pandey,Mrinal Jha,Richa Yamini,Pawandeep Kaur,Neeshi Ozza,Mukta Dhond ...
Thank you for your dedication-GHSP wouldn't be same without you on board...
Kudos to all of youClapClapClap
Have a great year aheadBig smile
There're some we begrudge-for leaving the ship to sink untimely-but neverthless their contribution in golden days can't be overlooked- so thank you4 Lions,Endemol, for bringing a fresh concept like GHSP & Gurti to portray the inimitable Maaneet.
Adios Star One-thanks for bringing fab shows like Sarabhai v/s Sarabai,DMG,MJHT & of course GHSP-they've created their own nicheStar
Episode Analysis:
Indeed the journey of Maaneet's past to a future full of possibilities was etched beautifully,from their gifting the dream of a bundle of joy,a baby-to materialising in reality was a sentimental transition.
Maaneet's talk with cradle in front  and that recapitulation was wonderful-filled with the first rescue Geet from river drowning ,to Geet tearing the land papers,Hum tum night,KH seq,first office meet up,marriage phera scenes to their post marriage scenesEmbarrassed
So a final message of no gender bias was laid out-in last epi-and atleast pesky Nano was given one meaningful job to carry out.
After a lot of time I found Maame's antics funny-and Adi sir while praying for Geet & baby was genuinely adorable,touching...
The baby was too cute & so were Maaneet's emotions for the angel -who'd carry their story of love,faith & fate's call with himEmbarrassed
Last words :Maaneet's lines rung true-"hamari kahani kayam rahegi Maan"-thats our beleif too for a "nayi shuruat" as Maaneet saidBig smile

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md410 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:26am | IP Logged

I never got attached to any show in my life like I am to geet. Do not know what and why it is but it feels very close to my heart, today last episode make me feel  as if some one very near and dear to me going away. But I will  make the same near and dear to come back in my life i.e. my maanet.  They have to come back as lead pair  on the screen and I will go to any extent for it. I mean it. I will give my best and maximum effort to make it happen.  May be today we are watching last episode of Geet. PH is sure happy about it but in my views  FAN power has won. PH tried since march to shut down the show, they tried their best to spoil and kill the show starting from making devil as saint, but they were unsuccessful. Yes agree show is ending but show is not ending because TRP was down it is ending because of thr REVAMPING. There fore WE FAN STILL HAVE upper hand. WE have defeated PH in their own game. So guys HALLA BOL and keep on fighting. Have your fighting cap on and jai bajrangbali bolte hue lage raho.


This is consumer era and WE are NOT GOING TO GIVE UP at any cost.  We will make sure we get lead pair back on the screen





humko aise viase na samjhe

hum woh log hai jo, jaha LAATH maare vahaa paani nikaal sakte hai.

channel better not underestimate FAn ka power



Now  a little reality check about why having after such wonderful fan base, excellent actors as lead pair and talented director, skilled dialogue writer why we have to fight for our beloved show.

ONLY and only PH is responsible for it.  They had an opportunity to cash with lead and fan base  lekin they had lost it. The truth is they never wanted to go for it. They put their energy to insult and hurt fans or calling them demanding, they wasted their energy to shut down the show by getting Moron Mahesh Pig head Pandey in the show.Only them are  responsible for the mess and are totally liable to end the geet. 


I will not blame the channel, as for them popularity matter and If I own the 4 lion then I would jump on the mauka to get new show with skilled lead pair and strong fan base on revamped channel and would not go for V. I will support fan and not mock or insult them on geet FB page. anyways but it would be not them. They got what they wanted. I will never watch any of their show PERIOD As a matter of fact, Ph should rename their name4 Lions se 4 Snake

sach mein saanp hi hai dhoodh pilao phir bhi dasenge.

they basically have cut their own root.


pata hai na. sandle wood tree pe snake rahte hai aur usko hi khokla karte hai basically they cut who support them or shelter them yeh Ph bhi aise hi hai, so 4 sankes name fit them perfectly.

we fans put them on Top

they are what they are beacuse of fan and now they are insulting and hurting and throwing us like dhood mein padi makhii. Isliye  soco  baabaji unki kaise bhali kar sakte hai?? Nahi baabaji itne insensitive ho hi nahi sakte, baabji unlogo ki Kabhi BHALI kar hi nahi sakte. Hai na babaji.


Life okay without GC/DD no way how life could be oky with out them so forget about it.

abput 4 snake, I want SHOW but I do not want 4 snake as PH.  so unka toh koi bhi show mein dekhne se rahi.

they are most unreliable, unfaithful, not trustworthy, unprofessional, unethical PH on the Mercury, venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, slattern,  Uranus,Neptune ,pluto Sun and Moon.


I am strong believer of the KARMA. 4 snakes ke KARMA will come back to them. I also believe dua se jyaada baddua asar karti hai.


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Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

Good things have no end. They last forever. If not in front of our eyes, surely in our hearts. Today is not the end of an epic story. Today, they just completed one stretch of their jounery together. Baaki baaton ke liye toh poori zingari padi hai dost. 

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

When you have the will and determination to achieve something, the word failure automatically disappears from sight. That is because failure is not possible in front of determination. So, not getting Gurti together is not an option for any of us. We will stay determined and focussed to get them back together and will rest only when we see them working together. 

Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.

So what of there will be no story to watch tomorrow onwards. Learned people have said that everything in life is a matter of perspection. So after having worked day in and day out, why not just assume that Gurti need to rest a bit. So this is their rest period. Once they get back on screen together, itna sizzle jo machana hai.

What appears to be the end may really be a new beginning

And in case of GHSP, we will make sure that this statement is true. The story and tracks in the last few months have been unbearable. But for Maneet, a lot of us had stopped watching anyone else. So, we will hope that the new story that they work in will be a dazzling one with no NASA, Circus and such useless aliens. And it will be a new beginning. 


Well, I thought I won't have the energy to come to the den today. But who am I kidding. I have to be here.

Jo, Faria, I loved ur posts. And I know we will all be back in a similar Den very soon when they launch a new show with Gurti again. So, this is just going to be a short break for them. No worries guys.


Episode Analysis

The flashback

OMG. This is a FIRST. I literally am crying buckets and buckets of tears. I just could not deal with the flashback. Geet's memories of everything that is significant in their lives. But did you guys notice one thing. Although she mentioned that it is surprising that she is in love with the mad that she fought with in her first meeting, that he was one whom she could not even stand looking at, all her memories were very positive ones. She did not remember any of their fights and the times that were not so momorable. I absolutley loved it and could not take it after a certain point.

Maan's memory

Well, I am glad they clarified it. He still does not remember his past. I am glad they did not leave that question unanswered. But I loved it that he acknowledged that if what he remembers is so pleasant, then the past must have been unbelievable. 

Geet's pregnancy

Humm, from her walk through memory lane, I suppose we are to assume that she got pregnant in the hotel in her aunty-type night dress. Well, whatever. I have no complaints about anything today. Nothing. I loved their hug, the way Geet had her hands around Maan's waist was sooo cute. She held onto him so tight. My eyes got glossy after a point. It was amazing.

Maan talking care of Geet during her pregnancy

Well, Maan taking care of Geet during her pregnancy was so cute. I wish they had shown more. Damn them. It was so cute. He was such a caring husband.

The baby

I am so glad they used sucha  cute baby for Maneet. The baby looked just like their own child. And the way they held onto it, loved it, they looked like sucha  complete family. My God, I cannot have enough of them. I want them back.

The last dialogues of Maaneet

Jab tak mohabbat rahegi, mohabbat karne waale rahange, Maan Geet ki daastaan zinda rahegi. Very well thought of dialogues of which this is just one example. I just could not contain myself and my tears would just not stop. At the moment I feel so chocked with so many emotions that I cannot write any more.

The last

The screen froze with Maaneet and I just could not stop seeing them. I wished that something happened and the world frone at that instance and never moved ahead. They looked so happy, content, serene in each others arms.

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Viji79 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Awesome opening Jo. Looking back, I am eternally grateful to you, you were the one who dragged me from Uttaran forum to GHSP forum. Today I sit in front of my lappy with a heavy heart and switched on the TV to view the last episode of the epic called Geet Hui Sabse Prayi. I have no words to describe the inner turmoil. The fact that Maan and Geet will not lighten the TV screens hereafter kills me from within but at the same time I am thankful for the entire team, IF, GF, all my friends here, all FF/SS/OS writers for travelling with me through this wonderful mesmerizing journey of eternal love. There hs never been / never will be a love that matches that of MAANEET and I would love them and remember them as long as I live.

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 November 2010
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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
I feel like someone took a sledgehammer and wacked it across my heart.
I think I will need some time to come to terms with what just happened and maybe unres my spot on page 1.

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shali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged

I will not list 10 reason (yet) why I love GHSP...but take the opportunity to  thank the ppl who made me fall in love with GHSP and kept me glued to it...


first off all DD...she was the main reason to watch this serial...I knew the story...knew the hero (although I didn't liked him and couldn't belief to see ram in a different avatar)... but I liked her a lot in DMG..Muskaan was my favorite character...  it was because off DD why I stuck around...and later the reason became MG... so also a big thank you to GC for his portrayal off MSK...never thought I would fall in love with became one of my favorite actors... your expressions where the main reason...both DD and GC gave their best to this show and I saw DD grow as an actress...


second: the team off GHSP...the story was interesting and later it became gripping and that caught my attention...I was wondering what will happen next...liked the direction and when I saw the transformation off a weak girl in to a strong one...I was jumping up and down...this is what I was waiting for...and I got it...

the characters off MG are just being portrait by DD and GC but they are incomplete without a story, dialog, the background, the music, the clothes (although I seriously need a chat with whoever is behind the current one), the lighting and direction (sorry if me missed anyone) a big thank you to them...


third: the Den and devils...I was stalking the geet forum...but couldn't find a "place"... yes, maybe that sounds weird...but for those who have been in IF a long time would understand it... I have been  a active member in the KS, SP and Kayamath forum.. so was looking  for a home... and here I bumped on the Devil's Den...first as a stalker...then as a devil (although I denied that)... I always enjoyed the discussions and read almost everything what was written... I spend hours and hours stalking, late nights laughs, posting (whenever I was in the mood)... and even when I was disappointed in the was the den who kept me happy and so a big thanks for my fellow devils... I made new friends and saw some old ones back...without you all my left will become empty I am hoping to see you around...or in season 2...a halla bol for that...


fourth: the birds and the bees...yes you all wondering why...well because most off the time we enjoyed ripping them apart...their news was wrong but gave us subjects to discus, mock en enjoy...


goodbye GHSP

goodbye Geet and MSK

will miss you...


ps: wondering what I'm gone do now...cause the first thing I did after arriving home was logging on to IF and getting to the den...



My list off 10 MG moments:

The first interaction between a lead couple is very important…and I just love the cold behavior off MSK…totally not what we expected …he pushed her away…and didn't care… MSK proofed to be very important for Geet …he was there to protect her and her unborn….but also learned her to fight for herself…

Another moment was the golden temple scene…that was quite a connection…although MG never met…but their roads meant to cross again and again…. 

Third: when MSK  walked in to room and Geet was without dupatta….him  throwing it to her….with later her throwing a mala away and landing on him….

Four: hum tum….do I need to explain…. Kurbaan hua…I can't watch it without MG dance…brilliant dance…and off course Vishal my fav singer…

Fifth: Geet in the archive and Msk realizing her pregnancy…then his fear of losing her…. 

Six: Roop tera mastana and pee lo… again what expressions…but I still wonder why Geet laid on the bed like that???? Or why the words : my pregnant hoon…that really killed the moment…but drama wise…a brilliant moment…

Seven: all scenes where MSK is holding dupatta…especially Mahi Mahi…

Eight: the MC scene….MSK walking in both asking for her baby…

Ninth: how can I forget the hospital scene, MG in tears seeing and hearing the baby…MSK touching tummy was overwhelming scene…

Ten: Geet on msk lap….and the naught expression given by him while  geet goes on with her chappar chappar…

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loveableangel Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged
i really want to ambush a star one office does anybody know if tehre is one in london because i heard someone talk about it before.

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swan20 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Its over...I feel numb...Ouch Cry

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