Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VirMan : Almost Heaven Part 19 -Updated (Page 99)

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Hi all, I'm really sorry for the late update, was really tied up with work and hardly had time to breath. Please forgive me if there medical terms used are inappropriate, it was based on my findings online. Hope the update justifies for the delay...

Part 15

Virat was disturbed by Manvi's sudden fear and her behavior last night kept on haunting his mind. He has always yearned for the moment where Manvi would be able to share her utmost fear or sadness with him but yesterday when she did, he wasn't able to rejoice it. An unknown fear crept into him when Manvi confessed that she was scared, the way she wept in his arms and how she held on to him so tightly. She held him as if someone will abduct her in her sleep or she would slip away if she let him go. He was not sure whether to be happy that he has finally secured her trust or to be worried that she is trying too hard to hide something from him. He was unable to brush off the thoughts no matter how hard he tried, so he decided to share it with the one who always helps to clear his mind of his doubts.


"Dr Shashank, Am I catching you at the right time?" Virat asked as he popped his head into Dr Shashank's cabin. "Arrey Virat, come in and have a sit. Just give me 5 mins to finish this report" Dr Shashank invited him in. "Virat, what's wrong yaar. You look haggard and disturbed as if you haven't slept the whole night" he enquired as he finished his report. "Kuch nai Dr, I was a bit worried about Manvi. Just wanted to check with you how her progress is." Virat replied. "But Virat, you seem to be far more worried besides her progress." Dr Shashank asked sensing the hesitance in his voice. "Yeah, you are right Dr. Besides her treatment progress, she was very different yesterday Dr. She was really scared yesterday and somehow that is freaking me out. Of course, I never showed it in front of her, but I'm really scared as well." Virat finally poured out his heart. "Virat, all this while you have managed to put up a brave act in front of everyone including Manvi although I know deep inside you are dead worried for her. Her slightest cry or moan affects you so badly but it was never shown on your face. Today it is written all over your face." Dr Shashank told him. Virat covered his face with his palm while mentally trying to erase the sign of worry and recompose himself, then he spoke "I'm not sure why, suddenly there is this unknown fear eating me up from within. I have tried my best to ignore and overcome it but it seems to have overpowered me" his eyes began to get teary as he spoke. "I feel like she is slipping away from me!" he finally uttered those words that he dreaded the most and almost broke down. "Aapko samhalo Virat. Nothing is going happen to Manvi. She is brave girl; she has been doing well with her treatment. Her progress has been well, just that she is very weak..." Dr Shashank withheld Manvi's actual condition as he got up and held Virat's shoulders to comfort him. He didn't want to reveal the actual situation to Virat now. "Thanks Dr, I'm alright now, somehow talking to you always made me better." Virat assured him. "Anyways I should be getting back to Manvi, don't want to hold you too long Dr." Virat continued.


Virat was about leave the cabin when they heard the receptionist paging for Dr Shashank and a nurse abruptly entered the room. "Dr Shashank, there is an emergency. Woh patient Manvi  is having difficulty breathing" she announced. Dr Shashank immediately rushed out to Manvi's room while Virat just felt as if his whole world shattered. He just dropped back on the chair; his brain and body just refuse to function. It took him awhile before reality hit him and he got a grip of himself. "Damn it….Manvi!" he yelled and rushed out from Dr Shashank's cabin. He froze at her room door when he saw Manvi lying there lifeless while Dr Shashank and the rest of his team were trying to revive her. The room was highly tensed, he saw wires, tubes and machines surrounding her and everyone were shouting in language that almost sounded alien to him. "Her heart beat is dropping, we are losing her" one of the nurses reported as a doctor was performing cardiac massage on her. Virat felt as if his darkest fear was befalling in front of him, those words were enough to stop his heartbeat and to suck out his life and he felt as if she was slipping away from him. He wanted to scream his lungs out "Manvi, come back. Mujhe chodkhar nahi jaana" but his throat went dry and his voice was gone. "Get me defibrillator" Dr Shashank commanded. He saw her fragile body jerked into air as the electric shock penetrated her body. She still lay lifeless, neither her pulse nor heartbeat improved. It took the doctors their third attempt with the defibrillator to reestablishing a normal heart rhythm. "She is back!" Dr Shashank sighed in relief. "I want her to be transferred to CCU for observation and the rest of the instructions are here. Make sure her reports reach me every 30 mins" Dr Shashank instructed his team and turned to leave when he saw the sight of Virat.


Dr Shashank totally forgot about Virat in the midst of the emergency. Virat stood motionless at the door; he was so pale as if the blood from his body was drained out. Only the fear and tears in his eyes showed the sign of life in his body as he stood there watching Manvi.  Manvi was still unconscious, she was covered with wires, machines and there was an oxygen mask to aid her to breathe. They were transferring her to CCU when he felt her fingers brushed against his as she was being wheeled out of her room. The touch of her finger brought him back to life, to reality. Before he could hold her, she was taken away from him. "She needs to be under observation for a while, you can visit her once her condition is stabilized" he assured him but there was no response. "Virat, I need to talk to you. Aao mere saath" he motioned Virat to follow him which he obeyed silently. Dr Shashank called Viren to explain about the emergency and requested Viren and Jeevika to come over immediately to discuss about Manvi's condition. It was only then it struck him that he has not informed his Bhabhi and Bhai about Manvi. Viren and Jeevika immediately rushed to the hospital. Virat was totally shaken up and kept on blaming himself for leaving Manvi alone. "I'm sorry Manvi, I shouldn't have left you alone. None of this would happen if I was there with you. I'm sorry Manvi..." Virat kept on repeating the same thing over and over again. Dr Shashank tried to pacify him but it was futile."Virat, it was not your fault. Manvi is out of danger now, there is nothing you could have done even if you were with her" Dr Shanshak tried to make him understand. "No Dr, she told me she was scared yesterday. I should have at least waited for Bhabhi to come before leaving her there. I was never there when she needed me, how can I ever face again. Agar usko kuch hogaya toh..." he broke down completely unable to complete his sentence.


Jeevika directly rushed to Manvi's room the moment they arrived at the hospital and she was horrified to see the room empty. Jeevika dashed out towards Dr Shashank's room ignoring Viren's call. Viren saw the opposite traits of his wife; gone was his usual serene and compose wife, Jeevika was like frantic mother who was searching for her child that was snatched from her. No force in the world was able to appease her. The door flung open leaving both Virat and Dr Shashank in shock. Jeevika for the first time saw her Devar in such a wreaked state. She ignored the presence of the rest and went straight to Virat, held his shoulder and shook him hard "Virat, Mannu kaha hai!!! Mannu koh kya hoga Virat? Virat tum chup kyu hoh? Kuch toh bolo Virat!!!!" she cried out. Virat floundered for words. "Jeevika, apko samhalo" Viren tried to pacify his wife but she was beyond consolable."Manvi theek hai Jeevika. She is under observation now" Dr Shashank finally intercepted. Jeevika sighed in relief the moment she heard that Mannu was fine. Viren helped her to sit and regain her equanimity back. "Dr Shanshank, Manvi koh kya hogaya?" finally Viren asked. "Manvi had a cardiac arrest. Chemotherapy has many side effects and for some patients it will cause cardiomyopathy which is weakening of the heart muscle. It happens on a very rare occasion but it is possible to have a cardiac arrest during the infusion of the chemo medication. This is temporary and it is reversible" Dr Shashank explained. We manage to revive her and she is under observation in CCU. She is under medication and will be unconscious till her condition is stabilized to minimize any adverse effect "he continued. The trio listened to Dr Shashank's explanation attentively. "Actually I was contemplating for days whether to discuss about the next cause of treatment for Manvi  or to wait until I analyze her condition after the chemotherapy completion but looks like it is highly crucial to discuss it now" he explained. "Manvi has completed 5 cycles of chemo unfortunately her body is not as strong as her will. Based on her reports, I don't think her body will be able to complete her 8 cycle of chemo. Now with her cardiac arrest, we might lose her to chemotherapy instead of cancer" he concluded. Jeevika gasped in shock while Viren was rubbing his temples while trying to digest the facts.


"What would be the next best treatment for Manvi" Virat finally asked. "Well, I have actually taken Manvi's bone marrow sample earlier and have sent it over to the bone marrow bank and other hospitals for a suitable donor in case the need arises. Unfortunately we are unable to find the right donor. We found a nearest match but the donor had other complication that prohibited us to pursue" he answered. "Dr Shashank, I will donate my bone marrow. I'm willing to donate even my last drop of blood if it can save my Mannu" Jeevika broke her silence. "I can't guarantee whether yours will match but I would request you and your immediate family to go for a bone marrow test to see whether it matches with Manvi. The probability is always higher within family" Dr Shashank explained. "I will speak to Dr Manan to arrange for a test in Riskhikesh while I will conduct a test on Jeevika next week" he continued. Jeevika and Viren nodded in agreement.

"Dr Shashank, can I see my Mannu , please. No matter what assurance you give me but my mind will not accept it until I see her with my own eyes and touch her with my hand" Jeevika pleaded. He was left with no choice to agree. "Jeevika, Manvi will still be unconscious for some time but her mind will be aware of her surroundings. Please ensure the situation doesn't create anxiety that may affect her." Dr Shashank warned her. Jeevika nodded in response and left the room; Viren hugged his brother in comfort to ensure that everything will be fine before following behind Jeevika. "Virat, don't you want to see Manvi" Dr Shashank asked. "I'm not sure how I will face her again" he replied. "Virat, stop blaming yourself for Manvi's condition, It was out of your control. The reason why we manage to revive Manvi is because of you and Jeevika. I'm sure she would want to see both of you when she opens her eyes.  Jao Virat" Dr Shashank urged him.

Virat watched Manvi from the glass pane of the CCU as Jeevika was sitting next to Manvi, holding on to her hands and caressing Manvi's face. Neither did he have the courage to see his Bandariya nor his Bhabhi. She trusted her life, her Mannu with Virat and he nearly lost her, how will he ever face her again and even the thought of it killed him. He sat out of the CCU and watched his Bandariya from distance.  He would enquire the nurses for update every time someone walks out of the room. He didn't know how long he was there until he felt a touch on his shoulder. His body jerked in shock when he saw his Bhabhi next to him. His eyes immediately lowered to the floor in guilt avoiding her gaze. "Can I sit here?" she asked and he nodded silently. Jeevika sat next to her Devar, held his hand in hers.  "Virat, I'm sorry for my outburst earlier. I didn't know what got into me the moment I saw Mannu's room empty and the moment I saw your expression when I walked in, my whole world started spinning and I lost my rational. I was angry with you for not alerting me of the situation; for a moment I thought I have lost my Mannu" Jeevika explained. "Bhabhi, please don't say sorry. I should be the one who apologizing, you trusted Manvi with me and I gave you assurance that I will ensure everything will be fine but today I failed. We nearly lost her" Virat sobbed as he spoke. "Virat it was not your fault, even I would have been in your state if I was there instead of you. I would have lost Manvi long time ago if not for you. You are the reason we have come so far, you are the reason I got back my Mannu and I know you will the reason my Mannu will walk out of this place healthy and bubbly again. I can't bear to see you torturing yourself like this nor would Mannu" Jeevika replied. Jeevika's words gave him the courage to finally look up and meet her gaze.  Jeevika's faint smile removed all the guilt and burden he was carrying with him. "Go in and sit with Mannu, talk to her. I know she will be delighted to hear your voice. I'm going to the temple, I will be back shortly." Jeevika told him. "Bhabhi you want me to be with Manvi?" he asked in shock. "Jitna haq mere hain, uthna be haq tera bhi hain Manvi paar" she replied and left.

Feel free to express your views/comments/criticism. Really appreciate them and long comments are really welcomedSmile

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rev finally you updated. i have been waiting for this for ages. but you know what its just worth the wait dear. you were awesome. loved it and update next part real soon. and thanks for the pm and congo for reaching 100 pages.

Starparty timeStar
 "Bhabhi you want me to be with Manvi?" he asked in shock. "Jitna haq mere hain, uthna be haq tera bhi hain Manvi paar" she replied and left. 

these lines was just stupendous dear. i am still in your almost heaven dreamland. i almost cried reading this part. 

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Yayy..!! Em the 2nd to comment..!!
U made me cry.:(
Simply beautiful..
Thanks for the pm and update soon and pm me when update...

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wow...sooo dramatic !!! congrats on 100 pgs... :)

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awww i had tears in my eyes when i read this update you totally floored me dear... i liked everybody's reaction... perfect characterisation... now waiting to know more... superb dear!!!!!!!!!

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Rev rev rev u r simply awesome yaar... Loved it... Beautifully expressed... And specially love u yaar bcs u r very hardwrkng for dis ss u have done an awesome analysis on cancer nd den beautifully added it in ur ss... Hats off 2 u my dear... And m literally cryng on dat line a mthr s searchng her child... Loved it yaar... M speechless nd still speaking...lol... Yaar u r great man... Love u...!!

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awwwsome... lovely update...

i had goosebumps as i was reading ur update...
was waiting 4 ur update...

thanks 4 the pm... do cont soon this time...

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