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VirMan : Almost Heaven Part 19 -Updated (Page 85)

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Hi all, I'm really sorry for the delay in updating the next part. I decided to write extra long to make up for the delay. I hope I don't bore you with my over long-winded update. Please bear with me and let me know how you feel about this update. I came across this VM sometime ago in this forum by lakshm, not sure how many of you have seen them but it really captured me the moment I heard it. Please take your time to view it and let me know whether it suits my update or not. I can't seem to find the link of the VM in IF but I have the YT link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZc4MH9i9lU Enough of my ranting...Wink

Part 13

 Although days have passed since the confession but nothing changed between Virat and Manvi. Virat honored his word, he never let the awkwardness creep through between them. He never failed to pull her legs, drive her up the walls with his teasing. The room was never free from their nok-jok's. Virat and Manvi enjoyed their daily walk in the garden. Manvi enjoyed being close to nature while Virat enjoyed being close with his Bandariya. She spent hours watching the kids play while he watched her. Virat knew that Manvi was in denial, she refuses to accept his love and he knows the reason behind her decision. He wanted to see how long can she live in her denial, but one thing was obvious his wait won't be long.

She struggled to stay with her determination, confined her feelings within her and curbed it from growing further, but her attempt became arduous every day.  She was melting in his eyes, the warmth that he filled around her. His eyes oozed with love, no barrier could stop it from invading though her emotional shield.

Dadaji had no choice but to request Virat to go to Mumbai to sort out some family property issue. Viren and Inder chachu were busy with their case preparation and the only available option was Virat. Virat was reluctant to go but he had no choice. He heavy heartedly agreed for his week trip to Mumbai, only Vanshika and Viren understood the reason behind his hesitance but they were helpless. Virat decided to bid his Bandariya adieu before leaving for Mumbai.

Manvi was browsing on her iPad when Virat walked in. "Oye Bandariya, what are you doing" he startled her. "Chep, tum... Kuch nahi, was just browsing for some songs as I was bored. Ab tum agaye nah mera tang kichne ki liye, iss surfing koh koi zarurat nahi "she replied back with a smirk. "Ok, Ok since you whine so much. I have decided to give you a week break from ME...  Ab khushi?" he asked her raising his eyebrow. "Tumara matlab?" she questioned him. "I'm going off to Mumbai for a week" he replied. "Ek hafte  aur Mumbai? Kyu?" she questioned him again. He noticed her glow faded and he knew the reason behind it. "Well Dadaji ka hukum hai, some issues with our property in Mumbai. Bhai and Chachu are working on an important case this week, so yours truly is the only person available to attend to it." he answered her. "Oh ok... So when are you leaving to Mumbai? "she asked.  Virat looked at his watch and answered "Well Bandariya, my flight leaves in 3 hours and 10 mins to be exact and I should be back next Wednesday if everything works accordingly else I might have to extend my stay there.  Tumara Mogambo's strict orders for me not to return until I sort the issues there" he answered her while studying her expression. "Kya hua  Manvi, why are you suddenly so glum? Already missing me? Mere jaane ka  gham abhi shuru kya? "he continued. "Pagal ho tum Chep, Missing you? Never! Tumare bakwas se meri cuti mila. In fact I think the whole Chandigarh will be jumping in joy" she replied trying to hide her disappointment but it was evident to Virat."Hey, don't get too excited... I will still call you daily; make sure you answer my calls. Samja tum? "he asked her. "Theek hai Chep, joh kaam kiliye tum jarahe, uss kiliye all the best" she wished him. "Ok Bandariya, you take care. Bhabhi aur saab log ko  taang mat karo. Call me if you need anything, Samja!" he told her as he ruffled her hair playfully. "I will miss you Bandariya" he whispered softly but loud enough to leave Manvi blushing.

Despite his busy and stressful schedule in Mumbai, he couldn't help missing his Bandariya, her smile, her mischievousness. Manvi's days passed really slowly without Virat; every hour seemed like days. Jeevika spends extra hours with Manvi in Virat's absences yet she still longs for him.    She missed his voice, his teasing. Manvi never realized that she could miss anyone this much besides her Di. She looks forward for his daily calls; their conversations would last for hours every day.

"Di, can I ask you something?" Manvi asked Jeevika. "Hain Mannu, pucho. Kya  jaana jathi ho?" Jeevika answered her. "Di, do you love me?" she asked her Di. "Mannu, yeh kesha sawal hai. Of course I love you Mannu", Jeevika was puzzled with the question. "Di, how much do you love me?" she asked again.  "Mannu, if you could gauge how much of water flows within Ganga Ma, then I  will be able to define how much I love you .There may be times where  circumstances tried to riven us apart but just like how no one can stop Ganga ma from  flowing freely; the same goes to our love. It may be halted for temporarily but no one can stop our love permanently." Jeevika answered. "Di, you also love Jiju?" she asked again."Haan, Mannu I also love Virenji" she answered patiently. "Di, Is it possible to actually love two people equally in your life? Have you ever felt that your love for me or Jiju has ever ebbed at any point of time? What will you do if you are torn between me and Jiju?" Manvi asked again. Jeevika took a deep breath and finally spoke. "Mannu, I don't know why you are asking me all these question at this point of time but I want you to understand one thing. Both of you are equivalent to both my eyes, I can't love one more than the other. If you are my heartbeat, then Virenji is my breath. I will be equal to a dead body if I have to choose either one of you in my life. Both of you are the reason why I'm still here today, if one of you leave then Jeevika is nothing but a corpse. My love for you cannot fade due to Virenji and my love for Virenji will not lessen because of you. Aap Samja Mannu" tears choked Jeevika as she spoke. Manvi hugged Jeevika tightly and replied "Haan Di. Now I understand that no matter who comes in our life along the way but nothing can change our love, nothing could weaken our bond"

Jeevika was immersed in her thoughts about her conversation with Manvi earlier when Viren sat next to her. "Kya hua Virenji, you look troubled? Saab theek hain?" she asked him.  "Kuch nahi Jeevika, I just want to ask you something. Hope you don't mind?" he asked her. "Aap bhi Virenji!" Jeevika giggled. Viren was surprised with his wife's reaction towards his question. "Mera matlab, first it was Manvi probing me with some funny questions today and now you seem to have your own sets of questions lined up for me. Woh sab chodo, ab joh poochna janthe woh pocho Virenji." she replied.  Viren was puzzled on what his Saali would have asked but he decided to pursue with his mission. "Jeevika, what do you think of Virat?" he started. "Hmm woh mera Devar hain, he is more like my younger brother instead of my Devar and he is the best!" Jeevika hailed about Virat. "Jeevika, none of us have openly discussed about Virat to you ever since our marriage but I'm sure you know that Virat has a past that all of us are trying to forget. It is not our intention to hide the details from you but we just want to forget those painful incidents; but I feel it is time to reveal it to you" Viren told her. Jeevika listened attentively as Viren spoke about Virat's past and she couldn't help feeling sorry for the sadness that was hidden behind the jovial nature of her Devar. "Manvi's presence gave us ray of hope in reviving back the Virat that we believed we have lost." Viren finished.


"Manvi aur Virat??? Virenji I don't understand. Both of them can't even maintain harmony for full 5 minutes without fighting. They despise each other so much; they are like Tom & Jerry" Jeevika cried out in disbelief. "Well, their nok-jok and fighting is the base of their relationship. I saw the underlying love and affection for Manvi in Virat's eyes and it is definitely not sympathy. If my assumptions are right, my Syaitani brother is falling in love with my dear Saali and she feels the same for him. What I need to know, will you bless their relationship despite knowing Virat's past. I want you to decide as Jeevika Chaudary, Manvi's sister not as Jeevika Vandhera. I will respect your decision no matter what it is." Viren vented out his mind that was bothering him for days. Jeevika was flabbergasted; now Manvi's questions made sense. Manvi was also falling for Virat but she was worried that Virat's love in her life might affect her love for Jeevika. Jeevika couldn't help but grinning thinking about Virat & Manvi as a jodi. Viren was surprised with Jeevika's reaction. "Kya hua Jeevika? " Viren enquired. "How could I be so blind all this while, Virenji? I failed to see the affection and love growing between Virat & Mannu. Even I would have never been able to find a perfect jeevan sathi like Virat for my Mannu. I have full confidence in Virat, he will give Mannu all the happiness she deserves but I'm worried about Mannu's health and everyone else's reaction" Jeevika answered. "Mrs Vandhera, you may be the best teacher in Rishikesh but when it comes to love you are still a student. It is my responsibility to make sure you excel in that area. About getting approval from family members especially Dadaji & Bua is my responsibility; convincing Beeji is yours if the need arises." Viren chuckled at his nave wife. "I will speak to Virat when time comes, so Mrs Vandhera get ready to play cupid if needed but I'm pretty sure my brother and Saali will spare us from that" Viren joked.

Everyone was there to surprise Manvi for her birthday. Manvi was delighted to see the whole Choudary clan, Rishikesh punters gang along with the Vandhera family including Dadaji and Swamini bua at the celebration. Jeevika wanted to throw Manvi her dream birthday bash, something that she has always wished since a child. If her parents are still alive, they would have fulfilled it long time ago but Jeevika didn't dare to burden Beeji or Chachu any further when they were in Rishikesh. She shared her wish with Viren and he immediately worked his wonders to materialize it. Viren and Jeevika threw her one of the best birthday bash that she has ever experienced. It was exactly the kind of birthday she has always dreamt off. Despite being in hospital, she had the best celebration that she could dream of but yet she was unable to enjoy it to the fullest. Her birthday was incomplete without her Chep. The moment he told her about his Mumbai trip, she knew he will never be there to celebrate her birthday yet her heart told her otherwise.  It was almost 11pm, Virat hasn't called her and worst still he hasn't wished her. She was hoping him to call her immediately after her Di at stroke of midnight but he didn't. She kept on wondering whether he actually knew whether it was her birthday. "He remembers every small detail of my life, how can he forget my birthday!! It is past 11 and he hasn't called me yet!!" Manvi wondered to herself and of all days she missed him a lot today. She sat down near the window, while listening to her favorite song which reminded her of Virat.

If there a competition for the most cursing in an hour, Virat would have topped the list. He couldn't help himself from cursing everyone and everything that delayed him from the moment he landed till he reached his destination. He slowly tip-toed to her room, he saw her lost in her thoughts while star gazing. He went close to her, slowly whispered to her in his husky voice "Happy birthday my dear". The huskiness in his voice sent shiver down her spine, she didn't know whether it was reality or dream but it made her blush. She delighted to see her Chep standing next to her, with his trademark smile. The smile that mesmerized her, made her melt and lose herself. "Virat... Tum aur yahan? Woh bhi issi waqt? Aren't you supposed to be in Mumbai" she asked pretending to be surprised but her expression said what-the-hell-took-you-so-long-to-reach. "Oye meri maa, there is no Thank You in your vocabulary na?" he chided her. "Thank you for the wish... Anyways where is my birthday present?" she asked him.  "Sharam nahi athi tumne? I took so much of trouble to be here on your birthday and instead of appreciating me you are more concern of your gift Bandariya... I'm so disappointed, very bad Manvi" he mocked at her while pouting his lips. "I had to compel everyone to work overtime just to speed off the job completion in Mumbai, flirt with the airline ticketing staff to put me in high priority for my return ticket and went thru on an hour of cursing spree just to be here on time and all you are concern of is your birthday gift" he continued pretending to be hurt.  Manvi was speechless and she was moved with all the hassle Virat took for her except for the flirting which she made a mental note to deal with him later.

'Virat... woh mein..." Manvi mumbled and scrambled her head for the right words. She didn't know whether she should thank him or apologize. Virat understood her dilemma and diverted her thoughts. "What song were you listening to Bandariya? You seemed to be so mesmerized till you didn't realize my presence there" he asked her. "I stumbled upon this song recently and somehow it mesmerizes me whenever I listen to it... I love everything about the song, the tune, the lyrics, the emotions and the feel in the song. It is just so close to my heart, I could just relate to it so much." Manvi explained to Virat. "Acha let me listen to it. I also want to know what is so special in this song that has mesmerized you so much" Virat asked her while taking the earphone from her. His expression changed as he heard the song while Manvi was trying very hard to study his expression.


Thode badmash ho tum, Thode naadan ho tum

Thode badmash ho tum, Thode naadan ho tum

Haan magar yeh saach hai, hamari jaan ho tum

Thode badmash ho tum, Thode naadan ho tum

Haan magar yeh saach hai, hamari jaan ho tum


Meri saanso ki jhankar ho tum, mera sola shringar ho tum

Meri aankho ka intezar ho tum, mera emaan meri shaan mera maan ho tum

Thode beyimaan ho tum. thode shetan ho tum

Thode beyimaan ho tum. thode shetan ho tum

Hah magar yeh saach hai, mere bhagwaan ho tum

Thode ummm, Ummm naadan ho tum.

Umm haan haaan haaan hmhmm Badmaash


Finally he took off the earphone and looked away from her, avoiding her gaze. "So Virat, what do you think about the song? Do you like it?" Manvi asked Virat enthusiastically. "It is nice" he replied her curtly. "It is nice!!!! That is it Virat! Can't you think of anything else? Can't you relate to it? "Manvi was disappointed with him; she expected more from him, she wanted him to share the same emotions as her but he could only relay one liner answer. Manvi slowly walked away and sat on the couch silently. "Manvi kya hua? It was only a song yaar" he tried to cheer her while still avoiding her gaze.  She couldn't hide her emotions, her disappointment any further "Virat, it is not just a song for me. It means a lot to me. Anyways, forget it Virat.  You will never understand..." she answered trying to control her tears.

"What do you want to prove Manvi? What you want me to feel from this song?"  He asked her; unable to endure the disappointment he caused her but there was nothing but silence. "Fine, let me tell you what I truly feel. Every word of the lyrics resembles me, I feel as if you are  singing it for me, I feel as if you are dedicating the song for me, you are  confessing your feelings for me, you are confessing the love that you  refuse to acknowledge for me. Manvi I did promise you that I will not force you to reciprocate my love; I will wait for you but what I can't tolerate this any longer. It is the fact that you love me and you know it too, you can deny it but your eyes says it all Manvi. How long are you going to cheat yourself? How long are you going to live in denial Manvi? Why wouldn't you share your life with me? Why wouldn't you trust me to share your pain and sorrow with me? Why wouldn't you give me the right to care for you...right to love you'right to wipe your tears off...right to hold you...Why Manvi, Why? Tell me why? It hurts me even more when you deprive me of your love compare to the pain SHE caused me with her deceiving love. Kya mein tera  pyaar koh kabil nahi Manvi? Bolo Manvi?" Virat's grip on the window railing tighten, tears rolled off his eyes as he vent out his emotions. "Virat... "Manvi called his name softly as she touched his shoulder. Virat quickly brushed off his tears, got him composed and turned to face her. Tears were flowing from her eyes, but she reached out for his; she slowly wiped off the stains of tears from his cheeks. "Virat, tumara haq hai... Mera par tumara pura haq hai" she finally spoke. His teary eyes glittered, he couldn't believe his ears. He cupped her face in his hands, brushed her tears off with his fingers, kissed her forehead as he whispered "I love you Manvi".  She shuddered as he kissed her, she wrapped her hand tightly around Virat and finally confessed the words that Virat was longing to hear "I Love You  Virat..." Virat held her tightly in his arms and replied "I love you too Bandariya.

Virat was resting on her bed, his shoulder leaning on the bedhead with his hands wrapped around Manvi while she rested on his chest. She felt so safe, so warm in his arms; she could stay in his arms forever. "Oya Bandariya, you were not at all surprised to see me today" he asked her while stroking her silky hair. "My heart told me that you would come" she answered. "Hmm itna confident that I wouldn't miss your birthday today" he asked her. "Itna confident kyu khi kaal mere chemotherapy. Something that you won't miss" she replied. The word chemotherapy stung him, he couldn't control his tears as he looked away to drain off his tears. She felt his pain as he tightens his hug. "Are you scared?" he finally broke the silence. "Thoda but I will be alright. Now I have more reasons to fight against my illness. Virat, I want to live, I want to live for Di, for You'." she replied. Virat held her hand in assurance and kissed it. The clock struck 12, when he reached for the box from his pocket. He took out the ring and slowly slipped it on her delicate finger and sealed it with a kiss. She looked up as she felt the metal on her finger and was surprised to see the ring glittering on her finger. She admired the ring closer and wondered why he gave her present after her birthday. He knew what was going on in her mind, so he answered before she could ask. "It is not your birthday gift, I planned to give it to you on the day I confessed to you but nothing worked out accordingly. I was carrying it with me all the time, waiting for the day that you would accept me and my love. I didn't want to give you the ring on your birthday and I have my reasons for not doing so. I hope you understand Manvi" he explained as she looked at him in surprise; felt his jaw tighten as he spoke. Manvi knew it would have definitely reminded him of his past, she vowed to make him overcome it completely.

"It is very beautiful Virat." she told him. "Not as much as you Bandariya.  By the way, there is a message engraved on the ring" he smirked. Manvi quickly checked the ring for the message but failed to find it, Virat gestured her to check inside the ring. She was speechless to see the diamond and the message engraved, only her tears manage to convey emotions that she couldn't. "Virat Singh Vandhera, don't you have to go home? You are way passed Dadaji's curfew time" she reminded him in her attempt to change the mood in the room. "I'm not scheduled to arrive in Chandigarh or home till tomorrow evening. For once, I have decided to honor Dadaji's instruction and only return home tomorrow evening as per schedule. After all we Vandhera's strictly follow everything as per schedule. That means, I will be staying overnight with you Deft Footiya" he explained. "Kya?" Manvi gasped in shock. "Yes Manvi darling, you heard it right. I will spend my night here, making up for the whole week that I missed with you." he chuckled. "Very well Chep, you could spend your night in the bathroom as the couch would be very uncomfortable for you .Now get going Chep" she instructed him. "Firstly, didn't I tell you earlier that this bed is large enough for two? So there is no need to for me to sleep neither on the couch nor in the bathroom. If you really want me to leave, then why are still holding on to me so tightly?" he asked while giving Manvi his mischievous grin. She instantly freed herself from his hug but couldn't control her cheeks from turning red. "Hare wah, mere Bandariya ko sharam bhi athi"  Virat teased her while he pulled her back to his arms. "You are not leaving from my arms tonight, is that understood Manvi" he told her. Manvi tried to argue but Virat was not ready to take NO as an answer, leaves her with no choice but to agree.  He couldn't help admiring as Manvi slept so soundly in his arms, he was reluctant to let go of her from his arms but he had to. He slowly placed her head on the pillow, loosens her grip on his shirt and tugged her under her blanket.  He had to agree with Manvi that the couch was indeed uncomfortable but it gave him the comfort of watching his angelic Bandariya sleeping soundly.

Feel free to express your views/comments/criticism. Really appreciate them and long comments are really welcomedSmile

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I loved it! :D

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the convo bet manvi and virat was beautiful

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ClapClaploved it ClapClap

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woah...i m speechless...this is the best...plz plz plz update soon...btw thanks for pm...will be waiting for next pm
lots of luv

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ClapYou are awesome its beautiful loved the way he never let her Heart go Heart plz continue and plz pm, meSmile

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awesomely cute part..loved it !!

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its greatClap waiting for de next plz pm me wen u update it

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