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VirMan : Almost Heaven Part 19 -Updated (Page 129)

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Its ok take your time do pm me though wen you update

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its really long time.plz update soon nd add me to ur pm list
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Hi All,

The update finally... Not gonna say much as not words could describe how sorry I'm for the delay. Anyways I hope the update is worth the wait. I really loved the siggie created by Prachi and I would like you to enjoy it as much as I do along with the update

Part 18

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Despite Manvi's request, Viren felt it was his utmost responsibility to inform Beeji and Chachu on Manvi's recent health condition and Dr Shashank's decision to stop her chemotherapy. The news left the old lady devastated and the whole family immediately rushed to Chandigarh to Manvi's side. Viren tried to calm her but her heart refuse to accept any consolation till she sees her granddaughter with her own eyes. He knew very well that the Choudary women may seem very poise and calm most of the time but when provoked; no force on earth can come on their way to bend their determination. Seeing Beeji reactions, he knew where Jeevika inherited her traits from.


Viren decided to consult with Dr Shashank with the arrival of the Choudary's to visit Manvi. The last thing he wanted is Manvi to get emotional and deteriorate her heart condition any further. Dr Shashank explained to Viren that Manvi's condition has shown vast improvement but she is still under cardiologist observation. He was assured that her family's visit wouldn't deteriorate her condition but he still wanted to meet them before he allow them to visit Manvi. He found this as the best time to explain to them about her bone marrow transplant as everyone was present, they can perform the test together with Jeevika and the results can be expedited instead of waiting for it from Rishikesh and Viren agreed.


The Choudary's, Jeevika, Viren and Virat was gathered in Dr Shashank's cabin as he begin to explain the process to search for the suitable bone marrow donor and the subsequent processes till the transplant. "But Dr Shashank, only Jeevika has the same blood group as Manvi among all of us. Will there be a possibility for match in our bone marrow? " Madan Chachu enquired "Well, you don't need to have the same blood group to be the donor, what we are looking for is the highest probability of match for HLA markers." Dr Shashank paused as he saw the puzzled faces. "Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) tissues are proteins or markers that are found on most cells in our body. Our immune system uses these markers to recognize which cells belong in our body and which do not. The closer the match between the patient's HLA markers and yours, the better it is for the patient. There are higher possibilities of match among siblings but we don't want to eliminate any possible match among the close family members as well. That was the reason why I requested everyone to go for test in Rishikesh but since everyone is here, we can just perform the test here. We just need to perform cheek swab to check on match, if there is any match then we will need to perform further test." he concluded his explanation. Although the medical terms were difficult to perceive but everyone understood the ultimate need for bone marrow donor and everyone silently prayed that theirs would match Manvi. "Please ensure Manvi doesn't get hyper or emotional as she is still recovering although she may feigned as if she is perfectly normal" he cautioned the rest while giving Virat the cue to ensure Manvi follows his instruction. He knows that only Virat can manage her in this situation and Virat nodded in assurance.


It was heart-warming to see the reunion of Manvi and the Choudary's. They kept their promise by avoiding melodramatic scenes but you could just feel their emotions filling the ambience. The brothers stood aside watching them, although the Choudary's were not financially sound but they were so rich in love. They showered everyone with so much of love, affection and happiness that money can't buy. When many believed that money ruled the world, the Choudary's ruled hearts with their love. "Manvi Di, do you know what happened yesterday?" Dabbu's voice intercepted the brothers from their thoughts. "Kya hua mere Dabba? Did u ransack any sweetshop on your own? "Manvi asked him with her impish smile. "Dabba nahi Dabbu aka Dabinder Singh Chaudary... "he exclaimed him name with pride. "Anyways Manvi Di, did you know that ever since you moved to Chandigarh I have doing something secretly every day. Yesterday something really special happened." Dabbu continued his story. Everyone was getting impatient with Dabbu's confession and Manvi never had patience when it came to her Dabbu "Oye Dabbu, tumara suspense jodo and mere Dabba jalti batoa warna mein tuje..." she motioned her hands to strangle him."Actually nah every evening I have been going to Ganga Ghat to light a diya for you. Whenever you and Jeevika Di wished for something, you always light diya and believe that it will be fulfilled. As usual, yesterday when I was lighting my diya for you and watched it flood along the waters, suddenly other diyas floated and surrounded your diya bringing a new glow to the darkness of the night. Then there was a Baba there who asked me what I wished for while lighting the diya. When I told him about you, he smiled and said that it was a good sign that my wish will be answered and you will be back to Rishikesh really soon. Tears glazed her eyes as she heard Dabbu speak. "So Manvi Di, don't you worry... Tum zaroor Rishikesh jalti laut ayonghi aur hameesha mera saath rahunghi. Mein tumara bodyguard banungi aur hameesha tumara saath rahungi! I will never let you out of my sight after that" he told her.


"Oye Dabbu, Manvi kyun hameesha tumara saath Rishikesh mein rahunghi aur Chandigarh kyun nahi?" Virat's question startled everyone including Manvi; she sensed the acid tone in his voice. "Kyunki Chandigarh Jeevika Di ka sasural aur Manvi di ki nahi. aur Manvi Di hamesha mera saath rahungi Virat bhaiya!" Dabbu answered back innocently. Viren sensed the possessiveness in both Virat and Dabbu's voice and decided to intervene. "Dabbu, agar tumara Manvi Di koh bhi shaadi hogaya toh woh bhi uske sasural jayongi nah. Virat ka matlab woh tah." Viren tried to pacify the over protective Dabbu from his brother's wrath. He could sense that even the thought of Manvi being away in Rishikesh is unbearable for Virat. "Jeeju, agar Manvi Di ko sasural jaana padega toh, mein uske ladka Rishikesh mein doodlugi, Chandigarh mein nahi. Then she can be in Rishikesh forever, kyunki Manvi di koh hameesha Rishikesh  paseen hain" Dabbu reasoned with Viren. "Kya iss Bandariya ko milega koi ladka Rishikesh mein?" Virat challenged him and only Manvi, Viren and Jeevika could sense the true meaning behind Virat's words while the Choudary's thought it was one of Virat's normal nok-jok with Dabbu. "Definitely Virat bhaiya, I have actually told all my friends to lookout for Manvi Di's dulha..." Dabbu answered when he felt a strong smack on his head. "Ouch Manvi Di, why did you hit me?" Dabbu sulked while rubbing the back of his head. "Stop all this bakwaas Dabbu and don't spoil my name in Rishikesh. I'm not in a rush for marriage and I don't trust your choice at all!" she jeered at him. "Don't worry Dabbu, I will find a perfect life partner for my Mannu just like your Jeeju when the time comes" Jeevika replied and winked at Virat. "A lawyer like Jeeju?" Dabbu intervened. "Not by profession Dabbu but based on his characteristic, someone who will always shower my Mannu with love and affection always" Jeevika explained. "Di, mera Jeeju is one of his kinds just like you Di and he is exclusively for you. Mera choice toh toda alak hai " Manvi smirked at Jeevika making her blush while she watched Virat from the corner of her eyes. It was not often that she gets to see her bodyguard Bhai and her overprotective partner argue over her and a smile curved on her face. It was almost evening when Vanshika Ma arrived and gave strict orders for everyone to go home and rest especially Jeevika and Virat while she stayed back with Manvi. Neither Jeevika nor Virat could argue and reluctantly obeyed her orders. Manvi thanked Vanshika Ma for accomplishing something that she failed to do.


"Badi Ma, is something wrong?" Viren voice broke Swamini from her train of thoughts that she was immersed in her thoughts in the study. She smiled as she saw Viren; he has never failed to bring the smile, the glow in her face. Viren sat next to her and asked her again "Badi ma, you look worried and disturbed. Is there anything that is bothering you?". "Nothing Viren, I was just lost in my thoughts. Anyways it has been ages since we actually chatted like this" she smiled and replied him. "Sorry Badi Ma, I have been really occupied with the new case as well as Manvi but you know that I will always have the time for you." he assured her. They both engaged themselves in the conversation, discussing about his cases, client and almost everything under the sun. His conversations with his Badi Ma are not always intellectual but also personal; he could almost confide anything with her. Finally Swamini asked him the question that was bugging her all this while "Viren, tum khush hu na?". Viren was astonished with her question. "Badi Ma, of course I'm happy. What makes you think the otherwise? "he replied. "Viren, I have always wanted the best for you. Let it be your school, career and everything else in your life. When I was given the task of finding your life partner, it took me great effort to ensure your wife was compatible with you not by mere appearance but also with qualities and her upbringing because I wanted the best for you. I wanted your wife to fulfill your every need and give you all the happiness in the world but now I'm worried whether I manage to give you the same kind of happiness that I envisioned. I have no qualms against Jeevika but with recent incidents and Manvi's health conditions; I noticed that Jeevika's attention and priorities have changed. I know that every husband wants to be the top most priority of his wife but within short period of your marriage, you needed to endure so many hurdles. I just hope you could understand Jeevika's quandary and it doesn't affect your marriage "Swamini finally spoke.


"Badi Ma, I know Jeevika has been disturbed with Manvi's illness. Manvi is not just Jeevika's sister but her soul mate. I don't blame her for changing her priorities in her life now; I would have done the same if I was in Jeevika's position. In fact, I'm actually beginning to understand my wife better. The best thing that has ever happen in my life is Jeevika and I can't thank you enough for bringing Jeevika as my jeevan saathi. Despite her agony and emotional turmoil, she has never failed me as a wife and she has given me an opportunity to be her strength. Your decisions in my life have never been wrong and it will never be. Your upbringing has always taught me to perceive things wholly" Viren assured his Badi Ma of her choice and relieved her from her worries. Jeevika who decided to serve tea for her husband and Swamini Bua halted at the door step. Her expression froze as she heard their conversation. She dragged her feet back to the kitchen, left the tea tray on the counter and walked blindly as her legs led her to solitary.


Tears flooded her eyes; she never realized that she was so preoccupied with Manvi that she nearly neglected the family that she embraced as her own after her marriage. Swamini Bua was reasoning on her behalf to her husband and her husband perceives the situation in a positive manner; as his privilege to be her pillar of support. She couldn't count her blessings; her mum always told her there was a silver lining behind every cloud. She didn't know whether to cry for Manvi's illness or to rejoice for being bestowed with such a wonderful family. Beeji's words flashed in her mind when Viren insisted Manvi's treatment to be done in Chandigarh, "Jeevika beta, I will only allow this on one condition that you will not neglect your responsibilities as wife and daughter in-law. Can I have your word on that?" Beeji sternly asked and Jeevika promised to uphold her trust. Her love for her sister has clouded her from her other responsibilities. She broke her promise to Beeji and the word that she gave Dadaji that her responsibilities will always precede her emotions and love.


Viren saw his wife on their bedroom couch, curled up and he heard soft sobs from her. He knew she was worried about Manvi, he walked towards her and caressed her hair softly. Her body shuddered as she felt the familiar touch, the touch who always consoled her when she needed the most, a shoulder to cry over, her companion whom she has almost neglected yet he never complaint but continued to support as she stood along Manvi against her illness. She immediately hugged him, thrusting her face on his chest and her sob broke into louder cries as he stroked her, trying to ease her pain."Jeevika, Manvi will be alright." he whispered as he tried to console her and her cries became lauder instead leaving Viren perplexed. "Kya hua Jeevika" he asked deeply concerned with his wife's tears. "I'm so sorry Viren ji. All this while I have been overly concern of Manvi's health that I failed to see other things around me. I have neglected my other duties as a wife; a daughter in-law yet no one held any grudge against me... "tears choked her as she spoke. Viren cupped her face in his hands and saw how distraught his wife was. "My dear FM ji, when will you stop worrying? When I took my marriage vows with you, I promised to be at your side during happiness and sadness. How can I expect happiness when I know you are suffering within, and I would not have been any different if I was in your shoes." he assured his wife and he was relieved as her sobbing reduced. "I agree that you have given my share of attention to my dear Saali and in return I demand full attention once my Saali is back on her feet. There will be no compromise then. How is the deal? Anyways I think Virat can keep her occupied while I enjoy my wife's exclusive pampering "he asked Jeevika while wiping her tears away. Jeevika's delicate lips curved into a smile and that was enough to lighten the mood in the room. "Now that is better Mrs Vandhera. By the way, haven't I told you that you don't look beautiful when you are crying" he smirked as he reciprocates her hug.


Virat was restless in his room, the same place where once he happily spent his entire day was suffocating him today. He tried to sleep, to read, to listen to music, to play his games but everything failed. Unable to bear the torture any longer, he finally gathered his courage to make the call that he was hesitating for hours. After his persistence persuasion, he finally succeeded. He ended the call with the smile on his face and immediately packed his stuff and left. Whenever Vanshika Ma was around, Manvi felt contented as if her mother was around. Those heavenly moments were disrupted by a knock on the door. Manvi wondered who could be at this hour of the day. She gasped in surprise when she saw a familiar head popping in "Virat, tum!". He gave his most charming smile to both the two important ladies in his life. "Agaya tum..." Vanshika asked in stern voice and Virat gave her the most innocent smile and she immediately melted. "Ma, the driver is waiting for you at the lobby. I will behave as promised, so you can go and get some rest Ma." he assured his mum. Vanshika kissed Manvi goodbye and left while Virat accompanied her to the car. Manvi was completely clueless of what was happening but she decided she will demand for an answer once her Chep is back to the room. When Virat walked in the room, he saw her sitting on her bed with her arms crossed waiting to ambush him. "Ok meri Jhansi ki rani, I will explain everything. Don't bother wasting your energy. I went home as directed and slept the whole evening through. Now I m wide awake as an owl, so I decided to keep you company here rather than Ma. I called her to explain and she agreed. End of story!" he explained hiding the fact that he had to plead to his mom instead of explaining. "Virat, you and Di were supposed to be at home resting, it was an order from Vanshika aunty but now…" she tried to argue but Virat shushed her. "I have gone home, rested and even shaved if you have failed to notice. Now it is time for you to rest" he tried to pacify her but she was not ready to accept. "Ok yaar, I have seriously tried to rest, trust me I did. I was suffocating in my own room, I was restless and I needed to be with you. I finally called Ma, pleaded her and finally she allowed me to come over. Here I'm now. Ab khushi?" he finally confessed and she nodded. "Virat…" she called him softly. He pulled the chair to sit close to her when she moved aside, making him sit next to her on the bed instead. She leaned on his chest, cuddling to him "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" she asked. Virat wrapped his hand around her, bringing her closer "I didn't want you to worry too much Manvi" he replied. "I missed you Chep" she whispered "I missed you too Bandariya. Now it is very late, you better get some rest while I start on my work" Virat replied as he reached out for his bag taking out some books from it. "Virat, what books are you reading at this hour? Don't tell me on cancer again?" Manvi asked. "No, it is not on cancer but my old books on Law. Thought of brushing up" he replied. Manvi's eyes were widen as if she saw ghost. "Virat, tum aur Law books? Ghar mein kya hua? Dadaji kuch kaha?" Manvi shot him with strings of question. "Oye mera beena break ki kaadi, how am I supposed to answer when you don't even pause to breath and grant me a chance to explain?" Virat stopped her.

"I decided to spare everyone from heart-attack at home by announcing my sudden decision to practice Law; I guess enough of one casualty in the family at the moment." He winked at her but she was still staggered from her shock.  "Virat, kyu? I mean I'm happy that you have decided to pursue your career but why the sudden decision, why Law and why now? We both know that your passion lies elsewhere. This has got nothing to do with what Dabbu said earlier today nah? "she quizzed him with her scrutinizing look. "Well thanks to your Dabbu, I now need to prove my capabilities to all your suitors that he has lined up for you in Rishikesh" he joked but Manvi was definitely not amused. "Ok baba, actually it was not a sudden decision. I have made up my mind to pursue Law long ago but never really realized the urgency until the conversation Dabbu brought it up earlier. Dadaji would bring down the house if I tell him that I want to take up case on my own or if I decide to pursue my career with other firms. So I decided to speak to Bhai & Chachu later about joining them as junior counsel till I prove my capabilities to handle cases on my own.  At least it will give me time to catch up with Law that I jilted long time ago at my pace and able to spend time with you." he answered her. Manvi tried to retort but he placed his fingers on her lips, "Tum kuch mat bolo. It is high time that I start standing on my own feet and create my identity instead of shading behind my family, Samja meri jaan." Virat explained. "But Virat, tumara passion, tumara music koh kya hoga" Manvi finally asked. "Manvi, Law runs in my blood while music was a gift I was born with. The gift that gave me memories that I won't want to revisit at all until you came into my life. The music in my life will only return when the love of my life returns home with me. So get well soon and my music will be your welcome gift. " he finally promised her his music. Manvi was floundered for words, sadness and happiness choked her at the same time. She didn't know whether to be happy to have earned his love or to be worried with her fear that his music will die with her if she doesn't survive her battle.  Tears substituted her words. "Oye mere Bandariya, aaj kal tum itna senti kyu hogaya? Baas karo yeh aaso meri drama queen "he teased her to lighten the mood while he wiped off her tears. "You know something, Bhai and I will definitely shine in telly world in case we fail to excel in court. After dealing with two full time drama queen sisters in our life, we could handle anyone heroine out there" he joked and in return he received a blow on his chest from Manvi. "Thanks for the blow. Ab mera ehsaas hua ki mera Jhansi ki rani wapas agaya. Chalo, it is way past your bedtime; so time to sleep." He announced as he tucked her into her bed and kissed her goodnight. He caressed her hair until she dozed off to her slumber land, then he went back to his books. He shook his head in amazement as he was about to do something that he least expected himself to do voluntarily, all thanks to his Bandariya, her love. Virat Singh Vandhera was on his way to becoming a lawyer, upholding the family tradition.

Please let me know your comment/views/criticism...

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Wow...absolutely amazing update...glad to know that jeevika realizes that know...Big smile

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@rev4eva : Thanks so much for the update.. Will read it right away ...

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beautiful part

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wow, amazing updateClapit was worth the waitSmile

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awesome part..loved it

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