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Debating Championship II- 25th March (Page 2)

delilah Goldie

Joined: 14 March 2005
Posts: 1970

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 3:16am | IP Logged

Originally posted by CuteFairy91

Hi. First of all my name is Amna. LOL LOL

Second off all I think that the society is not moving in the right direction. I agree we have made some progress but is it the right one.

My first argument

There is so much pollution in the world. Did you know 1 Car= 10,000 trees

We have polluted our earth. We have so many cars now. I mean scientists are still trying to find a way to get rid or to undo carbon dioxide.

Did you know scientists belive that there was life on Venus before.

If you didnt know then read this:

What have we achieved??? I mean if you put 50 ppl in a room and leave them in for 10 dayz. They will survive.
If you leave them with a car they will die.

N they also belive that the life ended because there was nothing to undo the carbon dioxide. Doesnt dat kind of relate to our situation??? Cuz we have no idea how to undo Carbon Dioxide.

I dont think walking to some place might hurt you. I mean sometimes not using your car is okay. Cuz then you dont pollute it.

N in lots of countries trees are cutting down like crazy and then they promise to plant a tree when they cut one. But lots of ppl arent doing that.

So what have we achieved we are kind of killing our planet. Cuz of not enuf trees and polluting it dat much so it turns into venus soon. LOL

To say that nothing can be done to undo all the carbon dioxide is wrong. I think all of us know that plants utilise the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make oxygen. so all that we need oto do is to plant more trees in a planned manner. though it is not wrong to walk from one place to is not practically possible after a certain distance to do so.

Just because there are a few peoplw who still dont show concern for the environment doesnt mean that there arent others who do so. There are international companies who manufacture paper and other stationary stuff from recycled materials. Also many major cities across the worlsd now have recycle plants. All that people have to separate their garbage to the recyclable (vegetable waste, etc) and that of the non recyclable (glass,plastics etc).

Right from schools on wards there is a great emphasis on ecological awareness. Like in many schools here they have something called the ECO - Clubs. these people go around educating and making poeple aware of how necessary the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) are. Also they used to collect their Water and Electricity to monitor their consumption. Now of course these are very small tiny steps ....but every single drop contributes towards the ocean.  Even eco tourism is on the rise giving people a means of making money and at the same time conserving the environment. Just yesterday there was this article in the newspaper how women are making a difference in tiger conservation in India. Now all this wouldnt have been possible without spreading awareness in the first place. In an age where there is awareness and people are making efforts to go in the right path and at the same time educate others we are defintiely heading in the right direction.


My next Argument:


As you all know in the future we are going to run out of water.

Hmm..... wat do u use water for???

water my lawn, wash my car, use it on sumthing really stupid....

But do you know wat sum ppl waste water on things like those I have listed. We are going to run out of fresh water. Lots of countries dont have enuf already. So they ask other countries to supply it. We supply water to USA n they supply us wid Fruits. Datz a fact.

We still have lots of water but sum countries dont. I think by using water on stupid stuff we r just wasting it.

Like on tv we watch commercials that are abt water... But are v even following them...

My question to you is "Have you ever thought abt saving water for tommorow??
I will add sum more things later. Smile

In the future we will all run out of water IF it is not conserved. Not just water but most of our resources would run out IF we do not conserve them and bring down the population to a healthy level. Nowadays people are not just making statements but doing things to make a change. Rain water conservation is being carried out. Waste water is treated and reused for agricultural purposes. Here in the UAE, the taps in most public places have been turned to that automated system where water flows only when you put your hand under the tap.and it immediately stops after a few minutes.

 we watch plenty of commercials on TV regarding the cnservation of water. Just because a few watch it only because it is being played as an advertisemnt others dont. Because there are people who do follow these ads and try not to waste water and conserve it

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CuteFairy91 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 January 2005
Posts: 5424

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 4:25pm | IP Logged
Okay. I am bak. LOL

There is still racism in the world. When you go to sum countries they are still being racist.

Like u see sum movies. They show how they treat the other ppl. N I think lots of you have seen those movies too. Where they are still fighting n going like this isnt ur country n u have no right to do anything in it.

How cum there are still bomb dat are blasting everywhere???

Do you guyz remember abt da bomb blast on July 7, 1 day after my bday. Angry

If we are going in da right direction how cum things like these are still happening.
gk_09 IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 10 May 2005
Posts: 24724

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
I agree with Cutefairy.

So much racism and hatred in the world. why do we have the the international day of racial discrimination ??

i also think that were going the right way in the tech world but whats the point of the techonology if you dont use it properly... meaning nuclear bombs etc.

and if we are going in the right direction then why are racism and nuclear bomb blasts still happening..shouldnt thet have stopped by now??
delilah Goldie

Joined: 14 March 2005
Posts: 1970

Posted: 26 March 2006 at 11:01pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by CuteFairy91

Okay. I am bak. LOL

There is still racism in the world. When you go to sum countries they are still being racist.

Like u see sum movies. They show how they treat the other ppl. N I think lots of you have seen those movies too. Where they are still fighting n going like this isnt ur country n u have no right to do anything in it.

How cum there are still bomb dat are blasting everywhere???

Do you guyz remember abt da bomb blast on July 7, 1 day after my bday. Angry

If we are going in da right direction how cum things like these are still happening.

There was and there still is racism in the world. And Bomb blasts and other things that happen now have happened before. There has never been a period in history when humans did not fight with one another or discriminate one another.

 But there was also a period in history when people who were black skinned were sold as slaves. They were treated in the most inhumane ways possible. But that is not the condition anymore. I am not saying that racism has been completely wiped off from the face our planet but we are heading there. There are examples of so many people who are dark - skinned or belong to that race who are in prominent positions of power( Condolezza Rice and Kofi Annan are two) and there are so  many of them who dominate completely in the field of sports. There are so many who have tasted success in entertainment in music etc.

Just because there still are a few elements of society who still support and follow racist policies one cannot deem entire society as going in the wrong direction.  There are so many places in the world where people from different countries, races and religion live in complete harmony with each other. Isn' t this concept in the right direction??

As far as bomb blasts are concerned they are only encouraged by some evil people in society who take the name of religion or any other reason to fulfill their own selfish desires.  But in society there are many people who not only oppose these things but also try to prevent the other members of the society from falling into the hands of these vices. They are also willing to help them so they can rehabilitated and brought back to the mainstream society.

I dont think that a time will come when all the humans will be good willed people wanting peace and not committ any crimes such as abortion,the abuse of drugs, violence, etc. That is a idealistic thing and ideals dont exist; they are only imagined. Because man has been created with baser instincts and he has to learn to control them.


CuteFairy91 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 January 2005
Posts: 5424

Posted: 27 March 2006 at 12:57am | IP Logged
Okay I am bak da 4th time. lolz.

I am pretty brave even though I dont know wat I am talking abt. lolz. LOL LOL j/k

Bak to da topic.

First of all I dont think we are going in the right driection.

Like I said we are still attacking countries and we havent done anything about dat.

There was this guy who said when I die there will b 2 soliders who will dig up my skull n will b drinking in it. N then he also said dat there will be a guy called Hitler sumthing like dat who will rule and make it terriable. N then he said after him there will b sum1 else too. N that did happen. Cuz after Hitler we have President Bush.

Did you know my bday is on da same day as President Bush. LOL

How are we going in da right direction if we still have President Bush... lolz.

I mean like you guyz said ppl dont agree wid him....

But then why did they vote for him again. I mean they got another opprotunity. N they still voted.

N u said they dont agree. If they didnt they wouldnt have voted. I mean who would vote for such a monster. A country destroyer.

I mean y did they vote for him.

Do you guyz remember when sum guy from Denmark made sum cartoons abt Prophet Mohammad??

I dont think dat was right. Cuz dat was racist. I dont think it was nice to make fun of some1 religion. I dont thing by thinking like dat is moving forward.

I mean I think this happend along time ago. It just happend this year.

Ppl are still narrowminded. N you cant deny dat.

I mean y sud he do such athing. Cuz I think they didnt do anything to him. So y wud he do such a thing.

N how are we moving in da right direction when we dont even know da direction we are going in is gud for us or not.

I was so dissapointed when I saw ppl voted for Bush. They got another chance but they still did vote for him. I mean like u said most pl dont agree wid him. so why wud they do that???

There are still so many diseases in da world dat have no cure. There is aids. N u cant get rid of it. 1/4 of da world has it. N now there is bird flu. N b4 there was sars.

When Bush attacked Afghanistan. I dont think it was da ppl living in Afghanistan's fault. I dont they did anything. Cuz they had nothin do do wid him.

How are we safe. Cuz you know never know who is da next country whoz going to b attacked. First it was Afghanistan n then it was Iraq.

Iraq had way more freedom b4 .I mean now they have sum ppl called Americam Soliders on top of their heads. LOL

So now they cant really do anything. N now Iraq is a salve more then a country wid freedom. Do you guyz realise dat now most of the countries are against Bush. So you never know abt another attack.

Cuz I dont think attacking lots of countires n making em their enemy is gud. Cuz you know wat they might just destroy you. Cuz u cant clap wid 1 hand.

I can talk abt this all day. But I have sumthin else to talk abt nowl.

World Poverty

My new big topic. lolz.

There is still poverty. There are so many countries who are very poor n lots of ppl die hoping dat there might b sumthing else da next for them.

But they are wrong. Cuz I dont think we did anything to do abt it. It is just getting worse. Do you know why??

First reason is dat Bush attacked 2 countries which were doing okay b4.

Afghanistan wasnt rich .It was poor but it was better b4 then now I mean lots of ppl died. Cuz of the attack made by Bush. it wasnt their fault.

N then there is Iraq. It is now poor too. It was running really gud b4. Ppl didnt complain. Atleast they had freedom b4. But now they dont. Cuz there are huge tanks outside. I mean how can ppl live if there are huge tanks outside ur house. The world is just getting worse.

How r we going in da right direction if there are still bomb blastings n attacks being made????

You never know wat da next country might be dat Bush might attack.

I mean he attacked all da poor countries. So there is no end to this. If there was then we were goin to do sumthing abt it. N we didnt.

I can talk all day but I have to go to bed. lolz. Smile

Edited by CuteFairy91 - 27 March 2006 at 1:40am
Aparna_BD IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 July 2005
Posts: 4924

Posted: 27 March 2006 at 6:50am | IP Logged
This was a great debate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every one's argument was great to read . Every one made effort .

datspreet didnot particpate in the debate as planned so we had one particpant down.

Jav disapeared after giving an opening argument . gk_09 came into make a comment once .

While i_luv_jaysean and cutefairy_91 kept throwing up arguments after arguments .
Delilah and LT did a great job refuting those arguments .

Now comes voting !! The topic is closed and we'll be voting now ! Wishing all particpants the best !

Edited by Aparna_BD - 27 March 2006 at 6:53am

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