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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

'Smriti (tulsi's) aticle's on her bday

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'My diet regime? Is that a joke?'

Today, March 23, India's favourite bahu turns 30. Smriti Irani, or Tulsi -- as she is called in the very popular soap, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi -- has already achieved superstardom. The serial has achieved cult status. Throughout the country, you can find housewives discussing the latest drama in Tulsi's life, fashion trends in Kyunki and the inevitable question: When Baa will finally die. A day before her 30th birthday, we caught up with Smriti. She spoke about the show, her life and her birthday plans. Over to her.

"It's going to be a very boring day. It will begin with the shooting of Kyunki, then I (will) watch my daughter taking dance lessons. I am keeping my evening free hoping Mr Zubin Irani (her husband) gives me a big surprise!

will be one of those rare days; I will be sitting all evening staring at him. I am sure that is scary enough for him! Zubin ends up being clumsy since there is so much pressure on him to make the day special.

Wish Smriti Irani!

'My diet regime? Is that a joke?'

On her birthday plans

I love books. On one birthday, Zubin got me a dozen books and wrote a small note for me inside every book. But he was so tense, instead of writing March 23, he wrote March 20! He totally messed up the notes on all the books. And he did not even realise his mistake until much later. Zubin does something special every year to make my birthday memorable. My children have grown up now. My son is four (years old) and my daughter is two (years old). Yesterday, I heard my daughter practicing Happy birthday to you in her room till late evening. By the time she was done, she had a sore throat! In the serial, Tulsi makes sure her kids fall in line. At home, my children make sure that I fall in line and march to their tune. It's quite the opposite!

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'My diet regime? Is that a joke?'

On her career Significantly, I will also complete six years with Balaji Telefilms today. It was this day when I had first got my contract for Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and another serial called Kavita. For the past six years, I have always worked on my birthday. I always tell Ekta Kapoor that I am her oldest employee. I have stuck around for a very long time. I may become a prehistoric monolith by the time we finish the serial! For everyone else's birthday on the sets, I am in charge of the celebrations -- to get the cake et al. But on my birthday, I run away from the cake. Usually, my colleagues get together on my birthday, conspire and whisper (about pulling her leg) but they respectfully just cut the cake. Giving me birthday bumps is not possible as I am huge!

And nobody, except Ba, has the courage to smear cake on my face. But she also lets me go because I am three inches taller than her!

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'My diet regime? Is that a joke?'

On making it big I think when anyone struggles they think they are being short changed. And I went through my phase of struggle too. At the end of the day what I have got today in life is worth it. At least my dreams came true. There was a point of time in my life when I just had Rs 50 in my pocket. I had very high fever then, and had decided that the Balaji audition would be my last. I took a train and got down at Mahalaxmi station (in Mumbai). I did not even have the minimum fare to take a cab to Famous Studio, so I had to take a bus. I have attained a fair degree of success. I don't have any regrets. I am enjoying what I am doing. Don't Miss: 'Cricket is depressing'

'My diet regime? Is that a joke?'

On acting

I play a 50-year-old woman in Kyunki. It doesn't matter what age I'm playing as long as I manage to play my role adequately, as long as I am able to be a part of the show that has been number one for the past six years continuously. I think as an actor one should be ready for every challenge that comes, every kind of role that comes your way. I never did any preparation to play the Tulsi I have been playing. So preparing to play an older Tulsi is out of question. I just follow the director's brief and the script. The only difference I think is that I was much thinner when I started playing Tulsi. Those were the days!

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'My diet regime? Is that a joke?'

On her fitness regime

Is that a joke? Do I look like the sort who would have a diet regime? You don't want to know my weight and I don't even try to diet, as I will be very miserable at it! On the mercy killing of Tulsi's saas, Savita (played by Apara Mehta) on Kyunki (Laughs) I can kill only certain people. I never ask Balaji what they are going to do next. Most of the women playing bahus are my friends. Gauri Pradhan and I are batch mates. As far Shilpa Saklani, it was me who made Balaji cast her. I have been the main protagonist on Kyunki… and I will continue to be the same. On her identity It's not true that I am known as only Tulsi. I am known as Smriti more. Thanks to shows like Kuch Dil Se … I have made a name for myself as an individual. I have been lucky enough to break through. I have just started my production company, which has already had its first two box-office hits in terms of theatre. I have never perceived to like a particular role. I look at projects in totality. Its never happened that I thought I want to be a, b or c in a film.

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thanx realy nice article Big smile Big smile
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Tulsi turns 30.

Okay, so Smriti Irani's iconic Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi character is probably a grandmother right now, but the actress herself just turned 30 today, on March 23.

Indian television's most recognisable face, Smriti shows no signs of slowing down. The television bahu is loved across the nation.

Join in and wish Smriti Irani a Happy Birthday.

Just SMS SMRITI followed by your greeting to 7333!

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Smriti Irani I landed my first job when I was 16. It was a summer job, which fetched me Rs 250 per day. I was selling herbal cosmetic products, called Naturants, at a roadside stall in the sweltering Delhi heat. I could hang onto my job for five days only because there were so many kids wanting to take up summer jobs then. From my salary, I gave Rs 100 to all the elders in my family -- my grandmother, mother and father. It was quite sentimental. With the rest of the money, I bought gifts for my sisters and a dupatta for my mother. That was all I could afford. What stuck in my memory was that it took only half a day to blow up what I had earned in five days! I realised one needs to be careful with money. Later, I worked at my father's courier company but he did not pay me a salary. I just got conveyance money. I saved whatever I could from that, and it came up to Rs 20,000. With that money, I set up an agency in Thane, which was a success. I know I have the skill to survive and be successful. Even if I were not a known face or didn't have an acting job, I would have been successful.

I've done it all, even wiped floors at a McDonald's when I worked there. You need to start from scratch to reach the top.

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Smriti Irani: I don't watch Kyunki

August 29, 2005 14:40 IST

India's favourite bahu Smriti Irani chatted with readers on Saturday, August 27.

The actress cum Bharatiya Janata Party member spoke about her experiences on the sets of her very popular soap, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. She was also quite articulate about her political dreams.

For those who missed the chat, here is the first part of the transcript:

ashok nagpal : What went wrong when you crticised Modi Gujrat Govt and how did tkae U-tun?
Smriti Irani : I have always maintained, Mr Nagpal, that I will publicly not discuss this issue since I am unable to do so honestly. I hope you appreciate the fact that I am not a politician who would like to give you half-truths. Hence I chose silence.

KSBKBT : Hi Smriti dont u think, it's high time the serial KSKKBT is stopped and something better is started instead
Smriti Irani : I personally think that the fact that it is still the number one show on Indian television just goes to prove that it still has a lot of people watching who appreciate the acting and the story. So for their sakes, I continue to do my job. The day it ends, kindly ensure that you find me a new one!
lipu : how much you love india???
Smriti Irani : I love it enough to vote; love it enough to pay my taxes; I love it enough to put it before family and self.
Anuj : Hi Smriti u also also beaing in politics . Do u feel politics is pure business now . There is hardly such emotions like national feeling
Smriti Irani : No business is pure my friend. But politics for me is not business. It's a thought, a contribution, a state of mind. I was born in a free country, which seeked to encourage freedom and justice for all. I want to be a part of that process, just like any other Indian. I can't speak for the rest, but I think the little India all of us carry in our hearts should be good enough for us individually to take a step to help ensure that same freedom and justice that our constitution guarantees is given to all.
raj : plz share ur some funniest incident on the sets of kyunki---
Smriti Irani : Raj, I'm badgered world-over as the biggest cry-baby on screen! Do you genuinely think something funny can happen with me? But yeah, one day when Ba was crying out in the middle of a scene - 'Ganga, Damini, Koi Hai?' her man friday, ironically named Ganga charged through the sets as though her knight in shining armour on a black steed, screaming 'rukiye Ba, main aa raha hoon'. I think that day I rolled in laughter for a good 20 minutes!
pratap : hi, tulsi what is the role of B.J.P. for reservation of lady MP.
Smriti Irani : BJP totally stands by reservations for women in parliament. The only thing it objects to is reservations on the basis of religion. In our country, everyone should be equal under the law. One should not encourage division on the basis of religion, region, caste or creed. If one wants India to truly rise as one of the greatest nations of the world.
imrankazi : Hello Smriti I like u r work in KSBKBT I think u must worj in flims & do good role & plz dont go politics its very corrupted field
Smriti Irani : Thank you for your compliments for my acting. But I think politics today needs people from various backgrounds who are educated and conscious enough to bring about change. Everyone tells me politics is a dirty game, but who better than a housewife to clean up all the mess?
Avinash : How long will u r serial KSBKBT run? Will it run till really reach the age of Tulsi in real life too?
Smriti Irani : Avinash, for my serial to reach the real age of Tulsi, in real life, it has to run backwards! For Tulsi on screen is 50, and Smriti Irani is only 29!
Hi : Are you a POlitician or a tele actress? What do you want to be known as?
Smriti Irani : Plain and simple Smriti Irani. mother of two, married to Zubin Irani.
Vicky : What do you think about Sonia Gandhi personally, not as a politician?
Smriti Irani : I think it must be extremely difficult as a woman to raise two children in the absence of your husband. It must be extremely difficult to stand your ground in Indian politics, which, as of now, is male dominated. For me, Mrs Gandhi is someone I don't know personally, so won't be in a position to comment on her on a personal level, but I hope, as a BJP member, I make for an effective yet clean opposition.
AGoodBahu : Do you believe that the KSBKBT model of joint families are workable? In your experience, is it possilbe to have a mother - in - law who is pleased with you, and loves you unconditionally. I have an extremely disgruntled mother - in - law (as you may have guessed :-)
Smriti Irani : Home is where the heart is, and so is family. I think in today's day and age, it doesn't matter whether your family is joint or nuclear. What matters is how important are relationships for you, and to what length would you go to maintain them. I think the idea is to give respect to your elders and those who are younger than you, but to stand your ground firmly when it comes to issues close to your heart. Jhukne se insaan chhota nahin hota, lekin logon ko bhi saavdhani barakhni chaahiye that humility and respect need not necessarily mean weakness. So love your mother-in-law, but never compromise on self-respect!
akiips : Hello Smriti Jee, This is ashish Mishra from II T Kanpur. Do you think that providing reservations to women's in Parliament will be able to uplift women's situation in the society?
Smriti Irani : Hi Ashish. Constitution guarantees freedom for employment and representation to all. Unfortunately if you look at a composition of the present Parliament, you will not see women represented in equal numbers. It's a sorry state of affairs when one has to demand reservation to ensure that women are equally represented. But truly, women can be uplifted in our society if we guarantee education, employement and speedy justice. And for that, not only women, but also men have to contribute.
Kiran : I think the the soap KSBKBT becoming too boring.Do not u think ?
Smriti Irani : Hi Kiran. I work all day, then I'm back home and only with my family. Without any TV in between. I don't know whether to find Kyunki boring, because I honestly don't watch it at night! We've always endeavoured to ensure that our work is of the highest quality, and that's how we've managed to be the number 1 show for the last 5 years. I will, however, pass on your said comment to the authorities that create Kyunki.
rahul6474 : hi,tulsi; though u r the inspiration for the youngones u plz become a little bit thin as u were earlier when ksbkbt started.v all wanted u 2 bcome a real indian idol bye
Smriti Irani : Hi Rahul. What's your waist-size? As a teenager, I was taught to judge people on the basis of their work, their talent and their character. Never in my life did I imagine that my own weight would become a national issue! I'm a mother of two, who went back to work just 3 days after delivering both my children. I didn't take the luxury of resting one and a half - two months as normally women do. That tells today on my health. I withstand a lot of criticism and jokes about my weight, but the truth of the matter is that I would like to lose the weight for myself and not for anyone else. I'm happy that you think I'm an idol for many, but I'd rather be an idol because of my personality and my talent, not because I have an 18-inch waist. For such idols stand on pedestals with feet of clay.
ricky : hi smriti,u r one of the boldest ladies we have today.what do u think of the country's future
Smriti Irani : The country's future is what you will make it. Make your local representatives in parliament and assembly more answerable. Ask for more transparency in use of public funds. Ask for reps in water, fire, police, and electric departments to be assessed every year on the basis of their service. And submit a plea to the courts to have them relieved of their service, if they have been corrupt, inefficient, or ineffective. At the same time, try and not break the rules yourself. With this little contribution from your own end, at least you can ensure that India will have a bright future.

sainathshenoy : What's an average day in Smriti's life now?
Smriti Irani : extremely chaotic! begins at 6 in the morning, with two babies to send to school, breakfast to cook, goodbye kisses by 7:30. Off to work, back to check up on lunch, whether kids have eaten. In between breaks, try to get bhaji for the day. Checking whether husband has eaten his lunch. Back by 7 at home, to put the kids to bed. Do office-work after they are asleep. Then do ghar ka hisaab and shut the kitchen. Try and read something before I go to sleep. Sleep by 12:30-1 am.

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Cricket is depressing: Smriti Irani

August 30, 2005 14:46 IST

Smriti Irani, one of Indian television's biggest stars and a member of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, chatted with readers on August 27.

Tulsi of the super successful Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fielded questions about her "melodramatic soap opera" as well as political issues.

For those who missed the chat, here is the second and last part of the transcript:

Read the first part of the transcript here

PratapB : Hats off to you for being part of a hugely popular telesoap. However, dont' U think it is not lost its credentials? Probably it would be tough to tell truth on your part.
Smriti Irani : What credentials? It's a melodramatic soap opera! It's fiction! However, even in that melodramatic, cooked up soap, I try and not project anything unethically and put my foot down especially when it comes to issues concerning women, their self respect and freedom.

kpojha : Hi, I am a great fan of yours, started watching ur serial since 4 yrs. I have a simple qn, when u will slap/punish mohini I m waiting for that.
Smriti Irani : Hi pooja. a) don't incite violence!b) I think Mohini's evil plans make Kyunki extremely spicy to watch.c) am myself waiting to settle scores.

mpsokhijammu : Howz working with Kyu..serial..r u enjoying
Smriti Irani : I always thought of Jeetuji as a producer, and didn't know how to react when I heard that he would also be my co-star. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw his behaviour on set as an actor. He was not only extremely cooperative and courteous, but never through his actions, did he ever let on that he is a living legend in the Indian film industry. I think working with him was truly a blessing.

SanjayGujarat : Ab apko nahi lagta ki "K S B K B T" bandh kar dena chahiyee...fourth generation u showing with black hair...!!
Smriti Irani : Sanjay ji, maine khud maang ki thi ki mere baal safed ho, lekin jab meri saas ne mana kara ki woh apne baal nahin safed karengi, to producer ne meri safedi se saaf inkaar kar diya. Mujhe khushi hai ki aap mere tarah hi vichaar rakhte hain, par agli baar jab meri baat-cheet ho producer se, to apne support mein main aapka hi prashn unke saamne prastut karoongi.

Sapna : Is your Husband a muslim?
Smriti Irani : My husband is an Indian, Sapna, thank you.

Smriti Irani : Dear UK, I act in my series, you encourage it by watching it. As for me quitting politics for I don't know the game, politics is not a game, it involves the destiny and the future of your country and your people. But then, with a name like UK, I don't know whether you'll appreciate that Indian sentiment!

Arian : I've seen some of your pics.. you're not as old as you look in KSBKBT.. why dont you do some roles where you play a younger person? you would look great!
Smriti Irani : Thank you, Arian. I've just produced my first play, where I act my age. I've done shows like KUchh Dil Se, which was a talk show on socio-political economic issues. So I do do a variety of stuff, but I think Kyunki gets the most limelight.

lotsahype : hi smriti whts ur opinion bout nowdays heroines becoming more bold and shedding off more clothes is it really needed for a movie to run?i dont think so the myth is a gud story line wht u think???
Smriti Irani : like your name suggests, it's just lots of hype! Sholay never had anybody stripping, yet it's one of the biggest hits Indian cinema has ever seen. This goes to prove that a good story and a good cast works ALWAYS!!

Gony : Who win the Ashes series?
Smriti Irani : God knows! Cricket is one of the most depressing topics for Indians today.

khan_amar : Hi Smriti, what is your take on reality tv
Smriti Irani : As long as reality tv doesn't get boring, it's good. I like The Apprentice, I think it's a cool show to watch.

Akhil : PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Looook ThisSMIRITIJI PLEASE ANSWER ITSmiriti Ji what you want to change in the country if u get authority for a week? and Why???
Smriti Irani : Too many things! a) Ensure speedy justice and punishment for severe crimes like rape, murder, sexual exploitation of children.b) Enforce severe punishment for those who sit in positions of power and misuse it for personal gain. c) Enforce directives which make education till Xth standard mandatory for all.d) Enforce directives which ensure that youngsters who have the brightest background and education, get to compete on equal terms for every high office in our country.e) Enforce equal and effective distribution of foodgrains and essential services to each region of our country. Any individual found tampering and adulterating essential supplies like foodgrains, kerosene, milk, medication, to be given severest punishment that the law has to offer.f) To help bring about a Presidential ordinance supported by the Supreme Court of India that seeks to ban people with a criminal past to stand for any election in our country.

Ajaz : Salam smriti you are very good bahu of India then why do you want to become politician which is not our bread. Concentrate on social service that is enough. You have a very good reputation.
Smriti Irani : Every Indian has a right to take part in politics. Why not me?

sumaa : how important is marriage for a woman?
Smriti Irani : Marriage, for a man and woman both, should be an extremely fulfilling and complete experience. On the day you get married, you take a vow that from that day on, your life from two become one. For me as a person, I think I've been extremely lucky and blessed to marry a man who is not only my best friend, but who in times of need has always stood tall, protected me when I needed it the most. I think for marriage to be so fulfilling, you need to marry a man like I have. But I also know that not everyone ends up being so lucky. So my only advice or thought on this particular matter would be to allow yourself to fall in love, at least once in your life, completely. And then keep your fingers crossed that God too blesses your union forever.

Smriti Irani : Hi Sandeep.

Smriti Irani : Hi Iqbal. It's nice of you to complement me, hope to see you soon at Boisar again.

niki56 : smriti tell me arent u bored by doing same thing in kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi?
Smriti Irani : hi niki. It's thanks to kyunki that I get to chat with you today and for that, I'll never be bored of my show.

Abhishek1 : Hi ,Smriti are you planning to enter into full-time politics?
Smriti Irani : Hi Abhishek. I am in politics, full-time. That's exactly why I need to take your leave right now, because my political office beckons me. BYE FOLKS!

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Smriti Irani I was going through a very bad phase when Kyunki... Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi... happened. I was just not getting any work. That's when I got a call from Balaji, asking me to meet up with them. At that time, all I knew about them was that they had made Hum Paanch. I had never been to a meeting before; I had only stood in queues for auditions. So I didn't have the faintest clue as to what happens in meetings. When I went there, Mrs (Shobha) Kapoor told me she had seen me in one of the episodes of the Bakeman Ooh La La show and I had done a fabulous job. All Ekta did was look at me from head to toe. Then she left the room. It was all over in a second. I left with a sinking heart. Later, I got another call from Balaji asking me to audition for Kyunki.... But when I reached there, my name was not in the audition list. After double checking, I was told only one name had been written against Tulsi Virani -- mine! Ekta was so sure only I would bring life to this mega character called Tulsi. Life is so unpredictable.
Then, when I was slated to do a character role in Ghar Ek Mandir, one of the Balaji crew tore my contract and and said, "No doing character roles. You are our Tulsi!" I was a rank newcomer and yet, on my birthday, a huge cake was cut for me. I was a total non-entity then, so much so that the security guards would not let me into the studios.

I still remember two weeks after I began shooting, a security guard would not let me in. I had to call up the production guys to rescue me!

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Ronit Roy I'm from Ahmedabad. I stayed with a family friend, until I found my bearings in Mumbai. I've strayed, made my share of mistakes, made wrong career choices, had bad dealings... I've been through all of that. I got my first break in television in 1996, in a serial called Samjhota with Bhagyashree, for Doordarshan Network. I've struggled for years, and am still slugging it out. You can never say your struggle is over. It goes on. Yes, it may get easier. You get work, you make enough money to buy a bigger house, but you still struggle. If you want to stay in this industry, you have to work hard.

I was at the right place at the right time. Balaji gave me a great platform. Since then, the going is good (Roy plays the popular character Mihir Virani in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Mr Bajaj in Kasautii Zindagii Kay).

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