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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

TD Update for 29.03.05

.....Lata..... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
 TD Update for Episode dated 29.03.05

 Today's episode had excellent performances by the three main stay of the serial DK, Disha and Vedant. And not the forget the direction by Mr. Rishi Talwar is simply superb along with the superb dialogues, sound effects and music included.

 Episode begins with Vedant sitting in his room and DK coming there. They keep showing Vedant's legs and DK suddenly appears. Vedant immediately stands up. 

 DK:  blasts at him and tells him that I never ever thought that you to stoop to this level. You mistook my silence to be my weakness and crossed all limits this time. 

 Vedant : Brother come to the point

 DK : Who does Disha mean to you, what relation do you share with my Wife?

Just then Gargi pops in from behind. Vedant looks at her and thinks oh Mom, not again, why do you do all these things.

 Vedant ( to Dk)  : Do you have the guts to listen to the truth, I don't think so. In Disha you got a prized catch and like a trophy you kept her decorated in your house, now you are insecure that someone else will snatch away the trophy.

 DK : Just stop this nonsense.

 Gargi interrupts them and tells that we should forget all this and think about Disha now that she is pregnant.

Vedant is dumbstruck on hearing this. He tells WHAT?

 Dk to Vedant : What????? Why are you acting so surprised, infact you should be feeling on top of the world and start distributing sweets now that you have succeeded in destroying me, the purpose of your coming to this house has afterall been achieved. The trophy which was with me will now decorate your house. I feel like strangling your neck.

Gargi tells him Sunny, why are you accusing Vedant, afterall Disha meets lots of other men too. DK just looks aghast at her. So is Vedant, he tells Shut up Mom such talks don't suit you. DK looks at both of them and with a disgusted expression says Like Mother, Like Son…….He then tells Vedant in order to take revenge on me you used Disha for this purpose which is not in good taste saying this he walks off from there. Vedant keeps looking at him.

 DK comes to Disha's room. He tells why did you cheat on me this way, did you not feel ashamed to play with my feelings. Disha stands up and is completely taken aback .  She tells DK but what did I do? DK tells her don't pretend , you have slapped me on my face badly , don't you know that you are pregnant with Vedant's child. Disha shouts at him DK………

 DK : Don't scream, in my life there was only one person whom I thought was mine, and that person deceived me very badly. Tell me, did you not talk to the doctor.

 Disha : This is an insult to me. Yes I was talking to the doctor, but……

 DK : Please don't talk , I trusted you and you along with Vedant…

 Disha : Please keep quote, how can you think this way?

 DK : This is what has happened, you and Vedant on the sly…..I hate you..

 Disha : If you are so fond of hating me, ok then listen yes I am pregnant, you wanted to listen to this isn't it , you and your dirty thoughts.

 DK : In order to defend yourself you are putting the blame on me, ok now I have had enough ( taking some papers from his pocket) between you and me only this bond was there isn't it, ok let me burn this up too today and finish it once and for all saying he burns the papers and goes away. They show the paper going up in flames and Disha is watching this and crying.  She thinks about her marriage and the moment DK put the sindoor on her Maang…….she just sits down feeling helpless.

Background the slow number is played.

 Ulje Ulje mere jeevan mein, kuch bhi sulajhtha nahin hain, Kise mein samjhaa ho, woh hi  samajtha nahin hain…..

 ( My life which is messed up, I am unable to find a solution,the person who  I thought is mine, that person itself does not understand me.)

 Just then Vedant drops in. He comes and sits down next to her ( cutely) and tells her Dish are you pregnant. Disha tells him please Vedant , now you too don't talk this way. Dish I am asking since Mom and Brother were telling that…..Disha tells no they are mistaken and she cries. Vedant tells eh Dish are your crying? Disha tells what should I do Vedant, on Holi day I had some extra sweets and it had been mixed with Bhaang, that's why I was feeling giddy, nauseated and see everybody created a big scene. Vedant asks her did you tell brother about it. Disha tells him DK has decued that he will not listen to me , I don't know who has poisoned his mind against me….Vedant tells her don't you know who else….Disha looks at him and tells you mean Choti Maa…..why is she after my life , why is she doing all this? Vedant tells her why, I don't know but I am sorry on her behalf. Disha tells him please Vedant you don't need to apologise. Dk knows very well about choti mom, but still he bad mouthed me like anything. Vedant thinks that I have to clear this misunderstanding.

 He goes to DK who is drinking.

 DK : Why did you come here, did you come to make fun of me, before I do anything just get lost from here.

 Vedant : Brother even I can do the same thing and get angry. But that will not solve the problem and mainly I am concerned since Dish is affected by all this.

 Dk : What will you say, that Disha is innocent, I am not interested in listening to all this. This is the fact.

 Vedant : You came to my room and told me lot of things, but believe me there is nothing between Dish and Me and she is not pregnant.

 DK : You told me you want to tell me the truth isn't it , comeon tell me.

 Vedant : Brother you are stooping so low and spoiling Dish name too.

 DK : Don't you dare take her name saying this he slaps Vedant.

 Vedant : You know , you are a Coward.

 DK : No I am not a coward but you are. Why cannot you accept the fact and face it. You and Disha have cheated on me and you know this very well and that's why you are guilty, both of you'll just get out of my life.

 Vedant comes to Disha and tells her, sorry Disha I tried to explain but he refuses to listen to me. Disha tells him I know Vedant, once DK decides on something, nobody can change his decision, anyways it makes no difference to me. And I don't want anybody to talk on my behalf. Vedant tells her that DK knows only 2 things to suspect someone and to snatch away someone's happiness. Disha tells I don't think he will every change. Vedant tells yes he will always remain an hypocrite. He knows only to use, abuse and throw away, even with Porineeta he did the same thing. Disha tells Vedant I am not interested in knowing what Dk did with Porineeta. Vedant tells her I am sorry Dish, I did not mean to upset you, but I don't want anybody to point fingers at our relationship, do one thing please do a pregnancy test. Disha tells him Vedant but why and for what should I do my medical test, only so that Dk will believe me , when he does not believe what I say , how will he believe what is written in the papers. Again Vedant tells I don't want anybody to raise fingers at you. Disha tells who are they, I am not going to do any tests. Vedant tells today its inside our house, tomorrow outsiders will come to know about it, whom all are you going to explain, I am again telling you to think over it saying he goes off.

 Gargi and a kitty friend of hers are going to a club. Gargi is telling I don't like to play in  this club, the stakes are so low…..there is no fun at all. The lady goes away and Gargi just stops when she overhears a lady talking. They show a lady upstairs talking to a man ( he was there in Rupali Guha's previous serial Dil Na Jaane Kyon as Kiron Kher's coward son). The lady is seeing a necklace and tells oh wow its beautiful, the man tells her it's for you my dear, anything for you Pari……..the lady turns …..essshhhh ( music) and tells PORI, Pori, Porineeta, why is it so difficult to say. Gargi looks at all this from a distance and tells to herself you are fit for all these things Porineeta. I had warned Vedant that you cannot be Sehgal Khandaan's bahu, you are not fit for it and I was right, I am always right.

 Aai comes to meet Disha. Disha tells her that Aai I am feeling so bad that on Holi day I behaved very badly with Rano and Inder, I know I should not have done it. Aai tells her that Disha after marriage I know our priorities lie with our husband and his family, but we cannot break ties with our family. Disha tells I am sorry Aai I will aplogise to Rano. Disha goes to get some water , when Aai comes and gives her 2 gold bangles. Disha tells why Aai , for what is this. Aai tells that you did not tell me about the good news, I came to know about this from outsiders. Disha is touched and tells Aai, Aai you came all this way to give me the bangles, you know very well Aai about mine and DK's relationship…..Aai is overwhelmed and tells her I know beta , but still in my heart of hearts I was hoping that this was true….Disha tells Aai that on Holi day I overate some sweets which was filled with Bhaang and after that started feeling giddy etc. DK heard me telling a doctor and all this misunderstaning took place. Just then they show Dk listening to Disha's and Aai's conversation and is dumbstruck.

He goes to his room and tells himself my goodness, what have I done. Why did I suspect Disha, I should have trusted what she said, why is it that always I do this mistake, how could I stoop to this level, I must go and apologise to her.

 Disha is going to her room, when DK comes from behind and holds her hand and stops her. Disha tries to snub him and tells please leave me, I don't want to talk to you. Dk tells I am sorry Disha, I came to apologise to you……Disha tells him why DK, why do you always do this. Once you blame me and I keep in explaining to you which falls on deaf ears and then you come and say sorry, is this the only thing remaining in my life, don't I have an identity of my own, don't I have any self respect. Dk tells her please Disha believe me, I trust you completely ..please listen to me…..Disha tells him ok if you trust me why did you not tell me about Porineeta before……DK is taken aback and tells her about Porineeta…….just then Gargi drops in and tells Disha you wanted to know about Porineeta isn't it….i have brought someone today who will tell you about her……they show the door opening and Porineeta enters….eesshhhh ( music)….Gargi tells meet Parineeta……..oof oh Gargi aunty not you too, please call me Porineeta…..with love people call me Pori……its Pori for you………Disha and Dk are taken unawares and both keep looking at one another……ends on Disha's face..




soapCynic Groupbie

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 11:32pm | IP Logged


Thank you so much, Lata... The characters come to life as I read your updates.

Jaslove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 11:39pm | IP Logged

thks lata

looks like there will be fire in the show and lots will be cooking Porineeta is here Angry

so guys get ready for a bumpy ride.Confused

queen-bee Goldie

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 11:41pm | IP Logged

Hi Lata,

Thanks for the update.

Wonderfully written.Now lets wait for Pori & some fire-works


PriyaS Goldie

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 11:44pm | IP Logged

Thanks Lata for the great update as usual.

AS for DK, if I were Disha I would give him a hard slap!!  How dare he accuse her and Vedant of having an affair - he is such a typical man!

Disha should just leave him now that he burnt the contract.


Ranger Senior Member

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 11:45pm | IP Logged


Thanks Lata. Clap

Lets just hope Dk gets a chance to explain the whole Porineeta issue to Disha first. If not, then I just hope that she takes an instant disliking to Porineeta Angryand don't believe a word she says.

venusian_gurl Newbie

Joined: 23 March 2005
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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
tks lata for the lovely update.. I am in singapore and TD is 1 week behind . Its a different fun when I watch it after having read your updates.

Its seems to be getting interesting  day by day..

take care
memsaab IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 11:57pm | IP Logged

see. I told you about eating the sweets too much hihihi well..

as I guessed before the kissing scene to be taken place but not taking place anymore.. would be to show Porineeta.. just a guess guys.. I have read more than thousands of M&B books so.. well.. I guess now.. it is going from Carole Mortimer stories to Anne Mather stories.. to Violet Winspear story lines.. but hell. we love them all..

just a thought!!



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