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-dhundlae aks- MAANEETFF THREAD 14 (Page 7)

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Congo for the new thread...!!

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congrats on new thread
update soon

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Dhundlae aks

PART 114

Dev put his hand around her.. challo I will come with u.
Nt ' nahi.. aisen tho sab ko pata chal jayega
Dev looked at Geet helplessly.
Geet consoled him.. don't worry. We will manage.

Dev was really frustrated. How could put his love of his life into something like this. He just left everything went straight into yash's cabin dad I want to marry Nt
yash ' we can discuss that at home
Dev ' dad now plz
yash ' this is office Dev. For god sake learn to respect that first
Dev ' dad plz..
yash sighed & gave up & just walked out leaving Dev confused.
Dev called Nt ' we r getting married bus
nt ' lekin aisen kaisen
Dev ' jaan I can't put u through this
nt ' yash sir
Dev ' we r getting married bus
Nt cut the call. Geet looked at her - wat happened?
Nt ' pata nahi Dev ko kya hogaya .. he is saying he wants to get married.
Before they could discuss further Dev called on geets phone. They got off the cab just outside the hospital.
Nt paid the cab while Geet answered the call.

Just then Maan walked in with Daadi. He looked around restlessly.. like he missed a beat.. like something was telling him she was around. He shook his head.. she should be in office. Then a jitter ran down his spine.. is she alright. He called her immediately.. her phone came busy...
he tried to ignore that odd feeling of the breeze around him. this was strange.. he has never felt like this before.
Daadi ' kya huwa beta
he just shook his head rubbing off the feeling.
Daadi & Maan went in for daadi's usual schedule check up

on the other side Geet spoke with Dev.. who was really getting restless.
Geet ' so wat u want to do now?
Dev ' mainne registrar se baat karli hain & arranged the forms.
We r getting married in 30days. Registered marriage.
Geet ' wat abt yash Sir
Dev ' dad will have to agree.
Geet ' he would any way na Dev
Dev ' but I can't see Nt in so much pain meanwhile
Geet rubbed her forehead & wondered wat to say.
After the call Geet told Nt.. lets go back
Nt ' no.. Geet we r going ahead with it
Geet ' lekin di Dev has already made arrangement for the registered marriage.
Nt hugged Geet & cried.. I can't handle this. Main jaanthi hoon yah meri bhi galthi hain. We should have been careful. But I can't .. I am just not wanting parenting now
Geet ' damit di u should have thought abt it before.. kher.. abhi bhi kuch nahi bigda.. just relax. U will be fine. Ur only 4weeks now.. & in 4weeks u will be married
Nt snapped her hand.. Geet tu samjh thi kyun nahi, I don't want a baby now. Plz. Samjna yaar
Geet ' I don't understand it anymore di
u don't want to marry Dev.. is that wat ur saying??
nt sunk down on the floor.. almost fainting.. nahi yaar.. I have gone through a lot after dads death.. I look up at yash sir in his position. I don't want to marry without his permission & abt the kid.. I am just not wanting a kid right now. I have been thinking abt it for last 2days. Main tho Dev ko kahthi bhi nahi.. tune hi..
Geet was totally confused now. Not understanding wats right & wats wrong.
Nt managed to get up.. & walked in to the reception
Geet just followed.
Nt was in tears when she was answering the questions at reception. Geet pulled her aside di.. aap jaki wanha betoo I will get this done. Geet spoke to the person & explained wat she wanted.

The person on the reception was not very cooperative. She very cheaply spoke abt Nt. Geet got wild & shouted at her catching the attention of the crowd.
Geet didn't seem to understand wat is so much fuss about. It was not even a abortion procedure it was just medicine she wil have to take to terminate. Why did this dam di had to open her mouth infront of all this cheap people. Nt could have said it is just a general check up with dr. Wat is the point telling them.. wat did she do.. duffer. Ulthi patti.. & cutely looked at babaji.. yeh kya karvadiya babaji
Daadi looked around.. kaun hospital main shoor kar raha hain.
Maan told her to ignore. Just then dr called for Daadi.
Maan just turned to keep the magazine that he was reading.. when he caught the sight of Geet yelling on top of her voice.
He told Daadi to carry on  & walked straight towards her.. still looking carefully if it was her.
Geet shouted ' how dare u talk like this. We r here to meet a dr not take ur shit. It is very much safe & legal. Don't give this crap to me.
he narrowed his brows.. & shaking his head.. typical natuanki.. & wat on earth is he doing walking straight into the mess. He slowly patted himself mentally.. like he ever had an option.


It was dam embarrassing especially when the people used so low language. Geet would have slapped at the person but the guards were just reaching her. He held her hand.. she looked at him angrily.. he shook his head.
She looked down instantly calming
Maan politely looked at the person in the counter ' wats the problem
the nurse gave the form ' if u guys r so bold then why don't u use protection at the first place
Maan flinched his fist
nurse passed the form ' fill this up.. ur next
Maan took the form... didn't say a word.. quietly filled the form for her.
Every word he wrote .. she could feel the anger.. his frustration. she thought.. he might be irriatated at all the scene.
Name.. he wrote Geet
husband he wrote Maan
he gave all his details.. just then geet noticed wat he was filling.
Geet ' lekin Maan
he raised his hand to quiet her.
Maan aap galat samjh rahen ho
he turned to look at her.. his eyes were rimmed red with anger or was it more of pain. She looked at him & tried to reach him.. he handed the form to her without saying a word. She expected all kind of his reactions but his silence just squeezed her heart in unbearable pain. It felt like a total unaccomplishement while accomplishing the emptiness, hollowness deep within. She inhaled & exhaled restlessly does he really..she looked at the form & then at  him.

He couldn't say anything to her.. that would only tear him apart, shatter him .  He turned to walk away.. lekin Maan yeh mera form.. he walked like a stone.. not feeling anything anymore.. he didn't know if he was bleeding in pain or dying in pain. Blood rushed up.. gushing to his heart..mind.. body  killing his soul. How can that be .. making purity so impure. Or is simply visibility is blind. He could not hear anything.. see anything around him..just feels like arrows were piercing his heart.
Maan to Geet:

Geet's love for Maan, he never heard! He only heard what his mind wanted him to hear about Geet and that was all misunderstandings.

He kept on dreaming about her and her only, yet now he believes that Geet is impure...and she has gone to such lengths such as abortion...

But look at the irony...the dreams he is seeing is is just that his mind thinks of the reality as a dhundhale aks...
registere marriage!!
-PREV  PART 113   NEXT   PART 115-
thanks for the lovely comments & likes

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Water. IF-Rockerz

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I am still here.
Love u.
Congo on the new thread.
Hugs n Kisses.

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Zohamaaneet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 December 2011 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
awesome di
but why maan is doing like this
god when he will have sense of understanding god damn give him some brain
nt how can she do like this when dev doesnt want his baby to get aborted
o god di plz continue soon

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maaneet5 IF-Rockerz

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di aap ye kya kardi ha ye dev NT ki wajese ab tak bahut mess up huwa ab ye bi

k part tikh tha waiting for next part dev softly approach bi nahi kartha waise nt dev baat clearly karthe kyun nahi pyaar keliye ek meadiator shaadi keliye ore ab abortion keliye ye geet ko na jor ka jatka lagna hi chahiye bahut bold hoke goom rahi
maan ka restlesness wow geet kahi bi ho pehchaan leta
next maan ka gussa ya frustration samaj nahi aaya usne form fill hi ye janta hui bi wo abortion form usme maan ore geet ka naam lika wo chhatha kya hi geet se i just want to know
precap lagta hi dev nt ki shadi lekin aap ki twist ki jatke se lagta hi maaneet ka
i request u di i want love stry b/w maaneet abi shadi jaldi me mat kar vavo

Edited by maaneet5 - 13 December 2011 at 11:49pm

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