Arjun-Bhumika chatscript with fans online

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Isha Koppikar Saarrthi jodi on chat

Arjun and Bhumika, as Karan and Neha are popularly known as, are growing in popularity not only in India but across the seas.

recognised the couple that are grabbing all the attention recently and got this couple on an exclusive chat This talented jodi has a lot going for them on reel, are they going to be a real jodi too? Know for your self in this real chat.

indya: Hey guys! Welcome to the exclusive chat with Arjun and Bhumika from Saarrthi. You can start posting your questions now.
indya: Welcome Arjun, welcome Bhumika! Are you ready to take the questions now?
guest50: Hey guys! I've been watching Saarrthi from the start, as it's so unique. What's the best thing you both love about your characters? Oh! and when will Arjun fall for Bhavri? Fans want to see them happy!
arjun_bhumika: Neha: I think it's closer to me and I love it, Karan: My character is completely human, he responds to every emotion, you guys must know it because Arjun is already in love with her!
sarika_re: In real life too, do you both like each other?
Isha Koppikar arjun_bhumika: Karan: I hate Bhumika and she hates me too. Neha: That's not true, we are good friends.
guest58: Hi Arjun and Bhumika, is Saarrthi your debut serial?
arjun_bhumika: Karan: Neha is a very great actor. Yes, my debut is Saarrthi
guest59: Neha, why did you choose to do Shh... Koi hai?
arjun_bhumika: I wanted to be an Assistant Director, the director said perhaps you must act!
guest59: Karan, are you younger to Neha?
arjun_bhumika: We are the same age!
guest53: Neha, what's your favourite hangout?
arjun_bhumika: Karan : The green room!
guest65: Karan and Neha, you guys are my favourites! I'm Fiza from London and I'm missing my lecture so I can ask you a question, what are your dream roles? All the best for the future!
arjun_bhumika: Neha: It's nice to have you Fiza! I think Bhumika is very perfect. Karan: My answer is clear cut, James Bond.
guest69: Hey.. I am Kiran from Singapore... I absolutely love the show and you both! How alike are you both to the characters you play?
arjun_bhumika: Karan: Hey I love you all! Neha: Neha is not as sugar coated as Bhumika, Karan is very good in real life too! Karan, is very different from Arjun, Arjun is far too emotional.
guest81: Hi Karan, this is Raha here, I love your acting, but I guess we need to see you in more shows, any more projects?
arjun_bhumika: Sure, the day you turn a producer call me.
jasminee: Hey Neha, you are so cute. You did lot of scenes with Karan, so which one is your favourite (scene) in the serial with him. Can you share something with us from behind the sets of Saarrthi?
arjun_bhumika: Neha: Hi Jasmine! That would be the first romantic scene... We were shooting the whole day, and at last we had to do a romantic scene, we were freezing, there was rain .... Oh god, it's unforgetable!
guest81: Kashsish wants to know when are your birthdays?
Isha Koppikar arjun_bhumika: Neha: 9 August, Karan: 22 June
suru_06: Karan, after Saarrthi, would you like to do another serial with Neha?
arjun_bhumika: Karan: I would love too.
guest81: Karan, what is your final destination in your career?
arjun_bhumika: Films definitely, I have loved films all my life.
sarika_re: Bhumika, you look too good in Saarrthi. Are you married?
arjun_bhumika: Neha: Not yet!
sarika_re: Karan, you were doing a programme as VJ. What do you like more, being a VJ or being actor in Saarrthi?
arjun_bhumika: I am not a VJ anymore, and I love acting.
guest81: Neha, Kashish is your big fan, she wants to know, what is your mother tongue?
arjun_bhumika: Neha: I am Punjabi and half Manipuri! Karan: Mine is Punjabi.
guest23: Hi, I am Sobia from Pakistan. In Pakistan Saarrthi serial is not famous but your couple is very famous. Why don't you both become couple in real life, it will rock!
arjun_bhumika: We are thinking about it! Kidding! Karan: We can't, we have no time, now!
jasminee: What was one thing that you learnt from television industry?
arjun_bhumika: Neha: I have learnt a lot. Karan: One thing that the industry has taught me is patience, you get to work really hard!
guest81: Kashish is your big fan, she wants to know, which is your favourite sport/game?
arjun_bhumika: Neha: We love watching cricket!
rishitu123: Hey guys! You are doing great work in Saarrthi. Keep it up! What do you feel about acting, what is more important - looks or talent?
arjun_bhumika: I feel looks are very important, you need to look as per your character.
guest81: Karan, my friend Kashish wants to know what are your marriage plans?
arjun_bhumika: Karan: I don't intend to get married, I want to be a bachelor all my life.
jasminee: Neha, which type of man would you like in real life?
arjun_bhumika: Neha: Well-balanced, a mix of Karan and Arjun.
guest81: Which is your favourite colour and your favourite romantic song, Karan?
arjun_bhumika: Karan: White, Wicked Games by Cris
Isha Koppikar guest69: I just saw an episode of Saarrthi before coming here to chat. The episodes keep getting better each day. You both are THE BEST COUPLE on Star Plus!
arjun_bhumika: Neha: Thank you, vote for us… Parivaar Awards are coming soon.
guest81: Neha, this is Raha. There is a rumour about you and Nawab Shah who plays Mansen Goenka in Saarrthi. Is it true? Do you wish to clarify it to your fans?
arjun_bhumika: No comments.
guest81: Karan, according to you, who is an ideal Indian girl?
arjun_bhumika: There is no ideal Indian girl! The person must suit your understanding.
sarika_re: Karan what importance do you give to studies in life? What have you studied in life… I mean as education?
arjun_bhumika: Karan: I give a lot of importance. I am a Chemical Engineer myself.
aashna6: Karan, one thing you like about Neha?
arjun_bhumika: Karan: There are lots of things I like about her. I like her nature that she does not take anything to heart.
angel_divine: How did you end up with your responsible roles in the serial.
arjun_bhumika: Neha: The Casting Director was a friend of mine, she thought I would suit the role! Karan: Mine was ironical, I knew Neha for a while, she told me to meet the Casting Director, and told me about this project! I looked very much like Yuvraj, had long hair and beard, I had to shave it to get the role, they did!
jasminee: How difficult is it now to move around openly like in restaurants etc. Do your fans follow you extensively?
arjun_bhumika: Karan: Not me! Neha: There is a certain amount of recognition, especially in Delhi, it was really difficult when I went there recently.
guest129: You both have good comic timing, I love your cute scenes! What do you guys hate about each other? Best wishes to you both.
arjun_bhumika: Neha asks Karan, "What do I hate about you?" Nothing really.
guest73: Karan did you pass Chemical Engineering after failing once?
arjun_bhumika: Who told you that I failed? I passed at 58 per cent.
Isha Koppikar guest90: Hi, I am Binish from Pakistan, when will Bhumika wed with Arjun
arjun_bhumika: Hello, we are already married, in the serial!
guest81: Kashish wants to know, what is your daily schedule like, Karan?
arjun_bhumika: The usual, I am a fitness freak, so I work out, then come to the shoot, generally, the day goes by.
moumita10: Hi this is Moumita from Kolkata. I just love Karan. Neha is also very sweet. Tell me the funniest moment you had while shooting?
guest81: Karan, my friend Kashish wants to know what is your favourite holiday destination?
arjun_bhumika: Karan: Maldives and Goa. Neha: Goa! of course
guest39: Do you have any pets?
arjun_bhumika: Neha: I have two pet cats. Karan: I am not an animal person!
guest8: Hi this is Faizah. Hope you both win Best Jodi at the next star Parivaar award. Do you guys intend to perform? Please do, because we all love u!
guest 47: Hi Karan, what are your hobbies
arjun_bhumika: Watching movies, going to the gym, listening to music!
guest 47: And what are your hobbies Neha?
arjun_bhumika: I love reading books.
guest 30: Neha, who are your favourite actors?
arjun_bhumika: My all time favourite is Sridevi and Tom Hanks.
guest8: Karan, Hi I am Charu, can you tell me who your favourite actors are?
arjun_bhumika: I love Amitabh Bachchan and Sushmita Sen and I am a huge fan of Robert Deniro. guest8: Hi Neha, how do you and Arjun bring out the best in each other in the romantic scenes? Do you rehearse?
arjun_bhumika: We have known each other for long and we are good friends! So it's easy.
guest8: Karan, this is Mehul here, I am a huge fan of yours, do you read books?
arjun_bhumika: I don't read books but I have read Sholay, Making of Lagaan, and Amitabh Bachchan's Biography!
guest 42: When is the first time you both met?
arjun_bhumika: Karan: we met on the sets of Shh… Koi Hai, Trikaal.
raha: How was it doing the role of Bijli in Shh… Koi Hai, Trikaal? - Raha
arjun_bhumika: It was a complete adventure! It was full of action in the Film City-jungle and I loved every bit of it.
raha: Did you have to train before doing the action role Bijli in Shh… Koi Hai, Trikaal? arjun_bhumika: I had a trainer who trained me even before the show started!
Isha Koppikar guest 19:What are your chances of winning in the forthcoming STAR Parivaar awards?
arjun_bhumika: Neha: Unless it is a Balaji show we are competing, we can win it!
raha: Neha, what is the secret of your beauty?
arjun_bhumika: It's a God-given gift. And I must thank my mom who would never even drink tea when I was in her womb!
guest23: Neha, hi this is Aruna, can you tell me if the birth mark on your nose is real or...
arjun_bhumika: Neha: Yes, it is real! (Karan: I don't have a birth mark!)
simi: Karan, this is Simi here, do you have girlfriends?
arjun_bhumika: I don't have one, have many girlfriends!
simi: Neha, do you have any boyfriends?
arjun_bhumika: No comments!
keshav: Neha, this is your ardent fan, keshav, can you tell me your favourite colour?
arjun_bhumika: Purple
guest35:Karan, comment on Neha?
arjun_bhumika: Neha is my friend, and I know her even before I did Saarrthi, she is a very sweet girl who does not take anything to heart!
guest40: Neha, I am one of the fans who wishes to marry you.
arjun_bhumika: Neha: My mother will be very happy!
indya:Karan and Neha, your message to you fans arjun_bhumika: We love all our fans, keep watching Saarrthi and vote for us in Star Parivaar awards!

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wow....if this is a real thingy its really coooooooool...par lots of info fer us fans as neha not commentin on nawab..n arjun not wantin to marry at all n staying a bachelor all his life..n thn they not being bachpan ke frds in real life...hmm...

par thx a lot nazia for sharing... LOL Clap
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ios deir sth going on b/w dese 2 or not..... Confused Wink .....or they r just GOOD FRIENDSSS Wink LOL .......

thanx 4 dis chat transcript naziaa Big smile
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Thanks for sharing ... well a lot of ppl asked them if they were really gonna get married! Big smile
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Thx for sharing but I think the same has been posted earlier.
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does Neha(Bomi) has Boy friend and he iz Nawab sha (Namsan) God she is saying everytime nO commentz whats this
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thank u sooooooooo much for sharing Smile
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