Part 4 of the story

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I will send the next part also as early as possible......


G and anu r in a hotel and anu asks G why r u not

eating something kya huva dieting kar rahe ho kya.

then G says nahi aisi koi baat nahi hei. then anu says

" kyon P ko moti ladkiyaan pasand nahi "

G says anu hum P ke alava aur bhi topic baat kar

sakte hei na . and G says anu mujhe lagta hei i shoul

be inspired by u tumhara pati tumko chod diya phir bhi

tum itni khush reh rahi ho.

and here that detective sees and phones P and says

yaar tumhari patni ko dekha mei ne woh usne

mangalsootr pehni hei na and says aur woh choodiyan

pehni hei na then P shouts hey mari patni hei woh

shadi shuda aurat woh sab pehnti hei. then the

detective says haan woh Green sadi pehni hei na and

says yaar tumhari wife to woh don ke haath mei pad


then P says chalo mei abhi aa raha hoon. then he sees

that detective and says tum jis ladki ko dekh rahe ho

woh meri biwi nah hei then he says tumne us ladki ko

anu samajh liya woh nahi hei anu to yeh hei. and that

detective got all wrong news about anu. he says mujh

kya pata filmon ki tarah yaha bhi do ladkiyaan ke naam

anu hei. then P says mei ne tujhe meri biwi ki peecha

karne ke liye bejg\ha aur tum and he sees suddenly

that down anu and G are standing. G listens P saying

that person ki usne use G ki peecha karne ke liya


and P runs behing G and they r atanding in front of

receptionist and G shouts at P ki mei itni giri nahi

hoon ki tum meri peecha kare. mei ne yeh expect nahi

ki tumse P thenP trys to explain G but she goes away

to the rest room. and P thinks G to mera baat nahi

sunti . and then Anu says mei to tumhara baatr sunti

hoon na.

then G says come on anu we will go and they go away.

here P is sitting in his room worried about the matter

and his sanjay chahu comes and talks to P and says ki

ghar ke sab ne rhea aur yash ko sweekar kar liya and

asks P to Go and invite them to dinner. P goes to yash

house and there yash is surprised to see P and they

keep looking at each other. then P thinks dost maanta

hei khudh ko toh andar bula sakta hei na. and Yash

thinks dost hei andar aa sakta hei na. P will turn

then yash says P andar ajavo and tells him to sit and

yash will be folding rheas dresses. yash goes to get

coffee for P and P thinks ki yash kitna badal gaya.

and P says to yash ki usne use aur rhea ko dinner ke

liye invite karne ke liye aya hei. and rhea also

litens and is happy. rhea and yash come for dinner and

all the kutumb recieve them happily.

and here P is in the bar drinking and a person comes

and sits near him and says ki woh P ka problem door

kar dega. P says tum chle javo . then that person says

mujhe 5 lakhs ki jaroorat hei aur mei tumhara

pareshani door kar sakta hoon P is irritated and

shouts him to go away that person gives his visiting

card and goes away.

P puts it into his pocket. here at home g is giving

tea to babuji and mummiji and P's mom says her to sit

down. suddenly P's dad ko phone ata hei and hitens

father asks umesh mittal for sansruti's rishta . then

umesh asks p's mom is she is happy about the rishta

then she says ya. then mummiji looks at G and asks kya

huva G tum udas ho then suddenly P comes in and P says

dekho mom G apni khaya l nahi rakhti bahut klaam karti


then P's dad says P bahut badal gaya hei na and P

smiles and G is thinkin mei ne bhi yehi socha ki P

badal ghaya.

then P goes to bedroom and sits and suddenly the

phone rings and it the person who met P inthe bar. P

shout how did u get my number then that Person says

dekho mei tumhara Problem jaan gaya hoon anu. and P is


that person says mei tumhara kaam kar doonga aur tum

5 lakhs tayar rakhna and he says mei anu ko khatam kar

doonga then P says nahi tum aisa kuch anhi karoge.

and here G also lifts the phone in the hall and only

hears that Person saying ki woh anu ko khatam kar dega

and P is about to shou t aisa mat karna that Person

keeps the phone down. and G is shocked to hear this.


the clippings P is on terrace and G is shouting at

him. P meets that Person and talking something and

here G is telling something to anu.

============================================================ ====================



today in kutumb after hearing p and that other guys conversation, g went to p and said that i know someone wants to kill anu. plz do something abt it. then suddenly she sees anu and runs down. anu comes by a taxi and the taxi driver is the guy who wants to kill anu. he has made a ice knife for the murder. g comes running out and quickly takes anu inside. and p goes to that guy and shouts at him and says that stop doin what you are or i will call the police. that guy says that if you call the police i will say your name. and he quickly runs of in an auto.

in another scene p tells g in front of anu that she will stay here now for her safety. and goes to get tea for anu. then anu tells her that i didnot know you could fall so low and plan to kill me. you want me to leave i will leave and take my daughter and go away. then i will drink poison and die. so p says really i will give you poison now. and anu gets shocked then g comes in and gives tea. p tels g outside that i dont want anybody to interfere in our personal matters. g gets upset and says that some third person has already come between us and walks away

in the last scene g tells p that i am only waiting for the dna reports to come coz tumhara atit maire bhavishya say juda hai. and she leaves. p hen cries and says to himself saying that i only love you and want to se you happy. i dont wanna break your heart.

also g's mother comes to their house and speaks to p's mother abt her health. also she tells g that you and p will come to stay with me for some days. then g cries, the mother says that why are ou crying. she says that i just miss you and i am meeting you after so long thats why. after th mother goes. g tells herself that ab main apko kaise batau ki ab kuch thik nahi hoga.

in tomorrows clippings they just show that p is very disturbed and that anu and vanshita are watching tv and p comes in. nothing more imp.

============================================================ ====================




todaauy in kutumbh  it was preteiy boring it started with choti dadi giveing

the kids a video camera and they were vedeoing the house.

anu comes outside to meet p. he gets angry at her and tells her not to use

his room coz he dont like it. she told him he dont need to worry coz if he

threatens her to get lost she will tell the kutumb about vm and he himself

will not be living in the room

when pm goes back in the house he hears his conversation with anu. HE turns

and sees that the conversation was taped by vm and anu was praising vm abt

it. Anu leaves when she sees p. P gets angry at v and takes the tape out. v

insists to give the tape to her p doesnt listen. G comes and glares at p so

p gives the tape to v.

P then goes to v and asks for the tape.V asks shobit where he kept it shobit

takes it out and runs away with it to choti dadi. Later p comes in and sees

the family was watching the video

p goes and swithes of the lights. Then the uncle goes and switches it on

though the vcr doesnt switch on. Dadi tells p to check it out he lies and

tells them it doesnt work then forcefully takes out the tape so that it


then v goes in to the mandir in the house where all the women of the house

are and asks dadi why tomorrow is imortant. Dadi tells him that they are

keeping wrath. P asks men can do it to and dadi says yes. G thinks to

herself and says she wont do it p thinks and says he will. Next day hiten

comes to the house his wedding is arranged. P teases him acting like he is

angry and then tells him he was teasing.

g comes to give food to p and friends. P says his kept wrath. G tells him

indirectly that it is dikawa. Outside the crazy guy comes as a poojari. P

sees him and that where it ends.







The DNA report revealed that PM is not the father of VM>


Well the episode goes on,like this....

The first scene was like the idiot fellow who is forcing PM to take

help from him.(Not so imp.)Its a kinda Puja scene as it was RAM


The mad fellow says P that now he has taken SANYAAS & would not be

disturbing PM anymore.

Well its not so important.

Then next scene was that the whole family was sittin & then G comes

with the fruits like CHEEKU & BANANA which PM hates.She says,"Raghu

ne kaha ke tumhe bhook lagi hai." At this P's family memebers say

that P is very lucky to have such a caring wife.

At this P's mom interrupts & says ,"G ,P ko ye fruits pasand nahin

hain." G is about to leave but P says ,"Nahin mein yehi Khaloonga."

And P eats the fruits though he doesn't relish the fruits.

Then Its the Puja scene and Pandit ji calls for P & G to sit in

PUja.But G says,"meine galti se subah kuch kha liya tha toh mera fast

tut gaya hai aur mein Puja mein Nahin baith sakti."

She requests P's Mom to let Natasha & Samay sit in the Puja instead

of hers & Pm.

Well P is dissappointed.

In b/w the Puja , G leaves.P follows her. P says,"Yeh sab kya hai

G.Life mein pehli baar meine Fast rakha hai aur tumne apna hi fast

tor diya.Kya ek din ke liye bhoooki nahin reh sakti."

G says,"Woh toh meine mummy ji ke saamne jhoooth bola tha kyunki mein

Bhagwaan ke saamne tumhare saath nahin baith sakhti thi.Aur waise bhi

tumhare saath puja mein baithne ka hak kissi aur (Anu) ka bhi hai.Aur

agar tum sochte ho ki ek din Fast rakhne se tum RAM ban jaoge toh

aisa nahin hai"

They again go & sit in the PUja. P receives a call from the hospital

that his reports have come.P says ,"Oh k i 'll come & collect them."

The next day P is a bit afraid obviously & is about to leave for

hospital.G stops him & says,"P prashad le lo." P says thanx to her."G

says,"No thanx P ,Mein jaanti hun tumhe aaj iski sab se zyaada

zaroorat hai."

They show that Anu is also sittin in the hospital as she has some

probs.She is prescribed some tablets & then she leaves.In the

meantime they also show Pm takin the report & leavin.Anu Sees P & is

astonished to see him in the hospital.She guesses wot he was doin


She hides herself so that P could not see her.P goes & sits in his

car & says,"Bhagwaan bacha le na.."

Then he goes through the report with no specific reactions.

He goes & gives the report to G in the kitchen with still no

reaction.Then G goes through it & goes to P who is in Bedroom standin

near the window perhaps.G says,"Im sorry ,P.Really sorry"

P says,"Bas G Im really not happy.Ab toh tumhe vishwaas ho gaya

naa... Mein yeh tests kabhie nahin karwaata lekin sirf tumhare

liye... G agar mein tumhe test karwwaane ko kehta toh kya tum kartee."

G says,"Nahin P , Kyunki mujhe apne pe vishwas hai.Ek baar meri

aakhon mein dekhkar kaho P ki Kya tumhe bhi Ek pal ke liye nahin laga

tha ki Vanshita tumharee hi beti hai.Har ek din ki shurwaat tum ek

nayee larkee se karte the.Tumhe khud apne pe vishwaas nahin tha P."

P says,"G Mein bAdal gaya hun.But still its very sad ki mere badalne

ke bavajood tumne vishwaas nahin kiya.Agar tum bar bar mere beete hue

kal ke baare mein mujhe taana marogi toh mere badalne ka phayada hi

kya hai? G U have really hurt me!"

At this P is about to leave the room sadly but G holds her hand.But P

snatches takes away his hand from her & leaves angrily.G says,"Aaj

toh tumhara gussa bhi saraakho par"

Well thats the end....

In the clippings they show P & G in the resturant .Then the next that

G is ofeerin perhaps Juice to Pm while he is exercising.

I noticed only tis.

Well for YAsh & Riya , they both r realllly very happy.Sanjay chachu

requested Yash to never put any physical stress on Riya as she is

very weak & also never go for any operation as i do not want to take


____________________________________________________________ ____________________






G , mummiji and 2nd chachi r in the hall and mummiji

says G ki uski mom ki phone ayi aur woh P and G ko

dinner pur bulaya hei then G says pu mummiji mei aur P

aaj hotel jare dinner ke liye and says mei mom ko

phone karke bataoongi ki hum aaj nahi a sakte. then

chachi asks G kyon g kuch khas baat hei kya then G

smiles and says nahi chachi aisi koi baat nahi hei

then chachi says to phir waisi baat hei kya then

mummiji says accha thik hei and they go away. G is

blushing and says ab mei P ko kaise manaoon.

and here in the office sanjay chachu says to P ki

use koi kaam hei ghar ja raha hei to P jake tum mr.X

ko milo uske saath appointment hei aur jaldi javo

varna woh to bahut bura maan jayenge then first P says

nahi chachu pur then agrees to go for the meeting. and

says dont worry chachu i will be there before time.

then chachu goes away.

here in the hotel P comes 10 minutes late and is

searching for mr.x but he wont find him and suddenly a

girl comes and says Mr. P aap is taraf aiye and says

yaha pur then he sees g sitting and says tum? G looks

at him and P is about to go away when G says plzz

pratham yaha baitho and he sits down. she says to P

mujhe yaha bulane ke liye chachu ka madat lena pada .

aur P i am very sorry . then G gives a card and red

rose to P and says P yeh tumhare liye hei and says plz

take then P takes it and reads the card and reads

aloud what is written in it and reads " soyou need not

tell sorry in love u have to feel it. and G is staring

at P and P smiles and G also smiles.

then they stare at each other. and they both at same

time tell " i lov" and they smile and P says " i love

u G" then G repeats " i love u 2 P".then the

background song starts and both r staring at each


then P says chale and then G stops him and asks P

agar V tumhari beti nahi hei to kiski beti hei then P

says V uski Papa ki beti hei then both laugh and go .

here they both P and G ring the bell and raghu opens

the door and they both enter and raghu says to G that

anu usse milne ayi then V who is sitting there shouts

mummy ne then G is surprised then he says nahi woh

meri dost anu ki baat kar raha hei tumhari mom ki nahi

. then they go away and come near their bedroom door

then vanshita ka parents koun ho sakte hei then P says

ab yeh sab chodo v to meri bacchi nahi hei na. then

they laugh and G enters the bedroom and P says G tehro

and closes the door and G is seeing at him he comes

near G and lifts her and says g tumhari wazan kitna

hei mei exercise karte waqt bhi itna wazan nahi uthata

then G is seeing P and he laughs and keeps her on the

bed and G suddenly gets up shouting P and takes the

pillow to hit him and P opens the door and g is about

to hit P then mummiji comes there and G stops and G

and P stare and llok at mummiji then there is 1 minute

of silence and mummiji starts laughing at P and P

feels shy and G is bit feeling odd.

and mummiji goes away and P enters the bed room

laughing and feeling shy and G closes the door and P

looks at her she comes near P and they keep staring at

each other.P moves close to G and keeps his hands on

G's cheeks and the camera goes dimmmmmmmm.

and the next day G is in the kitchen with both

chachi's and raghu . then chotti dadi comes and says

to G kal tune jab P ko pillow se mara usko jyada chot

to nahi laga na then G is surprised and looks at dadi

then dadi says mera P to bahut strong hei.and dadi

asks yeh juice P ke liye hei na use raghu leke jayega

then G says yes dadi. dadi says pur raghu to kaam kar

raha hei and both chachis say they cant as they r

mixing the flour. then dadi says ab mujhe hi juice P

ke liye lejane padegi aur mujhe seediyan chadte waqt

peir bahut dukhte hei pur thik hei then G says nahi

dadi mei leke jati hoon. and dadi says mujhe bhi wahi


G takes juice for P and dadi says to chahi's to

follow her and watch the romance b/w G and P they say

no then dadi says she will go.

here on the terrace P is doing exercise and G brings

him juice and says P yeh lelo juice and P says waha

rakh do then G is irritated and drinks the juice and P

says yeh kya kar rahi ho G then G says agli baar tum

juce raghu se hi mangwalena and goes away. P is


and choti dadi thhinks yeh romance karte hei woh bhi

jhagde se .

and here G goes near V and asks her ki woh jara bahar

shopping ke liye jayenge pur V is not in mood and says

nahi aunty meri mood nahi hei .

then G thinks V is missing her parents.

and in the hall anu is sitting on the sofa and P

walks through and G says P then he turns towards her G

comes near P and adjusts his tie and says tumne yeh

tie pehna pur mei ne to doosra tie nikala then P says

thik hei mei tie change karoonga and anu is surprised

to see this and gets up and P says hi anu tum kab aya

ho G says sorry anu jara busy hoon isliye baat anhi ki

then P smiles and G says mei naashta lagaoongi and

goes into the kitchen. then P says to anu u r

surprised right dekho DNA reports bhi mere favour mei

hei and G says breakfast is ready then P says ab

naashta ready hei to kha lenge and asks anu to sit.

anu sits in b/w p and G . and G is serving them . P

says G tumhe maloom hei anu delhi ja rahi hei then G

says kab then P says tumhe maloom nahi mujhe bhi abhi

malloom huva . G says ab to yeh to ruzu ho gaya ki anu

tumhara dost hei . then P says ab woh mujhe bataye ya

tumhe ek hi baat hei na G and gives a cheapish smile

to anu.

anu is surprised to see g and P so caring for each


here P calls hiten to restaurant to talk about his

and sanskruti's marriage and yash comes and says woh

uske saath nahi chalega kyon ki he does not want his

and P's friendship to break but again goes with hiten.

hiten and yash r in club and P comes there and asks

hiten angrily hiten weather he love sanskruti and

hiten is frightened and says yeh P asks kya tum usse

shadi karoge hiten says na and yash shout kya then

hiten confusely says yes noyes no. then both P and

yash laugh and say they made hiten fool.

and three dance nicley.

and the last scene P goes near Anu and shouts at her

i dint see that scene anyone plz write it.

today G and P ka kuch romance tha and it was very


============================================================ ====================



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thanx. u did a good job.

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