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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

TD Fast Forwarded by KP[Keshp15]!!!!!!! (Page 2)

Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 3:07pm | IP Logged

WOOOOWWWW Kp what can i sayyyy!!! Excellent you story is getting better the actual storyline lolll LOL- Dk kisses disha woww seriouslyu it was tooo GOOD loll - i can't wait till the next part Big smile- thanks loved reading it !!!

Love Asian Princess/ Dk ki deewani Winkloll

aasmaan Senior Member

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
another great writer in this group ...
keshp15 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 10:00pm | IP Logged

hey every1

its KP

THANK YOU to every1 whocomplimented on my my story and to also those who read itEmbarrassed

here is the next scene Big smile

love KP

and 1 more thin guy are any of u adding anything to ur story coz i m getting very anxious to read itEmbarrassed


anyways ENJOY..............................Wink

keshp15 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 10:02pm | IP Logged


Disha-[looking very happy but trying not to show it] Yes DK I will stay, anyways I have to take care of mummyji


DK- ok Disha, I think that u tok the right decision. Yehi theek hoga


Disha- Yehi theek rahega ki koi apna hi mummyji ka khayal rakhe. Maybe I should go and unpack my things then


DK- ok Disha, I will see you later!


Disha and DK go to their rooms. Disha and DK are happy that Disha is staying back. None of them wanted her to leave but were not able to tell each other. DK calls up Disha and tells her that he wants to talk to her. He asks her if he could come in her room for some time. Disha tells him that its fine if he comes.[these 2 are starting to get into each others rooms huh guys!!!!!!!just jokin] DK goes to her room and sees that she is in her night dress. DK asks her if she was about to go to sleep and that if that's the case then he will talk to her later. She smiles at him and tells him that she wasn't going to bed she just wanted to change into something more comfortable. She tells him to come inside. He notices that she is looking soooooooo beautiful and looks relaxed. They both sit on the bed[ since there is no sofa in her room] and….


Disha- Haa bolo Dushyant kya baat hai


DK- [happy that she called him Dushyant] mai tumse meri company ke bare mai tumhare saath kuch discussion karna chahta hoon


Disha- Haa Dushyant, mai soon rahi hoon


DK- Mujhe ek deal mili hai mere diamonds ko market me lane ki aur mai chahtaa hook e tum meri model bano


Disha- [shocked to hear this] kaisi modeling?


DK- [ just realized what she might think}] oh Disha I am sorry I didn't mean that this is just regular modeling and not what u are thinking


Disha- you mean that with…


DK- yes [looking worried] waisi nahi jaisi maine tumhe pehle offer kit hi. This one is completely opposite


Disha- [lloking relieved yet uneasy] are u sure I mean I thought that u don't like that


DK- [relieved that she understood] thinking[tumhi ne toh mujhe apni galat definition women ki badal ne ke liye kahaa tha] Nahin Disha aisi koi baat nahi hai. Aur waise bhi tumhi ne toh mujhe ek nayaa raasta bataaya tha meri ad campaign ko present karne ke liye…..


Disha-……..aur mai hi who ad contract tumhare liye laayi thi[looks at him and smiles trying to catch his eye]


DK- haa, you are right…[doesn't know how or what to do next]


Disha- [feels his uneasiness and attempts to make him feel better] Kya tumhe lagtaa hai ki mai kar paaongi [ looking hopefully at him]


DK- of course tum karpaaogi. [looking happy and hopeful to convince her ] aur waise bhi tum itni khoobsoorat ho ki jo bhi tumhe dekhe who…..


Disha looks up at DK, surprised to hear this, smiles at him and they both look into each other's eyes[ and the song plays man se man ka………………..]


They come out of their stance and DK…..


DK- mujhe poora yakin hai kit um yeh kar paaogi


Disha- fine DK agar tum kehte ho to mai karoongi, lekin tum jaante ho na ki mai bohot nervous ho jaati hoo. Tumne dekha tha who shoot ke din……….


Disha and DK just remember that day and Disha remembers what and how she had to do her part of the contract and DK remembers what he almost made her do. DK also remembers that that was the day that he realized that he was in love with her. They both aren't looking at each other


DK-[decides to break the ice, says in a soft voice] Disha, I am sorry about all that I did to you . I am not able to tell you how sorry I am……..


Disha- [in a cold voice and not lookin at DK] DK mai pichli baton ko phir se yaad nahi kar na chahti hoon


DK- [trying to console her] I really am sorry disha. I am not that person whom u first met, you know that I am not like that any more………


DISHA- [understands that DK means what he is sayin, in a warmer tone] holds his hand , DK, don't worry about all that now, Right now we have to focus on the new business. Tell me when do I have to start


DK-[looks a little happier] thanks Disha. Mai jaanta hoon ki this is too much to ask from you but can u also give me a hand in the advertisement department. Its completely ok with me if u don't want to do it. Its just that you helped us in getting the contract.  I think that we might be able to bring in something new if we mix yours and my ideas……..


Disha- DK I will do it, you don't need to give an explanation as to why u want me to do something.[thinking You tell me and I will do anything]


DK- thanks a lot Disha. In fact I cannot thank you enough


DK is just about to leave when………


Disha-DK before u leave, I want to be clear of something.[ puts her hand on DK's back] do u think it would be possible to put our past behind. I don't want to think of it anymore


DK- whatever u want . even I eanted that. I don't want it getting in our way anymore


DK puts his hand in his pocket and gets his ring that his mother kept for his wife

DK- Disha, I have something for u ,[gives her the ring][decides not to tell disha what this ring represents] its my grandmother's . I thought that you might like it


Disha- wow its beautiful DK[but then hesitates] DK I cant


DK- [sees that she is hesitating and before she could finish sayin…] Disha please, you should have it,I want u to keep it


Disha looks at him


DK- and anyways I didn't give u anything till now, please keep it as a gift from a friend and u know that its not good to return gifts[hopes that she would accept it]


Disha-[smiles and thinks 'from a friend' ] {says softly} its beautiful Dushyant


DK makes her wear it and ……….. she hugs him and thanks himWink

Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 2:30am | IP Logged

WOOWWW!!!!! KP what cani say you have left me speechless!!!Clapwow that was great dk giving disha the ring the bed sence wow too good i think the producers should really think about your storyline the serial would be as super hit!!!

Love reading it!!! It was great thanks can't wait till the next part!!!!

Love Asian Princess/ Dk ki deewani Wink

AALIYAH786 Goldie

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 3:37am | IP Logged
wow, good story, had me glued to the screen
dkdisha Senior Member

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 3:39am | IP Logged

wow kp great story. man i wish they would really do that. i loved what u thought. and dk and disha being so romantic for once uff too good




Jessi Smile

keshp15 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 3:50pm | IP Logged

Claphey guys its KP

here is the next scene

hope u all like it

and thanks again for all ur comments

they helped me write more

Love KP




They leave each other and DK is happy seeing that Disha is very happy. Disha looks up at him and is extremely happy and thanks DK again

They hear Sumitra shouting and they rush to her room. DK and Disha see her getting out of control and DK calls the nurse and the doctor. Meanwhile, Disha goes inside the room and tries to calm her.

Sumitra- Gargi, mere Dushyant ko kuch mat karna. Mai kisi se kuch nahin kahoongi, please Gargi, Mai tumhari aur tumhare pati ki zindagi se bohot door chali jaoongi. Lekin tum Dushyant ko kuch mat karna


Every1 is shocked to hear this. Disha and DK are frozen on their spot. Disha takes control of the situation and tells the nurse to give sumitra the medicines and put her to sleep. Sumitra goes to sleep and Disha takes DK by his arm and gently gets him out of the room. She takes him to his room and they sit there. DK has not yet come out of his shock and sits there still. Disha takes his hand and tries to shake off his shock………


Disha- DK, [he doesn't respond], DK


DK- [who has just realized where he is and what just happened] haan?[ has a puzzled look on his face]


Disha-DK, tum theek to ho naa


DK- what just happened Disha? Mummyji ne kya kaha abhi.[expecting for some explanation]

Disha-[doesn't know what to say] DK, mummyji ko ab sab yaad aa rahaa hai


DK- uno ne kahaa ki..[after a pause] unho ne  kahaa ki Gargi mujhe kuch kardegi. Isi liye who itne baraso tak chup rahi. Lekin Gargi mujhe kya karsakti. Gargi sab kuch jaanti thi aur unh one mujhe yeh kahaa ki who kuch bhi nahi jaanti. Unhe pataa tha ki mummyji ki yeh haalat kab aur kaise hui. [ now his confusion slowly turns into anger] Wohi maa ki haalat ki zimmedar hai. Mai unhe chodunga nahi. Lekin kya who aisa karsakti hai?


Disha- DK tum to jaante ho ki who aurat kiske kaabil hai.aur ab hame khush ho naa chahiye ki mummyji ko sab kuch yaad aarahaa hai. Ab who din door nahi  jab mummyji hosh me aa jaayegi


Disha and DK go to their beds to sleep but neither of them can actually sleep. Disha thinks that first thing in the morning, we will get mummyji checked. DK is still lost in his own thoughts and is really mad that Gargi did something to his mom and made her like this and on the other hand he is happy that his mom is gaining conciousness.The day is not far when she will remember everything and  come into the present time period.


The next day the doctor comes to see Sumitra. He is glad to tell DK and Disha that sumitra will get all her memory back in max. time of a month. He tells them that once a person starts gaining powerful memories, it will be much easier to gain conciousness.

He tells them that Mrs.Disha Sehgal did the right thing by bringing sumitra home. DK and Disha look at each other and she smiles shyly.


DK says that just wait till Gargi comes. When she puts her foot in this house, her arrest warrant will be ready for her. I will make sure that she gets lifetime imprisonment.


After a month and a half………


We see that sumitra his happy and healthy, she gained all her memories back just as the doctor predicted. Garhi comes home after a 2 month around the world trip. She looks happy and is just about to say something bitchy to Disha when DK comes and stops her. He asks ……..


DK- kaisi rahi aap ki trip


Gargi- [surprised that he asked] bohot hi mazedar rhi. Lekin tum itne khoosh hoo rahe ho.


DK- achaa hua ki aap ko mazaa aaya. Kyonki ab aap ko bohot kaam karna hai


Gargi- [says slyly] What do u mean sonny


Just then Disha opens the door for the police

The police tell her that they have an arrest warrant for Gargi


Gargi-[shocked] what the hell are u talking about. Mere liye arrest warrant


Just then Sumitra comes out


Sumitra- kaisi ho Gargi. I hope u missed me


Gargi-[shocked] Sumitra…tum…….tum hosh me ho……[then pretends] oh didi, u don't know how happy I am to see u like this


Gargi is about to go and hug sumitra when …….


DK- yeh naatak bandh karo Gargi. Mummyji ne mujhe aur police ko sab kuch bataa diya hai.


Disha- ab kya hua CHOTI MAA[she says choti maa sarcastically] ab aap ka kuch nahi ho sakta.


Sumitra- ab tumharaa kaam karne ka waqt aa gayaa hai. Ab toh tumhare paas bohot waqt hai aur mujhe yakin hai tumhe kapde banaa ne me bohot mazaa aayega.


Those who are confused, in jail they make the ladies weave cloth


Gargi- yeh tum kya keh rahi ho.dekho sumitra……


Before she could say anything


DK- le jaao isse  ab iski koi zarurat nahi hai


Gargi threatens and pleads to DK, Disha and sumitra while the police take her away


Let me pause right here……..

When sumitra gains conciousness, she sees DK and Disha. She is very happy to see  him all grown up and as a successful businessman


She asks ……….


Sumitra- Dushyant, yeh kaun hai[she points to Disha]


DK- [doesn't know what to say] maa who…..


Disha- [looks that DK is confused and tries to get out of this situation as fast as she could and says the first thing that comes to her mind]{holds DK's hand to stop him from saying anything} mummyji, mai Dushyant ki patni hoon


DK is shocked to hear her say this and sumitra and him are happy to hear this


Sumitra- Dushyant, tumne mujhe bataaya nahin ke tumne shaadi kar li. Anyways, mai tum dono ke liye bohot khush hoo. Mujhse aashirwaad nahin loge.


DK and Disha look at each other and both touch her feet


Sumitra- that's like good children, hameshaa saath raho


Listening to this DK and Disha look at each other and Disha becomes shy.


When sumitra goes away, Disha and DK look at each other and are a confused. Disha says to DK that she said she was his wife because that was the first thing that came to her mind and anyways she didn't want to disappoint sumitra. DK says that its ok and it is true that they are a couple. Disha keeps on looking at him when sumitra comes.


Sumitra tells that they should take dinner otherwise its getting cold. DK and Disha have dinner with sumitra. All of them are extremely happy to be together like this.


After they have dinner they sit together for sometime and sumitra tells them that its late and we shouls take some rest. Even DK and Disha are about to go to their rooms when sumitra sees them going in different directions. Sumitra calls out to them and asks them what they are doing. DK asks her what do you mean and she tells that why are u both going in different directions. Dushyant's room is up there right then why is Disha going to the other room. Dk and Disha are shocked and they didn't expect anything like this to ever occur and they look at each other hoping that the other would say or do something……………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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